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Nether Years (NY)[edit]

Netherese records are dated in Nether Years, which is a measurement of time originating from the initial establishment of the Netherese people.

Dalereckoning (DR)[edit]

Approximately two thousand years into the future, Cormanthyr and Dalesfolk historians recorded details about the Netherese under their own year-system of Dalereckoning (DR). A fair amount of lore is recorded in this system, so if you wish to translate from DR to NY you simply add 3859 to the DR date.

Historical Records[edit]

1st Millennium (0 NY to 1000 NY)[edit]

Date (NY) Title Description
0 Alliance of Seventon - The town's of Seventon confederate into a single state.
- NY(Nether Years) originates as the empirical measurement of years.
14 Netherese Learn The Arcane - The Eaerlanni elves open diplomatic channels with the Netherese.
- The Netherese learn the arcane art from the Eaerlanni.
Netheril Naming - The confederation of Seventon is renamed Nether's Land in association with its charismatic leader Nether The Elder.
- Nether's Land soon adapts to Netheril as the established name.
204 Orc Incursion - The Netherese and Rengarth ally with Illefarn and Eaerlann forces to repel an orc invasion from the Spine of the World.
- Netheril absorbs large parts of the Rengarth tribal land from the weakened Rengarth.
307 Netherese Enslave Gnomes - The Netherese begin to enslave the rock gnomes living in the hills nearby.
326 Discovery of the Nether Scrolls - The Finder discovers the Nether Scrolls within the ruins of Aryvvandaar.
- The secrets unlocked from them in the preceding years accelerates the Netherese's study of the arcane.
364 Congenio Ioun Born - Congenio Ioun is born.
397 First Netherese Magical Item - Congenio Ioun constructs the first magical item the ioun stone.
401 Netherese Discover Delzoun - Netherese merchants discover the dwarven nation of Delzoun.
441 Netherese Construct The Lowroad - Netherese construct the Lowroad, a trade-route through the upper-layers of the Underdark to connect with the dwarven port city Ascore.
544 Ioulaum Is Born - Ioulam is born.
714 War of the Standing Stone Orcs - Ioulam leads the Netherese defense against an invasion of orc from the Plain of Standing Stones.
- Harsh punishments and cruel experimentation were enacted on the captured Orcs following the Netherese victory.
Provokes the Orc-Kind purges of the follower years, leading to the deaths of over 140,000 orcs.
764 Cormanthyrian Theft of the Nether Scroll - A Cormanthyrian adventuring party steal one set of the Nether Scrolls from the Netherese and hide it away in the depths of Windsong Tower.
- One of the thieves, a gnome elf-friend named Rilmohx Sha'Qijessir, reads a fragment of one of the Nether Scrolls and is rewarded with a deep understanding of how to cast illusion spells, this knowledge is passed throughout the Gnomish community.
- Post-capturing and interrogating one of the captured thieves and discovering their origin the relations between Netheril and Cormanthyr sour.
845 Mythaller Invented - Ioulam invents the Mythaller.
848 First Mythaller-Power Magical Item - Ioulam invents the first item capable of conducting the energy of the Mythaller and gaining magical properties from it.
859 Illusk Founded - The burgeoning human clans of the northern Sword Coast band together under a single leader and found Illusk.
866 Xinlenal Rises - Ioulaum raises the first Netherese Enclave.

2nd Millennium (1000 NY to 2000 NY)[edit]

Date (DR) Title Description
1101 High Mages of Netheril Founded - The Netherese form a magocracy consisting of the major arcanists of Netheril called the High Mages of Netheril.
1319 Congenio Ioun Dies - Congenio Ioun Dies.
1370 Untheric Revolt - Ptah aids the Untheric pantheon in bypassing the Imaskari planar barriers to unite with their followers.
- Deities of the Untheric breach the Imaskari planar barrier and inspire their worshipers enslaved by the Imaskari to revolt.
- The Untheric War of Divine Revolution begins.
1371 Imaskar Empire Dispersed - After a year of fighting the Untheric War of Divine Revolution ends with the Imaskari Empire broken.
- Lord Artificer Yuvaraj, the Emperor of Imaskar dies.
- Remaining Imaskarian resistance disperses into the surrounding regions.
- Intensity of the conflict results in the area being transformed of the Raurin Desert.
1372 Refugees From The Desert - Former Mulan slaves migrate from the Raurin Desert and form Mulhorand and Unther.
- Imaskari refugees flee to the Underdark taking the Third Imaskarcana with them.
1387 The Serpent Curse - The Netherese House of Orogoth constructed a fortified villa in the southern part of High Moor in hopes of procuring the power of the dragons that were known to be there.
- It is claimed, in legend, that they did obtain it in some way. Their research there also led to the Serpent Curse.
1378 Deep Imaskar Founded - Ilphemon, Lord of Imaskar founds Deeper Imaskar within the Underdark.
1423 Nether Scrolls Stolen - A Netherese thief steals 7 of the Nether Scrolls from Iqua-Tel'Quessir.
- 3 of the scrolls are stored within the Hall of Mists.
- 2 of the scrolls are stored within the Crypt of Hssthak.
- The location of the 2 remaining scrolls is unknown.
1472 Netherese Release Gnome Enslavement - The Netherese release of their gnome slaves.
1478 Tavhir Assassination - The Bakkal of Calimshan is assassinated, ending the Tavhir Dynasty.
1494 Netherese Northern Scouting - Netherese scouts begin surveying what is now the Sword Coast North at the behest of Arthindol the Terraseer.
1501 Quesseer Founded - Quesseer is founded to the north of the Sword Mountains, by Arthindol.
1559 Raurinese Expansion - Raurinese refugees continue to expand along the coasts of the Sea of Fallen Stars.
Orogoth's Succumb To Serpent's Curse - House Orogoth and their servants are transformed into snake-like creatures, named Ophidians, as a result of the Serpent's Curse.
- The Netherese drive them up into the western hills.
1652 Jeriah Chronos Born - Jeriah Chronos was born.
1680 Vyctoria Valstiir Born - Vyctoria Valstiir was born.
1752 Valstiir Enclave Founded - Vyctoria Valstiir establishes her own enclave over the Netherese River.
Skuld Founded - The Mulan found Skuld, which later develops to become their capital.
1756 Battle of Illusk - Giant-kin, orcs and goblins descend from the Spine of the World to attack Illusk.
- Jeriah Chronos and an alliance assemble to try and defend Illusk.
- Illusk is destroyed, however the monstrous alliance is driven back from further conquest.
House Reschotti Founded - The Netherese noble house Reschotti is founded by Borik Reschotti with support from Archmage Valstiir.
1759 Illuskan Migration - The surviving Illuskans migrate north, settling into Icewind Dale.
- Those settling in Icewind Dale eventually become the Reghedmen.
1764 Jeriah Chronos Dies - Jeriah Chronos dies from injuries sustained from the Battle of Illusk.
Quesseer Abandoned - The Netherese settlement of Quesseer is abandoned.
House Dukarrus Founded - The Netherese noble house Dukarrus is established as a minor noble house under Archmage Valstiir's instruction to coordinate the establishment of her military.
1772 Unthalass Founded - Enlil gifts his High Priest with a vision of pearls on the coast of Alamber.
- Unthalass, which would later become the Unther capital, is founded on the sight of the vision.
1849 House Skettus Founded - Adventurer Jarren Skettus discovers The Wailing Sphere and accompanied with various other riches, coordinates his resources to found his own noble house.