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Author Topic: The Many Fates of Fiverine (v1)  (Read 1808 times)


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The Many Fates of Fiverine (v1)
« on: February 05, 2021, 12:52:22 am »
Bayin Kortharis lost his life in a bungled attempt to destroy "the Boatman" of the Western Swamps.  Though his dying wish was that fans of his proclamations would lay him to rest in the Crypts of Moander, they instead embalmed and minutely dismembered his body to make dozens of unholy relics. These relics still occasionally show up at trinket shops even now.

Cutter Browne permanently settled amongst the halflings.  He abandoned his lustful ways and pledged total devotion to Yondalla.  He rarely left the chapel to her he helped build and died an elderly bachelor in Hilltop.  Hilltop legend claims that the infamous Maximus Valerius once attempted to drag Cutter back to Hadrian to face charges of legal malpractice.  Cutter's Halfling Death friends Casper, Marlee and Pip furiously chased Valerius off, and then Casper even more furiously bellowed at Cutter for bringing trouble to Hilltop. 

Helle Nygaard-Bach continued flitting around the Hadrian area for several months with her visible Sharran faith repeatedly causing conflicts and misunderstandings.  She then abruptly left.  Days later, the bizarre "Lost Village" of Covington from which she hailed also vanished, seemingly permanently.  Some speculate or hope that the village may appear again some day, though others are scornful of the notion.

Morgaine "The Red" Pritchard served as curator of the Southbank Art Gallery for several years.  Though she remained active as an adventurer and played a supporting role in the barbarian siege and the reclamation of the great mythallar, she was best known for her tortuous love triangle with Saeb Alanchi and Fjord Bjornson.  It became such a staple of town gossip that more than a few wagers were placed upon whom she would ultimately settle down with.  Punters and suitors alike were deflated when she instead married the mysterious new mayor of Hadrian, Sezar Voust.  Despite finally having the legitimate claim to the Voust title she had long pursued, Morgaine surprisingly then moved far away with Sezar to Saharelgard to start a family.

Dame Neasa Lawley lost her life defending the Eternal Flame against Dacethor the Blasphemer and his undead army at the Old Court of the Face on the Sun.  Amongst her motley allies were friends like Tenshi of the Heavenly Fist, Southbank Overseer Oscar Eisenhuth Montgomery III and Shi Lei of House Skettus, and more unusual arrivals such as the blackguard Boteler the Black and elf general Elanor Ginfer.  Neasa lured Dacethor into the Flame itself which then utterly consumed them both. Her allies then destroyed his army of fallen knights forever.  In honour of her sacrifice, Thomas Rayne of the Swords of Everlasting Light took a few young knights to the Old Court to become its new caretakers.  This proved a serendipitous move because they were absent from the catastrophe that later befell Moonglow Keep.

Sindisiwe Mbatha pleaded for allies to aid her quest to retrieve a relic of Ilmater deep in the Hollow to no avail.  She resolutely descended into the depths alone, and never returned.  Once again the stay of an Ilmaterite cleric in Hadrian proved tragically brief. 

Tyra Falk faithfully served in her new troll body as a Chosen of the Mother of All Monsters and with Gorag Skullcrusher became the shaman Biagrut's personal bodyguards.  Tyra presumably perished in the great volcanic eruption at Sullivan's Port.
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Re: The Many Fates of Fiverine (v1)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2021, 10:24:26 am »
Some of my favourite characters on the server. Very well done.