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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: August 18, 2019, 10:25:59 pm »
Dear Diary

I'm seated at the desk in my office.  Fiona Voust paces in front of me, her auburn ponytail slicing the air each time she sharply turns.  "This is it, Morgaine," she says.  "The moment I was preparing you for.  You know what you have to do.  Declare an emergency extension of your term, and snatch all the emergency powers you can.  And never, ever let them go."

Saeb Alanchi stands behind my chair, her hands rubbing my aching temples.  Her fingers are incredibly strong, yet gentle.  "Gosh Fiona," she says.  "You, ah, never miss a chance to exploit misery do you, mhmm?  Death hasn't, um,  improved your ethics I see.  Morgaine's not doing anything like that.  She's, ah, going to do the right thing here, once she works out what that is."

Maximus Valerius prowls around the far end of the room.  He's back in his gold armour, shining so brightly in the lamplight that it almost stings my eyes.  "Remember what I told you, Morgaine?" he barks.  "Competence is more important than popularity.  I knew something like this would happen with a soft touch like you as mayor.  But it's all right.  Just do what I say, and everything will be fine."

Allania's sitting in one of the chairs to my left in front of the fireplace, eating slices of orange.  "Miss Morgaine, don't listen to them!" she says.  "Do something for yourself.  You never do anything for yourself!"  She then abruptly sneezes, twin jets of flame firing from her nostrils and igniting the drapes.  She mutters something about having run out of orange juice.  As the fire burns and spreads, they all then argue about whose job it is to put it out.  I awaken from the dream just as I angrily go to do it myself. 

Hadrian is in turmoil.  With two weeks left in my term, the people have voted to eject the 14th Legion from town.  Our enemies seized this chance and Hadrian was attacked by demons and Southbank by orcs.  I fortunately had an evacuation plan so the death toll is not as bad as it could have been.  But still many are dead or homeless.  I have toured the damaged areas.  Southbank should recover quickly, for the orcs were more concerned with looting than direct murder and destruction.  Hadrian is another matter.  The marshals are gone, and for the time being mercenaries will have to fill the void.

Darius, a local swordsman apparently caused the demon attack and is at large.  Vivili escaped her sentence and could be anywhere.  Ash has remained, and awaits some form of sentence.  Things have been tense between us since I told him I knew his mother was a Sharran.  But I'm not going to have him branded, that is grotesque.  He is offering to help train a new town guard, and do it for free.  But is that a punishment or a reward?  I don't know.  There's something else he could do to clear his slate, both with me and the city. 

An election is due soon.  For a job that nobody wants now. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: August 16, 2019, 12:49:12 am »
Dear Diary

The end of my mayoral term draws near.  I originally had planned to seek a consecutive term, but I've decided against that now.  I'm just too damned tired and not feeling appreciated anymore.  I've done some of the things I wanted to as mayor, but not others.  I imagine that is not unique to me... Chester probably wanted to sleep with a few more prostitutes and Damion to lighten a few more pockets.  There are still a few more projects I want to complete of course. 

The local adventuring community is in turmoil.  Ash and Vivili were found guilty of consorting with a devil by the 14th Legion.  Poor Vivili will be burned at the stake tomorrow, and Ash will be branded.  The 14th Legion did various raids on people suspected of being compromised by this devil 'Nuzu'.  It wasn't directed solely at adventurers... a few from within the Legion itself will be burned too. While there is some general unrest, it is the adventurers who are most angry about the sentences.  I have grave fears for the safety of my citizens should an uprising occur. 

I tried to be a kinder, gentler mayor than we have had in the past.  But it's all been for nothing.  The burnings continue, and people just take my kindness and then complain that I'm still not doing enough for them.  Or they pay pawns to make anonymous proclamations complaining about me.  Sad as it is, this city needs someone with a heavier hand than I can provide.  And to rub more salt in that wound, it was revealed to me that one of my closest friends is not what they claim to be.  It's someone who I trusted more than almost any other...

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: July 31, 2019, 05:52:15 am »
Dear Diary

Michael Copperfield is dead.  He sold his soul to a devil in order to cure Sherina of her 'shadow taint' which was tragically consuming her.  Normally this would be the sort of courageous, selfless, romantic act that makes me shudder with joy.  Tragically, the circumstances make it otherwise.

Fjord had been working hard to gather reagents for a cure for Sherina, one that did not require anyone to die.  Michael knew about it.  He knew about it, and yet took a self-destructive option the day before Fjord's cure would have been performed.  Did he simply love Sherina that much that he lost all sense?  Or was he that ferociously jealous he could not tolerate someone besides him saving Sherina?  Was he absolutely selfless or absolutely selfish? Everyone has their own opinion...

Sheri is devastated of course.  She attempted to take her own life in the days afterwards, but Ash stopped her.  Though in typical Black Aardyn fashion he was harsh when she needed tenderness.  Sheri asked me to give her some work to keep her busy, so I have taken her into my guard.  I always wanted her there, but I was too afraid of Michael and well aware that they came as a pair or not at all. Since I became mayor I have not had much time for Harvest Moon, so Sherina will help me through that organisation. 

I sense that the Voust matter is reaching it's end game.  I made a provocative declaration intended to anger the Count and flush him from hiding.  I am noticing more vampire activity than before, so I think I got his attention.  Though I slay the Count's progeny wherever I find them, more continue to appear.  This cannot go on.  Either he falls, or I fail and serve him for eternity.  I sense something big awaiting me... hopefully it is not undeath. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: July 24, 2019, 08:15:32 am »
Dear Diary

More strange events.  Ash took a party to explore the Angel Wings asylum, and brought back disturbing stories about a cult attempting to create an "Angel of Decay", and some shadowy drum.  He ALSO brought back a disturbed young lady named Vivili who has decided that Ash is her father and I am her mother.  She's a few years older than I am, but that doesn't seem to bother her.  Maybe I can convince her to be like a big sister instead.  I've always wanted a nice one. 

What bothers me is her sharpened teeth, long fingernails and history of cannibalism.  I suppose there is no other way to survive in such an awful place.  So I will do my best to help rehabilitate Vivi.  Ash is not making it easy, though... he's been giving her wine and cut her fingernails with his SWORD.  Who does that?!  He cut her fingertips!  Maybe it will be good for me.  Vivi may be a cannibal and mentally ill, but she'll still be more pleasant company than my real big sister.  Still... I must be wary. 

Fortunately I have Celebrithrade as my bodyguard now, and she is doing an outstanding job.  She was somehow revived, even though she died long ago.  I'd read so much about her, and even visited her memorial a few times both with Allania and on my own.  Celeb was a hero, and is already well on her way to becoming one again.  She's so talented and beautiful, and it's astonishing how quickly she is regaining her old prowess.  She knew Allania well, and I find that very reassuring.  It sounds like they had an extremely competitive friendship, though.  A downside is that I have probably hurt Sherina's feelings by not choosing her as my bodyguard. 

Master Arcanist Joriin has returned from his studies.  What a relief!  We have problems facing the city that need an arcanist to investigate.  I've missed him so much.  So many times I've had some personal disaster, and gone to the town square to talk to him at his usual spot at the wagon.  He's so charming and intelligent, and he always makes me feel better.  Then there was that help he gave me with Fiona.  He was so mighty and selfless!  Why do people say such awful things about him?  If things had gone nowhere with Fjord, then I would have... well...anyway.

I can barely believe I'm writing this, but... after all this time, Fjord and I are officially dating!  We kissed for the first time at the Lookout on Valstiir.  It was magical!  Red and Blue, together at last.  A waiter sort of ruined the moment by vomiting over the edge of the enclave while we were kissing.  He must have had a stomach bug of some sort. 

But... what the hell do I do now if Saeb Alanchi comes back to Hadrian...?

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: July 16, 2019, 12:15:04 am »
Dear Diary

It's been an exhausting week.  The great shining positive has been some new arrivals in town and some old faces returning too.  We need brave people to help defend this city against and investigate the many threats it faces.  Ashram Aardyn has returned and taken up the mantle of the Adventurer's Society, and Belorfin returned shortly afterwards to help him.  They will teach any new arrivals willing to listen extremely well.  Ash has also said I'm welcome in the hall at any time, which is lovely. 

One of the new arrivals is particularly endearing, a little moon elf named Fhela.  She is a fellow Selunite and is so utterly cheeky that I can't help but laugh at her.  She said something that offended Sherina, something so trivial that I thought nothing further of it.  I took her to the crystal caves to find a crystal and left her there, asking her to meet me in town afterwards.  On my way back, I passed Michael who was looking for her.  I told him to check the caves and kept going.

Fhela never arrived back in town, so I became worried. Fjord and I went to the cave and found her dead, presumably by Michael's hand.  Michael and Sherina then arrived, and we had a tense stand-off with some exhausting conversation.  I wanted Michael to trust me and the legal system (he claims to be a man of the law, after all), but he felt that was a certain death sentence and preferred suicide.  Thankfully Ash and a party of his arrived and I was able to leave the matter in his hands.  Selune bless that man.  In the end, Fhela was revived and her testimony helped Michael avoid being executed.  Sheri and Michael married afterwards, though did not invite me.  Understandable, I suppose.

Sheri and I are still friends, and Michael and I have 'made up' I suppose.  But is this the price I pay for being so merciful and nice?  These things happening over and over?  He assaulted me once in his madness, and I chose to quietly send him to the farms to do some positive work and be cared for by Sherina.  I legally could have had him publicly beaten, fined and enslaved if he could not pay.  If Michael had lashed out at Mayor Stillscar, I shudder to think what would have happened to him.  I don't want to be like that.  But I can't keep giving people second and third chances.  I pray to the Lady of Silver that this time all will be well with Michael.

Commissar Stormweaver is doing some good work for me.  She loved the new sword I asked Fjord to make for her.  She suggested I also give Reginald Narthwell something constructive to do.  I feel bad for him, having essentially taken his job.  Fortunately, I have something he could do.  Hopefully he's willing to discuss it with me. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: July 10, 2019, 08:03:37 am »
Dear Diary

We have not made any progress regarding that duergar fortress, so I attempted to take matters into my own hands.  Zoanantuss is certain there is a secret entrance to the fortress in the underdark.  I descended alone to search for the secret entrance.  I fear and hate the grey dwarves more than anything else down there so I did not take this journey lightly or go unprepared.  Alas, I did not find what I seek on this attempt. 

What I did find was a large drow settlement.  Though they are despicable creatures, they were not immediately hostile.  There was a tense standoff between one of their priests and myself.  I was only moved to speak to her when I realised we were wearing similar red and black armour.  I thought perhaps this similarity of fashion would cut across the moral and cultural divide between us.  I think it did, just slightly.  But she only allowed me into their settlement when I told her I was there to buy slaves.  An outrageous lie, but clearly they are used to that sort of business. 

It seems to be a trading port, which would explain why did not immediately attack me.  Nevertheless I remained completely on my guard the entire time I was there.  I was not harassed at any point, but unsurprisingly the drow were not very friendly either.  I almost panicked when I stumbled upon the duergar quarter, but there were few of their murderous warriors present.  They were virtually all miners, traders and slavers. 

I searched around and found a cave leading further down, but thought better of descending alone.  This time, at least.  But I spent the night beneath the earth (at least, I think it was a night.  It is very hard to tell time down there).  My fears of that place are relenting somewhat, and my next search will be more ambitious. 

Count Voust is still at large.  I have been praying to Selune that Casper would walk into my office with the Count's staked form, but it seems praying and waiting will not deliver him to me.  Perhaps like the underdark, I must attempt to handle this myself.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 30, 2019, 11:13:24 pm »
Dear Diary

Sherina has talked recently about an ancient bronze dragon that lives in the area around the Abbey of the Moon, and hoped it could help us resolve the mist crisis.  She even had a special gift made for it.  I passed Sherina when I was leaving for my regular pilgrimage to the Abbey, so asked her to come along to look for this dragon.

Well, we found her... and it turns out I had met her before disguised in her human form.  While speaking with this spectacular beast did not give us any easy solutions to our problems it at least gave us some next steps to consider.  The dragon is certain the duergar have another entrance to their fortress beneath the necropolis, we just need to thoroughly search the Upperdark and Underdark for it. 

If that fails, I have an option of last resort to find it.  There are some people who may know where this entrance is or be willing to help us breach us the main entrance.  But they are utterly, unredeemably vile people, and their help would surely not be free. 

Someone sent flowers to my office.  Red and blue flowers.  Fjord perhaps?  If I ask him he'll surely tell me one way or another.  He kept his "secret admirer" letter to me secret for about five minutes, after all.  What a paradox he is.  Such a gentleman at times, yet like a child at others. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 27, 2019, 11:08:03 pm »
Dear Diary

Michael and Sherina took me up to the Old Quarter Valstiir.  Michael had found the mist had reached even there and wanted to show me.  I was shocked by how much we found, in a place that I assumed would  be safe from it.  This situation is spiralling out of all control, and I'm not seeing any simple solutions.  I asked Overseer Morriman to have Zilta examine some trees Michael showed me, which unlike most seem to be living and growing in the mist rather than withering and dying like most. 

I found a vampire crypt in the Wonbrie Woods, complete with a bone throne of the type that Count Voust had.  I did not find any vampires, but destroyed many undead servitors.  The crypt may or may not be the Count's.  Even if it is his, it may just be one of several lairs he uses.  After that loose end, I checked on the Voust manor as I do regularly again.  I found several lesser vampires inside, along with a stronger one.  It was one of Count Voust's thrall vampires, or 'brides'.  She was strong, but I had enchanted myself and struck her down. 

Just seeing her was more unsettling than fighting her.  Hers is the likely fate that awaits me should the Count defeat me.  This was confirmed when I heard the mocking voice of the Count laughing that I should choose my next step carefully lest I find myself in servitude to him for eternity...

General Discussion / Re: Open for Ideas for a Community Week
« on: June 24, 2019, 01:35:23 am »
I would like to see a special loot item for the storyline that only the new characters would receive, just to encourage some new PCs for it.  A 'welcome to Hadrian' sort of item.  I would happily play Mayor Morgaine if required as a plot device (and as you know I love to welcome new arrivals  :) ).  Grano at the Adventurer's Society would make a great NPC to start a quest event.  Perhaps he could even be testing out young adventurers to see who has the stones to take over the running of the hall for him?

Some sort of incentive to encourage the new PCs to continue to cooperate would be wonderful.  Obviously the players must provide some of that themselves.  But I would love to see a new party of US or UK players cooperating as closely as our recently assembled Aussie one does. 

Like Sherina I would like to see the festival grounds get some use.  Could a greased up pig get loose again?  Could The Goliath return to challenge all comers?   ;D

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 23, 2019, 04:22:25 am »
Dear Diary

I ended the public warning about Michael, and he and Sherina have returned to her home in the East Farms.   I visited them to see how Michael is going.  He certainly seems better, but I suspect some lasting damage has been caused to his mind.  Sherina and he seem very close now.  As I hoped, Michael has been farming and doing work for the locals. 

I still had some private misgivings about him, but he proved his worth when several packs of wolves charged into the farmlands and started killing livestock.  He fiercely defended the farms and people and the three of us slew many wolves.  Actions like this will serve him well should he run into legal trouble due to his previous behaviour.

We are closing in on Count Voust.  I've been spending far too much time thinking about what I will say to him if we defeat him... but probably more time thinking about what I will do if we don't.  He'd likely turn me into one of his thralls, like Thersos claimed Fiona was planning to have done to me.  What do I want more?  Count Voust destroyed, or answers to all these questions and doubts I have?

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 17, 2019, 01:07:25 pm »
Dear Diary

Skettus are idiots.  I took a grave risk and answered a summons from Sherina at Sullivans.  Together we convinced Michael to hand over the evil artefacts to me, so I could take them to the Skettus vault.  The famed, safe, impregnable Skettus vault!  The skull filled my mind with evil whispers but my faith in Lady Silver got me through the journey back to Hadrian.  Then I rushed to the Skettus estate. 

I thought I'd succeeded.  But the guard who Lord Skettus ordered to take the items to the vault succumbed to the control of the skull. The guard fled to the sewers.  Though I pursued and slew a creature the mist summoned to stop me, I could not stop it enveloping the guard and snatching him away, along with the damned artefacts!

People are surprised sometimes when they learn that the Reschotti are the noble house I am closest to.  "But Morgaine, you hate slavery!" they say.  Yes, I do hate it.  But House Reschotti are just about making money, and they do it well.  I've never seen them fail to make coin, and they are good for the money when they owe it too. 

The 14th Legion and House Skettus have their specialties too.  I have seen the Legion fail at theirs repeatedly, but this is the first time I've seen Skettus make such a hash of something.  May I never see it happen again, for the stakes are simply far too high.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 16, 2019, 08:28:02 am »
Dear Diary

I placed a large bounty upon Count Lash Voust, and the Halfling Death group attempted to make good on it today.  I went with them, feeling I should be there to confront the Count one last time.  We didn't find him, but as usual the Voust Manor "treated" us to a host of horrible shadows and vampiric spawn.  Following a clue we found in one of the Count's secret rooms, we went to the Angel Wings Asylum.

It is a truly ghastly place.  Full of vicious guards, apparatus for torture and execution and even undead!  And this place is supposedly run by the 14th Legion.  My trust in them just continues to deteriorate.  The groundskeeper told us the Legion just shove people through the front door and leave!

This is where Michael Copperfield would be admitted if the Legion capture him.  Sherina was furious with me.  I told her I had no idea what the place was like, but I don't think she believed me.  Even before I saw the place I didn't bloody well want Michael there!  I want Skettus to take care of him in their estate.  Head Seeker Morriman agrees with me on this. 

I'm not giving up, and Halfling Death won't either.  We'll get the Count.  Our next option is to check the crypts of the Wombrie Woods.  I also know something I could do at the Voust estate that would likely infuriate the Count enough for him to confront me.  That would be dangerous.  Essentially, I would be acting as bait, and hoping my companions are strong enough to save me.  I certainly can't handle the Count myself, not even now. 

I've been waiting for some good rain to make an announcement.  Though there was rain at the asylum, the skies over Hadrian remain frustratingly clear. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:41:57 am »
Dear Diary

Michael Copperfield has made many nonsensical proclamations the past few days.  But yesterday, he made one saying that 'Leira' was sending a 'gift' to Hadrian.  This turned out to be something I have feared- the dead rising from the grave yard in the East Farms.  I rushed there to help, and found Sherina there.  Together we destroyed the walking dead.  One of them spoke before we smote it... it said "the mist is coming".  We found new patches of this infernal mist upon the wells and sections of the river.  A farmer told us their animals have become sick from this water. 

I have not issued a bounty upon Michael for Sheri's sake, but should his actions cause injury or death to a citizen then I will not be able to avoid it.  There is a chance I may have to pursue him myself, perhaps helping Skettus or the Halfling Death crew.  I can offer Michael the opportunity of Selune's redemption and forgiveness... but if he refuses, then I will do as I must.  Today I had a good talk with Councillor Morriman about Michael.  We are blessed to have him upon our council.

Groups & Concepts / Re: The Commissars of Morgaine the Red
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:21:05 am »
NPC Caitlin Stormweather has signed up.  Check out her new uniform (she's at the Coin).  It looks great, Rainman did well as always.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:39:36 am »
Dear Diary

Michael Copperfield is still at large.  Wherever he is has a proclaimer, because he has been sending deranged messages for all to hear.  What a disaster it would have been if I had hired him!  In the end, Caitlin Stormweaver has accepted my offer and has become my first "Commissar".  She'll run my barracks, keep an ear out for rumours and advise me on military matters.  And probably teach me some bad drinking habits too.  There is no disputing she looks superb in the uniform though. 

I've been arranging rewards for all the people who on my first day as mayor helped me reclaim Hadrian's stolen money.  Most of the rewards have been quite straightforward.  Being adventurers and mercenaries, these people have mostly wanted improved weapons and other essential equipment.  But Urias... he's asked me for something I think is beyond my capability to provide.  I can't think of any legal way of obtaining it and I could not besmirch the city's (and my!) reputation by using shady methods.  He's a good friend, so I'm sad that I doubt I can give him the thing he really wants in this case.

Shirena took me on a tour of the Eastern Farms to see the areas the mist has been encroaching on.  Some of the livestock are perilously close to areas of mist.  To my horror, the mist is all other the little graveyard there too, which poses a grave danger to the farmers.  I must regularly check to make sure no undead have risen.  Shirena seems to have a gift for working and talking with the farmers, so I suggested that she could be a representative for them.  She didn't feel quite up to that job, and said I should I meet with Farmer Brown instead.  There's a certain sadness and lack of confidence about Sheri.  I suspect that Michael's illness has devastated her as well, so I've done my best to cheer her up.  She had an absolutely stunning dress made for me... she's quite talented in many ways.  It's a tragedy that the most talented and caring of people so often have the least confidence in themselves.  Sheri, Fjord, Allania...

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