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I think what we want is for the crafting system to be easy to use but not too simple as we still want it to be rewarding for players. Don't think everybody should be a master crafter in each craft. So becoming a master crafter should be an accomplishment and someone that other players would want to seek out.

The current system is very intensive and intertwined with many components that need to be fixed so we need to find something that will still give players a sense of accomplishment but at the same time having it fun and enjoyable.

We are looking to implement a new system if we can find one that is more streamlined and intutive for players.

Announcements / Step into the future
« on: April 25, 2020, 03:29:53 am »
Though things are currently a little quiet on NAoM in terms of major plots, we are pleased to see some player-driven things happening and the DM Team is always happy to support players in these endeavours. In the meantime, the team is working on some things behind the scenes. So exciting times with the team deciding that we are going to be doing a Version Two. These include major changes to maps, NPCs, merchants, crafting, new systems, and the setting itself. These are all works in progress and we do not want to roll things out until they are working properly. Furthermore, we are always taking note of suggestions made on Discord and encourage players to offer their ideas of what they want to see on our server. So keep a watch out for teasers along the way.

Netheril DM Team

Library of Valstiir / Re: Research: Artifacts of Selune
« on: January 13, 2020, 12:44:23 am »
The librarian hands over a couple of books to Sarah stating that there is not a lot of information to be found.


Announcements / Returning Characters
« on: January 03, 2020, 09:59:44 am »
The DM team requests that if your main character goes on an extended break of longer than 30 days you are required to speak with a DM team member prior to returning to get approval to continue to play that character. This ensures that any plots, characters or storylines you were involved in can be adjusted to explain your character's absence.

This applies to all PCs including faction and appliciation characters.

Feel free to speak with a DM team member prior to taking a extended break.

Also the DM team are always open to running and helping with retirement events or even becoming NPCed if this is something you would like to see happen to a PC that has been active for along time. Feel free to speak with a team member if this appeals to you.

Netheril DM Team

Announcements / DM Events and Looting
« on: November 24, 2019, 11:59:52 pm »
It has come to our attention in the DM event with the Orc/Dwarves yesterday that someone has Dry Looted the rewards chest.
We as a DM Team want to make this very clear this type of action is unacceptable and is not to happen. We ask that some
OOC consideration takes place with these types of events and everyone gets their fair share of the loot.

Now if you have an IC reason to take something from the chest then you should always inform a DM and get this cleared before doing so.

So now if any players missed out on reward if you would PM one of the team we will sort that out for you.

Thank you
Netheril DM Team

New Features / Re: PC Merchant Store
« on: November 24, 2019, 03:09:07 am »
So with regards to the Merchant Stalls they are still in a testing phase we ask that if you purchase a stall could you please only add mundane items and screenshot what you have added. We want to make sure the persistency with the chest/store is working as intended.

Thank you for your patience while we get this right.

General Discussion / Re: Should Quest Areas Be Opened
« on: October 30, 2019, 01:53:15 pm »
1. Even if quest areas are not available or opened up to non-instanced players, please provide exploration areas that touch on similar themes. The graveyard in Southbank is a good example, where an undead-hating character can go knock some loosely-contained brains around. I do not know if there is a quest area there, but perhaps keep one mausoleum as a quest and set up another that is open to explore for the same level range.

Can definately look at doing up some things like this for sure.

2. Some safe roads. I understand that the world is dangerous, but it seems counter-intuitive that bandits, wild animals, hags, and troglodytes would band together to jump any poor soul that dares to wander too far east of the farm lands of Hadrian. The roads should be somewhat safe in most places that you travel; shortcuts would be dangerous. Another example is the area north of Sullivan's Port; why are there so many hostile goblinoids right outside of Sullivan's gates, when they know they are just going to get butchered by some vaguely irate minotaur or bloodthirsty gnoll that passes by?

This suggestion here is already being worked on and we are looking to move back some of the road spawn in some areas.

3. Non-hostile exploration and lore zones. Along the same lines as the safe roads, there are surely some places that are simply too hard to get to or too far away from any possible profit or raid. Scenic areas, completely abandoned tombs, gorgeous caverns (until you go too deep and wind up in the Underdark), and other such locations would be wonderful to have and can serve as potential roleplay scenarios as well as free territories for DMs and EMs to spice up an adventure a la random encounters. That usually-empty elven ruin might one day be home to a group of hapless grave robbers hoping that other looters that got there first left something behind. These areas would also make for wonderful story locations and server lore; surely that same elven ruin could have once been a bustling trade village where the elves first taught the Netherese magic before they discovered the Nether Scrolls, and they abandoned it shortly after out of fear of mankind's hubris. Or maybe it was just a former outpost that watched the hordes of the orcs before it was overrun some day. Lore!

This also is a great idea and one we would like to add in as well for players. It is on the todo list.

But a new thread with some ideas on what you all would like to see in regards to this would be a great help to the team. If someone would like to make one that would be great otherwise I will do one tomorrow (when its not so late) and we can get a discussion going on it.

General Discussion / Re: Should Quest Areas Be Opened
« on: October 30, 2019, 06:19:46 am »
Leaving aside the topic of opening quest for the moment. I would like to get an understanding of why players do not want to do the exploration areas.

Is there a reason for this. Is it that it lacks rewards, XP or loot or is it because of some other reason. Because we have a lot of these areas in the mod currently that can be done with a group or solo. So I think this is the biggest question I have is why they are not being used because they are there for this reason so it can be inclusive to everyone no matter on levels.

I would love to hear thoughts on this.

General Discussion / Re: Quest List & Locations ( OOC List )
« on: September 28, 2019, 01:29:26 am »
// Added Fire Orc Quest

//Added Ghostly Inn Quest

General Discussion / Quest List & Locations ( OOC List )
« on: September 18, 2019, 03:26:05 am »
Lower Tier Quests

Jane the Fruit lady - Hadrian - lvl 2-4

Mister Downers - Bees - Hadrian - lvl 2-4

Agnes - Unicorn Doll - Hadrian - lvl 2-4

Apprentice Timon - Get wood - Hadrian - lvl 2-4

Elsbeth Grant - Rats - Hadrian Sailor Coin Inn - lvl 2-4

James Maximus - Delivery Quest - Hadrian Sailor Coin Inn - lvl 2-4 - Party Req 1-1

Moreloch -  Delivery Quest - Hadrian Sailor Coin Inn - lvl 2 - 4 - Party Req  1-1

Assistant Devlan - Mayor's New Coat - Hadrian Mayor Estate - lvl 2-4

House Reschotti Slaver Meven - Hadrian Reschotti Estate - lvl 2-4

Jacob Portman - Hadrian North Farms - lvl 2-4

Nichal - Valstiir Lakes - lvl 2-4 - Party Req 1-1

Peruppi - Valstiir Lakes - lvl 2-4 - Party Req 1-1

Master Librarian Albert Pendragon -  lvl 2-4 - Party Req 1-1

Beth - Valsriir Skyhall Lodge - lvl 2-4

Cheef Suna -  Valsriir Skyhall Lodge - lvl 2-4

Farmer James -Piglets - Hadrian - lvl 2-5

Lightkeeper Victor - Hadrian - lvl 3-5

Alfred Bramblebrook - Wizard Strange Tower - Hadrian - lvl 2-5

Head Logger Duncan - Kobolds - Hadrian East Farms - lvl 2-5

Slaver Maus - Sullivanís Port - lvl 2-5 - Party Req 1-1

Isioviel - Nualaín - lvl 3-6 - Party Req 2-5

Foreman Robert - Eight legged Freaks - Hadrian - lvl 2-6
Arcanist Sarah Galey - Green Gem - Hadrian Magic Shop - lvl 2-6 - Party Req 1-1

Planewalker Steven Davis - Hadrian Magic Shop - lvl 2-6

Arcanist Magus Fyne - Hadrian Northern Edge - lvl 2-6

Nebriewyn - Nualaín - lvl 2-6 - Party Req 1-1

Grud - Sullivanís Cave of Rebirth - Lvl 2-6 - Party Req 1-2

Sludge - Sullivanís Cave of Rebirth - Lvl 2-6 - Party Req 1-2

Grun Sillmug - Sullivanís Ruin Temple - lvl 2-7 -  Party Req 1-1

Arcantist Emenus Tannemein - Valstiir Lakes Fire and Flames - lvl 2-7

Masie Tanner -Watermill -  Hadrian North Farms - lvl 3-7

Pete O'Deel - Wolves - Hadrian East Farms - lvl 4-7

Old Man Whittler - Red Mist - Hadrian - lvl 4 - 7

Arcanist Steward Aylomen - Hadrian Magic Shop - lvl 4-7

Betty Boyle - Valstiir Markets -  lvl 4-7

Warehouse Manager Mastin - Valstiir Markets - lvl 4-7

Tantha Awlowyn - Valstiir Tyche Temple - Hall of Misforture -  lvl 4-7

Puppet Master - Valstiir Shelf - lvl 4-7


Mid Tier Quests

Righteous Potentate Argusten - Hadrian Church - lvl  4-8 - Party Req 2-6

Kekkik Mooncleaver - Sullivanís Port - Lvl 4-8

Odrag -  Sullivanís Port - Lvl 4-8

Farmer Joe Buttonsquash - Pumpkin Goblins - Hadrian - lvl 4-9

Natasha Wettingfield - Wasps - Hadrian - lvl 4-10

Abigail - Hadrian Town - Ghostly Inn - lvl 6-12 - Party Req 1-6

Hadrian Head Miner - Hadrian Mining Hills - lvl 4-10

Kalianda - Hadrian Southbank -Warehouse - lvl 4-10 - Party Req 2-6

Wally, Graveyard Keeper - Southern Woods Graveyard - Lvl 4-10 - Party Req 2-10

Dakka - Sullivanís Jungle - Lvl 4-10 - Party Req 2-8

Kraugug - Tigers Den - Sullivanís Cave of Rebirth -  Lvl 5-10

Scout Valduil - Nuallaín Woods - lvl 5-10 - Party Req 2-8

Jergal Church - Valstiir Shelf - Lvl 6-12 - Party Req 2-8

Snow Globe - Southern Woods Globe Tower -lvl 6-12 - Party Req 2-8

Concerned Parent - Centipedes - Valstiir Shelf - lvl 7-12

Village Raid - lvl 8-15- Sullivan's - Party Req 2


High Tier Quests

Walino - Rogues Challenge - Valstiir - Lvl 4-15

Dock Master Jart Welter -  Lost Shipment - Hadrian - Lvl 5-15  - Party Req 2-10

Billy Gruffman - Trolls - Hadrian Deeper Swamps -Lvl 6-15  - Party Req 3-12

Gouia-gui - Patrician Plains Trading Port - lvl 5-15 - Party Req 3-12

Runic Pillar - Giants - Patrician Peaks - lvl 10-15 - Party Req 3-12

Fire Brazier - Temple of Doom - Sullivanís Outer Edge - lvl 8-15

The Longwalk - Minotaurs -  Sulivans Jungle - lvl 8-15 - Party Req 1-8

Fire Orcs -  Dwarven Mirror - Grest mine Shaft - Lvl 10-18, Party Req 2-10

Slaad Tower- Hadrian Western River- Lvl 15-20, Party Req 2-8

Valia Portal Tower Master- Fire Giants,   Eastern Forest Moon Glow Keep- Lvl 13-20, Party Req 2-10

Keeper of the Isle of Valstiir, Jenella - Valstiir Isle - Hadrian Magic Shop - Lvl 15-21 - Party Req 2 - 8

Erin Warieristan - Storybook quest- Gers River, The Shipyard - Lvl 15-21 -  Party Req 2 - 8

Treasure Map - Pirate Cove - Sailor Coin Inn - Lvl 15-21 -  Party Req 2 - 8

Village Raid quest - Sullivan's - Port - Lvl 8-15 - Party Req 2-8


Bounty Quests

Vick Boar tooth - Boar meat - Hadrian - lvl 2-6 Party Req 1-1

Frenny - Rat Tails - Hadrian - lvl 2-4 Party Req 1-1

Skinny - Snake Skins - Valstiir Markets -  lvl 2-4 - Party Req 1-1

The Chef - Frog Legs - Hadrian Swamps Frog and Toad Inn - lvl 2-7 - Party Req 1-1

Father Dich- Slugs- Eastern Forest Abbey of the Moon- lvl 2-7 - Party Req 1-1

Riado - Umber Hulks - Runaway Hole - lvl 7-13 - Party Req 1-1

Andy - Bear Furs - Hadrian - lvl 7-13 - Party Req 1-1

Arcanist Stewart - OwlBear Feathers - Hadrian Magic Shop - lvl 4-7 - Party Req 1-1

General Discussion / Re: What would you like to see on N:AoM?
« on: September 16, 2019, 01:37:12 am »
Just wanted to say thank you all for your suggestions and keep them coming. The team are discussing some of these ideas and will look to make some changes in the near future.

We are reading these suggestions so please keep them coming.


Library of Valstiir / Re: The Library
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:53:48 pm »
The Boatman

The Boatman

The Western Swamps are home to a large population of giant frogs.  Their presence allowed a thriving trade in their meaty legs and rubbery hides to grow in Hadrian.  Although distasteful work, hunting frogs could be quite lucrative and many adventurers have made their start doing just that.  The best time to hunt giant frogs is on nights with a bright moon, because the creatures gather to spawn then. 

Unfortunately those nights are no longer as profitable or safe as they once were.  In recent months on such nights many frog hunters swear they have seen a figure plying an overturned boat in the distance.  Something about the figure is eerie enough that none have dared approach them.  Sightings of ĎThe Boatmaní invariably coincide with a hunter or two being found drowned in the muck the following day.  Before long the hunters became very wary going out on the best hunting nights, and the frog population steadily increased.  Even bounties for frog legs offered by the Frog and Toad Tavern only curtailed this growth slightly. 

Being superstitious folk, the remaining frog hunters tell many tales about who or what The Boatman is.  Some say he is a sorcerer or necromancer who is hiding in the swamps from the 14th Legion.  Others say he is one of the Moanderite cultists who pass through the swamps on their way to the crypts.  But the most popular story is that The Boatman is the what remains of a young frog hunter named Jacin Vortigern.

According to this tale, Jacin was a young frog hunter who was eager but tragically inept.  Raised near the swamps by his frog hunter mother, Jacin was ungainly, not very bright, and never got the hang of essential skills such as swimming, boating or using a spear.  Nevertheless, Ms Vortigern loved her boy and encouraged him to follow the family trade. 

Sadly the other hunters found Jacin an irresistible target for pranks and mockery.  Knowing he was squeamish, they left his moored boat full of frog entrails.  They delighted in stealing his attempted kills since the clumsy young man took at least a dozen throws to spear his his prey.  Then one night, a few of the hunters swam up to his boat, and tipped it over.  Jacin was a feeble swimmer, and while the hunters laughed at his thrashing, he swiftly drowned in the deep sludge. 

Hurriedly the guilty hunters told his mother that Jacin must have drowned on his own and they had found him floating in the water.  Ms Vortigern went mad with grief, tore out great chunks of her hair and ran into the deep swamps, howling with despair.  The Boatman was sighted for the very first time the next night the moon shone bright and clear.  The men who tipped over Jacinís boat were the first to be found dead the next day, apparently drowned in the muddy swamp waters.  But clearly that revenge was not enough for Jacin, and the deaths have continued. Some say The Boatman is his ghost, others say it is his walking corpse.  Either way, a sighting of him means someone will be found dead the next morning.

Whatever the truth, now on nights when the moon is full and bright the frog hunters lock themselves in their cabins.  They peer tentatively through gaps in their shuttered and locked windows, fearing to see the boogieman that torments them so. All the while, the giant frogs grow steadily in numbers and croak in triumph.

Announcements / Re: Applications - How / What / Why
« on: December 16, 2018, 03:33:29 am »
If your playing a Application or Faction character you need to inform the DM team if you are taking an extended break with a reason as to why. All application and faction character will need to speak to a DM team member or reapply to play the character again after an extended break.


Announcements / Application & Faction Characters
« on: December 16, 2018, 03:31:50 am »
If your playing a Application or Faction character you need to inform the DM team if you are taking an extended break with a reason as to why. All application and faction character will need to speak to a DM team member or reapply to play the character again after an extended break.


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