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Setting Information / Re: Current Map
« on: September 06, 2020, 09:31:21 am »
Netheril Region

Setting Information / Current Map
« on: September 06, 2020, 09:29:20 am »
Area of Conch

Columns of the Sky
These were some of the tallest mountain peaks of Netheril, stretching thousands of feet into the sky and creating a landmark that could be seen for hundreds of miles in every direction. To the ground-based cities, these mountains were near-impassable gouts of rock that added days to any travel through the area. To the Rengarth, however, the slender peaks were the home of the gods.
All throughout Netheril’s history, the Rengarth made a practice of executing anyone they found near the peaks, especially if they were found with animal skins or gems taken from “the hearts of their gods.”

Caves, Fang Peak
This set of natural caves twits and turns through the bowels of the Columns of the Sky and is a maze for those who do not spend much time in such environments.  At its center, under the mountain known as Fang Peak by the Netherise, is the mysterious Cave of Lost Souls, a large chamber in the Columns of the Sky that holds a variety of gemstones and other treasures.
Beneath the cave though, unspeakable evil is trapped, biding it's time and using its influence over mortal greed and weak minds to manipulate events in its favor.

Rengath Sacred Site
Though all of the Columns of the Sky are sacred to the Barbarians of this land, this one, in particular, is guarded well. The savages themselves will never speak of it and only a few know of its secrets preferring to bite out their own tongue than speak of it. Some theorize it has something to do with the Cave of Lost Souls, but such is only guessed at.

The Devils Peak
This massive mountain looms over Conch and is the highest peak in the immediate area of the town. Many have tried to climb it, but none have been able to yet, even with the aid of magic. It gets its name from the vague shape of the mountain, like a devil perched, wings folded back and looking down on its victims below.

The Mines
These are the mines of Conch and produce all sorts of valuable metals and gems.

About 5 miles from the main settlement are some fertile farmlands. They produce wheat and corn and other vegetables for Conch. No livestock other then a few chickens and cows are produced as goblins are a constant threat to large herds of animals.

Crystal Stream
Pure spring water from the Howling Hills forms this beautiful stream and the fine sand that covers the bottom makes the water as clear and as beautiful as crystal.

Howling Hills
These lightly wooded hills are home to all sorts of wild animals that provide meat and furs to Conch. It gets its name from the savage packs of wolves that also hunt this area.

Forest of Tusks
Named for the high concentration of wild pigs that live here. The meat, pets and massive tusks that can be gotten here make it a valuable place for the town, though the Wereboars that stalk the area make it a very dangerous place to hunt.

Island of Death
Discovered by the explorer Denvar Sable the island has a terrible history. Originally set up as a prison and forced labor camp, the head of the guards who had been given wardenship of the colony had more sinister plans for it. The prisoners here were given little in the way of tools, clothing, shelter or food and those that complained were tortured and killed for the entertainment of the Warden and to feed his dark desires. Through this cruelty and the inhuman treatment of the prisoners, it led to widespread disease, abuse of power, violence, and even cannibalism.
The warden used this suffering to gain the attention of the Demon Lord Orcus and through it founded a cult that remains to this day on the island. All manner of undead roams this island, the remnants of those that were sent here to be punished. The island is always covered in a dense mist and sunlight never seems to penetrate it.

Sable's Swamp
A dank swamp of stagnant water and overgrown trees. Many horrors lurk in here and only the bravest would be willing to enter. Many hags from the Wood of Witches come here to hunt for trolls and other abominations to use as pets or guardians.

Wood of Witches
A thick and unnatural woodland grows here and is home to many covens of hags and other ghastly monsters like spirit Naga and evil fey.

Conch River
Called the Sky Path River by the Rengarth barbarians, this mighty river started at the Columns of the Sky and flowed south into the Watercourse, eventually emptying into Heip Lake. The Rengarth considered the waters of the Conch sacred, its flow the lifeblood of the gods that walked in the Columns of the Sky.

Myconid Forest
This forest was named for the indigenous fungusmen who inhabited its depths. No animosity existed between this race and the Netherese, since the forest was not logged too severely and new trees were planted. The myconids knew the forest relied on its borders to maintain the humidity of its interior, which in turn the myconids relied on for their continued survival.
 Rengarth raiding parties roam the southern Myconid Forest, slaying all not of their lineage they encountered. They would pay particular attention to the Last Hope Road and attack all that used it.

Blood Flow
The red sand that formed the bed of this river gave it its common name. The sand here could be used to make colored glass and was sort after, but hard to obtain in the wild part of the land.

Lake of Tears
Said to be formed of the tears of those who have lost loved ones in the battles with the brutal Ogres that call this area home.

Ogre Tribal Land
This area is home to many clans of ogre and other lesser giants. Despite all attempts by the Rengath the giants have never been driven from this land and seem to come from a never-ending font. Stories say that they come here from the Underdark and that somewhere in the area is an access point to the dreaded underworld of the Drow.

Denvar's Bridge
Named after the explorer Denvar Sable this bridge was once the battle site where a small band of militia held off a massive hoard of raiding orcs as the swept towards Conch.

Last Hope Road
The only road that connects Conch to the rest of the Empire. It is an unsafe and long trip from Conch to Sullivan's Port.

Setting Information / Re: The Various Races of Netheril
« on: September 03, 2020, 01:21:26 pm »
Details/Information will also be added to the new Netheril Wiki

Announcements / MOVED: Subraces
« on: September 03, 2020, 01:08:44 pm »

Mechanical Changes / MOVED: Subraces
« on: September 03, 2020, 01:07:21 pm »

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« on: July 27, 2020, 09:54:26 am »
I was in Southbank changing some details and added the Moonflower II. Anchored in the harbour and we will leave at that for now, to be revisited in the future :)

Rumours and stories of the ship are heard in the local inn ...

I couldn't find you on Discord :(

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:16:32 am »
Sure I am on Discord, of course. PM me anytime

As for the ship, I had two options in the for players to purchase a ships as a house ... with interiors and all. Sadly no one took up the option :(

So yeah we are open to anything but not sure how this go with a new Player House system we have I believe for V2. Either way I am sure we can do something.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« on: July 22, 2020, 08:48:33 am »
Happy to help which ever direction you want to take :)

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« on: July 20, 2020, 07:37:17 am »
You could have a plaque on the ship if you like. When people take the effort I like to do what I can :)

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Lauriella Sithiir
« on: July 19, 2020, 10:36:56 am »
We can add the ship to a harbour easy enough, I don't have an issue with that if you are keen to do so.

I believe we have provided this information in different locations and posts but I will try to answer some questions here but as you appreciate I cant give out all the new content and secrets ... you will need to see it at launch time.

Will there be a Time Jump?
Yes, around 150 years

Will there be a Crafting System?
Yes, it will be a new system that has been made to fit our server

What are the new DM Factions?
You will at the time of your character creation, be able to join and have a backstory connected to one of three DM factions. These are all based in the town of Conch, in one of the three districts that each faction will influence/control. This will give new players a direct connection to the story from day one. Of course we will have your standard option of joining the story with your own background as normal, but we would encourage that you be involved in what is happening in the town of Conch.

What about lore and information from the old server?
Within reason we are keeping as much of the lore and information from the old server, in one form or another. I will give you some examples ... the Enclave of Valstiir has crashed into the ground, how and why will need to be found out and this will have bits of lore connected to the old story. Another example is the Floating Arcanist Palace that sat over the river between Hadrian and Southbank, it also has come down and ended up in the river between the two towns. Its remains have been turned into a Bridge between the two towns making one large City of Hadrian ... and yes you can explore this updated town. Again how and why this happen can be found out at launch. I have more examples but you can see we are keeping the connect to the old story/server in place.

Will there be a Floating Enclave to explore?
Yes, but we will hold that information till launch and I believe you will be happy with the direction we have taken on this.

Will I be able to play a monster race?
Yes, not only will you have an updated Sullivan's to explore, you will be able to move around in Conch to a degree. Some monster races that maybe deemed to be to extreme to be considered that they might not be able to live with other races, but goblins, kobolds, lizardmen, bugbears and other small monster races will be able to be played. Of course Giants, Orges and such will be still on application and based at Sullivan's.

What about other races?
The town of Conch will have a good mix of other races and as you might have seen I have been asking about your thoughts on Elves and such. I believe having small hubs where these races may travel to will be the best option moving forward, maybe to collect information and supplies you might not get elsewhere.

What about the Death System?
You might have seen that we have opened this up to player and community feedback, with some options we are looking at but with death you need some type of risk and penalty for a death of your character and with the increase in possible epic levels to obtain we need to get this right and balanced.

What about Loot and Treasure?
We have a system almost completed, that will give a wide range of options and power levels to give options to those higher level players. So yes a higher magic level of items.

Players Housing?
I will leave this to Delta to announce but we are all excited ant I believe he has been providing some examples on Discord.

Movement around the map/server?
With the current boats and airships, we are adding in a caravan option. Encounters will still happen with updated areas and monsters. Plus we are adding a Portal system that will be connected to the higher magic level we have been speaking about.

What about quests?
We will still have quests but which is in discussion now, may only designed for characters up to 10-15 levels with quests have a minimum level requirement only. There might be some lower level quests that are designed for startup character with a level cap. Moving forward from level 15 will be more open dungeons/areas and with harder spawns that you would be silly to explore unless you have a party or an epic character. Of course you might need to travel to these places and obtain information to where they are located and maybe connected to information already provided in this post.

What about feedback and player suggestions?
We have asked for those keen to be involved in the development to put their hand up and have a number of players adding lore, information, feedback and areas/content to the new server. From all reports those that are helping are excited in what they have seen but it is still a work in progress. As you might have seen we have been asking for feedback on key areas and taking that on board.

So for old/returning players their will be that connection and for new players we will have a way to connect straight into the story. There maybe changes to this information but we will keep you informed as best we can ...

Please ask if I have not answered a question. Thanks :)

What do you want to see in the Elves?

I need help ... I can use the current Nualla'n map and make changes or add an outpost closer to Conch or another option. I like to look at it soon, as I have almost done Conch.

I remember Sullivan's Post being a more darker land, with more evil aligned races stationed there. Which would probably make sense for the Elf's to have an outpost south of it, that protects the Eastern Forest from Orcan invaders. In my opinion, I think it would make so much sense to have the Tel'Quessir base stationed there, opposed to south of Conch. Thoughts? It would kind of act as a hub of travel for them as well. And a military stronghold to defend their borders.

We are having a time jump, so things in the region will and might have changed. I am thinking more of an Outpost idea on the edge of the Eastern Forest. I cant see anywhere else we could place them in the map.


1.pc scaling. Saw this on another server recently and it wowed me. Its a very nice touch and makes things much more immersive with everyone being different heights but in the size parameters of their races.

We can do this now. Not sure if we are going to have this open to PC's or stay as an application option. Would need to check if we could add such to the Body models but it would need some max and mins.

2. networked quest, quest inside of other quests, and quests where you find things to point you to other quests.

I have done this in the past but with not a great response from the community, but we can give it another go.

3. a show of Dm's thats important to me and I have not seen any as of yet but i have little time to play thus far and the server is doing a revamp so I hope to see some once the server is up an about again.

Happy to chat anytime :)

4. I'm not much on the crafting stuff I've been doing that RL for the last 30 years as a gunsmith. But its important.

We are working on and have plans for a new crafting and treasure system.

Announcements / Re: Server Going Down
« on: July 11, 2020, 08:08:27 am »
Hey Guys. Current Age of Magic EE V1 mod is now CLOSED. New EE V2 mod is running on the server with password  for testing and building needs.  Sorry for the notice but we are keen to get the new version up and running ASAP. We keep you informed of our progress and will need testers soon.

What do you want to see in the Elves?

I need help ... I can use the current Nualla'n map and make changes or add an outpost closer to Conch or another option. I like to look at it soon, as I have almost done Conch.

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