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Welcome to Netheril: Age of Discovery[edit]

Greetings and welcome to Netheril: Age of Discovery, a Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition Persistent World. Netheril is a roleplay server where everyone is welcome to log in and begin their characters journey where political intrigue and harsh lands await you.

This server is based around what the Netherese dubbed "The Golden Age - The First Falling", 2002 marks the end of Netheril's Golden Age when the nation was at the very pinnacle of its power and moving to the beginnings of the Netheril's Age of Discovery. Those familiar with the Forgotten Realms setting would know that this is set in -2154 DR which is an ancient time where the world is very different to how it is represented in the original game setting.

It has been a long wait, but at last the return of the Netheril Age of Discovery server is imminent! Our DM and development team have been hard at work these past months upgrading and reinventing the server. While some elements of the previous incarnation remain, our new version is set 150 years later and a new city, Conch, will serve as the primary hub for the player characters.

Among the new features you will find on “Netheril v2” are many new maps, new quests, three all new DM factions and plenty of hooks for player factions, much improved loot, a more intuitive crafting system, new spells and a wealth of new domains and deities for clerics. A unique new housing system has been added which allows unprecedented customisation of a player character’s home or base. All new enemies and challenges await players, along with the strong RP focus for which the server is known. Netheril Age of Discovery will officially live Beta launch on 25th July 2021 … we hope to see you there!

Roleplaying your character[edit]

Netheril: Age of Discovery is, above all else, a roleplaying server. This means the story your character tells/is involved in should be at the forefront of how you play the game and should be the focus of what you do when thinking about your character.

What is "Roleplaying"?[edit]

Roleplaying is living your character. It means reacting to the people, places, sights, sounds and smells of the server based on the background you have given your character.

For example: You are playing a mighty warrior who is a fearless fighter, however when he was young his home burned down - he could be scared of fire, fire-based enemies or even fire based spells, vowing never to have his sword alight as it reminded him of his burning home.

You are playing a dashing rogue thief who, when he was a young boy, became lost in a forest and was chased out by spiders - you would show fear toward spiders, and particularly try and help hunt down people who used poison as a weapon for example.

So keep in mind that you are free to build your character as you like, but play the character to reflect these physical and tangible flaws, as well as strengths.

Huh, showing fear makes my character weak!

There is nothing wrong with showing fear and having that as a part of a character's story. Fears and weaknesses are what make characters feel alive, and some of the best moments of roleplay are when your character has his back against the wall like that. The fear/weakness your character has can help someone else's story develop, which in turn makes the world more interesting for you.

Ok then, what stats do I need to succeed?[edit]

If you are playing an 8 Charisma fighter then portray them as a grunt/footsoldier and not as a fearless leader! If you are playing a bard with 1 Perform then have him be rubbish at singing or writing epic stories! If you are playing a crooked guard with 1 Bluff you are probably going to be caught when you lie about what your motives are! All depends on what character you want to play! Succeeding doesn't mean winning, either.

Winning! I want to win Netheril: Age of Discovery!![edit]

You can't really win, sadly! Part of the reason people play RP servers is to craft a story, with a start a middle and an end. You have to go into playing with the notion that at some point your character will die, and his story will be over. But the impression left on the world is the closest you can get to a win. It's not the final goal you want to achieve that's important, it's the story you tell on the way to getting there.

Player Death and Respawn Penalty[edit]

Death Happens; fortunately you live in a world where death is not the end, but in order to give it some meaning in our setting we have developed a Death System to represent this.

Level 3 and Under: no penalty and no level or xp loss on respawning Level 4 and Above: 15% deduction of your total experience points to respawn (can't go below level 4) Level 4 and Above; Raise Dead Spell: 10% deduction of your total experience points to get raised Level 4 and Above; Resurrection Spell 5% deduction of your total experience points to get resurrected Netheril Player Versus Player Guidelines These are the player versus player rules that apply in the town of Conch and the lands surrounding it. There are certain aspects of PvP that are just common sense, the main one being: "Do not do something to others you would not like done to you."

Player Factions[edit]

Starting up a player faction can be done by anyone in the game, if you are pushing your story and involving a group of players there is no reason you cannot work to establishing your own faction or taking over your own plot of land. When you have three or more members in your group you can request a forum from anyone of the DM team. What DM’s will be looking for are groups that have interesting ideas and stories that they independently push along, involving a wide range of people on the server especially those outside of your group and above all else making it fun for not only yourself but others.

Forum Spying[edit]

While forum spying isn't against the rules, there are certain stipulations that must be seen to before it can be deemed to have happened. Firstly, it must be done with the permission of the DM, and it must be done ingame with a DM overseeing, to properly represent the risks that are taken with stealing files from a factions' base.


If you come across something in the game that seems too good to be true it probably is.

Such things could include, but not limited to: A merchant that offers an item at a ridiculously low price or a merchant who will buy an item for more then you paid for it or you find something that drops on a quest that is above what you have seen anywhere else and seems too good to be true you should report it to the DM team. This should be done through the bug reporting tool or you can message one of us in private on Discord.


Make sure you take a look at the server rules and know what is acceptable