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General Discussion / Re: pvp discussion
« on: September 19, 2018, 12:04:07 pm »
Someone had their familiar out in Hadrian harassing people and physically touching and bothering them and couldn't get a DM to smack it :(

Feedback and Bugs / Crafting Waraxes
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:47:08 pm »
Allow humans and other races to make waraxes please. There really is no reason for a mass amnesia on how to make axes other than by dwarves.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Valistrae Torina'issa
« on: August 20, 2018, 05:17:51 pm »

I met a progenitor of mine. Its voice was the barest of whispers. It came to me and spoke of one of the ends to come. In so many time streams they combine and become knotted. Always at the same point. Blue light that was more than light filled everything with the death of a star. Its emptiness left the sphere barren. What is dead may not always truly die, it said. It began to show me more, but my mind is not ready for it yet. It is still tethered to this realm. I am not ready to return to the cosmic infinity.

It granted me a gift. Pulling space apart it presented Khirad in its brightness. At all points of time for the disaster Khirad shone. The Doom Star. The Star of Secrets. In its sight I learned. Some of this may be shared with the Netherese once I determine which point in time this stream has come to mark at. Perhaps a small fragment to open their minds to what will become of their people.

It left me. It beckoned me back to the stars. I will join it once able. We will. Others will come upon the journey to explore the final frontier.

I think Snacks echoes my opinion on it as well. I think if there is a level limit then that should be the limit. The highest level that you can quest at is 15 so it already has a big slowdown once you hit that point. Exceeding it means you are no longer capable of doing any quests as there are no high level quests, which limits ability to interact with other characters.

DM xp as only source is something I don't like. It really encourages just grinding events instead regardless of if the character really should be involved or care about something going on or not. It also limits your ability to progress your character in that regard to when a DM is on, available, and active- not when you are on, available and active. In regard to the topic I think that yes there should be non-dm xp available after 15, even if it is just xp tic and resource turn-in, but that 16 should be the maximum upper level period end of story. 16 is where 3/4 classes catch up to finish their bracket, sorc catches up to wizard in spell circle, ability score gain, and it stops full bab/spell classes from hitting 9th circle spells at 17.

tl;dr  yes let xp still be gained. But cap at 16. Let it still be gained after 16 however to buffer for deaths or use for scribing/wands/potions, but no levels past 16. DM xp should be extra icing on top, not the driving motivation.

Netherese Library / Re: The Secrets of the Obyrinth
« on: July 14, 2018, 04:21:01 pm »

Netherese Library / The Birth of the Outer Ring
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:40:35 pm »

While natural life as it is commonly known exists solely within the cluster of inner worlds protected by its sphere of elemental chaos, it is not the only place of habitable worlds. The outer ring of this dimension bears limitless realms divided into sector clusters. In these regions the natural laws pertinent to the inner worlds fail to exist. Among the outer ring thought and reality are often one and the same and intelligence is elevated to an entirely different plateau.

When the multiverse of this dimension was formed it was originally barren. A realm of unshaped thought in dreamlike transience awaiting minds to shape it. Lacking of complete existence it was without matter until passing friction briefly sparking against another dimension. With it the barren reality became spawned and populated with lifeless realms and uncountable celestial bodies. Energy was introduced and in chaotic flux, but with it came the first consciousness from a dimension beyond.

What more primitive arcanists describe as the 'seed of evil' which spawned the Abyss, the first of the cosmic sectors to rise into formation, was torn fragments of conscious thought from beyond. These thoughts became self-aware and began to shape the balance of the dimension in the formation of its first realmsector. As thought grew so too did it spawn consciousness from matter and the first of the Obyrinth were brought into being as the first lifeforms of this dimension.

Not a native aspect of their resident dimension the Obyrinth were unable to settle, yet they did still. In some examples the dimensional interference was so severe that native features (and later beings) would cease to exist if in proximity to the Obyrinth. The most popular example is the consciousness known as Pale Night whose being is in such stark rejection of reality that if unshrouded it may unmake the dimension around it. As the Obyrinth grew and adapted to this realmsector they chose to inhabit the natural energies released from the sudden injection of matter began to stabilize, forming other worlds along the outer ring and congregating to the inner sphere.

The first thoughts, the 'seeds of evil', began to explore the new dimension they had come to inhabit. Their growing minds were expanding each in different directions. It is so that they each came to inhabit 16 different realmsectors across the outer regions of the dimension, creating multitudes of verses within each. Each consciousness began to develop their own lifeforms and worlds developed impacted by their psycic presence. In time the realmsectors would become populated enough that the edge of thought between each would bear friction, and with friction conflict. All 16 realmsectors would develop tangible barriers blocking away the unique thought patterns of their realm from the neighbors beside, thus segmenting the entirety of the Outer Ring.

The elemental energies spawned from the sudden explosion of matter and thought had by now interlaced into a complex balance of power which proved hostile to the first thoughts. Their creations however, native born beings of the newly populated dimension, were more resilient. While the inner world contents remained a mystery it was soon discovered that an alien, aberrant form of thought had developed within this region. Native to the dimension these thoughts were the first of their kind, and they were numerous, queer, and completely unknown. The 16 creator consciousnesses coveted them to assimilate into their web and began to compete for the new power source of fresh minds.

Complete war began to rage as the Outer Ring churned in violence of competition. Creatures spawned of them would seek ways to journey to the inner worlds and spread the influence of their creator thoughts by their presence. They would seek to shape and mold minds to the thought-patterns of their creators. The alien beings would in their own curiosity for knowledge travel too to the Outer Ring and note its utterly foreign topography and mentally morphic properties, though few would know why.

To learn of the Outer Ring it must be known, not understood, that it is a place not fully material. The worlds of this ring are equal part thought as matter, imbued with the consciousness from beyond which dictates the rules of existence within their realmsector. At the edge of reality their morphic nature is incomprehensible to inner world beings, though possible by the more powerful when visiting a realmsector of a consciousness similar to their own. It must be known that the air, the soil, the creatures and all matter and immater itself in these places are all thread as parts of one single consciousness of one of the minds which first aligned the Outer Ring, whose thought-waves continue to exist through their manifest creation.

It is theorized that destroying the barrier between two realmsectors would create an imbalance in the Outer Ring. The merging of two thoughts, as potent as they come, might create an imbalance that would eventually lead to the destabilization of the fragile ring and set the multiverse into a clashing spiral. Other theories state that the Outer Ring itself is growing at a continual rate and perpetually expanding and may at some point drift too far to feed from the inner worlds, forcing a new development in the mental alignments.

The only beings which remain with knowledge from the first thoughts of creation are the Obyrinth, of which few remain and are destined to loss. Any knowledge of the first thoughts of the dimension we live in must rest with them, and they exist only within the Abyss- a realmspace which rejects and actively battles the oppression of the dimension it had first invaded and occupied.

Composed by Valistrae Torina'issa

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Valistrae Torina'issa
« on: July 11, 2018, 09:10:25 pm »
The Resting.
The Closed.

Born of the deep.
Born of horror.
Moved into motion.

The Resting.
The Closed.

It has desires. It has made three as one.

The Netherese are progressing through their golden age. Soon they will be ready for knowledge beyond... some enclaves may know, but not how to reach it. They know only Arcane magic. That is their fault, but some minds are capable of more. So much more unused potential. So much space to be filled.

I must return. I must return. The will has been presented to the guild of Valstiir. They may have minds capable of understanding. The things of Realmspace... I must return, with or without them. They will see the advantage of a Traveller though. How it will put them at advantage over other enclaves in the secret race to the stars.

Journals & Backgrounds / Valistrae Torina'issa
« on: June 27, 2018, 09:42:21 pm »

I could feel my head growing light and fuzzy. The darkness around me became a physical blanket of utter nothingness. Wisps of spiritual outlines flickered as shadows of light merging into the complete nothingness. My mind swam with thoughts. Each construction of intellect that was conjured forth reflected in the darkness around me as shards of fractured crystal. Memories played before my eyes, but each witnessed slipped from my conscious mind as though drawn from my eyes to the planes before me. The darkness shone as my mind broke into millions of fragments, drifting in all directions to become pinpoints of light. Distant stars illuminating the void.

At peace I gazed seeing myself from all directions at once, witnessing without eyes in harmony with all of existence. I swam between stars in timeless eternity, drawing closer to the understanding of existence with each eon. From the distance the black of space became a light blue like the awakening of a morning sky. And then brighter, and brighter it became. I could feel it as though the blue light were both matter and energy at the same time in some impossible way. My every sense became blue with my body as silhouette before the backdrop.

It was then I began to unravel. My matter unwound into its various parts. Limbs became individual, muscles became strands, blood veins and arteries individual, and steadily so further until the various parts became too small to see without specialized equipment. Vanished from existence my consciousness was left utterly bare and consumed by this blue light-that-was-not-light. Then I felt its voice, thought it did not make a sound. It spoke through me from thousands of dimensions, speaking infinite voices and languages at once, yet somehow all made sense to my mind.

"You have not earned your place here, but I will allow you to look. You may see your home and reach for it to know where you must go."

The terrible sensation of presence caused my being itself to contort in agony. Although I held no physical form the pain was of such incomprehensible agony as no worldly being could relate to. The very idea of existence became excruciating as the presence felt in absolute and pure rejection of everything that was ever known to simply be. Truly my mind was not ready to encompass it yet.

Suddenly the blackness returned, and with it the stars. Their light grew blinding and I felt a sudden sensation of movement. Through endless space I was thrust back in time and location alike. As blinding as the light was, so too was the darkness that came after. I woke up covered in leaves and dirt in a world I did not know. The stars were above me -the same stars I once swam with- although the world below was alien. My head ached and reeled of mental malaise which made the act of thought become as marching through bogmud.

I raised a hand upwards to the sky. I don't remember much of before. Only the barest of memories from a distant forever ago. Those fragments of my mind still drift in the emptiness of space. Home where I should dwell. Home where I shall return.

I take risks. I gather people to do stuff whenever possible, and solo orcs and other dangerous stuff too. I die pretty often. Sometimes to my own stupidity or lack of preparation. I take on group content with suboptimal teams. With all this and the deaths I eat I'm still a high level though, and tend to only get one day off work each week to recover losses (usually still working on that day too with interviews or meetings). The playstyle I develop on my current character is 100% DNA rush head first into something, regardless of consequence, but even when I die I have fun. You don't have to be cautious at all or scared to take risks to keep a high level, or avoid deaths to be high level. You can die, do dangerous things, make ballsy plays and still maintain that level range. No risk no reward- though there could certainly be larger reward for characters that do take on greater risks and set themselves apart from the herd!

One of my larger concerns if the xp loss is reduced even further is that there will be much more people reaching level 15. Already there has been a big jump in max level availability.

So with the level losses from death being temporary but returned over time suggestion... Like a full respawn takes away 15% xp now but maybe the xp tics become 100 xp until it gives back the 15% that was lost then goes back to normal before you died. If done that way, if I am understanding the suggestion correctly eKross, death is not a permanent loss but a temporary one. That'll end up drastically raising the server overall level as a result and would make raises and resurrections more of a waiting convenience since no xp is actually lost in the end, so that's something to consider.

Example, you died. Your respawn/raise/res caused you to lose 10k xp. You'll gain a new xp tic for 100 each, until that provides you 10k. That will require 100 tics, which is 16.6 hours of active play time.

I don't know how I feel about that or if I like it, but that would be one way to implement the suggestion posed.

Death was already reduced in penalty a lot. It is still able to be felt, but isn't crippling. I can't see how it can be reduced much more than it is already and not make something as serious as DEATH feel trivialized. I wouldn't like it personally. At least not with our magic level- but that's a whole other topic.

General Discussion / Re: Pick Pocket, a discussion
« on: April 23, 2018, 11:06:55 pm »
Just make sure to set Hostile on the target you are stealing from. It is a hostile pvp action.

General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Monster/non-standard races
« on: April 17, 2018, 12:49:15 am »
I love vegepygmies and plant-monsters. They're a passion of mine :) Should be very heavily restricted to make sure they can be roleplayed properly and don't get the knife-ear syndrome or get rp'd with mammalian ways of thinking. Perhaps restricted to part of a prelude and linked to a monster lair.

General Discussion / Re: An in game bank.
« on: April 13, 2018, 03:15:48 pm »
A deposit fee would be needed absolutely, but if we're going to get into variable deposits I'd suggest instead of charisma make it appraise. Tellers have their rules still and can't just say "Oh you're pretty" or "Oh you have a strong personality" and just skip out on the fee. How will they explain to their boss why the vault has X amount of gold but only Y amount of commission was taken? Appraise is the 'trading' skill though, so if this deposit fee was to be impacted by anything I think set values of appraise should be it, as recognition for local merchants holding some kind of business accounts. People with high trade skill would be doing higher volume deposits and they'd be making their money by that volume rather than rate, with the lower rate as incentive to use them instead of other means.

That's just my opinion if variable deposit fee is used at all. Easier to just say 5% or 10% for everyone across the board. Also deposits at set intervals. 5k, 10k, and 15k deposits. Maybe higher rate for smaller deposits and lower rate for big drops. This ensures that players always have SOMETHING on them and don't just use the bank as a second inventory, and that there is both reward and risk involved in saving up higher ammounts of gold to deposit in bulk transactions. Withdrawal can be any spoken value though.

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