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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Secrets of the Underdark  (Read 921 times)


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Secrets of the Underdark
« on: May 05, 2024, 03:01:50 am »
Secrets of the Underdark

By Darius Flintlock


Welcome, fellow adventurer, to the depths of our realm. In this guide, I will lead you through the treacherous paths into the Underdark, revealing the secrets of its mysterious passages and the hidden cities that lie beneath the surface.

Chapter 1: Paths into the Undercroft

The Underdark is not easily accessed, but for those daring enough to seek its depths, there are four known paths into the Undercroft:

Orc Path - Located within the Great Mines, this path offers a dangerous journey through the heart of orc territory.
Abbey Way - Hidden beneath the Selune Abbey, this path is shrouded in mystery and guarded by the faithful.
Sullivan's Crypts - Found beneath Sullivan's Port, these crypts hold secrets that few dare to uncover.
River Way - This path lies beneath the Netheril River, offering a treacherous route into the depths of the Underdark.

Chapter 2: Destinations in the Underdark

Once within the Undercroft, there are several known destinations worth exploring in different levels of the Underdark:

Dome of Stars - A mysterious location shrouded in myth and legend, rumored to hold great power.
Szithaelar Lake and City - Home to the Drow, this city is a place of danger and intrigue.
Orc Hordes - The stronghold of the orc tribes, where only the strongest survive.
Dhorn Durahl - The city of the Duergar, where wealth and power rule supreme.

Chapter 3: The Journey Ahead

As you venture into the Underdark, remember to stay vigilant. Danger lurks around every corner, and only the cunning and resourceful will survive. Keep your wits about you, and may fortune favor your path.

I am currently seeking a path into the Undercroft from the City of Conch.  Much adventure is to be found here and I am sure there is a hidden path to be discovered.  I will keep you informed and update the guide if found.

With this guide in hand, you are now prepared to embark on your journey into the depths of the Underdark. Remember, fortune favors the bold, but it is the cunning who truly thrive in the darkness below.

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