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Though things are currently a little quiet on NAoM in terms of major plots, we are pleased to see some player-driven things happening and the DM Team is always happy to support players in these endeavours. In the meantime, the team is working on some things behind the scenes. So exciting times with the team deciding that we are going to be doing a Version Two. These include major changes to maps, NPCs, merchants, crafting, new systems, and the setting itself. These are all works in progress and we do not want to roll things out until they are working properly. Furthermore, we are always taking note of suggestions made on Discord and encourage players to offer their ideas of what they want to see on our server. So keep a watch out for teasers along the way.

Netheril DM Team

Thought I start this for the community ... but all we ask is it is kept positive ... and then we can try to answer your question and take on board your thoughts. Of course we might need to keep some secrets

General Discussion / Monthly Arena Events
« on: January 19, 2020, 03:41:32 pm »
We have three arena's in game at the moment, so I was thinking with the support of the DM/EM Team and Players, we could rotate an event every month ( one at least or more ) depending on support for the events.

The three arenas are ...

Sullivan's Pit Arena
- NPC Monsters

Valstiir Arena
- NPC Gladiators and Animals

The Warehouse ( Hadrian )
- NPC Thugs

Of course we can add/change these. So we will start it off with this event ...


I would like to see players/factions hosting these events with DM/EM help if we can.

thoughts ?

Messages from the Enclave / Posters placed around the Enclave -Skygems
« on: December 16, 2019, 09:34:19 am »

New Features / PC Merchant Store
« on: November 23, 2019, 11:55:20 am »
Firstly a big thanks to Thurgood :)

As of next reset we will have options for PC Merchant Stores. They have been tested but if you find any issues please advise via normal channels, with as much detail/screenshots as you can.

You will find them in Hadrian, Southbank and Sulivans.

Hope you enjoy them, more new content to come ...

Library of Valstiir / Laws set out by the Hadrian Council
« on: October 14, 2019, 09:08:13 am »
Hadrian City laws

Minor Crimes:

1)Trespassing: The act of entering private property without the due wishes of its owner, only applicable within Hadrian properties.
Punishment: A fine of no less than five hundred gold, no maximum charge, half to be paid to the owner of the property. Stock time may come with repeated offences.

2)Slander of a Noble or Hadrian/Valstiir Official: Slander of any Noble or Official is a crime, this includes officiated members of Churches.

Punishment: A fine of no less than one thousand gold and no more than three thousand gold to be paid directly to the affected individual, and all public slander to be retracted.

3)Familiars and Companions: No large animals or magical familiars are to be tolerated within the walls of Hadrian, the only exception is for members of the Arcanists' Guild. Only domesticated cats, dogs and birds may be allowed near ones person. This protection is revoked should the creature cause chaos or harm to Hadrian citizenship. By Edict of the Archmage of Valstiir, no undead can be summoned within Low Empire settlements, including Hadrian. All Undeads are barred from its region. This law is partially wavered during times of crisis, though undead are still a punishable offence.

Punishment: The animal in question will be slain and a fine of no less than one thousand gold and no more than four thousand gold will be levied.

4)Failure to comply with reasonable orders from Hadrian Officials: Failure to comply with a reasonable order from a Hadrian Official, whether they be Noble, City Guard or Mayoral guard will be punished. Proof of an order not being complied with is required in the form of a witness.

Punishment: Will be stock time and a forceful search will be conducted.

5)Property Destruction: The unapproved destruction or vandalism of private property of Hadrian Citizenship. This includes slaves.

Punishment: A fine will be paid to the owner of the item depending on its cost, double the value if the property is a slave.

6)Unarmed Assault: Assault upon an individual that isn't reciprocated is illegal. If the brawl is mutual it must be directed to the Reschotti Warehouse.

Punishment: A fine of a minimum of three hundred gold and a maximum of three thousand gold depending on severity of damage caused, half to be paid to the victim. Stock time upon repeated or severe attempts. Beatings may be levied in place of fines.

7)Polymorphs and Magical Transformations: No person being polymorphed into a large or magical creature will be tolerated except during time of crisis. An exception is granted for members of the Arcanists' Guild, and Noble houses. This protection is revoked should the person cause chaos or harm to Hadrian citizenry.

Punishment: The polymorphed person may be slain, whether purposeful or accidental. A fine of a thousand gold and no more than four thousand gold will be levied.

Moderate Crimes:

1)Armed or Magical Assault: Assault upon a person through magical or armed means.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand gold to a maximum of five thousand gold depending on severity, half to be paid to victim. Alongside mandatory stock time.

2) Theft: The act of theft upon a commoner or adventurer.

Punishment: Returning of the item stolen and a public beating.

3) Unarmed assault upon a Hadrian Official: An assault upon an official of Hadrian, whether Noble, High ranking Noble house member or of the Mayoral guard.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand gold to a maximum of ten thousand, to be paid in half to the victim. If particularly severe, the offender will be enslaved. The victim may petition to have the assault deemed severe.

4)Kidnapping: The kidnapping of any individual regardless of status.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand gold to a maximum of five thousand, if danger and harm is severe, the crime will be elevated to serious and enslavement and execution will be viable punishments.

5)Pacts: Pacts made with outsiders or other beings are deemed profane and dangerous without prior study, documentation and approval of the Arcanist Guild.

Punishment: A set fine of two thousand gold and being forcibly studied by a mage of the Mayors choosing.

6)Attempting to Incite a Riot or Causing Unrest Among the Citizenry: Publicly proclaiming or displaying verbiage or images with the intent of swaying the public to maliciously turn against a Hadrian Noble House or its members, the City Council or its members, the Arcanist Guild or its members, or the members of the Mayoral Office.

Punishment: A minimum fine of one thousand hundred gold with a maximum of three thousand gold. Mandatory stock time for repeat offenders.

Serious Crimes:

1)Murder: The murder of any individual will be punished severely. Vigilantism is not tolerated, if an individual is suspected to be dangerous, proof must be provided to the City Guard.

Punishment: The offender will be sentenced to fight in gladiatorial combat, should the offender survive they will be sold into slavery to the highest bidder. Repeat offences or murder of ranking officials will result in immediate execution.

2)Armed/Magical assault on Hadrian Officials: Magical or martial assault upon a Hadrian Official, whether noble, High ranking Noble house member or Mayoral Guard.

Punishment: A minimum fine of three thousand gold with no upper limit, along with a public beating. If assault is particularly severe, the victim may request that the offender be temporarily enslaved until the debt is paid.

3)Torture: Any form of undesired torture.

Punishment: A minimum fine of two thousand gold to a maximum of ten thousand gold.

4)Treason: Any plot or seditious acts that are performed against the safety and integrity of Hadrian will be squashed immediately.

Punishment: Torture, followed by public beatings and finally a public execution.

5)Attempted Murder: The act of plotting against someones life.

Punishment: A minimum fine of two thousand gold with a maximum of ten thousand.

6)Theft from a Hadrian Official: Any property stolen from a Hadrian Official or noble.

Punishment: A fine, or public beating. If particularly egregious or dangerous (such as stolen from the vaults of Skettus), the crime may be elevated to Treason.

7)Reckless Endangerment: Defined as unintentionally causing harm or creating a (great and high risk of) possible harm to a citizen or property within Hadrian/Valstiir.

The penalty for such can range from a simple fine to enslavement to the aggrieved party, since a wide range of minor to severe unjustifiable actions can fall under this law. Notably, the burden of proof is quite high given for actions that create unjustifiable risk to the settlement, since a risk was created, not definitive action.


Nobles are exempt from all punishment aside from serious crimes. Offender will be asked to face the council if they commit a serious crime to face their punishments, protections will be stripped if refused.

Ranking members of Mayoral Guard and Hadrian Guard have the right to demand a search in times of trouble.
If dangerous artifacts are found via a search they will be taken by House Skettus with the aid of the Arcanist Guild to be analysed in a group effort.

Serious crimes committed outside of the walls of Hadrian will result in banishment until such a time as a hefty fine is paid, exact price determinant on crime.

To keep the peace in the streets no civilians will be allowed to hold their weapons out. Only officials will be allowed to do such. Staves are excluded from this clause as other such implements that have intrinsic uses that are also dull. During times of crisis, this law is wavered till the crisis is averted. This law is enforced via “Reasonable Request”

Council members will be dealt with the same way nobles are which means their crimes will be brought forth to the council to decide their fate. Noble protection also counts as Council and Mayoral protection.

Hadrian is open to the races of Human, Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome and Half-Orc.
Also: Celestial blooded only if half or less, born on this plane, and mixed with one of the previously mentioned races.
Infernal or Abyssal Blooded Tiefling.
Dragon Blooded of half or less and only if mixed with one of the previously mentioned races.

All other races must have a Council Approved Writ of Permission or be a legally collared and registered slave on the books with House Reschotti.

These laws can be reviewed at any time.

Setting Information / Faction: Lost Village [CLOSED]
« on: July 30, 2019, 06:57:46 am »
A village lost in time, now has appeared in the woods to the Southwest of Southbank port. Its history has been lost in time with those who reside within the village at the time it disappeared. The village itself appears at nightfall ( 18:00 ) and disappears at Daybreak (6;00 ).


Races: human mostly of course but open to other races that may have been seeking to hide from the Arcanists.

The Village: Disappears during the day and appears at night due to reason that need to be confirmed.  The village has been in a time wrap due to a device a group of Sorcerers made to hide themselves from the Arcanists. Now after 100 years the village is active and adventurers leave to see what is happening in the area.  Once you leave the village your connection is lost but can still return but for now when the village disappears you are left behind. Neutral character to start from NG > TN > NE then we move on from there and see where it takes us. I have some things and thoughts but I am interested to see where the players take it. It has a base and a church plus an amulet ( that acts as a key ) and now Bracers that act like a watch to help with RP knowing when to return to gain access to the village.

Once in game you will see a Device in the middle of the Village, that causes the Village to disappear. Once the village is gone it leaves behind a path and small walls and returns at 18:00 and disappears at 6:00

Gods of the Three:
Shar ( NE ) -
Jannath ( NG )
Tyche ( TN )

NPC of Note:

Tolinus Hotblood - Dwarven Sorcerer who cares for the Device and other arcane natters in the village

Galia Yanolemend -Half Elf Cleric of Shar

Mathell - Human Cleric of Jannath

Aniko - Human Cleric of Tyche

An Invitation: Join us for New Character Week

Saturday, July 6th, 2019 - Sunday, July 14th, 2019

Netheril: Age of Magic is holding an upcoming week where new, returning and existing players will be encouraged to make a brand new character. 
An event, especially for new characters, will be held during the week, and applications for sub-races and factions will have lower requirements than usual.
New players to N:AoM will find a role-playing focused persistent world with friendly players and DM’s. 
Returning players will find new quests and areas to explore have been added, along with incremental changes to the factions, maps, and plots. 
This week will be a great opportunity to start or get back into our server.  We are especially looking for US and Euro timezone players,
but all are welcome!

What support will there be?

The team will be in game running those lower level quests/events to cater for those new lower level character.
Some of them may involve current quests that could be spiced, landmarks and other locations or stories in and around the region.
The new character plotline will commence during this week.  Neutral alignments ( ie NG/TN/NE) are best suited.  If you would like more details on making a character for this event, such as suggested races and classes, please PM DM Rainman

DM Faction Access


Netheril does not rate itself as a PG13 environment. While we're not an 'Adult' server players should expect some adult themes which may not be age appropriate to younger players.

Where can I find information on these options?

Jump on our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/9CcZDhc and ask around or our forums here > https://netheril.net/forums/index.php
or use these links below:

Forums: http://netheril.net/
Deity Information: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=151.0
Race Information:  https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=2.0
Netheril Player Handbook: https://goo.gl/rHKvES
Setting Information: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?board=15.0
Subrace Information:https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=627.0

Come and join our community and have some FUN!
Events will be announced via Discord and Forums over the course of the week

General Discussion / Open for Ideas for a Community Week
« on: June 23, 2019, 01:41:04 pm »
Open for Ideas for a Community Week

We are looking to do a Community Week in the coming weeks. The date would be around 6th July to 14th July ( at this stage to give you any idea and when some of the team would be around ).

It would be targeting new players and characters to get involved in the server and factions.

Some of the current Ideas would be ...

- Easy of access to Subrace and Monster Application options

- Easy of access to Faction entry levels

- Special Story/Plot line ( holding back on details but would be seeking Neutral Alignments at this stage from NG > TN > NE )

So this is where we open it up to you guys, to tell us what you would like to see during this Community Week. Thoughts and ideas.

Please be clear and post in a positive nature

Thanks in advance

Messages from the Enclave / Arcanist Guild - Warning to Citizens
« on: June 14, 2019, 11:27:29 am »
Arcanist Guild - Warning to Citizens

Citizen's of Valstiir, do not be alarmed.

If you see this creature do not approach it but seek your nearest Arcanist Guild member or Guard.

These creature could also be seen in lower Netheril

General Discussion / Player Houses/Caves
« on: June 12, 2019, 02:00:59 am »
We are looking to update Player House information.

I have an older list and looking to update the signs plus free up some older un-used houses/caves.

If you have a current character in game and have a house/cave, please advise here

Thanks in advance

* Notice left on the Main Gates of the Archamge Lady Valstiir Estate *

Archmage Lady Valstiir Estate is closed until further notice.

Do not concern yourselves and do not attempt to enter the estate.

I will be contacted via the Council chambers for the foreseeable future.

Speaker of the Interior, Amy Rose

// those passing the Estate notice the gates are close and locked plus Lady Valstiir's personal guards are not seen

Announcements / Transparency
« on: February 27, 2019, 12:25:50 pm »
To maintain transparency with the player base and community we feel it is important to touch on a situation that happened recently that has seen us lose a player. As a team, we need to make the community and the players aware that sometimes we will make a decision that you might not necessarily agree with these decisions are based around the setting and in an attempt to maintain the integrity of our major NPC's and the overall server direction.

At times a decision will be made regarding the progression of the story that you may not necessarily agree with these decisions are never made on an OOC level it is all about server consistency. This does not mean that we discourage personal player plots though you need to be aware that sometimes the outcome may not be what you expect. And like us, you need to roll with the story progression and accept both positive and negative outcomes.

Despite what might get thrown around at times when emotions are high the DM team is always willing to go above and beyond to help and encourage our players. Never be afraid to come and speak with us as our door is always open but just be mindful that you may not always hear what you would like.

Thank you
Netheril DM Team

Netheril: Age of Magic

Greetings and welcome to Netheril: Age of Magic, a Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Persistent Roleplaying World.


Based around what the Netherese dubbed "The Golden Age", the year is 1852 and marks the beginning of this glory, when the nation was at the very pinnacle of its power.
Our setting is focused mainly on the Floating Enclave dubbed "Valstiir" named after the Lady Archwizard that created it.
Common knowledge to all inhabitants of the City is that Lady Valstiir was gifted a vision by a mysterious oracle known as the "Terraseer".

The Seer spoke of a rich and prosperous land to the west, its earth filled with countless precious gems, forests and rivers and snow-topped mountains teeming with life and natural resources, ripe for the taking.
The Archwizard council after much disagreement came to the conclusion that their newest of Archwizards, Lady Valstiir, and her city must follow this oracle's guidance and go to these blossoming lands where it now resides over the land-based city of Hadrian. It invites its citizens, and newcomers alike to participation in, and exploration of the city, its politics and and far-stretching surrounding lands.


Netheril: Age of Magic boasts beautifully designed areas including quest and exploration areas for you to fully immerse yourself within the setting. We have both DM and Player run factions that can be joined, which are both encouraged and supported by the Administration.
We are an active server, with a DM team spanning all timezones and constantly looking to expand our Dungeon Master team.
There are a few unique systems with the plans to continue to develop more as we continue the content roll out.
The server features a fully instanced quest system which allows players and their parties to delve into the darkest dungeons and save the fair maiden.
Boats and airships run a travel network where you may face off against pirates who board your boat or creatures who crash upon the decks.
A death system that has the option to subdue your foe.
The  complex crafting system offers hours of exploration, covering smithing, jewelry crafting, leather-working and many more.
A custom mini-event system that triggers without DM intervention.
To reward roleplay, we have a unique, custom system that awards XP in regular increments - without needing DMs to be present.

Level Range

Our main level range is from 2-15; most of the characters would sit around this level. However, it is possible to get to level 20 which is the hard cap.
Progressing past level 20 will require player and DM support and generally will only be achieved by those characters who are renowned and champions of the world.

An Invitation: Join us for New Character Week

Friday, January 25th, 2019 - Sunday, February 4th, 2019

What is New Character Week?

We are asking current, older and new players to the community, to start a new character during this week. We will have a short turn around on application character (mostly Monster races and those high end Races) and easy access to the start level in a DM faction.

Why are we doing this?

We have been working with other servers for awhile now and these servers one being Arelith have kindly offered to run a advertisement for us about our server. We are hopeful that this will bring new players to the server and by having as many new character at the same time, will hopefully cause more RP, fun, and stories for those that choose to join our community and server.
What about current characters and plots?

We will back off on some plot for the week and/or add to them at a different angle to add interest to the new characters and any new players to the server. You can of course play your existing character and continue with your story and any plots you might be doing, but the focus for the week will be running lower level events to bring those new character up to speed with the server, with us showcasing Netheril from the Valstiir Enclave, to the Elven town of Nualla'n or to Sullivan’s black market port... and many other locations for your stories.

What support will there be?

The team will be in game running those lower level quests/events to cater for those new lower level character. Some of them may involve current quests that could be spiced, landmarks and other locations or stories in and around the region.

What is on offer?

Subraces Half Dryad, Tiefling, Aasimar

Monsters Duergar, Drow

DM Faction Access

House Skettus - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=208.0

14th Legion of House Dukkarus - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=3064.0

Knightly Order - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=242.0

Arcanist’s Guild - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=241.0

 Dockworker and Fisherman Guild - https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=291.0

Player Factions

Adventurer’s Society


Mayor’s Guards

or make your own ( min 4 players for Discord channel and 6 for forum access )

Netheril does not rate itself as a PG13 environment. While we're not an 'Adult' server players should expect some adult themes which may not be age appropriate to younger players.

Where can I find information on theses options?

Jump on our Discord Channel https://discord.gg/9CcZDhc and ask around or our forums here > https://netheril.net/forums/index.php or use these links below …

Come and join our community and have some FUN!

Setting Information / PC Factions
« on: December 29, 2018, 01:08:44 am »
You can always create a PC faction at anytime .. you need 4 players for a Discord channel and 5-6 for forum access .. plus with some good RP and other player interaction you can get a base and NPC support.

Talk to a DM about your idea or concept plus the players you will me seeking to get involve and a brief story line

Setting Information / Faction: 14th Legion [ CLOSED ]
« on: December 28, 2018, 11:38:29 pm »
The 14th Legion

Brief Overview:

High Commander:
Lord Turi Dukarrus- Current Leader of House Dukarrus

Grand Marshall:
Benedict Paxx - Founder of the 14th Legion

Chief of Justice:
Uris Paxton - Justiciar of Amaunator

Milda Lutton - Current Overseer of Hadrian Garrison

The 14th Legion of the Dukarrus army. Originally kept a secret they operated in the shadows for Lord Turi Dukarrus, his own personal unit that acted as a “Internal Police” of his legions. Members of the 14th legion often investigated other sections of the Dukarrus army rooting out and publicly executing anyone wishing to become a turncoat or was found to be secretly plotting against the army.

However, times have changes and with House Dukarrus retreating from the field of battle, Lord Dukarrus sets the 14th to another task; bringing the fear of the Netherese empire to Hadrian.

With the great losses of life whilst fighting the Cult, the 14th legion were deployed to Hadrian to fix its current lawlessness. They make their punishments very public and rely on a level of fear to enforce law, using things like branding and burning traitors alive in the town square.

They adopt a unique outlook amongst the army, denying the use of and focusing on the resistance of Arcane magic. Legion chemists ensure that their recruits also focus on the enhancement of the human physical form, using alchemical stimulants and an often deadly and painful initiation process.

Due to the ever growing desire to perfect the human condition, only humans are accepted into the 14th, primarily as fighters with occasional clerics.

On very rare cases non-martial classes such as are accepted as specialty units, but this is not common, and any users of Arcane are immediately turned away.

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