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During the festivities planned here in the enclave, the most magnanimous Monty has decreed that there will be a competition for those that wish to spin a tale! Perform you tale on the stage at the theater and the best three stories will win a prize supplied by the most generous Monty Fipps!

Netherese Library / Re: Shadow dragons (GMORK)
« on: January 15, 2020, 12:46:07 am »
Physically seeming insubstantial, shadow dragons have dark and translucent scales that help them camouflage into the darkness around them. Shadow dragons are often mistaken for black dragons, but their horns point backward. A long fringe of spines emerges from the back of the dragon's neck and its powerful tail features a swimming fin.
The Shadow Dragon is a true dragon and as such is a formidable foe.

The information on such horrific and malevolent processes is limited in this library at the very least. The best you find is references to releasing cursed or bound souls through a wish.

Netherese Library / Re: Research: Ballista Designs & Golem Creation
« on: December 16, 2019, 12:02:37 pm »
Basic ballistae are made of wood and held together with iron plates around the frames and iron nails in the stand. The main stand has a slider on the top, into which are loaded the bolts or stone shot. Attached to this, at the back, is a pair of 'winches' and a 'claw', used to ratchet the bowstring back to the armed firing position.
The slider passed through the field frames of the weapon, in which are located the torsion springs (rope made of animal sinew), which are twisted around the bow arms, which in turn, are attached to the bowstring.
Drawing the bowstring back with the winches twist the already taut springs, storing the energy to fire the projectiles. The bronze or iron caps, which secured the torsion-bundles are adjustable by means of pins and peripheral holes, which allow the weapon to be tuned for symmetrical power and for changing weather conditions.
The ballista is a highly accurate weapon for a primitive weapon.

Metals and Alloys https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=943.msg5845#msg5845

The most you can learn about Golems here, other than their basic functions and types is that one must obtain ether a premade golem and bend it to your will or find a copy of 'The Manual of Golems' to create one.

Netherese Library / Re: Mystral Temples and Worshippers
« on: December 16, 2019, 11:48:01 am »
Temple of All Mysterie is the major center of worship of Mystryl and is located on the enclave of Ioulaum.

This sort of lore is not held in this library and would be akin to the sort of thing found in the libraries of the guild arcanists.

This is a very complex topic and one that must be approached in many different ways. No 2 ways seem to be the same when it comes to removing the taint of evil magic it seems. Some are done through solemn rituals and with powerful magics aimed to draw out the evil while others have been done by using the cursed or tainted weapon for good and just causes or through heroic sacrifices and still, others have been cleansed with things as simple as Remove Curse magic. Magic, like a living thing, has it's own unique qualities and vibrations and so, there is on 'one sure-fire way' to remove negative effects from something.

Netherese Library / Re: Nathaniel Menner
« on: December 16, 2019, 08:18:44 am »
The librarian reluctantly hands you a fable about 2 knights named Menner. "It is an old children tale" you are told, "One read to children to warn against greed and envy. Did you want to read it?"

The Brothers Menner
Once upon a time, long ago, lived two brothers, knights of the land under their father's rule.
A boar lays waste to a country, and the brothers set out to kill it, with the prize being a princess's hand in marriage.
The younger meets a dwarf who gives him a spear, and with it, he kills the boar.
Carrying the body off, the victor meets his older brother, who had joined with others to drink.
The older brother lures him into the Frog and Toad, gives him drink, and learns of the younger brother's adventure.
They then set out to deliver the body of the boar to their Father, but on passing a bridge, the older kills the younger and buries his body beneath it.
He takes the boar himself and marries the princess as his prize.
One day a shepherd sees a bone under the bridge and uses it to make a mouthpiece for a horn, which sings of the brother's fate:

"Ah! Dear shepherd, you are blowing your horn

With one of my bones, which night and morn

Lie still unburied, beneath the wave

Where I was thrown in a sandy grave.

I killed the wild boar, and my brother slew me,

And gained the princess by pretending 'twas he."

The shepherd takes this marvel to the Father, who has the bridge examined, and the bones of the deceased brother are found.
The older brother is not able to deny his actions and is burnt alive as punishment.
The younger brother's bones are reburied in a beautiful grave

Netherese Library / Re: Research: Liches
« on: December 12, 2019, 11:19:39 pm »
A lich is an undead spellcaster of great power, usually, a wizard, but also some clerics choose to take this path.
Liches are generally gaunt and skeletal with withered flesh stretched tight across horribly visible bones but can vary greatly in appearance depending on their age. Some appear as skeletons dressed in regal finery, yet others might appear to be nothing more than lepers. Bright pinpoints of crimson light burn in the empty sockets of those whose eyes have been destroyed or otherwise lost or were so old they had simply rotted away.
Liches often do not have lips or the necessary organs to produce natural speech, but they can project their voice, normally from their mouths, in order to communicate with those that they do not share a telepathic link with.
Because liches have eternal longevity, they often used this time to form schemes that take decades to develop and often plan for every contingency.
The process of achieving lichdom required that the spellcaster construct a powerful magical artifact, a phylactery, in which the lich stored its life essence. As long as this phylactery was unharmed, the lich was immortal and will reassemble if it was ever vanquished.

Netherese Library / Re: Research: Selune Artifacts & Celestial Death
« on: December 12, 2019, 09:36:13 pm »
Regarding the myth of the godly essence/artifact, no mention of it ever says where it fell or even if it fell to Toril. Some speculate that perhaps the essence is the moon it's self or the tears that follow behind it, others mention the morning star as being the pice; still, others say that it ended up in, or becoming the Positive Plane or being lost somewhere in the astral plane.
Just as you are about to give up on the search you do read one very small snippet that, of all things, Gnomes believe that a shard of some god lies deep in the center of the world and is a gem of the purest and most beautiful makeup to behold.

There is not much written on the death and destruction of celestial beings in this library.

Netherese Library / Re: Research: Forgotten Artifacts
« on: December 12, 2019, 10:59:32 am »
Regarding the myth of the godly essence, no mention of it ever says where it fell or even if it fell to Toril. Some speculate that perhaps the essence is the moon it's self or the tears that follow behind it, others mention the morning star as being the pice still others say that it ended up in, or becoming the Positive Plane or being lost somewhere in the astral plane.

While not finding much on the shadowy orb the Librarian asks if you mean The Orb of Shadows? He goes on to say that the Orb never actually made it to the vault. It was stolen from a caravan heading to the Skettus estate while defenders were distracted by an attack on the town of Hill Top. Not much is known about the orb, perhaps those of House Skettus would know more.

Netherese Library / Re: City state/independate province research
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:19:24 pm »
Apparently one can, if they have the followers, simply write a town charter and submit it to their local enclave and wait to be recognized. If that town is conquered by another in that time, then there is not much that can be done.

Netherese Library / Re: Research: Fae Laws, rules, and treaties.
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:14:45 pm »
There does not seem to be any consistency here other than the inconsistencies of the fey and their 'laws'

After creation, there was a period of timeless nothingness, a misty realm of shadows that existed before light and darkness were separated. Eventually, this shadowy essence coalesced to form twin beautiful goddesses, polar opposites of each other, one dark and one light. The twin goddesses created the bodies of the heavens, creating Chauntea, the embodiment of the world of Toril. Toril was lit by the cool radiance of the goddess Selūne and darkened by the welcoming embrace of the goddess Shar, but no heat yet existed in this place.

Chauntea begged for warmth that she might nurture life and living creatures upon her form, and this caused the twin goddesses to become divided in intent. The two fought, and from their divine conflict the deities of war, disease, murder, death, and others were created.

Selūne reached beyond the universe to a plane of fire, using pure flame to ignite one of the heavenly bodies so that Chauntea would be warmed. Shar became enraged and began to snuff out all light and warmth in the universe. Desperate and greatly weakened, Selūne tore the divine essence of magic from her body and hurled it at her sister, tearing through Shar's form and pulling with it like energy from the dark twin. This energy formed Mystryl, the goddess of magic. Composed of light and dark magic but favoring her first mother, Mystryl balanced the battle enough to establish an uneasy truce between the two sisters.

Shar, who remained powerful, nursed a bitter loneliness in the darkness and plotted her revenge. Selūne waxed and waned with the light, but drew strength from her allied daughters and sons, and even interloper deities from other planes. Their battle continues to this day.

Shar's realm is said to be on the Plane of Shadow and is a tower that has no obvious entrances called the Tower of Loss. She would trap those who enjoyed their freedom inside, savoring their despair at their loss, though she would allow petitioners and visiting worshipers to freely come and go (perhaps to further torture the trapped ones).

Shar is a greater deity and she offers her powers to any devout worshiper as most other gods do.

There was a shrine to Shar in Southbank. It may still be there. Most places of worship, though, are kept in secret and hidden from prying eyes.

You are pointed to the Church of Amaunator if you want more then just simple contractual law. They are the experts.

One myth that does catch your eye has to do with the battle of the twin gods Shar and Selūne. It tells of a fragment of Selūne that 'fell' after she tore out her divine essence and tossed it at her sister. But it does not say to where it fell or even what happened to it after.
Another tale insists that Shar and Selūne are one god with 2 faces.

Netherese Library / Re: Research: Forgotten Artifacts
« on: December 10, 2019, 10:15:53 pm »
It quickly becomes apparent that this topic is too broad as the books pile up about you. You might need to narrow down your search.

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