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General Discussion / Re: Greetings and well met
« on: July 04, 2020, 09:39:17 am »
Welcome ...

We are currently in development but I hope you have some fun :)

Thanks for your kind words

I remember Sullivan's Post being a more darker land, with more evil aligned races stationed there. Which would probably make sense for the Elf's to have an outpost south of it, that protects the Eastern Forest from Orcan invaders. In my opinion, I think it would make so much sense to have the Tel'Quessir base stationed there, opposed to south of Conch. Thoughts? It would kind of act as a hub of travel for them as well. And a military stronghold to defend their borders.

yeah, I dont mind either way.

From a building point of view, maybe Nualla'n has grown like other towns/cities in the region and we can update the existing town to be the outpost now. Maybe name Nualla'n Outpost? Never good with names LOL

I remember Sullivan's Post being a more darker land, with more evil aligned races stationed there. Which would probably make sense for the Elf's to have an outpost south of it, that protects the Eastern Forest from Orcan invaders. In my opinion, I think it would make so much sense to have the Tel'Quessir base stationed there, opposed to south of Conch. Thoughts? It would kind of act as a hub of travel for them as well. And a military stronghold to defend their borders.

yeah, I dont mind either way.

Hello everyone! Good to be back home.

My suggestion was already sent to Rainman in Discord regarding a civil war; which will shape the world politically and also cause unnatural things to happen everywhere. Suggestion lycanthropy, were-creatures and abhorrent monstrosities that make outside of the cities dangerous to travel at night.

The current issues is the Elves location, based on the new maps. 

If Conth will be the main Human hub, I like Myconid Forest as a hub for the Wood Elves. Unless you have plans for Myconid, then the Eastern Forest might work. The problem is it is really far away, unless we decide to make Human and Elven factions in war then distance might be necessary. Thoughts?

This is the current information we are basing our outlook on the Myconid Forest area ...

Myconid Forest
This forest was named for the indigenous fungusmen who inhabited its depths. No animosity existed between this race and the Netherese, since the forest was not logged too severely and new trees were planted. The myconids knew the forest relied on its borders to maintain the humidity of its interior, which in turn the myconids relied on for their continued survival.
 Rengarth raiding parties roam the southern Myconid Forest, slaying all not of their lineage they encountered. They would pay particular attention to the Last Hope Road and attack all that used it.

The Eastern Forest is the current location of the elven town of Nualla'n, which is located a little more deeper into the Eastern Forest ( on the current mod map ).

This is a larger map we current use ...

Since the town of Conch is a boarder town of the Netherese, maybe there is an elven outpost to the south of Conch on the Pommel Estuary? ( refer to the front map of the post ) or a location to the south of Sullivan's ?

With quest rewards... money is nice, but it's not the only reward you can give, right?
Beginner quests could reward 3-5 healing pots, or if the quest had some monsters that used poison, why not give an Antidote as part of the reward? Healing kits are always nice, but there are lots of consumables that could be given as well: Barkskin, Mage Armor, Shield pots are useful to almost all characters in some fashion

For some of the longer mid-tier quests, perhaps give players a choice of one of the uniques that might or might not drop in the quest, so there is less incentive to just farm quests over and over every reset. Speaking of quests, there are a still some issues with parties trying to take the same quest together, or ending up in different instances of the quest. Very frustrating when grouping up is more trouble than it's worth.

I also suggest removing limitations from quests, and instead giving recommended level ranges. If you think that higher level players doing low level quests is a problem, you need to make appropriately-leveled content more rewarding than low level stuff.
Also... there's a big difference in character power based on builds, so a relatively lower level character with a good build could breeze through content that a poorly-built caster could.

Or even, characters might PURPOSELY build for other things than combat... they shouldn't lose access to content just for favoring a certain style of play.

We have been talking about having a minimum level for quests, so we dont have a 5th level on a quest designed for 10 and above. This can be an issue for new players that dont know the quest and can turn them away after dying many times. On the other end we have been thinking of having open ended level ( no cap ), this comes with risk re balancing issues of the quest but something we are working.

What about the quests involving bees, wasps, beetles, goblins, myconids, spiders, undead, all of which can poison or disease you?
It's a very harsh design to have all of those things in the beginner quests, on all the random nook enemies in those quests
Coupled with the fact that enemies in general have very high AC values (even mook swarms) and that the poisons are mostly Str-draining types, it means fights take waaaaay longer

Maybe if quests had a bit more variety of enemies, it could lead to a richer experience
For example, take the poison of all the basic wasps in the infested house quest, but turn a couple of the enemy formations into slightly larger, palette-swapped versions that have more HP and chance to poison on hit
The queen already has a dangerous ranged attack that can stun- a great addition, by the way- and players quickly learn that she only uses it at range, making her a threat that needs to be dealt with.

But at higher levels, she could have a couple of those beefier wasps with her to complicate things a bit- or even another new enemy type, the Royal Guard.
They could have increased AC and Damage, but move a bit slower so that some clever playing ranged or caster characters could learn to evade them until the other wasps were dealt with.

Now doesn't that sound like fun to play?

This is just an off-the-cuff example of the kind of design elements that I excel in... if that's something you want.

We will be reviewing most if not all quests, as Hadrian will not be the hub. Also we need to take in the fact that the level range is increasing, so we will need to cover the full range of levels. Re the Bee quest we can review and move it to Conch with the changes you have made ... as an example of what we will be doing very soon. Happy for more ideas for changes to quest and new ideas. Something new is the Invasion quests that you might have heard about.

Forgot that we will have an overlay on the old City Exterior tileset that I understand will make it look rustic ... refreshing the tileset with new cobble stones as well. This will be used in the new town, giving a point of difference to Hadrain's look.

Gmork will have more details

Just an Update ...

We have been hard at work on the new version ...

*  A new town added, as the starting point
*  Good amount of work made on the surrounding areas of the new town
*  Hadrian remains, changed and updated
*  Some areas east of Hadrian and the Eastern Forest will not be in the new version
*  Sullivan has been updated
*  Something interesting has happen to the the plains near the Patrician Peaks
*  Loot has been worked on with a new Treasure system, but is on going
*  New systems to be added ( some you might have seen testing in game )

Things still on the boards ...

* Crafting
* Monster balancing
* New start up quests
* Some interior and exterior areas around the new town

I am sure I have missed stuff but this is a general overview
Thanks for your patience

We have heard word that some archaeologists have made progress on The Hollows. Rumour of a relic located at this site grows each day, which more information obtained via research and items found at the site.

The latest is that a Healing Sponge was lost many years ago and rumoured to be located at the site. The Healing Sponge is a very rare coral that is said to be blessed by Ilmater's Tears held within the sponge.

Revered Father Roberto
Farenway Enclave

Word of your work is starting to find its way to us. We hope your teachings are being heard in the lands around the town of Hadrian.

Is there anything you need from us?

Revered Father Roberto
Farenway Enclave

Some things I would like to see and some things I would not.
1) Few or no instanced dungeons. While this is a decent work-around on an overpopulated server where players are forced to compete for resources, it denies characters the chance to encounter each other while adventuring and make alliances/enemies. It also breaks immersion to not be able to enter an area for some vague reason.

I don't see a change in the quest system, we have been and will moving forward have more exploration area. The quests are there to grow characters and set challenges that the character could complete and in some cases showcase or provide information on the server by moving the character area the different areas. I hope on am read your feedback right.

2) Crafting. The payoff must be worth the time investment. It doesn't matter much if crafting produces end-game quality gear or just stuff to get a starting adventurer equipped, as long as it is worth the time it takes to get the materials and craft them into goods.

3) Applications. I don't like them. Not for classes, not for races. If the team doesn't like what a player is doing with a character, handle it after they have done it. Ban them. Give them stat decreases until they stop or quit. Whatever. Applications only create a sense of cronyism.

There is a change in the Crafting system we will be using, though the current system is great it was unfinished and complicated with some crafting areas having little or no benefits to the character.

4) Clear guidelines on expectations of character behavior. By this I mean easily accessible information on the setting and how a character should behave within it. How character mechanical death should be handled. Social standing and it's benefits/responsibilities, etc.

I believe we have this in place via the forums but if it needs to be more clear/updated and in one place we can do such.

Hope that helps

I know the idea of an endless dungeon has been passed around a lot. I still really like the idea and I am wondering if the invasion system is supposed to be NAoM's twist on it.

I have been working on 'The Hollows', which is a dungeon that doesn't require a quest and gets hard as you go down in levels. I have done two thus far and about 80% for the third one. It has skill checks, loot and different monster as you go along. We had some issues with the skill checks but I think that was fixed.

Re Invasion system, I have done a quest called 'Pied Piper' to test the system in a quest setup. Still currently in development but is in game being tested.

Nothing else? we are starting to lock things down re Lore and systems.

I like to give you more but it will be all a surprise.

Some of you would have seen the new Invasion system working in game at the moment.

What would you like to see?

Though things are currently a little quiet on NAoM in terms of major plots, we are pleased to see some player-driven things happening and the DM Team is always happy to support players in these endeavours. In the meantime, the team is working on some things behind the scenes. So exciting times with the team deciding that we are going to be doing a Version Two. These include major changes to maps, NPCs, merchants, crafting, new systems, and the setting itself. These are all works in progress and we do not want to roll things out until they are working properly. Furthermore, we are always taking note of suggestions made on Discord and encourage players to offer their ideas of what they want to see on our server. So keep a watch out for teasers along the way.

Netheril DM Team

Thought I start this for the community ... but all we ask is it is kept positive ... and then we can try to answer your question and take on board your thoughts. Of course we might need to keep some secrets

Library of Valstiir / Re: Research on Valstiir History
« on: April 15, 2020, 10:33:53 am »
Maybe some exotic tea would go down well ...

But I have the reference information you seek

Albert Pendragon, Master Librarian

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