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During the festivities planned here in the enclave, the most magnanimous Monty has decreed that there will be a competition for those that wish to spin a tale! Perform you tale on the stage at the theater and the best three stories will win a prize supplied by the most generous Monty Fipps!

Mechanical Changes / Movement (balance, climb, jump, swim, tight space)
« on: October 30, 2019, 11:27:53 pm »
RULES: Movement (balance, climb, jump, swim, tight space)

In this module you will encounter objects that you can use to traverse obstacles using one of the five following skill: balance, climb, jump, swim or tight space. Click on the object to activate the skill. You will be given a message telling you what kind of skill it uses, an appraisal of how difficult it will be to pass, and the direction you will be heading. You automatically become better at these skills as you gain levels.

You base ability in the skill is based off of level, but certain classes are better at some skills than others:
    Barbarian excels at Climb, Jump, Swim.
    Bard excels at Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim, Tight Space.
    Druid excels at Swim.
    Fighter excels at Climb, Jump, Swim.
    Monk excels at Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim, Tight Space.
    Ranger excels at Climb, Jump, Swim.
    Rogue excels at Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim, Tight Space.
    Assassin excels at Balance, Climb, Jump, Swim, Tight Space.
    Harper Scout excels at Climb, Jump, Swim, Tight Space.
    Shadowdancer excels at Balance, Jump.

Balance improves with dexterity and has synergy with Tumble skill. To reduce penalties, try removing your armor and reducing your encumbrance if you are unable to pass the check.
Climb improves with strength. To reduce penalties, try removing your armor and reducing your encumbrance if you are unable to pass the check.
Long Jump improves with strength and has synergy with Tumble skill. To reduce penalties, try removing your armor and reducing your encumbrance if you are unable to pass the check.
High Jump improves with strength and has synergy with Tumble skill. To reduce penalties, try removing your armor and reducing your encumbrance if you are unable to pass the check. Larger creatures find it easier to high jump than smaller creatures.
Swim improves with strength. To reduce penalties, try reducing your encumbrance if you are unable to pass the check.
Tight Space improves with dexterity. To reduce penalties, try removing your armor and reducing your encumbrance if you are unable to pass the check. Smaller creatures find it easier to pass through a tight space than larger creatures.

Player Handbook Movement Skills was created by OldManWhistler

New Features / Spell Change 'Find Traps -- Zahnís Find Snares'
« on: January 14, 2019, 02:56:24 am »
Find Traps -- Zahnís Find Snares
Changed so the spell only finds traps, not disarms them as well.

Netherese Library / Laws of the Valstiir Enclave
« on: November 16, 2018, 11:14:03 am »
As set down by Archmage Valstiir herself upon the raising of her Enclave, let it be known that these laws are the eternal laws of all territories held by Vyctoria Valstiir.

It is to be noted that members of the Arcanist Guild are only subject to these laws and not the provincial laws of any lowland settlement or town.

Severity of Crime:
Capital- Treason, Murder, Espionage, Magical Disasters, Assault, Compromising the Mythallar/Enclave stability
Severe- Murder, Espionage, Theft, Magical Disasters, Assault, Theft
Serious- Murder, Theft, Assault
Minor- Public Drunkenness



Treason against the Empire is defined as levying war against the people of Netheril or in adhering to or aiding the enemies of the Empire. The sentence is destruction. (The offender is given to (a) Mythllar, their memories erased from all who have known them and their name erased from history)

Treason against an Enclave is defined as levying war against the people of that Enclave or in adhering to or aiding the enemies of the that Enclave. The sentence is death, the manor of which will be decided by the Archmage of the Enclave.



Magical Research- Let it be known that anyone found guilty of stealing magical tomes, research or other items of magical power will be sentenced to a public flogging. A secondary offense will be met with the death penalty. Should the item or research be sold to an opposing Enclave or enemy of the Enclave, the death penalty will be immediate regardless if the theft was a first offense or not.

Military information- Anyone caught stealing and selling military secrets of the legion, will be given to the Dukarrus for punishment. Punishment will range depending on the severity of the crime, the information and if or not legion soldiers were killed or compromised in any way from this information. This may be risen to the level of Treason.

Theft, Skettus- Those who steal from the Skettus Vault, will be given to house Skettus for punishment, with punishment ranging on the power and importance of the item stolen.

Theft-Arcanist Guild- Anyone found stealing research, items, test subjects or other valuable resources of the Arcanist Guild to sell to enemies, rival enclaves or for personal use will be given to the Arcanist Guild for punishment.

Addendum- whoever was responsible for said item of information, if personal responsibility was given, that person will face a fine equal to the value of what was stolen. If should the stolen articles in question be retrieved, the fine shall be waived.



Arcanists/Priests/Spellcasters(Bloodmages, Non-Guild, and non-house spellcasters)- For the crime of the slaying of a priest, the guilty party shall be given to the church of the murdered individual, to receive punishment from the church. For those that murder an arcanist, will be given over to testing for "Magical Ability" if none is found, they shall be killed, should the have the capability to become an arcanist they will be allowed to take the test, in order to replace the loss the guild suffered. For the murder of non-house sanctioned spellcasters, imprisonment o a fine equal to the ability of the murdered spellcaster, if the spellcaster is non-human or non-planar blood, a fine will be the only punishment. For the murder of a bloodcaster, the body will be given to the guild for experimentation, and the guilty will be imprisoned for 24 hours.

Addendum- The murder of non-human bloodcasters is seen as purging the Enclave of a dangerous force and will be overlooked provided that the murder does not interfere with the day to day lives of the Enclave citizens or put the citizenry in danger in any way.

House Mages- The murder of a house sanctioned mage will be punished by the guilty party being given over to the house the spellcaster was part of for punishment.

Constable/Enclave Official/Valstiir Watch- Attacks made against the law keepers of the Enclave is considered an attack on the Archmage herself, the guilty will be a choice, forty years in hard labor, or to be polymorphed into a common animal and hunted for sport by the victim's next of kin and the meat given to the butchers.

Familiar- Those who murder a spellcaster's familiar will pay a fine of 5000 gold.

Humans- The penalty for murder of a fellow human citizen of the Enclave will vary on the importance of the individual(see above)and the brutality of the murder. Punishments will range from time in prison to fines.

Human Business Owner- If the business owner is a spellcaster*Non Bloodmage*the guilty party will be sentenced to one year of hard labor plus an additional year for each employee of the business, plus an additional year based on the yearly income and profit of the business owner per 10,000 pieces of coin*either in direct wealth or in raw materials*

Nonhumans- The murder of any non-human will see the guilty party fined based on the race of the victim: Dwarf-1,200 pieces of coin. Elf-500 pieces of coin. Gnomes(Non-slave)-200 pieces of coin. Halflings-200 pieces of coin. Half-Orcs and monster races are a blight to the Enclave and the culling of these beasts will be rewarded based on the dangerousness of the murdered monster.*Note Half-Orcs, while monstrous half breeds, should not be killed in broad daylight so as not to disturb the peace. Secondary Note: Should the Half breed be an adventurer they are to be left alone as they provide a free service to the Enclave. However, their murder will not be looked into should it occur* If the murderer is an Arcanist the fine shall be halved.

Non-human dignitaries- The murder shall be given to the country/clan/nation of the race of the dignitary murdered and left to face their judgment. Should the murderer be an Arcanist they will half their power drained by undead then set free.

Non-human Business owners- The death of a non-human business owner and the punishment to follow, shall be tied to the race and importance of the individual, with a fine based upon race, plus 1 year of hard labor per each human employee of the business.

Pets and Livestock- See theft of nonmagical property

Archmage Ruler- The guilty for the most heinous act against the Enclave shall be tortured to death, then raised and tortured to death again and the cycle will continue with each torture changing after each resurrection until the guilty party can no longer be resurrected. Then a Reincarnation spell will be cast and the reincarnated guilty party will be thrown into the plane of fire.



Magical property- The thief will return the item(s) in question and pay a fine equal to the value of the item. Addendum: Theft of house items or personal items of the Archmage will be punished by the removal of a limb plus an additional limb for the value of the item in question.

Nonmagical property- A fine equal to the total value of the item(s) upon being returned, if items cannot be returned an additional fine is paid to make up for the loss of the item. The thief shall also be forced into servitude to the owner for a period of two years.

Spellbooks/Spell research- Those found guilty of such theft for personal gain, will be forced into servitude to the one who was stolen from or face execution on the spot.


Other Crimes

Magical Disasters- As magic can often be dangerous in its study of new spells and rituals and experiments, it is often we will see disasters occur. To ensure that the uppermost care is taken to avoid this, the punishment of magical disasters that threaten the stability of the Enclave shall be punished based on the following.

Guild Members/House Mages/Other- Members of the guild will be forced to give a full explanation into the cause of the disaster, if they are still alive, and give all research notes for examination. If it is found that no ill intent was intended and all safety procedures were followed the guilty arcanist will be set free, but will not be allowed to engage in such research for a period of one year. House Mages will be given to their house for punishment after the above for an Arcanist is also followed. Others: The guilty party will be forced into thirty years of hard labor, pay a fine equal to the total damages caused, or face public execution by magic.

Public Drunkenness- Guilty will pay a fine of 25 pieces of coin for disturbing the peace and be thrown into a prison cell until they sober up.

Compromising the Mythallar/Enclave stability *Its levitation spells*- Anyone found guilty of attempting to compromise the Mythallar or the Enclaves levitation will be faced with execution under the laws of Treason Against an Enclave.

*Addendum: By the decree of our lady and lord, Vyctoria Valstiir, the summoning, creation or use of undead within any Lower Netheril settlement is outlawed. Offenders will be fined 5,000 coins and interrogated to ensure they are not connected to the Enclave of Roz'Dha. If found to be such this will be treated as Treason against the Enclave.


Assault- let it be known that the crime of assault not leading to the death of the victim shall henceforth be punished as such.

Arcanists- The assault of an arcanist shall be seen as an attack on the guild, and will see the culprit punished in one of these ways: If the assailant is not trained in the arts, he will be given to the guild for testing/experimentation. If he is a fellow arcanist of the guild the guild will oversee a trial themselves and pass judgment as they see fit. If the assailant is of the noble houses the trial will be overseen by representatives of the guild and house in question; if the house and guild do not come to an agreement in time. If the assailant is an arcanist but not part of the guild or a house, he will be given to the guild for judgment. Non-human: the non-human will be given to the guild and disposed of as considered proper, or should the victim wish be killed by the victim

House members, Non-arcanist- any who assault a house member will be given to the house to face judgment as the House seems fit, anything from enslavement, recruitment or execution. Arcanist: if an arcanist assaults it must be determined if they are of the guild or not. If they are part of the guild see the above on assaults with house members against arcanists. If they are not of the guild they will be given to the house for judgment. Non-human: the non-human will be given to the house to be disposed of.

Law officer- An attack on the law enforcement of the enclave will be seen as an attack on the enclave itself and by extension the archmage herself. A trial will be held to determine the nature of the assault and punishment will range from hard labor, heavy fines or execution.

Business owners- if the victim is a human business owner the culprit will pay a fine of initial 500 pieces plus an additional hundred for each year the owner cannot work as they recover. If the fine cannot be paid, one year of hard labor plus an additional year for each year the business owner cannot work as they recover. Non-human business owners will see the culprit fined 200 pieces or two years hard labor.

Non-Humans- assault on non-humans is punished by fine dependent on race: half-elves: 250. Elves: 150. Hins: 200. Gnomes: if a slave: 1000. If not a slave: 75. Half-orcs and monster races: 150 rewards for purging these abominations provides it does not cause a public scene.

Messages from the Enclave / By Edict of Archmage Vyctoria Valstiir
« on: October 10, 2018, 12:09:16 am »
By the decree of our lady and lord, Vyctoria Valstiir, the summoning, creation or use of undead within any Lower Netheril settlement is outlawed. Offenders will be fined 5,000 coins and interrogated to ensure they are not connected to the Enclave of Roz'Dha.

Announcements / Screen Shot, Video, and Story Competition
« on: August 28, 2018, 03:19:12 am »

Throughout the month of September we here at Netheril: Age of Magic will be running an artistic challenge for our community. There will be categories for best Screenshot, best Video, and best Story (which could be written or a drawn/painted comic, artist's choice).
Prizes will be in-game rewards of custom loot. You will also have a chance to see your work make it into either the game (as a hak addition or book) or used in promotional material.

All entries must be N:AoM themed and appropriate for a pg 13 audience. Entries are not limited, you may submit as many as you like. Winners will be picked via a mixture of Public Voting and DM judging.

Entries can be posted here: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=2009.0

So come on and get creative!

Bug Fixes / Small Creature Fixes 21/08/2018
« on: August 21, 2018, 06:34:20 am »
Fixed sounds sets for
-Purple Worm

Fixed Animations for Night Walker

Messages from the Enclave / By edict of Archmage Vyctoria Valstiir
« on: June 20, 2018, 12:58:03 am »
By edict of Archmage Vyctoria Valstiir

Our lady has been in council with her nobles and the Arcanist Guild trying to find a solution to the incident in the lower city of Hadrian in which resulted in some unfortunate deaths.

A solution has been reached and is now set in stone. None may question her word.

First, those legionnaires killed in the incident shall be given full resurrections under her orders bar the commander who gave the order to attack.

Head Inventor Baldron Yorst will be stepped down from his position for his inept handling of the situation. A new head of the Inventor will be chosen in due time.

The Arcanist Guild will withdraw from its position of neutrality in the conflict between the ladyís enclave and Roz'dha and will side with her in full.

The Arcanist Cashand has been reprimanded for his use of heavy-handed tactics and place on probation. While he acted in self-defense and with in the guidelines of the Guild, the use of death magic was not needed in this situation.
While on Probation the Arcanist is to be the liaison between the guild and the other houses in coordinating efforts to counter Roz'dha. Once the other enclave is defeated his probation will be lifted. Any actions that are deemed to be against the empire during this time of probation will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Lord Dukarrus has been reminded that while he has the job to protect the low city he does not have the power to declare who is an enemy of the empire. The house overstepped their authority greatly in this case.

Our lady would like to remind the people that the Arcanist Guild /is/ the foundation of Netheril. Without the guild, there would be no hot and cold, clean running water, no cooling boxes to store their food in, no chilled wine or ale at the inns, there would be no sanitation, no endless fires to heat houses, no automated tools to do menial tasks, no everlasting lanterns and candles to light the streets and houses, no airships, no proclamation systems, without the guild there would be no Netheril. While this does not place them over the law, the members are to be treated, at the very least, with the same respect as those in the noble house.

New Features / News Feed
« on: June 04, 2018, 09:35:04 am »
Created a new forum and news feed bot (for discord) for announcing new features added to the game.

Bug Fixes / Bug Fixes May 14, 2018 - June 2, 2018
« on: June 04, 2018, 08:11:00 am »
May 14, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/14/2018
Dice should not break stealth any more, if used from /r
DMs should be able to see what's killing PCs now.(edited)
Subdual might be fixed?

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/14/2018
A fix for isle of Sauros boat.
A new method of spawning treasure should see locations much more diverse and less scattered around edges.
The treasure part of treasure now spawns on the X and the hole spawns beside it, to make it so it can't get trapped in walls (nearly as much)
Treasure chests and bodies now despawn after they're been looted dry
Treasure holes now despawn 60 seconds later to prevent walk issues.
A certain fairy now only doles out maps one at a time, per PC. If you have to 'clear' a map (due to it spawning in an inaccessible location) you can do it by talking to her after activating the map in the correct area.

May 15, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/15/2018
As of next reset...
Player description tool working. Scripter needs to learn the difference between II or &&.
Treasure points/x's/chests will spawn at the ground height, not 0.
Old treasure waypoints get destroyed now.

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/15/2018
Isle of Sauros transition is actually fixed..
Don't judge me on how dumb it is. Blame the tileset creator.

May 20, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/20/2018
Treasure should no longer spawn in trees, even though it's not Grigs fault you slackjaws can't fly.
Added a few new secret scripts, that you'll be told about in the very near future.

May 23, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/23/2018
Fixed a bug with dying not persisting, or doing weird things.

deltaTimeΔ⏳ - 05/23/2018
Reduced the time between rests by a factor of 1/4

June 2, 2018
deltaTimeΔ⏳ - Last Saturday at 2:11 PM
Removed the rat that spawns with treasure drops.
Lights and Floating Disks should follow across transitions more reliably.
Agnes and the pig farmer quest should maybe stop bugging out now.
False Life doesn't stack anymore.

Setting Information / Old Places of Interest - for reference
« on: February 01, 2018, 12:11:49 am »
The Island

The Island, formed on a bend in the mighty Nethril river just to the East of Hadrian, has always been a place of mystery and wonder. As long as anyone can remember people have had wild stories about the spot and the mysterious disappearances surrounding it.
All the River Captains know to make a wide birth past the small outcrop of land where many a ship has run afoul and been dashed against the jagged stone reefs on its shores; their crew, or so it is said, enchanted by the wonders of the place. Not many adventure to go here and of those that do, even fewer return.

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