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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Eliezra Baldwin's File
« Last post by Fiverine on November 10, 2021, 02:41:12 am »
Sister Mylene has had a vision of a relic of the Broken God in our region!  The clues are vague enough to have multiple possibilities of the location.  I've been working hard to find it but it has been dangerous.  Lauriella is the only one outside our group I've dared tell of it.  She and Pearl are good folk but some of their associates make me wary of getting too close to them.  Lauriella did however give me an incredibly generous donation to put towards our work in West Conch. 

The first few places I searched bore no fruit, but yesterday I felt I was nearer than ever.  While searching a ruined building I heard whispering from a voice I have not heard since the vision that saved my life.  His voice seemed to suggest I was on the right track yet still not quite right.  So I must continue to search this area, though it is dangerous and the enemies are terrifying.  I was grievously injured in my first exploration but I will die in this pursuit if I must. 

A further complication is that my armour has gone missing overnight.  I don't know whether it was stolen or if I simply misplaced it.  Neither possibility seems likely at all since I was in our secure home at the time.  But whatever actually happened the facts are it is gone.  I have had to purchase a less protective set in the meantime... which only makes the prospects of facing those creatures again even more terrifying. 
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Pearl Lindenbrook's Mad Notebook
« Last post by MiladyMouse on November 09, 2021, 05:46:01 am »
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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Pearl Lindenbrook's Mad Notebook
« Last post by MiladyMouse on November 09, 2021, 05:45:39 am »
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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Pearl Lindenbrook's Mad Notebook
« Last post by MiladyMouse on November 09, 2021, 05:45:14 am »
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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Eliezra Baldwin's File
« Last post by Fiverine on November 07, 2021, 07:02:19 am »
I caught up with Pearl again in the Market District.  She had some herbs for me.  We were chatting when a coal-skinned tiefling approached us.  She seemed protective of Pearl until she was assured I was a friend.  Her name is Talia, and it seems she is partnered with a gnoll named Vyc.  It sounds like Vyc is one of Diiri's Boys, but has wisely kept Talia out of his work.  Vyc won a fighting competition in the arena whilst I was still bedridden which I remembered hearing about.  Talia said Vyc detests being seen as the "champion of the slums" because it was just a fighting event to him.  I said that the slums is a place that could actually use a champion, and Pearl agreed.  It would not surprise me if this is what Sister Mylene wants for me though I can't see it being possible at this point. 

Pearl had something she wanted to tell us about somewhere less public, and she spoke about a dreadful situation her kin are in.  Shadowy creatures are snatching halflings and using them to spawn more of their kind.  There was a major confrontation at Hilltop between the creatures and Pearl plus her allies, but the threat still remains.  Pearl seemed very tired, but as determined as ever.  Talia was pleasant company too.  Despite the terrible things we were speaking of, it felt like I was having a discussion with friends.  I haven't felt that sense of fellowship outside my flock for some time.  I have a hunch though that my presence would not be entirely welcomed by some others of Pearl's circle.  Pearl said her friend Sid had spotted some shadowy markings in the slums that served as harbingers for these "dark stalkers" as Pearl called them.  I told her I will keep an eye out for them and let her know immediately if I see them. 

I've been training my people in combat regularly.  We are fortunate to have a discrete place to do it without any nosey Brutes hearing us.  I wield a sword because that was what Trewin taught me to use, but I am quickly finding such a weapon isn't helpful to paupers and beggars with no organised fighting experience.  Therefore I've been collecting more rustic weapons like sickles, flails clubs and hammers to train them with.  As good as I have become with a sword perhaps I need to consider finding something more appropriate to my task and faith.  Speaking of faith, Lauriella has invited me to a regular Selunite ceremony she partakes in.  There would be some common ground for me at a ritual of the Moonmaiden so I am keen to do this. 

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Giona Morton's Little Black Book
« Last post by Fiverine on November 07, 2021, 03:54:14 am »
5. Antorino Nutt
Ant has been absolutely insufferable this week.  He wrote a piece on the halflings being snatched and received a reply from a reader.  On one hand he is strutting around the office saying he has fans and should get his own office.  But also is refusing to further investigate the story because he says these halfling snatchers might abduct him too.  Ridiculous.  Whoever these people are, if they can only seize those cute and completely helpless little folk they can't be too scary.  Am very irked about his ego and paranoia.  Dreadful personal traits to have.   
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Pearl Lindenbrook's Mad Notebook
« Last post by MiladyMouse on November 06, 2021, 05:21:17 am »
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Journals & Backgrounds / Pearl Lindenbrook's Mad Notebook
« Last post by MiladyMouse on November 06, 2021, 04:42:17 am »
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Background Progression / Hu Shangkun
« Last post by ElvenStarr on November 06, 2021, 03:40:28 am »
Hu Shangkun

A Shou man from the far east lands of the continent of Kara-Tur, Shangkun, or just ‘Shang’ of the Hu Clan was raised from the time he could hold a blade to be a Samurai warrior in the Emperor’s elite guard. His father was Samurai, his grandfather was Samurai and so on down the line. Shang was raised with a strict code that he adheres to in all of his decision-making and actions. He was raised to prefer death to dishonoring his code, his family or his emperor. He excelled in sword skills, quickly rising to the best and most favored among his peers. Some saw this as favoritism since Shang’s father, Hu Koshing, in addition to being captain of the guard, was also the chief trainer to who all the other teachers answered to.

A longtime rival of Shang’s was Zhang Long, the haughty nephew of the Emperor himself.  He was chief in spreading any rumor of nepotism at any of Shang’s accomplishments. When the final test came to move up from student to guardsman in the Emperor’s ranks, only a small number of the class would be deemed good enough to advance. The final spar for the final spot came down to Shang versus Long. When it became apparent that Long was not going to win the bout, he used underhanded tactics, feigning a strike, but instead throwing a handful of salt into Shang’s eyes, momentarily blinding him. Long scored several good hits on Shang as a result. The sly action was not noticed by the spectators but was noticed by the one who mattered, Shang’s father Hu Koshing. He immediately called out disqualifying Long, and advancing Shang to the prestigious position.

Enraged, Long stormed out of the fighting ring vowing revenge for the ‘obvious favoritism’ of father to son. There were many dissenting murmurs within the gathered throng. Suspicious of Zhang Long’s tactics, Hu Koshing went alone to conduct a search of the young man’s room. In a hidden compartment of Long’s trunk, some of the paraphernalia associated with ninja assassins. It was then that the ninjas made their presence known, attacking Koshing en masse from the shadows. Though he slew many, Hu Koshing fell. The ninjas and their dead vanished into the night as is their way.

Shang found his father’s corpse this way. Through his grief, his suspicions of the culprit were confirmed as he saw the name of ‘Long’ traced into the floor in blood by his father’s hand. In righteous wrath, he sought out the man and attacked without a word. He focused all his fury on the fight, it mattered not that there were scores of witnesses. It was a brutal, bloody fight, but in the end, Shang was always the better swordsman, and Long was slain, his head flying from his shoulders in the final stroke.

The other students moved to corral Shang. Feeling betrayed by his school and ultimately by his emperor, in allowing the same nepotism in Long as Long had accused between Koshing and Shang, Shang fled. He has been running ever since, staying ahead of any of the forces the Emperor might send after him, moving further and further from Kara-Tur. He earned coins as a guard along the way, taking boats and caravans, moving as far as he could from his home. It had been almost a year since he’d encountered any of the Emperor’s agents when he ended up in the lands of the Netherese. Feeling a calm settle on him, he decided to stay for a time in the city of Conch. His meeting with an intriguing young woman named Cori might have also been influential in this decision. Though a dark past haunts his dreams, for now, he feels at peace.

Background Progression / Lauriella Sithmore
« Last post by ElvenStarr on November 06, 2021, 02:58:32 am »
Lauriella Sithmore
A Woman of Paradox

    Lauriella is a long-time adventurer She is a woman of paradox. Through the rigors of her hard life, she has changed greatly. She is not a true necromancer but practices white necromancy on a high level. She has a natural affinity for it. Yet she worships Sehanine Moonbow/Selune as her patron. A goddess who abhors necromancy. She specializes in both the study of the positive and negative planes two directly opposing forces which have led her to Chronomancy.

  She is a generally very good person but has no qualms about the realities of life and will do, when necessary, what she needs to do or protect those and the things she loves. She has been a spy, investigator, run misinformation campaigns in wars yet believes she should be as upfront with someone and truthful as possible. She was born a poor farm girl yet has reached the lower upper class as a merchant marine captain. She has a hard-as-nails blue-collar attitude but can compensate when necessity according to the situation. She loves both men and women yet only has one true love which she can never reach. Thus, as she becomes an archmage these very paradoxes are weighting upon her soul.

  Tonight, she decides to go to extremes and call out to her goddess in a rare ceremony to try to find a path through the haze of what she must do to accomplish her goals. Elves usually do not sleep they go into a trance where they can relive parts of their lives in a state called revelry. However, Sehanine is the goddess of dreams among other things. To access true dreams, you must induce true sleep. In the ceremony of Sehanine’s communion, an elven does just that. They drink a sleeping potion especially made for elves then sleep on a bed of moon lilies in the hope that the goddess herself will guide them in their dream.

    Lauriella wakes up near dusk and puts her uniform on. As she passes her magical research desk, she notices both letter and flag of truce are gone. She wonders if the shadow stalkers took the items or if it is the turbaned acquaintance trying to upset her plan. She should know fairly soon.
    She goes out on deck and up to the wheel. Cyr has the heading and position marked. “Everything ship shape and running smoothly, Lieutenant?”
    “Aye, Captain. Stan has a slight cold. I gave him some willow bark tea to ease the symptoms.”
    “Well done. I relieve you Lieutenant Stafford.”
    “I stand relieved.”
    Lauri takes the wheel. Cyr navigates for her until all her men come from below deck and the shift changes. Lauri looks over to him, “I wish to commune tonight before the new moon”
     Cyr spits out his tea and considers for a moment, “With all due respect, I’m not going to do it. I won’t”
     She turns her head studying his face, “I know you failed your priest training but as far as I know you can lead a communion with the goddess.”
     “I did’na say I can’t. I said I won’t”
     “Could you give a reason?”
     Cyr’s face turns red in shame, “There is no reason for you to try to commune with the goddess, ma’am. You know you may get nothing in dream and based that the new moon is in a few days it’s unlikely you will. Secondly you practice necromancy. You may not want to commune with the goddess.”
     “I only practice white necromancy Cyr. You know that. This is part of your duties on the ship and besides where else would I go. You know my proclivities.”
     “This is a very bad idea.” His face goes grave. “Alright but I will not………. I demand Arelush being the only other woman on the ship be here.”
     “If Arelush is here she will know me for my misfortunes. I cannot have that happen.”
     “Good, then we agree to not do this disastrous ceremony.”
     She huffs while watching his signal man at the bow flag something. She turns the wheel slightly to starboard while thinking about it. “Then bring Arelush with you, Cyr. It is too important.”
     “And just where are you going to get all the moon lilies you need?”
     “Got them in me room.”
     Irritated Cyr simply says, “Fine.”
    “You have your orders, Mr. Stafford.
    Cyr stomps down to midships to make a special ceremonial sleeping potion keyed just for the elven people.

     When the clock strikes eleven Cyr exchanges positions with Lauriella. She goes down and changes into something looking like a silvery full-length nightgown. She scratches at her stomach again leaving a line of blood spotting the gown. She comes up and approaches the wheel cautiously.
     As soon as Cyr spots her he puts his storm harness on. Arelush waits patiently behind him. She walks up to the wheel platform. As soon as Arelush sees her painted face she drops to her knees and bows her head exclaiming, “Hemet Netjer!”
      Lauri takes a step back a bit confused by her reaction. Surprised by Arelush’s comment Cyr himself who has been avoiding looking directly at Lauri studies her face. There are five dots across her brow in her makeup. “So that’s why you want to commune. You’re an archmage now. And shit you scratched yourself bloody again. Another bad omen but at least now I know the why.”
     He grabs Lauri’s wrist. She tries to twist away but without her armor she is no match for the elven’s strength. Arelush gets up. “What’s wrong with the captain?”
     He whispers into Arelush’s ear. Her eyes go wide a moment. Then she looks at Lauri with understanding and some pity. When he has her locked in his grip and in full control of her. He states, “Now check her belly.”
     Cyr turns his face away while Arelush checks her. “The wound is gone, sir.” Cyr checks her hand. The ring is still on her hand. He pulls it off forcibly. Lauri starts to stroke his arm. He pushes her away and tries to calm himself.
     “Lauriella, you know why you’re here. Face me.”
     “She stops and watches his eyes. Yes, I do.”
     “Are you willing to open your soul to the lady of Dreams?”
     “Yes. I am.”
     He takes the cup from the navigation table making sure her eyes stay on him and not Arelush. He offers her the cup.”
      She takes it and downs the whole thing. “You only have so much time, Lauriella. Go to the foremast. Everything is set up for you.”
     Lauriella goes down to the main deck. At the foremast is a single lantern hanging from it. The lantern lights up a small area where there is a large blanket. There are dozens of moonflowers resting upon it. She walks up to the scene. A few feet before she reaches the blanket she stops and undoes the strings on the gown. It falls down her body slowly until it lies at her feet. Her eyes harden slightly small age lines around them become more acute. She steps over the gown and drops to her knees in the center of the blanket. Resting her hands on them she bows in humility. Cyr must turn away.

Daughter of the Night, Goddess of Moonlight, Lady of Dreams I beseech communion and lay my soul bare before you. I am Lauriella Sithiir also known as Lauriella Sithmore. I was born 3150 years from now on an island called Evermeet. My family is shamed by a half-drow grandfather and famous shadow thief, so I grew up poor: his legacy always a stain upon our house.
     I left for the continent of Anchorome for the study of magic under a great enchantress/necromancer but failed and was sent to a place called Narfell. There I used the white necromancy I was taught to slay the very foes you detest. I became a spy and courier between Narfell and Mulhorand. And a necromantic investigator for a group called the Cerulean Stars.
     Learning navigation, I also became an ensign in the Mulhorandi Merchant Marines. I got pregnant and had a daughter to which I do not remember. For two weeks after she was born there was a storm at sea. I crushed my head on the mast of the galley I was piloting and went down with the ship. I remember nothing of what I have said for the mast crushed the side of my head I only know these things by record.
     My barely living body washed upon the dalelands. An Elven noblewoman Alluin pieced me back together. We fell in love, but she was betrothed to another. I left and bought my first ship. For centuries I sailed making this ship along the way. Adventuring but never to make more than 5th circle. Something always brought me back whether head injury or other hazard. I lost my first wife in a war for a city called Arabel two weeks after we married. I have lost much in my life and gained much.
     Now I am here. I will never see Alluin nor my husband and wife again. I wish you to guide my hand in dream so that I may accomplish a worthy goal getting my men who I love home again.
     I know I am not the best worshipper my patron. I am a white necromancer. I have done things from necessity that goes against the creed. I am of no import to the greater scheme. Yet I stand before you a new Hemet Netjer.
     Guide me Lady of Dreams so that I may have patience, humility, and understanding in this strange new world so that I may help those that need help with my small power. Guide my hand to make this world better and to avoid the arrogance that others of my kind would succumb too. Guide my mind to understand the challenges set before my table from the time device I must create to the rot within the walls of the Nebular university. Guide me with your wisdom……….

  Lauriella falls to her side in sleep, perchance to dream.  Cyr commands Arelush to put a blanket over her body while still turning away. They wait together for the sleeping potion to wear off.
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