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Dear Reverend

I thank thee for this information.  I am aware of this site and will investigate immediately.  Should the dangers prove too great for me alone I shall retreat and seek allies. 

Sister Sindi Mbatha

Dear Reverend

I thank thee for thy reply.  I have been able to take care of my most immediate needs, that of, lodging, money and healing supplies.  However, I need to secure a relic of our faith to prove the viability of a church.

The people of Hadrian have had little exposure to the Broken God's teachings or lore.  Therefore they have as yet been unable to give me any indication of where a local relic of Ilmater may lie.  Is there anything in our Farenway library that mentions Ilmatari holy items in this part of Lower Netheril?  Even rumours and legends may provide me with a starting point.

Suffer thee well, Reverend Brother

Sister Sindi Mbatha

Dear Exalted Sufferer

In order to raise funds for our church in Hadrian, I have opened a stall to sell discounted healing supplies to both civilians and adventurers.  I am stocking it with a combination of items I have recovered from the villains of this region and those I have made myself.  I am told that many adventurers pass through Hadrian, but currently there are very few.  This concerns me, for adventurers often provide both reconnaissance and protection from various threats. 

An adventuring wizard did tell me he saw a grey healer's robe like the one my predecessor Sister Silias wore in the treasure hoard of a crypt in the woods to the east of Hadrian.  Whether it is in fact hers or not, I shall endeavour to retrieve it for it very likely belonged to one of our faith.

Sister Sindi Mbatha

Dear Exalted Sufferer

I have wonderful news for thee.  There is a vacant chapel within Hadrian which the city has given me permission to make use of under certain conditions.  They require me to obtain a relic of the Broken God, then presumably will allow me to purchase or hire the building.  I have begun searching these lands for a local item which will bear some relevance to these people.

The enclave above Hadrian, Valstiir, seems to be experiencing some sort of turmoil.  Currently it seems confined to the bowels beneath the citadel ("the Shelf" as the locals call it).  I expect a rise in unrest from this matter, and will do my utmost to aid any in need.

Sister Sindi Mbatha

Dear Exalted Sufferer

I have made landfall safely in the Lower Netheril settlement of Hadrian as instructed.  Thine judgement in sending me here was entirely astute.  This is a city of much misery.  I have vainly sought out my predecessor Sister Silias and can only assume her dead, missing or worse.  We both know she would never willingly abandon her mission.

The people here have endured much hardship and I have already found many injured workers to preach the Broken God's good word to.  For the time being, a lectern at the local drinking house must serve as my pulpit.  There are two charitable institutions here: Harvest Moon, apparently overseen by a knightly order, and Silver Shield.  The latter is a rather unsettling place bearing the trappings of a cult as much as a charity.  I assure thee I shall investigate both to ensure they are serving the needs of the people honestly. 

Give my blessings to my Adorned brothers and sisters,

Sister Sindi Mbatha

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: April 21, 2020, 10:21:31 am »
The Eternal Flame burns once more!  The elves o' Nualla'n and the great dragon honoured their words t'me and did as they said they would.  Unfortunately my hopes that the other Swords o' Everlasting Light would share my inspiration in this moment did not come t'pass.  It looks like defendin' this place will fall to me and my allies outside the Swords.  What this means for my future in the Swords, I am not sure just yet. 

I have heard rumours 'bout something stirrin' at the ruins o' the liche's enclave around the time the flame was relit.  Perhaps Dacethar or his fallen fellows have awoken.  If so, I imagine they will be comin' for me and the Flame soon.  Tenshi will help me f'sure, maybe Belorfin and General Elanor too.  Hard not t'think o' the many others I wish were still here to face the comin' tide with me... Fjord, Aardyn, Lycaria, Shi, Oscar, Teuivae, Moose, Koi, Arthur...  and my comrades in the Swords. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: April 01, 2020, 06:27:06 am »
At last, success be flowin' my way again.  We completed the task the great dragon set for me: to bring back a steed he once in error gave to Dacethar the Blasphemer.  Tenshi and Belorfin were the only people I felt I could completely trust, and they repaid that trust in spades. 

The horse had taken up residence near a village called Bayfalls, which the fallen Knights o' the Eternal Flame had once ravaged.  They saw my knightly livery and were immediately afraid.  I did my best t'put them at ease, and told them the horse could obviously tell if I had come in good faith for not, since it could tell that Dacethar was a dosser and bucked him right off.  We had to fight our way through a few packs o' orcs to find the horse, and I was grateful for the aid o' my allies.  We found a portal that was spawning mist-swathed orcs, presumably from the depths o' the Great Mine.  Belorfin destroyed it on the way back, but we all pondered who had put it there and why.

The horse accepted me, despite my doubts, and agreed t'let me ride it back to Bayfalls.  They were saddened that the magic steed would be leaving their area, though I promised that we would return.  Knights have treated those people terribly, and I must put that right somehow.  Now I just await the dragon's return, and hope that he will agree to relight the Eternal Flame f'me.  And then, I must take the next step to oul' Bresbane and hope he doesn't call me an eejit. 

Speakin' o' dragons, I met a new half-dragon in Hadrian today.  A silver one, name o' Alauriel.  With her silver hair and winged silhouette for one moment I thought it was Teuivae standin' at the side o' the pond.  Alauriel's got a very nice personality, fresh and positive.  But she's got very little inklin' about her heritage, and seemed just a bit lost.  She's workin' for House Reschotti, which seems a strange place for the progeny o' a metallic dragon.  Perhaps my gold friend will have some advice 'bout what she can do. 

I haven't seen Zahirra a few days.  Been wantin' to talk to her about the bounty the Church placed upon her fella Sjach.  She's probably right pissed at me for not just lettin' that matter die.  As if I could.  But Alauriel said Zahirra's really busy at the moment.  Zahirra's always deadly busy, so I'm not sure if it's even possible for her to be more busy than normal.  Maybe Zahirra's just got the shites with me and doesn't want t'see me no more?

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: March 27, 2020, 06:46:08 am »
A most majestic creature whose aid I desperately be needin' has given me a task with which to prove m'self.  It sounds fairly straightforward, which is always a fair sign it's anythin' but.  There is a lot ridin' on this, which is yet another forgotten and unfinished tale the Golden God has chosen me to finish.  It's important to me personally, as well as to the region.  I've lost almost all faith in the local court, and this is the only solution t'that I can see now.  But if things go the way I hope it will change both me and the Swords profoundly.  I may have t'go my own way if the Swords don't like what I propose.   

I have no idea what t'expect in this hunt.  The Blasphemer himself could await me.  I'm not afraid o' anything.  I confronted Menner and the One without flinching after all... but that does not make me invincible.  I need help.  There is only one person I know I can completely trust on this, and that is Tenshi.  Fjord and Aardyn are gone.  There are a few others I think I can trust, and a few outright dossers I can't risk being anywhere near this.  Better to try and fail alongside the right people than succeed with those who will abuse a victory, I suppose. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: March 01, 2020, 08:14:34 am »
I met with Petyr again.  It wasn't planned or nothin', Zahirra was just showin' me around her festival stalls when he strolled up to us.  She continued the tour for both o' us.  We sampled lots o' things, including some green paste dip that burned our mouths like acid.  Apparently people eat that for fun where Zahirra comes from!  Brutal. 

Still, was a nice experience.  Zahirra shared her dating woes (if you can call 'em that) with me... Sjach is back in the picture and she has Harlinger and one o' the elf brothers sweet on her too.  Much easier f'me with just one... Petyr bought me a lovely talisman I was too skint to buy for m'self.  Such a wonderful man!  We got just a little bit more comfortable with each other's company, and I love that neither o' us have to put on any false airs and graces with each other.  He's goin' to help with our Dame too.  I've taken a risk putting such trust in him, and I pray that my judgement is sound.  But this could be the breakthrough we need for her. 

Zahirra hinted that the Skettus lads are being dossers and are up to somethin' seedy.  I'd best check that out.  I need to talk to Shi anyway, and see where his head's at.  I know better than most how badly grief hits him. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: February 08, 2020, 10:13:51 pm »
There's a new half-celestial 'bout these parts.  A monastic, this one, and unlike Arariel and Teuivae he doesn't seem obsessed with gettin' into my knickers.  He knew my name, oddly enough... said he'd heard about what I'd done for Ara after her death.  Even called me a hero! Took me a whiles before I realised he wasn't slagging me, but meant what he said.  I've been workin' with Tenshi these past few days, and we have some common goals.  He reminds me a bit o' Moose.  Same knack for findin' danger o' the most bizarre sort. 

House Reschotti members have been wantin' my ear o' late about both personal and house matters.  I'm helpin' where I can, although the Order's interests don't always coincide with those o' the Reschotti.  Zahirra's in an awkward spot, and I sympathise with her.  There's another one called Harlinger who Tenshi and I took along on a patrol.  He acquitted himself well, and proved himself a good man to have at your side in battle... but there's somethin' strange 'bout him.  And his sword. 

But all this scribblin' is just a distraction.  I need to cure the Dame.  I don't know how the soddin' hell I'll do it, but I have to find a way.  Bloody Astley picked a shite time t' walk out...

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: January 20, 2020, 05:10:02 am »
My fears were confirmed.  Sir Arthur walks again, as a shadow o' his old self.  Literally perhaps.  I am still grapplin' about how to handle this situation.  Deep down, I expected somethin' like this, but never figured out what I would actually do 'bout it.  Well, I do have one plan but it's unlikely to be approved.  Like most o' my plans I just pulled it out o' my coit. 

As if that weren't concernin' enough, Wren's been horribly murdered.  I personally thought her unfit for public service,  but gods, I never wanted to see her hurt or dead.  And I'm sad that our last interaction was the pair o' us squabblin' over some stupid book, which doesn't even matter anymore.  Shi and Astley are both blamin' Sjach for her death.  I did warn Wren that allowin' a shadow half-dragon into town without any sort o' oversight was a dosser's act, and her own head would be upon it some day.  But feck me, it's not like I wanted to see that happen.  Nor is there anything other than circumstance linkin' Sjach to this murder.  We can only await the result o' the official investigation. 

Knight-Errant Astley has gone walkabouts with Squire Astariel by the look o' things.  Casualties, defections, folks going away without leave... we're gettin' thin on the ground here.  I miss havin' a squire, someone to bounce all my fool ideas off.  But lawdy I seem to have done a shite job trainin' them.  None o' mine ever stick around.

There is some good news, but.  I had a date with a fella!  Quite an amazin' man, who I only met by chance.  Perfect skin like dark chocolate, eyes and teeth white like linen, and a voice that makes me tingle all over!  What a bloody fine thing he is.  And he wants to see me again!  ME! 

General Discussion / Re: Monthly Arena Events
« on: January 19, 2020, 09:09:31 pm »
There is a fighting area beneath the Frog & Toad too, isn't there?  (I *think* I have seen one there).  If so that one could be included down the track.  We also have the festival grounds.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: January 06, 2020, 11:01:39 am »
Sir Arthur felt his health was in irreversible decline and there was no time t' find a cure.  He told me over dinner that he had made the decision to sacrifice himself to close the abyssal portal in the snowy peaks.  Though our mission was apparently successful, a few o' us felt that not all was quite what it seemed.  Sir Arthur's body was snatched away, I have this horrible feelin' that I will see it again some day, and the circumstances will not be pleasant.  But what is, o' late?

He was a good man, the nice knight that everyone liked and that made him starkly different t'me.  When I was a squire he reassured me after my disastrous first outing with Koi where I was petrified by a stone giant shaman.  He told me I was special and in his last words, left me the mission o' rebuilding the Swords and makin' them stronger than before.  Only Koi had a bigger influence on me in my early days as a Sword. 

A knight-errant by the name o' Sarah Astley has returned to Moon Glow Keep from another deployment.  She joined in Sir Arthur's last hurrah.  She is oddly enough, not a warrior, but nevertheless carries herself like any aspirin' knight.  Already she's showin' some initiative in our strategic situation and also looks t' have recruited a squire.  This is grand, because most o' my allies outside o' the Swords have moved on.  Arcanist Meleghost, as often a rival as an ally, has been reassigned by his guild.  Fjord and Aardyn said they're done riskin' their hides after helpin' me defeat the One.  And that weird wee shite Moose has plain vanished.  Still got m'boyo Oscar, but my comrades in the Swords remain my true family.

Several people been askin' if I'm copin' all right with Sir Arthur's passing.  But honestly... I've lost so many people close t' me o' late.  Arariel, Koi, Mary, Trinra, all dead.  Teuivae, Wulvarax, Lycaria, Fjord, Aardyn, Meleghost, Moose... just gone.  Things are so awkward with Shi Lei some days he may as well be gone too.  So I've been feelin' distant now, and I knew days ahead what Sir Arthur was planning.  It was sad, but I had already made my peace with it.  Still.  Watching him die was... hard. 

General Discussion / Re: Theme song.
« on: January 06, 2020, 05:43:08 am »
Sir Arthur Boteler (post-sacrifice)

Dear dah

You tol' me to only write you if somethin' really important happened.  I think this qualifies.  Y' sent me to Hadrian with the request that I work towards becomin' either a Sunlady o' the church or a knight of the Empire. 

Though I have made a right haymes o' things at times (usually when I let the blood drive me, rather than your teachings), I have been made a Dame o' the Order of Everlasting Light, an order o' the Swords of the Guiding Hand. 

I have met some others o' celestial blood here in Hadrian, and you were right, most o' them were not like me at all.  I had no idea how incredibly lucky I was t' have been born where I was and t' have been raised by a good man.  It is because o' you and the people o' Hibernos that I stand here now as a knight.  Thank you dah.

Dame Neasa Lawley
Swords of the Guiding Hand

PS Please tell my birth family 'bout this, and especially tell my brothers that when I visit I can kick their worthless coits even harder than I used to now!

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