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Messages from the Enclave / Monty's Magnificent, Sensational, Momentous, Competition
« Last post by Gmork on February 26, 2020, 09:28:36 am »
During the festivities planned here in the enclave, the most magnanimous Monty has decreed that there will be a competition for those that wish to spin a tale! Perform you tale on the stage at the theater and the best three stories will win a prize supplied by the most generous Monty Fipps!
Netherese Library / Research - Stealth etc.
« Last post by Ritu on February 24, 2020, 01:17:01 pm »
*Zahirra takes a casual stroll to the Library to look for any literature and sources regarding advanced stealth, infiltration and concealment techniques, perhaps something about masters to learn such from. It can’t be said she expects much of this, but she might as well stop by and take a look to pass the time besides watching the fish in the aquarium.*

*If she wouldn't find anything there, she'd later head to the private Estate libraries to check just in case*
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Conviction of Retzlaff Voltoeux
« Last post by Myth on February 22, 2020, 09:58:03 am »
Hadrian, Low Netheril

As days pass by, Retzlaff, finds himself more and more distracted. Even though he’s spending most of his days in the crafting hall working on his trade skills and experimenting with new projects. It’s not his craft that holds his thoughts though;
With a taste of a blessing and a hint of wine he finds himself looking forward to the future. Even if what he found maybe fleeting in measure of a growing mountain, he finds that this slow dance is the most precious thing he has ever found. More precious than all the jewels and treasure in this plane and the next. Sometimes sun shines when you least expect it.
While looking forward to the future, he is also planning for the worst. His father trained him to “Always know your way out, and have an escape plan”.. It was rule number 3. An idea beginning to bloom from poetic words, sailing off into the sunset on his own ship with the wind at his back and the light of his world beside him. All but a dream for now but a goal to work towards when duties are finished and two souls are free from the grips of scheming guilds.
A quest to capture monsters only to find a slow dance on a mountain top; humming a tune from his homeland, crisp air on his skin, soft grass beneath his feet, the sound of gentle water just a short distance away, the warmth of his light holding his hand.  Truly a dream for dreams, a moment to relive and never forget.
With his guild all but silent and inactive for the time being, Retzlaff has been gathering his shop supplies to be ready for the Valstiir Festival. Looking to earn some coin with some merchandise at such an event it’s not the only thing he is looking forward to.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Zahirra Sa'Laeth - Deflecting the Destiny
« Last post by Ritu on February 15, 2020, 10:03:13 pm »

A dance practice. Of course.
The dance of whatever is starting to unfurl its petals, a stability in the true independency. The risk of trusting, of sharing what has not been shared before. Bittersweet sip of wine, an intact chocolate cake.
To get lost in paradise. Freshness, a lush foreign land, the blue of the sky, an unexplored wilderness for the senses and mind. A slow dance, it could last for a week or could last for months until we wander towards the core.
Trust and ease. Bare nudity of the heart, not one of the body. Nothing to shield against.
It might be wrong, but it feels right as we lose ourselves in paradise.

Thoughts and options. Being told again, this time by a different person, that I should do what I long for. Fortunately, the only meeting on today's schedule has been short and to the point, with the manager of the Theatre about the planned stage and the possible plays. Both before and after that however, the topic of the dragon still weighed on my mind.
After the meeting, on my way down in the airship I have fully decided. I’m having no more of this.

Familiar port, familiar creatures and a familiar path. Steep ascent and a gate, with small shuffling noises echoing from the large hall.

I explained to him that I can’t go on like this anymore. There’s enough on my plate as it is, and having to be anxious about every single thing while I’m around him… I can’t live like that. To fear having to visit someone and then act as if everything’s perfect to keep others from having concerns.
And truly, I have done it purely for my own sake, regardless of the timing of it. I’ve been pondering on this for weeks, ever since the weight of it started to grow, and grew to the point I felt tired all the time. My service to the House and my health have to be a priority, the first can't flourish without the latter. Therefore, a time has come for the final farewells, and for no more gentleness. And for the one last time, I walked out of the place that once upon a time felt so, so safe.

Finally free. Yet here I am, hiding in the bed with its sheer curtains blurring out the world, curled up in a ball with only the heavy covers anchoring me in the present moment. Numb. Did I win or did I lose? Beyond my recognition. Despite it being faded and nonexistent towards the end, there was once care and love.

…And no one can be allowed to see.

I thought it would be easier. But such is the path I chose.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Zahirra Sa'Laeth - Deflecting the Destiny
« Last post by Ritu on February 13, 2020, 01:49:42 pm »

High investments hope for even higher returns.
But what to invest in now?

The thoughts swirl and churn unending as my mind races every night I lay down in my bed at the Estate. Alone. Thoughts drifting from one to the other, barely focusing on the work itself which is usually part of my evening thoughts… but not as of late.
An encroaching, alluring scent of a fresh prey that drowns the senses in the feeling of novelty and unknown. To get a bite, a taste, a little something. Something that cannot be, shouldn’t be. Though the little taste I got brought me some sort of an anchored feeling…
A little grain of peace, a thing so precious now that the feeling of being balanced and valued has disappeared from what I used to be, and still am, in.

Regarding that - Neasa’s reply came in today. With my hands, unable to stop trembling, I opened the letter and in that moment my anxiety dropped down from me. She doesn’t mind. It’s okay to do it when the time I won't be able to continue comes. Now, I feel more free. And I got in the mood for something, a little escape from the confining walls and elegant velvet suits.

I opened my eyes and watched the moon, felt the wind slash against my skin.
Ran, I ran with Arak and his pack until I ran out of breath and we had to stop by a pond. The reflection of the starry sky, gentle colours of nebulae and the massive orb of white light. Only a dark silhouette of me against it all, with my hair falling free in a smooth, wind-grazed cascade of black. Watching it all, catching my breath. I felt powerful and free again. Maybe not exactly powerful, but capable. It felt so cleansing to shed the manners and trained posture, the obligations and duties. At least for a while, for a short hour in a short night before coming back, passing the cave that once felt like home on my way to Hadrian.

Netherese Library / Re: Ownership of lands outside Hadrian
« Last post by Rainman on February 09, 2020, 09:29:18 am »
Outside the walls Hadrian or Southbank more than an arrow shot in distance is considered lands of the Empire. Unless there is a resource to be used or claimed by the Empire, the land is opened to be used. Further information ... The Monastery near Hilltop was claimed by a rogue monk, who employed a local dwavern mining company to build it and was thought damaged or destroyed when the Skyhigh Palace took to the air.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Becoming the Storm, Vehrain
« Last post by Fangara on February 09, 2020, 09:04:13 am »
I have been practicing making spears for days now. Slowly I'm getting better, but I have not made anything spectacular yet. I've tried sensing magic from my trident and still no signs. I have still been helping the townsfolk with their troubles. Goblins, spiders, and more seem to be close to the town. As I fight though I can feel the magic within me getting stronger. Maybe this is a sign from Kozah. A hint. Maybe what I have needs to be improved upon. I need to show him I can grow stronger on my own using his gifts. That means I think my next step will be to approach the Arcanist Guild and try to become a member. Learning enchanting, blacksmithing, tailoring. All of these combined will allow me to create the most beautiful and powerful gifts for Kozah. Maybe then will he bless me with more of his strength.
Netherese Library / Ownership of lands outside Hadrian
« Last post by Leyoz on February 09, 2020, 02:28:06 am »
Tenshi goes to find about laws of land ownership and occupation, in regards to the Monastery near Hilltop.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« Last post by Fiverine on February 08, 2020, 10:13:51 pm »
There's a new half-celestial 'bout these parts.  A monastic, this one, and unlike Arariel and Teuivae he doesn't seem obsessed with gettin' into my knickers.  He knew my name, oddly enough... said he'd heard about what I'd done for Ara after her death.  Even called me a hero! Took me a whiles before I realised he wasn't slagging me, but meant what he said.  I've been workin' with Tenshi these past few days, and we have some common goals.  He reminds me a bit o' Moose.  Same knack for findin' danger o' the most bizarre sort. 

House Reschotti members have been wantin' my ear o' late about both personal and house matters.  I'm helpin' where I can, although the Order's interests don't always coincide with those o' the Reschotti.  Zahirra's in an awkward spot, and I sympathise with her.  There's another one called Harlinger who Tenshi and I took along on a patrol.  He acquitted himself well, and proved himself a good man to have at your side in battle... but there's somethin' strange 'bout him.  And his sword. 

But all this scribblin' is just a distraction.  I need to cure the Dame.  I don't know how the soddin' hell I'll do it, but I have to find a way.  Bloody Astley picked a shite time t' walk out...

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Conviction of Retzlaff Voltoeux
« Last post by Myth on February 03, 2020, 03:43:30 pm »
Hadrian, Low Netheril – 1852

After receiving a letter from his brother, Alatar, stating he was moving on from Hadrian to see what other plans the gods had in store for him, but leaving no word as to the direction he was heading for Retz to follow. This left him empty, distant and without purpose.
Thanks to Lady Zahirra supplying him with rare materials to work with, Retzlaff found somewhat of an escape in crafting weapons for her; an escape from the turmoil that’s brewing inside of him. With every swing of the hammer, every beat of the anvil, Retz begun to work lose himself to his work.
Questions keep circling through his mind as he works. What direction did his brother go? What purpose does he have with no family to protect? What should he do? How long before someone else abandons him? Is he cursed for what he did to his parents? How long before he is tossed aside like a poorly crafted tool?
After several long days of smelting metal, and the beating of an anvil, Retzlaff could only conclude that he must wait for something. What he must wait for he doesn’t know yet, maybe a sign from the gods, a letter from his brother stating where he went, wait for the next job the fishmen guild has for him, or the next crafting proposition from Lady Zahirra, or maybe just maybe he is waiting for death to catch up to him to collect what’s owed…
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