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Author Topic: [The Webberman Horde] Help Wanted!  (Read 638 times)


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[The Webberman Horde] Help Wanted!
« on: December 01, 2021, 03:04:02 am »
*A number of posters begin appearing throughout the local areas of Conch, Hadrian, Southbank, and Hilltop targetted specifically at food providers, merchants, and the like.*

Help Wanted!

  • Produce Suppliers
  • Reliable Merchants
  • Captains of Vessels
  • Owners of Caravans
  • Property Managers

I seek individuals in this town for varying roles and wish to create lucrative opportunities to those capable of simple procurement, shipping, or storage of goods.  Independant individuals, merchant companies, trading companies, sailor associations, etc. are welcome to apply.  Serious inquiries only.  Objects being procured, shipped, or stored will be long shelf life food-stuffs.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Generous Pay
  • Insurance of non-living assets while under contract
  • Limited Life Insurance policies of living assets while under contract
  • Bonuses upon completion of contracts
  • All contractors will be entered into a lottery according to the percentage of work contributed for a prizepool of 75,000 coins.*

*Note: Companies, Trade Guilds, etc will be treated as 'one' entity as a whole for lottery percentages.  This prize is independant to each of the following locations: Hilltop, Conch, Hadrian, and Southbank for a total of 300,000 coins being lotteried off.*

Interested in applying?  Send applications with the following information to my retreat inside of Upper conch here: *Address Provided with name*

Applications should include:

Name of participating party(s):
Interested Occupation:
Asset Amount:
Requested Pay:
Requested Contract Length:
Contact Information:

*Each poster would be enchanted with elemental resistances.  The bottom of each poster would have two small pictures of pouches, which after a random time over the following days, would release each and scatted 50 coins onto the surrounding ground around the poster, burning the glyph out in the process.*