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This page details the current rules in effect on the server.

Mechanical Rules[edit]


If exploits or bugs discovered on the module we would appreciate them being reported. Individuals found abusing exploits and/or bugs, especially at the expense of other players enjoyment, will be in breach of the exploit rule and punished.


Muling is the transferring of items from one character to another with an OOC (Out of Character) motive. This motive can either be the same player transferring items between two of their own characters or friends transferring items between characters who are unaware of each other and would have no In-Character reason to do so.

Any items found to be muled will be confiscated and additional punishments potentially levied.

PvP (Player-Verses-Player) Rules[edit]

Interaction Before PvP[edit]

Characters must have some form of interaction prior to PvP erupting. This interaction must be more than a couple of lines with a clear direction towards combat.

PvP Conflict In-front of NPCs[edit]

Conflict in-front of NPCs, who would otherwise interfere, can only escalates into PvP if their is an DM present to assume the role of that NPC to provide that NPC with the ability to react appropriately. The only time this can be waved is if the instigator of the conflict is a member of the faction of that NPC (i.e. a town guardsmen) and they choose to wave it. Faction PCs, involved in this sort of situation, may request DM supervision though it is not required.

This rule most commonly applies to citys where NPC guardsmen will be patrolling and will react with escalations if seen.

Raising Player-Characters[edit]

A player-character must willingly agree to be raised before they can be raised as character's have a rough awareness of the option to return to life and may, should they desire, resist this and remain in the limbo-state between life and death instead.

Social Ettiquette[edit]


People can disagree which is perfectly acceptable, however if a dispute breaks past being civil then it is expected that players will be mature and suspend the conversation. If a rule breach is involved then players should raise the matter with DMs to arbitrate. What is not acceptable is harassment or personal attacks being leveled following a breakdown of civility, either in a singular instance or over a prolonged period, players who are found to have been involved in this will receive appropriate reprimands to ensure this sort of conduct does not carry on.


Character's actions should not be based on OOC (Out of character) information unknown to the character in question. Players found to be metagaming will be dealt with appropriately.

Remaining In-Character[edit]

Netheril is a rolepay server, this means adopting the perspective of your character and constructing a story from that perspective. As a result all conversations in-game, in the [Talk] and [Whisper] channels, should be in-character with [Tell]'s be used for any player-to-player communication when ultimately needed.

Inappropriate Content[edit]

This section includes content which is barred from inclusion within roleplay.


Sexual Assaults[edit]

Content Involving Children/Pregnancy[edit]