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Deities are the powerful beings who embody a certain factor of life, they are revered and worshiped by various religions across the world. Deities are often grouped into a pantheon, which is a cultural grouping often symbolizing the main body of the deity's followers as well as the other deities they are most commonly in association with.

Greater Deities[edit]

The greater deities were the most powerful and prestigious deities of the divine hierarchy, with an immense following and a greatly revered influence on the world.

Name Alignment Pantheon Domains Worshippers
Achanatyr LN Jhaamdath Good, Knowledge, War, Protection Paladins, Lawmakers, Judges, Magistrates, The Oppressed, Police
Amaunator LN Netherese Fire, Knowledge, Strength, Sun, Protection Paladins, Farmers, Travelers, Lawmakers
Annam All-Father TN Giant Earth, Sun, Plant, Magic Giants, Giant-kin
Corellon Larethian CG Elven Good, Magic, Protection, War Elves, Half-Elves, Eladrin, Bards
Garl Glittergold LG Gnomish Earth, Good, Trickery, Protection Adventurers, Bards, Soldiers, Gemcutters, Gnomes, Illusionists, Miners, Rogues, Smiths
Gruumsh CE Orcish Destruction, Evil, Strength, War Orcs, Half-Orcs
Inanna LE Untheric War, Sun, Strength, Magic Warriors, Vengeful Lovers
Ishtar TN Untheric Magic, Strength, War, Water Warriors, Protective Lovers, Guards
Jannath NG Netherese Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, Water Peasants, Indentured servants, Druids, Farmers, and Gardeners
Jergal LE Netherese Death, Destruction, Evil, Heal, Travel Monks, Necromancers
Ki TN Untheric Earth, Air, Plant, Water Druids, Rangers
Kozah CE Netherese Air, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Water Barbarians, Druids, Fighters, Half-orcs, Sailors, Pirates
Lolth CE Drow Strength, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Trickery Drow, Depraved Elves, Sentient Spiders
Marduk LN Untheric Air, Travel, Destruction, Water Knights, Paladins, Dutiful-Leaders, Metallic Dragons
Moradin LE Dwarven Destruction, Evil, Strength, War Dwarves, Dwarven Smiths
Mystryl CN Netherese Air, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery Wizards, Bards, Sorcerers
Selune CG Netherese Good, Healing, Protection, Travel Female Spellcasters, Good/Neutral Lycanthropes, Navigators, Sun Soul Monks, Sailors
Shar NE Netherese Evil, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery Anarchists, Assassins, Avengers, Monks, Nihilists, Rogues, Shadow Adepts, Shadowdancers
Targus CN Netherese Destruction, Strength, Travel, War Barbarians, Fighters, Rangers, Soldiers, Spies
Utu CG Untheric Fire, Good, Destruction Farmers, Freedom Fighters, Vigilantis
Yondalla LG Halfling Good, Healing, Protection, Trickery Halflings, Leaders, Paladins, Parents

Intermediate Deity[edit]

The second highest tier of a deities prominence, within the divine hierarchies.

Name Alignment Pantheon Domains Worshippers
Abbathor NE Gnomish Evil, Earth, Trickery, Protection Dwarves, Treasure Hoarders, Greedy Leaders, Rogues, Shadowdancers
Laduguer LE Duergar Evil, Magic, Strength, Earth, Protection Duergar, Dwarves, Fighters, Loremasters, Soldiers, Exiles
Gilgeam LE Untheric War, Evil, Air, Strength, War Tyrants, Despots
Gond TN Gnomish Earth, Fire, Knowledge Gnomish Smiths
Ilmater LG Coramshite Good, Healing, Strength The Lame, Oppressed, Impoverished, Peasants, Monks, Paladins
Loviatar LE Finnish Death, Evil, Strength Torturers, Bullies, Beguilers, Sadists, Masochists
Urdlen CE Gnomish Earth, Evil, Destruction Assassins, Blackguards, Gnomes, Rogues, Spriggans

Lesser Deities[edit]

The third tier within the divine hierachy, these deities, while strong, retain the least prominence of the divine hierarchy, save for demigods.

Name Alignment Pantheon Domains Worshippers
Enlil NG Untheric Good, Air, Protection, Strength, War Leaders, Fathers
Garyx CE Dragon Fire, Destruction, Death, War Dragons, Sorcerers, Warlords, Druids
Girru LG Untheric Fire, Good, Magic Smiths, Warriors, Guards, Soldier
Moander CE Netherese Animal, Death, Destruction, Evil, Plant Druids, Nihilists
Nanna-Sin CG Untheric Air, Good, Strength Warriors, Night-workers
Nergal NE Untheric Evil, Death, Earth Necromancers, Elderly
Ramman LN Untheric War, Protection, Strength Destruction Champions, Guards, Soldiers, Duelists, Commanders
Tiamat LE Untheric Fire, Evil, War, Destruction Chromatic Dragons, Evil Dragons, Evil Reptiles, Fighters, Sorcerers, Thieves, Vandals
Tyche TN Netherese Evil, Good, Protection, Travel, Trickery Adventurers, Gamblers, Explorers, Rogues
Vhaerun CE Drow Evil, Travel, Trickery Assassins, Male Drow and Half-drow, Poisoners, Rogues, Shadowdancers, Thieves


Demipowers or demigods are immortal beings who are capable of granting spells to their followers. They are considered to be the first, most junior, rank on the tier of the divine hierarchy.

Name Alignment Pantheon Domains Worshippers
Anthraxus NE Daemonic War, Death, Evil, Trickery Mercenaries, Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks
Assuran LN Untheric War, Travel, Death, Knowledge Assassins, Fighters, Rogues, Seekers of Retribution, Bounty Hunters, Jailers, Headsmen
Baalzebul LE Infernal Trickery, Strength, War, Evil Liars, Manipulators, Schemers
Baphomet CE Abyssal War, Strength, Destruction, Evil, Animal Minotaurs, Ogres, Giants, Monstrous Beasts
Bel LE Infernal War, Strength, Fire, Destruction Evil Commanders, Evil Soldiers
Belial LE Infernal Fire, Strength, Evil, Trickery Power's behind the throne, Spies, Manipulators
Demogorgon CE Abyssal Destruction, Evil, Magic, Trickery Strategists, Inventors
Dispater LE Infernal Destruction, Evil, War Hobgoblins, goblins, Commanders, Strategists
Fierna LE Infernal Evil, Fire, Trickery Outcasts, Malcontents, Exiles
Fraz-Urb'luu CE Abyssal Trickery, Evil, War, Air Illusionists, Sorcerers, Clerics, Bards, Warlocks, Rakshasas, Charlatans, Deceivers
Gargauth LE Infernal Trickery, Evil, Travel Corrupt Leaders, Corrupt Politicians, Sorcerers, Traitors
Glasya LE Infernal Evil, Trickery, Air Female Leaders, Evil Tyrants
Graz'zt CE Abyssal Strength, Destruction, Evil Corrupt Leaders, Soldiers, Martial Champions
Levistus LE Infernal Water, War, Trickery, Evil Assassins, Militant Bards, Rakish Fighters, Rangers, Rogues
Mammon LE Infernal Trickery, Evil, Fire Beholders, Duergar, Evil Dragons, Greedy Individuals, Mind Flayers
Mephistopheles LE Infernal Water, Strength, Destruction, Evil Tyrants, Despots, Cruel Inventors
Pazuzu CE Abyssal Air, Trickery, Destruction, Evil Aerial Monstrocities, Corrupters
Sylansia CN Monster Death, Healing, Knowledge, Evil Monsters, Monstrous Adventures, Monstrous Outcasts