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General Discussion / Re: Player Houses/Caves
« Last post by Sherina on Today at 12:35:19 pm »
Sherina Tsirak - House 9
General Discussion / Re: Player Houses/Caves
« Last post by Rainman on Today at 10:07:30 am »
Anyone else want the sign changed on there House?
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« Last post by Fiverine on June 17, 2019, 01:07:25 pm »
Dear Diary

Skettus are idiots.  I took a grave risk and answered a summons from Sherina at Sullivans.  Together we convinced Michael to hand over the evil artefacts to me, so I could take them to the Skettus vault.  The famed, safe, impregnable Skettus vault!  The skull filled my mind with evil whispers but my faith in Lady Silver got me through the journey back to Hadrian.  Then I rushed to the Skettus estate. 

I thought I'd succeeded.  But the guard who Lord Skettus ordered to take the items to the vault succumbed to the control of the skull. The guard fled to the sewers.  Though I pursued and slew a creature the mist summoned to stop me, I could not stop it enveloping the guard and snatching him away, along with the damned artefacts!

People are surprised sometimes when they learn that the Reschotti are the noble house I am closest to.  "But Morgaine, you hate slavery!" they say.  Yes, I do hate it.  But House Reschotti are just about making money, and they do it well.  I've never seen them fail to make coin, and they are good for the money when they owe it too. 

The 14th Legion and House Skettus have their specialties too.  I have seen the Legion fail at theirs repeatedly, but this is the first time I've seen Skettus make such a hash of something.  May I never see it happen again, for the stakes are simply far too high.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« Last post by Fiverine on June 16, 2019, 08:28:02 am »
Dear Diary

I placed a large bounty upon Count Lash Voust, and the Halfling Death group attempted to make good on it today.  I went with them, feeling I should be there to confront the Count one last time.  We didn't find him, but as usual the Voust Manor "treated" us to a host of horrible shadows and vampiric spawn.  Following a clue we found in one of the Count's secret rooms, we went to the Angel Wings Asylum.

It is a truly ghastly place.  Full of vicious guards, apparatus for torture and execution and even undead!  And this place is supposedly run by the 14th Legion.  My trust in them just continues to deteriorate.  The groundskeeper told us the Legion just shove people through the front door and leave!

This is where Michael Copperfield would be admitted if the Legion capture him.  Sherina was furious with me.  I told her I had no idea what the place was like, but I don't think she believed me.  Even before I saw the place I didn't bloody well want Michael there!  I want Skettus to take care of him in their estate.  Head Seeker Morriman agrees with me on this. 

I'm not giving up, and Halfling Death won't either.  We'll get the Count.  Our next option is to check the crypts of the Wombrie Woods.  I also know something I could do at the Voust estate that would likely infuriate the Count enough for him to confront me.  That would be dangerous.  Essentially, I would be acting as bait, and hoping my companions are strong enough to save me.  I certainly can't handle the Count myself, not even now. 

I've been waiting for some good rain to make an announcement.  Though there was rain at the asylum, the skies over Hadrian remain frustratingly clear. 
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
« Last post by Sherina on June 15, 2019, 04:05:35 pm »
Seeing the sunrise right from the bedroom is the most beautiful thing... And take a walk around the countryside at dawn is the second. Fresh air, nature just about to wake up...

I went to the Sailor's Coin to gather all my belongings, thanked the innkeep and headed on back home. He is a lovely man, and we were both glad I enjoyed the stay. I wish there were more business owners like him.

CLICK Spoiler

I've bumped into Morgaine and Ruby at the inn. I paid Morgaine the rest for the house (2,000).
Ruby seems to have.. the same source of power as me, the way she's talking about it.
I was excited! Finally someone!

I won't bother writing about other things. A bunch of us went do go vampire hunting into the most creepy, sick and disgusting place. I've stuck by them at the Angel's Wing Asylum as well. Nothing much. Horrible place though.

And unfortunately I figured out of a dialogue between Mayor and Groundskeep, that the "island" Skettus, Morgaine and others wanted to send Mike to is EXACTLY that wretched place! That they just shove patients in and lock the gate! LIKE A BONE MILL!
When I asked Morgaine, her only response was "I didn't realise it was this bad, Sheri."
Like it matters when he'd be dead.. or undead by now for that matter.
Isn't she a mayor, by the way? One would say she would be informed.

The last drop for my patience with them was, when Fjord told me he doesn't know of any planned operation or expedition.

I guess it's got no meaning to trust them further in this sense. What if I don't survive anything, what if I may not even see him for the last time...
I've got a debt to pay.

..it's not like I didn't tell her openly.




What a happy day, including the morning confusion. I finally feel calm.

Yesterday was full of surprises, and.. Michael seems to be doing better with me around. When we hold hands, it calms him down. And that's important.
He seemed almost sad when I told him how the undead swarmed the place I live. Wonder what kinds of bad things he listens to whole day, said by that skull and voices in his head...
He trusts me a lot. My dear Michael.
I hope I can help him.

Ahh... His sadness when he told me how no one except me cares. It pains me a lot. Yesterday I've heard Casper talk about how they fought each other and Michael ran away... It had to be devastating for Mike to have his comrade-in-arms turn against him, especially in this sensitive state of mind.


Today I woke up sooner than usual. Michael was still sound asleep, so I let him rest and left quietly.

I've gone to Hadrian to get some more supplies and hopefully and apple pie as well. I gave a promise I intend to keep, however I must tell Morgaine I'm safe and things can be resolved in peace, and that I'll bring her as soon as Michael decides so. He seemed alright when I told him about the good version of the plans, about his healing and recovery. But he's gonna need me on every step.
Maybe I can talk to her about his recovery as well, I'm sure the town healers could visit us on the countryside. It's very close.

The cushion shipment finally came, and now my residence looks cozier than ever. Green carpet, some plants, and everything's calming!
I sold a few chairs, they occupied too much space.

Maybe I can met Morgaine if I hang around the Coin.
Now I think about it... Is it good I let her know or not? I mean, if I didn't like her I would not let her know where I'm headed in the first place. I hope she can see that. I also need to tell her she needs to be informed better, who knows how many lives the asylum already took.
Maybe we can come to an agreement that while I accompany Michael, they can calmly deal with the vampires and other threats?
I don't serve anyone, but still want the kindest outcome for as many people as possible.
And she seems to be merciful. Stars please, let me meet her today while I can.

..or not? It might be more dangerous to ignore the world, they might think Michael injured me and go after him. I need to prevent that in the most careful way possible.

Morgaine fortunately took it well, and agreed to wait until I summon her. She asked for a guard, so I allowed her to take Fjord when the time comes.
Now I'm travelling back by ship, with various snack and goodies I got in the city.
..Maybe I should take something from my pantry, but there's too late for that now.

I came to Michael's place, we greeted each other and had a short, well, conversation. Then he prompted me to follow him, and we went far, beyond the Old Wharf.

I've seen him raise dead. Actors, he says.
As I was shaking in a little ball of fright, he commanded them to leave, and did his best to comfort me.
Said, that they are gone waiting, not heading to Southbank or anywhere else. I am so glad he can be considerate and caring, even if only towards me.
I believe in him.

On our way back I wanted to explore a strange tower. Mike said that it's 'winter' inside, which piqued my interest! He accompanied me throughout the whole tower, and indeed, it was colder and colder. The sweetest gesture was, when he held his flaming axe close to me, in an attempt to warm me up.
Since I only had my robes, the cold was biting deeply.

The region itself was... simply put, breathtaking! Ravines, waterfalls, trees, bushes... Beautiful place of wild, pristine nature.

We decided to return home.

A meal of a shepherd's pie later, we spent some time talking and carving pumpkins. I'm glad I thought of this activity, Michael seemed to enjoy it wholeheartedly. He carved a portrait of a person, breathing out swirling clouds. He has his own style, but it's great. I hope those pumpkins will stay on display for at least a few days and not rot completely.
Mine was my house, with two people standing beside it. I thought of us coming to my home, so I can show him how it looks like.

Then... then he asked me to describe the house we'll be living in.
So I did, and in the middle of my describing efforts... We had a conversation, and Michael finally realised that the mist brings pain. I did my best to comfort him, and we're definitely having an apple pie for tomorrow's breakfast. He deserves it fully.

He asked me to bring Red Morgaine, and passed out. I left Pattie with him to keep him warm... He held her for comfort in his stressed-out sleep. She's such a good and warm girl!

After I sent the proclamation, I waited around for Morgaine. Hopefully she's showing up soon.
She came. In a full armor and spell shroud, but came. Probably couldn't get a hand on her guards. I wish she had more guards to keep her safe.

I quickly explained the situation, and hoped for the best.

As we came in, Michael slowly woke up and then told Morgaine, with my help, everything he could. Explained how the forces beyond deceived him into thinking the mist helps people and makes them smile and be happy.
Things turned out the way we hoped - Michael gave Morgaine the items voluntarily, to be stored in safety. Morgaine assured us, but warned me of both Skettus and Legion. And even though, she said, we're the safest right where we are. We just shouldn't go out much, and if there is a need, we should go together.
He's so brave and strong for doing such thing. And only thing needed was a bit of kindness.
Morgaine promised me she'll let me know as soon as we can move to my house. And as a later punishment for Michael, she suggested labor at farms. I can help arrange that.

I feel my debt is paid.
But I will go on.


Today was barely eventful. We're only waiting for a call from the Mayor, after all.
We started the morning with an apple pie, continued with some other stuff and then went out bury some SKELETAL REMAINS Michael had in his storage room. I helped him carry them back to the battlefield ravine, and then waited patiently as he buried them one by one.
Such a beautiful place. I wanted to take a bath in the natural springs, but it started raining. Mike handed me his shield to protect myself from the rain.
He seems to be very thankful for what has been accomplished in the past few days.

We had several encounters with beasts, animals and bandits - and from each one Michael protected me relentlessly, always returning to my side to see if everything is alright. The man is incredible. I've seen him take down a BEAR with his BARE FISTS in FOUR HITS. How.
His protection and fighting prowess keeps me from casting more powerful spells, but hey. We can make it work, thankfully I've got many helpful enchantments accessible to me. Mike's biggest favourite is, of course, Flame Weapon.
What else could it be.

We also talked for a little bit, he already speaks in more coherent sentences. It's still chaotic, but doable.
On our walk in the heart of wilderness, I got an idea and went on to find a suitable place.
We arrived onto a little clearing, free of trees and most foliage - ideal place for what I wanted to do.
I gently introduced Michael into the situation, that I want him to feel something. Asked him to take down one of his gauntlets, which he had done.
I placed his palm onto my solar plexus area, and proceeded to call upon the flames, pulling the strings of the Weave all around me in a melody of fire and wind, felt the heat I was summoning...
and then I released a giant ball of fire into the safe distance. I've never kept the initial stage this long, it was an experience.

Michael seemed surprised, in a good way. As a thank-you for the experience, he decided to give me... a shadow gem.
Such a mysterious item, but why does it feel do oddly familiar?


In the afternoon, he.. we... He got enthusiastic about farming. And it escalated in him sending a proclamation about him becoming the mightiest farmer. My first alarmed thought was Morgaine's confusion, so had to sprint towards local proclaimer and sent an explaining announcement.
Even though his first thought about farming was "boring", now it seems kind of fun for him to do. I wonder whether it helps his head, being focused on something.
As long as it helps, why not. He'll be likely labouring on the farms anyways, at least based on what Morgaine said.

After few more plant-based activities, it's been decided that it's time to sleep. Or 'void', as Michael likes to say.

Fortunately, I managed to stop Michael from punching himself, and reminded him of the thing he agreed to in the morning. That I'd try to help him fall asleep.
I guided him towards the bed, where we sat down next to each other. As I got into a comfortable long-term sitting position, I motioned Michael to rest his head on my lap. After hearing few words of support, he seemed to fall into a light sleep.
With dreams, dreams about farming, plants and calm. I don't know for how long I managed to sit there, before I decided to slowly lay down and attempt to sleep at least a little bit, with his head still resting on my thighs.
But hey, he fell asleep on his own. It was a success.

I can survive one day of low energy in return for such an achievement.

Messages from the Enclave / Arcanist Guild - Warning to Citizens
« Last post by Rainman on June 14, 2019, 11:27:29 am »
Arcanist Guild - Warning to Citizens

Citizen's of Valstiir, do not be alarmed.

If you see this creature do not approach it but seek your nearest Arcanist Guild member or Guard.

These creature could also be seen in lower Netheril

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Mayor's Diary: Morgaine the Red
« Last post by Fiverine on June 14, 2019, 04:41:57 am »
Dear Diary

Michael Copperfield has made many nonsensical proclamations the past few days.  But yesterday, he made one saying that 'Leira' was sending a 'gift' to Hadrian.  This turned out to be something I have feared- the dead rising from the grave yard in the East Farms.  I rushed there to help, and found Sherina there.  Together we destroyed the walking dead.  One of them spoke before we smote it... it said "the mist is coming".  We found new patches of this infernal mist upon the wells and sections of the river.  A farmer told us their animals have become sick from this water. 

I have not issued a bounty upon Michael for Sheri's sake, but should his actions cause injury or death to a citizen then I will not be able to avoid it.  There is a chance I may have to pursue him myself, perhaps helping Skettus or the Halfling Death crew.  I can offer Michael the opportunity of Selune's redemption and forgiveness... but if he refuses, then I will do as I must.  Today I had a good talk with Councillor Morriman about Michael.  We are blessed to have him upon our council.
Groups & Concepts / Re: The Commissars of Morgaine the Red
« Last post by Fiverine on June 14, 2019, 04:21:05 am »
NPC Caitlin Stormweather has signed up.  Check out her new uniform (she's at the Coin).  It looks great, Rainman did well as always.
General Discussion / Re: Player Houses/Caves
« Last post by Rainman on June 13, 2019, 12:25:23 pm »
Thanks, I will leave the post up for a week or so to catch some players
General Discussion / Re: Player Houses/Caves
« Last post by Xaerien on June 12, 2019, 01:42:32 pm »
Fjord, House 21
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