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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: October 19, 2019, 09:34:20 am »
Squire Teuivae's been such a blessing.  Her kindness and humility have inspired me in the aftermath o' Koi's death.  We had a long talk tonight, I showed her some o' my old kit, an' I felt like we were on the same page.  She tol' me I looked like an angel in my old Amaunatorian armour.  Then she had t'head off with Wulvarax to finish off a mission.  Wulvarax has come back from his leave much more focussed an' pragmatic. 

But the nightmare was back again once I lay down, and I woke up in the wee hours.  I lay there wonderin' about some things... was I handlin' them the way Father McIvor would want?  Or indeed, Amaunator himself?  Sherina and "Pattie", training the squires, mercy-killing Arariel, my investigation into Koi's death, being the Swords' council rep, this thing with Teuivae, Menner… was I doin' any of these things remotely right?  Or was I banjaxing everything like a moran?  I had a bad dose o' doubt and couldn't get back t'sleep.  I stumbled out o' my room and went upstairs t'the battlements. 

I kneeled on the flagstones, lookin' up and prayin' to the Golden God for some guidance.  The night sky was turnin' orange from the looming dawn, which only the clouds seemed to be holdin' back.  A single ray o' sunlight sliced through the clouds and fell upon m'face.  My skin began to glow... so hot and bright that it itched.  My scalp stung, as if my hair was aflame.  The clouds parted and the sunlight cuttin' through them was so bright I had to close m'eyes.  Then I heard a metallic clang on the flagstones b'fore me.

I opened my eyes, and I knew I was on the right path...

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: October 17, 2019, 08:45:44 am »
I've been patchin' things back together as best I can.  I'm the most visible Sword in Hadrian, so have been lookin' and calling for new recruits.  Found a few prospects.  Wul suddenly returned from leave too, and jumped right back in t'the fray.   

I actually found a new recruit.  There's been this pretty half-elf lass staying in the Harvest Moon charity house lately.  Most of the poor souls just get a meal, have a kip, then bunk off.  We often never see 'em again.  But this lass Teuivae stuck around, and actually got t'helping us, sweeping the floors, ladling out soup and so on.  I spotted her practicing swordplay a few times when the place was quiet, and could tell she knew what she was doin'.

She'd mentioned bein' a Selunite and was obviously devout, so I took her to the Abbey o' the Moon.  I swear upon the Golden God, when Teuviae looked upon the Statue of Selune she sparkled with some white, silvery light.  I took it as a sign, and gave her the squire's test. Her results were very good... so we've taken her in.  She's good with a sword, but it's her insight that's been impressin' me most.

Both our recent squires seem t'get along well and have their own virtues.  Wulvarax is zealous, confident and proactive.  Teuivae is thoughtful, humble and kind.  They both have the makings of good knights, in their own unique ways.  At least... I think so.  Still not quite a knight m'self, after all. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: October 13, 2019, 06:29:51 am »
Koi is dead.  Wul is gone.  Just me an' Warden Kyra in the Chapter House.  She's been barkin' out orders, giving me things t'do, because she knows I'll break down if I get a moment t'think. 

We reclaimed another o' the Giantsbane artifacts.  This was somethin' important to Koi.  But I was just goin' through the motions like a golem, not feeling anythin'.  A slaad: kill it.  Silvia is sick: cure her.  Arcanist is hurt: heal him.  A beholder: get away. 

Still havin' that nightmare about Ara.  I wonder if tonight... will Koi be in it too now?

Library of Valstiir / Research: a plane of grey
« on: October 07, 2019, 10:38:24 am »
Neasa takes a trip to the Library of Valstiir, seeking information about whether there may exist a plane entirely grey in colour, with ooze for ground and boiling clouds which rain acid. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: October 04, 2019, 04:37:30 am »
I'm not writin' any more about that.  I can't.  Too painful, and I keep feckin' it up anyway.  All that matters is that's been ended, like she would 'ave wanted, and no one else had t'die. 

Sir Arthur has been given some secret orders and transferred elsewhere.  Not sure what that's 'bout.  But he was our representative on the Hadrian council.  Several o' us were summoned to the hall t'discuss who would replace him.  They asked Koi to do it first... but I'm NOT writin' down what he said in response.  A clear "nay", that's for certain.  Wul didn't feel anywhere near ready, jus' bein' a new squire, and the rest of 'em all muttered they were "too busy". 

They all started starin' at me.  I was 'bout to blurt out that a culchie lass like me knows nothin' about government, but I caught oul' Bresbane givin' me a look.  I know that look.  Same bloody look Father McIvor used t'give me.  So now I'm a councillor, talking and writing to other councillors and the mayor, most o' whom I'm quite certain can't stand me or the Swords.   

I can handle that, but.  More worried 'bout getting some good sleep lately.  I keep having these bad dreams... no, not dreams... just the same one bad dream.  Full o' symbols.  Grey.  Restraints.  Nothing resembling solid ground.  And her.  It's horrible.  I don't know what the craic is other than these aren't ordinary bad dreams.  A warning?  My future?  A plea?  A test?  Somethin's coming, I can feel it. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: October 03, 2019, 07:11:13 am »
a full three pages have been written in, crossed out and corrected so much that they are an unreadable mess.  A few just barely legible keywords seem to appear a few times: Arariel, Swords, dead, Shi Lei, Amaunator, Wul, honour

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 30, 2019, 12:34:52 am »
I finally took m'trials to become a knight errant o' the Swords, under the watch o' Sir Koi.  My first test was t'act as a judge in two cases o' murder which were delegated to us from the Church o' Amaunator.  I thought long an' hard about my decisions.  I wasn't just answerin' to Amaunator anymore, I had t'consider all the patrons o' the Guiding Hand.  Also what people like Ara have said t'me about the spirit o' the law.  I did what was just and wise, but tried to be as legal as possible.  Wasn't easy... I could almost feel Amaunator himself glaring at me, and I know I must atone in some way f'that.  Going t'be hard to enact His Will while still respectin' the other gods of the Hand.

Still, I was happy with my verdicts, but some o' the Hadrianites weren't.  Seems that murder and torture isn't a big deal to these folk, and Boney J himself stepped in to spirit away the convicted man.  He cast some Big Hand spell on me after the Potentate demanded we all stand down, so Boney J has been excommunicated from the Church of Amaunator.  Not that it matters to an arcanist.  Bet he's still off whinin' to his guild as I write this, but.  Koi healed me until Belorfin arrived to dispel the big hand crushin' the life out o' me. 

I saw Boney J's mot smilin' at him later like he was a gods blessed saint for covering for a murderer and assaulting someone in a church.  I understood then why Father McIvor told me it was selfish for me t'stay in Hibernos any longer.  The people there are good, they obey the law at all times and not just when it's convenient or helpful, and they find evil repulsive.  It was like that b'fore I was born, and likely always will be.  But in Hadrian... they apologise for evil, collaborate with it, then seem profoundly shocked when they face consequences for what they've done.  They're feckin' deluded.

The second part o' my trial was checkin' out a fort that was overrun by frost giants.  Sir Koi led us there, along with Oscar, a half-dragon named Wul, a hin lass named Marlee, and m'boyo Shi Lei.  And I'd been worryin' no one would be wantin' to help me after that Church fiasco!  We got the job done, and slew all the big frosties that got in our way.  We hurried back to Moon Glow Keep then for my judgement.  I was worryin' the whole trip back that the mess at the church might 'ave banjaxed my chances. 

But no... in fact, Sir Koi seemed proud of what I did, and he gave me a grand reference o' character (though he still insists on callin' me "Stoney").  I've been made a knight errant now, the next step in m'path to knighthood.  Father McIvor would be so proud o' me.  "Go be a knight Nessie.  That's what you've always wanted, so go get it lass" he said.  I could 'ave been a Sun Lady at his church if I'd wanted, but p'haps I can still find a way to preach the Way and the Law within the Swords.  But my first task as an errant will be assistin' Wul in his desire to join the Swords...

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 24, 2019, 09:53:54 pm »
I've settled into a groove now.  Listen for trouble, join up with a group headin' out to do something about it.  Trouble is never far away in this place.

Looks like I'm an "only child" again.  Ara don't want me callin' her "sis" anymore.  The Swords had t'take a stand' on somethin'.  She told me I only care about "the letter of the law".  But I'm a paladin of Amaunator… I live to enact His will.  The letter o' the law is what I 'ave to care about.  I don't like t'upset people, and 'specially not Ara.  She gave me a glimpse of m'heritage, and I love her for that.  But this is the Way, this is the Law. 

Father McIvor did warn me it would be like this.  "You're a sweet girl, Nessie.  Everyone here likes ya.  But it's not gonna be like that in Hadrian".  If nothin' else, I think I got some respect from Sir Koi.  Like gettin' blood from a stone. 

General Discussion / Re: THE BEST ESSAY EVER
« on: September 24, 2019, 08:46:31 pm »
The highest quality e$$ay spam I have ever seen.  So good I cannot SMITE it

A leather case of papers arrives at the Library.  The case is battered and dusty and has plainly seen a lot of use and travel.

Esteemed guild members, may this essay arrive safely, promptly, and find you all in good health.  I was tasked with researching the people known colloquially as the “gypsies” and their unique culture.  Completing my mission necessitated spending many weeks on the roads of Lower Netheril  and embedding myself within clans of this culture.  Thus I can only humbly apologise for the long delay in dispatching this report and assure you it was completely necessary. 

The first important thing I learned was that these people do not call themselves “gypsies”.  Indeed, they consider the term quite offensive and the height of ignorance.  The term is applied to them only by other human societies in which they pass through.  Rather, most prefer poetic names like “Selune’s Children” or “People of the Highway”.  Nevertheless, to ease my writer’s cramp I shall continue using the popular term. 

Complicating matters is the fact there is no single group of gypsies.  Though they share a clear cultural and racial heritage, each gypsy group (and often even each individual) travels and operates separately and develops its own idiosyncrasies, if not appearance.  Confusing one clan of gypsies with another is quite easy to do but is considered a grave insult.  Misunderstandings between these people and the Lower Netherese are all too common.  Tragically, I must then make some simplifications and generalisations lest this essay become an encyclopedia.

Most gypsies have dusky complexions with thick black or dark brown hair and equally dark eyes.  They tend to be stout but strong, rather than tall or slender.  Each clan has its own style of fashion, but many wear colourful sashes and bandannas to contrast with their often utilitarian clothing for travel.  Tattoos and jewellery preferences are entirely based on the clan, and can vary widely to none, some or extensive visual enhancement.  Though an insular people, they inevitably have intermarried on occasion with natives of the lands they travel through leading to some diversity in physical appearances.

Travel is at the heart of their lifestyles.  The clan groups rarely stay in one area for long.  Their love for travel has lead to many adopting Selune as their patron, as her domains include wanderers and navigation.  Some prefer Jannath, since living off the land is a necessity for their lifestyle, or Kozah in hopes of warding off the perils of bad weather.  Still others have taken to strange religions unknown in the Empire, and worship either clan-specific deities or an obscure and apparently quite grotesque pantheon they call the “Elder Gods” or “Old Ones”.  The names of these deities are utterly unpronounceable for an educated person.  I saw no evidence whatsoever for the common accusation that gypsies are agents of Shar, the devious Mistress of the Night. 

Though the gypsy clans lack anything close to the magical sophistication or knowledge of our arcanists, they have a love for magic and many practitioners in their ranks.  Usually these are bards, clerics or blood casters rather than formally schooled magicians.  Oddly, I encountered more than a few who were not true spellcasters yet were capable of feats of divination.  Most gypsies believe strongly in the concepts of destiny and fate, in any case.  Living on the highway means that other gypsies also learn the simpler trades of the warrior, ranger or thief. 

Netherese citizens most commonly encounter gypsies of one of a few professions.  Some gypsies become traders, setting up their caravans in frontier towns either alone or in a group. Their extensive travels usually mean their stalls carry exotic items such as rare perfumes, spices or gems.  Others become mercenaries or adventurers though they are notoriously averse to long-term arrangements.  Regrettably, some become bandits either in gangs of their own or joining gangs of natives.  It is often these bandits and thieves that most Lower Netherese are best acquainted with, so unfair generalisations are made. 

The gypsies are not natives of these lands, but where these nomads originally hail from is uncertain.  Most of the clans have their own tales, for they are a people who love stories and song.  The common thread behind these legends is that they are refugees or survivors of a great war between two mighty nations.  Their nation was either defeated or triumphant but left utterly devastated (depending on which clan you believe), so they have sought survival and destiny on the highways.  Though it is impossible to know how many clans are upon Netherese lands at any one time, I would estimate they could not consist of more than 1 or 2 percent of the total human population.  The point is rendered moot by the fact that few if any of them would consider themselves citizens of the Empire. 

With this research complete, I now move on to my next task.  Expect a new essay to arrive within months.  May the Hidden One ever watch over us

Professor Leviticus Stone

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 22, 2019, 07:47:09 am »
I try to keep the goblin numbers in the old mine down, but they been gettin' busy with the lovin' and breedin' it seems.  A whole pack of them burst out of the mines and started torchin' the farms.  A lot o' us were quickly to hand to drive them back into the mines and finish 'em off.  Several of the others went marching off north to find more goblins, but I thought better of that.  Wasn't the job, it was the company. 

This fella Fjord visited the Keep.  Dame Averil talks 'bout him a bit, and I thought there might be something going on there, but no.  His mot is some lass named Morgaine and he talks about her non-stop.  But he took me out on a training run to take on some Drow.  I'd never fought 'em before so that was a grand little outing and I learned a lot.  Got a special job we Swords will be doin' with this Fjord, so I was happy to see he's a deadly good warrior. 

But best of all... he saw Sir Koi get put on his coit once and tol' me the WHOLE STORY.  Can't wait to slag the winged chancer about this!


Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 19, 2019, 08:13:03 am »
Been busy huntin' bandits and orcs the past few days.  Found a big nest o' orcs near Nualla'n.  Their topman was particularly ferocious.  Was a tough fight on m'own, but I smote him down in the end.  Some of the tips Sir Koi told me helped a bit when I was fightin' through the big orc's lackeys.  Also went on a long patrol for bandits, and took care o' two dozen of the feckers.  They don't like it so much when someone preys on them

Also went on a big outing with some local adventurers.  Ash Aardyn was the topman, took a bunch o' us out huntin' orcs.  I heard his call and thought I should join in and keep improvin' my orc hunting skills.  There was also Ruby, Shi Lei, Sherina and m'mate Arariel.  We took the boat down t'Southbank and headed to the orc hills from there.  Ash can handle even the biggest orcs himself, and the rest of our crew were no dossers either. 

Wasn't perfect though.  Something... unsettlin'... happened on the boat trip.  I had to let it slide this time, but can't ever be doin' that again.  That might cost me some help on the bandit thing... but this is the way, this is the Law. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 17, 2019, 01:05:02 am »
Some mist came boiling out of the sewers and docks in Hadrian today, and a bizarre host o' undead came out.  Zombie fishmen, skeleton pirates.  Was far beyond what the town guard could cope with so me an' some other adventurers helped defend the place.  Several of us stepped into a patch of this mist and got whisked away to the Patrician Peaks.  Was a fair hike back, and we had t'kill a few wyverns along the way.  Nasty things...

As I was marchin' back, I heard a proclamation for me from Arariel.  She's a really tall lass with big golden wings.  Half archon I'm told.  Turns out she's thinkin' of joining the Swords.  I told her what I could about the Achanatyrian Order at the keep.  She saw my hair, and reckoned she could help me figure out what my ancestor was like.  I don't know quite how she done it, but she imparted a little of her purer divine power in t'me to boost mine temporarily.  It felt amazin'.  I was tingling all over, and my skin started glowin' like my hair.  Ara said my eyes changed colour too.  Faded fast but.  She calls me 'Sunspot'.  I like that a feckload more than 'Stony'. 

Ara pulled out a book and pointed out an 'astral deva' and said it was likely one of them who knocked up my great-great-great-great-grandma.  Looked and sounded about right from the little Father McIvor told me.  He never wanted t'tell me too much, "in case you get a swell head" as he put it. 

Ara said this sort of makes her and I distant kin, and that sorta felt right t'me deep down.  I never really had a proper family.  Ma and da handed to me to the church and asked Father McIvor to raise me.  I still saw them and my brothers 'round, but I didn't live with them or spend more time with them than I did anyone else.  This is a good feeling I have right now and I think we can do some good work together, especially if Ara becomes a Sword. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 15, 2019, 10:51:20 pm »
Well, I got to meet both Sir Arthur and Sir Koi.  Had my chance to get throwin' shapes and impress them, right?  Didn't happen.  I made a complete haymes of it. 

Some hill giants were tossin' rocks down on Hadrian, so a bunch of us rushed up there to stop them.  I charged a really big one, he was wavin' his hands and talking gibberish... next thing I know I'm fallin' to my knees in the Arcanist Guild of Hadrian.  I'd been turned to stone and missed the whole damned show!  They'd had to lug me back to town to get me fixed.  I must have looked a complete eejit to the knights.  They're callin' me 'Stony' now...

We went to the Keep after that holy show, and Mirwen came with us.  She's got her sight back, and tol' Dame Gabrielle that I'd helped her.  Awfully decent of her, I felt less of a dosser when she said that.  I'd found some nice kit Mirwen could use so gave her those too.  I reckon she'll make good use o'them. 

Turns out that Koi is the knight I'm bein' assigned to.  He's a half-dragon of all things, and seems t'be quite a gas man.  Sir Arthur is exactly what y'think of when you imagine a knight- blonde, polite, handsome, impossibly charmin'.  They both tried to cheer me up, Sir Arthur said I was killin' bandits well enough on the journey back and Koi said it was bold to charge the biggest giant like I did.  Helped a bit, but still not feelin' my best.  New dawn tomorrow, but. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 14, 2019, 12:28:24 pm »
Been bustin' my hump helping local folk with their problems.  The ones that need an aspirin' knight, I mean.  Missing children, missing pumpkins (even sillier than it sounds!), restless dead. I did a few nixers with Yew, and we work really well together.  Lawdy I hope she ends up joinin'.  Will be good to have a friend right there in the keep.

Did another job with Uldur in the Wonbrie Woods.  We helped this lovely elf lass named Mirwen get some moss to make a salve for her peepers.  She'd been blinded by some feckin' elf-haters.  She reckoned they were long dead and gone, otherwise I'd be smiting them somethin' brutal.  I was happy t'help her out at least.  Though she wanted t'kiss me afterwards... not sure if she was just codding me or what. 

Supposedly I'm gettin' assigned to a knight soon?  I haven't the faintest which one o'them it will be.  I asked Squire Jason what the craic was, and he reckoned it would be either Sir Arthur or Sir Koirid Koisrid... Koi somethin'.  Jason seemed to think me pairing up with this Sir Koi boyo was a real gas for some reason.  Guess we'll see what we'll see. 

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