War of the Standing Stone Orcs

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"Secure the prisoners, and transport them to the laboratories, their leader might be dead but we'll find a use for them yet."
- Ioulaum

The War of the Standing Stone Orcs was a defensive series of battles fought by the Netherese against the orcs of the Rampart Peaks. Having gathered under the warlord Ruzmal this warband fell over the Netherese lands, raiding and pillaging all in their wake. In response the Archmage Ioulaum gathered and organised the Netherese forces to ready an effective defense. The Netherese ultimately carried the day, and after breaking the orcish resistance rounded up the would-be invaders and utilised them as fodder for their magical experiments. This battle, and the wounds sustained from it, initiated the Netherese purge of the nearby orc-tribes, with out-right eradication or enslavement as live-subjects for use in their experiments.

War of the Standing Stone Orcs
Ioulaum Battling Orcs.jpg
Ioulaum mid-fight with the orc menace.
Date: 714 NY
Location: Plain of Standing Stones
Result: Netherese Victory,
- Leads to the initiation of Ioulaum's orc purges.
Netherese Army Rampart Peaks Orc Warband
(Netherese Army)
(Rampart Peaks Orc Warband)
Ruzmal Bloodaxe
(Netherese Army)
~10,000 Footmen,
~5,000 Marksmen,
~2,000 Rengarth Mercenaries,
~500 Mages
(Orc Warband)
~12,000 Orc Footmen
~7,000 Orc Marksmen,
~2,000 Goblin Worg-Riders
None. None.
(Netherese Army)
~8,000 Footmen,
~3,000 Marksmen
~1,000 Rengarth Mercenaries,
~200 Mages
(Orc Warband)
~9,000 Orc Footmen
~4,000 Orc Marksmen
~1,000 Goblin Worg-Riders