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Dear Exalted Sufferer

I have made landfall safely in the Lower Netheril settlement of Hadrian as instructed.  Thine judgement in sending me here was entirely astute.  This is a city of much misery.  I have vainly sought out my predecessor Sister Silias and can only assume her dead, missing or worse.  We both know she would never willingly abandon her mission.

The people here have endured much hardship and I have already found many injured workers to preach the Broken God's good word to.  For the time being, a lectern at the local drinking house must serve as my pulpit.  There are two charitable institutions here: Harvest Moon, apparently overseen by a knightly order, and Silver Shield.  The latter is a rather unsettling place bearing the trappings of a cult as much as a charity.  I assure thee I shall investigate both to ensure they are serving the needs of the people honestly. 

Give my blessings to my Adorned brothers and sisters,

Sister Sindi Mbatha

Dear dah

You tol' me to only write you if somethin' really important happened.  I think this qualifies.  Y' sent me to Hadrian with the request that I work towards becomin' either a Sunlady o' the church or a knight of the Empire. 

Though I have made a right haymes o' things at times (usually when I let the blood drive me, rather than your teachings), I have been made a Dame o' the Order of Everlasting Light, an order o' the Swords of the Guiding Hand. 

I have met some others o' celestial blood here in Hadrian, and you were right, most o' them were not like me at all.  I had no idea how incredibly lucky I was t' have been born where I was and t' have been raised by a good man.  It is because o' you and the people o' Hibernos that I stand here now as a knight.  Thank you dah.

Dame Neasa Lawley
Swords of the Guiding Hand

PS Please tell my birth family 'bout this, and especially tell my brothers that when I visit I can kick their worthless coits even harder than I used to now!

Library of Valstiir / Research: a plane of grey
« on: October 07, 2019, 10:38:24 am »
Neasa takes a trip to the Library of Valstiir, seeking information about whether there may exist a plane entirely grey in colour, with ooze for ground and boiling clouds which rain acid. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« on: September 07, 2019, 01:34:53 pm »
Hadrian... what fresh hell is this?

The words escaped my mouth and I immediately felt a twinge of regret.  Father McIvor had sent me here, said that I'd find my destiny here.  He said that it would be selfish of both me and the village alike for me to stay in Hibernos any longer.  My mentor described a thrivin' town with a fine church of Amaunator.  Even said that a Chosen One of our faith had walked the streets here.  I did not expect this banjaxed ruin I stepped from the riverboat into.

The trip was bad enough.  The boat captain was a bit of a dosser, and found it hilarious that I expected him to know who I was.  I'm just so used to everyone knowing me.  Guess I'll have to learn a bad dose of humility quick smart.  Stepping off the boat, the sun was sickly and brown, not the glorious shining disc I know and love.  The buildings were damaged and bloodstains were on the cobbles.  Some sort of battle had taken place here recently. 

And battle came quickly t'me.  I had barely seconds to get my bearings when some creature charged across the town square at me.  Might have been a man once.  It was strong, with venom dripping from its claws... I had a fair crack at it but it knocked me down.  I figured I was dead.  But the Shining One filled me with his light, strength and fury.  I got off my coit and beat down that thing with my bare hands, then grabbed my kit and suited up for war.  I found a few more of those monsters, and dealt with them.  Saved a lass in the town square and shoved her inside to relative safety.

A fella mucked in to help me at one point.  He wore a blue surcoat, and he was a fine thing to behold I tell you.  A laird by the look of him, by the name of Nicolas Frost.  I could barely believe it when he told me that he's like me... a holy warrior of Amaunator.  An omen, surely.  The 'sunplague' creatures could not withstand our combined wrath, and the sickly aura in the sky receded.  This town has obviously suffered great darkness of late.  Time now for the first rays of dawn to kill the night. 

But I can't do it alone, or even just with Frosty.  Maybe there's something bigger here for folk like us.  Father McIvor hinted at it, but wanted me t'learn myself.  Gotta find out more... 

Groups & Concepts / The Commissars of Morgaine the Red
« on: May 28, 2019, 04:35:45 am »
With Morgaine being mayor now, I'd like to over time set up a new mayoral guard of the style that Damion Stillscar had.  I would like to run with her 'Red' theme and call them 'Commissars'  ;D.  I've got an NPC in mind to just be 'there' in the barracks, but would obviously need at least one PC to actually be legitimate.

1. Non-evil, though LE might be workable.
2. Red uniforms, or for existing PCs with an established look, some red element used (eg helmet). 
3. Duties would be guarding the mayor, collecting taxes, assisting in defending the city, etc

Neither I or my character are combat or PVP minded, so having some guards would be a huge help!!!

Library of Valstiir / Research: Hydra
« on: May 27, 2019, 04:30:01 am »
Morgaine goes to the Library of Valstiir, looking for information about any gods, secret societies, cults or religious orders which use a three-headed hydra outlined in purple as their symbol. 

Journals & Backgrounds / The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: May 26, 2019, 09:37:09 am »
Dear Diary

It hardly seems possible, but today I was sworn in as the new Mayor of Hadrian.  After the resignation of Mayor Sandori and the frightfully obvious mediocrity of Mayor Narthwell, I realised I had no choice but to lobby to become mayor myself.  I should have run for mayor in the last election, but allowed people like Maximus, Corven and Sazo talk me out of it.  Therefore young Qivera's failure to handle the role is also my own.  But now I have the chance to put things right.  I have great challenges, such as restoring trust in city hall and dealing with the noxious mist from the fallen enclave.

After the formalities, I was informed that a previous mayor (most likely Damion Stillscar) embezzled a fortune from the city treasury and had stashed some around the city.  With some friends and allies we found many pages from the secret ledger which detailed this along with some of the stolen money.  This certainly livened up a day I expected be full of dry paperwork and oaths.  Fjord, Zilta, Three, Michael Copperfield, Urias, Casper... we had quite a team.

I must give thanks to the people who have believed in me, even in the times I did not believe in myself.  I would not have ever reached such a high post without them.  My adoptive mother, Lady Fiona Voust, who saw my potential.  My first love, Lazarus Black.  My best friend, the elf paladin Allania, whom I served after Fiona's death.  Bosco Fries, the angry little man with a good heart.  Urias and his oddball sense of humour that makes me smile even in the worst times.  Fjord Bjornson, who has become both a friend and guardian.  Lady Saeb Alanchi, who gave and taught me so much and asked so little.  Lilana Fynolt, my spirit sister who guided me to the path of Selune.  Trade Minister Helena Mendel, who has been a friend and support to me on council.  Surely others who I am forgetting as I scribble these words.  These are the people who inspired me, and the ones I will think of when I have to make tough decisions.

And without a doubt.. I am going to have to make some tough decisions. 

General Discussion / What would you like to see on N:AoM?
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:28:33 am »
Hi everyone.  While we are in a period of comparative quiet in Netheril: AoM, I think it would be a good opportunity for us to discuss what we want to see in our server.  By this I mean, what sort of events, gameplay, factions, and setting elements you enjoy most and would like to see more of, and which you are not so fond of. 

Beta Feedback and Bugs / Reschotti Resource Order Chest
« on: May 01, 2019, 10:25:24 am »
My main Morgaine Pritchard out 100 iron ore in the Reschotti resource order chest today, but did not receive an XP award from it.  I'm not sure if/how these chests work but it sounds like the XP is calculated upon reset.  There was a reset not long after I finished, but Morgaine's XP had not changed nor was there yellow writing mentioning an XP award in my dialogue box.

General Discussion / Monster PCs as mercenaries
« on: January 14, 2019, 09:55:38 am »
After an IG incident today I would like to get some clarification and discussion going about monster PCs and whether it is appropriate or legal for them to be hired as mercenaries to help a party. 

IG: Is it a breach of empire law?  If so, does it matter what the monster specifically is, or are all monsters as bad as each other by law?

OOG: Is it something we want to encourage or not?  While it gives monster PCs an option to do more things in the game (which they do need), I saw today that it can cause an awkward situation, especially for people like me who aren't steeped in the lore of the setting. 

Journals & Backgrounds / A burden shed (Morgaine's journal)
« on: January 09, 2019, 05:51:16 am »
At long last, I have rectified as best as I could the worst event of my life- the night my liege Lady Fiona Voust died.  For months I hesitated, not willing to retrieve her body and face her dead, judging eyes.  I failed her because I could not protect her as I vowed to do, but I failed her even more by leaving her to rot where she fell.

I convinced myself that the real reason I did not do it was that I'd found out what Fiona was really like after she died.  I believed (and still believe) her own arrogance was what got her killed.  I told myself that it was not something I could or should handle alone  Yes, I was angry at her for those awful things she had done but the simple reality was that I was too scared and selfish to do what was my moral and legal responsibility. 

I put my mind into new work and tried to put my service to Fiona behind me.  But it never stopped nagging at me.  For all of her harshness, Fiona was like a mother to me and a better one than my own mother ever was. The nagging become intolerable when a paladin told me that Fiona's spirit would be in torment due to my failure.  I went back to the site of her death, but after so long her body was gone.  I had foolishly told Count Lash Voust of the location of Fiona's death, and knew that he had almost certainly snatched her remains for his own dark plans.  I had a vision which confirmed that fear, but also told me which room in the manor her body was kept in.

So with the help of an unlikely ally, I went back inside that cursed manor.  It had been partly burned by the 14th Legion, but they had left awful shadowy creatures still alive inside.  My ally slew all the shadows that tried to stop us, and we found where the Count was keeping Fiona's remains.  Despite us both hearing an angry voice demanding we stop and swearing revenge upon us, I did what I had to do.  I took the remains and safely cremated Fiona Voust away from the estate in the place where I first met her, far from Voust lands.

At last, she is at peace and a great burden on my soul has been lifted.  She died a long time ago, and nobody cared,  nobody but me.  Fiona's inner circle of Thersos, Ryld, Lazarus and her vaunted 'Unknown Benefactor'... not one of them stood up and did what needed to be done.  So it was left to me and a man who never even met her, and that to me is proof that I was the only one who ever really cared about Fiona.  I had wondered what reason Lady Fortune had in guiding me into Fiona's service, and finally it is clear what my purpose was all along.

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