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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Meleghost Zorastryhl: Biography and Journal  (Read 1960 times)


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Meleghost Zorastryhl: Biography and Journal
« on: October 01, 2019, 01:27:31 am »

Meleghost Zorastryhl

Race, Gender: Tiefling, Male
Age: Late 20's
Height, Weight: 5'10"/1.78m, 170lb/77kg
Build: Resilient, Wiry
Deity: Mystryl, Jergal
Profession: Neophyte Arcanist
Birthplace: Quagmire, Netheril
Unique Features: Solid, green eyes (no irises); leathery skin; spiny ridge on back

I live by my wits, adapting to the milieu and cultivating power.
The ancient traditions and laws of Netheril and the Empire must be preserved and upheld.
I never show charity, believing it to be "unselfish love".
I have a weakness for the beauty of the exotic races.

Meleghost Zorastryhl seems self-absorbed, ruthless. The arcanist is a man who will do what it takes to advance civilization, Netheril, and magic. He believes that doing so will benefit himself and everyone else, in that order. In pursuit of this, he is willing to do whatever it takes - as long as it does not violate the laws of the Empire!
All other considerations are put aside. From a personal relationship perspective, Meleghost is interested in what benefits himself, but he is pragmatic enough for quid pro quo. "Virtues" such as hope and charity have no place in the uncompromising march of Netheril, and love is merely lust by another name.

Most mistake Meleghost Zorastryhl for a human, but the solid orbs of his green eyes and leathery skin are the hints of his fiendish heritage. A shock of mid-length, dark brown hair frames human ears. His cheekbones are "abrasively" sharp, framing a face of leathery skin. A well-trimmed goatee gives the tiefling an air of severity. Hidden beneath his clothes, he has a spiny ridge of bone on his back.
Meleghost outfits himself in the robes of a Variator Arcanist. Unlike most mages, he wields a short, broad, jagged blade (similar to a falchion) with magical properties. The general effect shows a rakish man.

Introduction to Hadrian
The mage lopes into the Sailor's Coin and plops down on a barstool. His clothes are in need of a wash, as is the man himself. There was an unsettling air about him. He ordered spirits. Strangely, this mage carried a large sword and seemed familiar with its heft.

"Name's Meleghost Zorastryhl, wizard looking to join Archmage Valstiir's Arcanist Guild. Want to know why?" He asks Seamus.

"You ever been to Quagmire? Rain, moss, and mildew - all the place is! Except for... well, the Temple of Targus. See, you ever try to be a mage in a city with crazed Targosians running around?! It's bloody ridiculous. Yes, they're part of Quagmire's army, and mostly - I said mostly - disciplined. But there's no way for a mage to really study there, not like in Ioulaum, or so I hear."

The tiefling sighs. "But when I heard of Archmage Valstiir's enclave, I knew I'd found a better place than Quagmire. Strange to hear, I know; but it's better for me! Here I can join the Arcanist Guild, bring civilization to the savages, and maybe even research things of great note. I see grand things happening!"

No doubt Meleghost seemed very arrogant to most of the bar, but the man didn't seem to care.

"A room, please."

It wasn't until the man turned towards the rooms upstairs that his eyes betrayed his Lower Planar heritage. Meleghost Zorastryhl was a tiefling!
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