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General Discussion / Re: Quest List & Locations ( OOC List )
« Last post by Rainman on July 22, 2022, 11:31:07 pm »

Magic Beans quest - Denvar Road - lvl 15-25 Party req 2-8

Devil Attack - Bath House of Conch - lvl 15-25 Party req 2-8
General Discussion / Re: Quest List & Locations ( OOC List )
« Last post by Rainman on July 22, 2022, 11:30:26 pm »
Pumpkin Quest in the Conch Farmland has been updated and min level increased to 3. It is not a fetch and go quest anymore.
Public Notices / Re: Rumours, Gossip and Whispers.. ((DM Posts Only))
« Last post by Rainman on July 16, 2022, 03:29:46 am »
Stories and reports of more than normal amount of zombies being seen in the Graveyard area of Conch are of a concern. Some say it is The Mourners gang of the Slums but other say their must be more behind it.

A challenge has been set in the Slums Arena by a family of Half Orcs ... The Briqs ! Two brothers and a sister, it is said the sister is the eldest and has other skills the other two younger brothers do not possess. Make sure you do not become one of their trophies.

Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Narielle Willowknit
« Last post by Narielle Willowknit on July 14, 2022, 09:17:41 pm »
[a wax-sealed letter has been sent]

Dear Master Rinsley,

   I have arrived to the allegedly rebellious city of Conch as per your request.
The climate is colder, the crops being grown are resilient species. Rains are frequent. The carriage has passed along far too many marshes on its way to this outpost.
I reckon I might prioritise inspecting the state of the local agriculture more in-depth. Well-fed and safe citizens naturally gain higher interest in other areas of life, as says Natkeís pyramid, allowing for more recognition of potential improvement and investments around the city later on. I shall consult.

   Are the venues back at home progressing well? With respect, please remind overseer Relyn of the delphion contact I left him with. In the warm cities, the youth loves nothing more than splashing water. The exterior cafe in the planned complex could benefit from an additional source of customers, if he and the Sashelan priest can settle on something. I cannot be their middle-man any longer, however, I trust the two and I am excited to hear about the projectís progress in a few moonís time.

   However, dear Master whose nest Iíve left. Allow your fledgeling to express her gratitude for the decades of training under your and the Orderís lead.
I have already noticed several matters to potentially approach my ranking seniors about. As soon as I gain my footing within the city, that is.
As have been the first wise words youíve shared with your fledgeling.
And your words and teachings I shall obey. Iíd not wish to subject you to the carriage journey at your venerable age merely to scold a student with a pole.

My heart is with all of you back at home.

Yours faithfully,

Journals & Backgrounds / Narielle Willowknit
« Last post by Narielle Willowknit on July 14, 2022, 09:03:05 pm »
Narielle Willowknit
Moon Elf
Intern of the West Netherese Trading Company

✦ Height: 5í0Ē [152cm]
✦ Hair: Dark Indigo, Loosely Braided
✦ Eyes: Cornflower Blue
✦ Skin: Ivory
✦ Attire: Suit in the colors of the West Netherese Trading Company. Accessories are a brooch, a vibrant scarf and a ring.

The elf is as proud of her pure silver elven lineage as is of her later endeavours and stay in the mixed environment of Arupal, a steadily-growing town located at a fork of a trading road by the northern shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

This fortunate mix has resulted in a confident individual, skillful in the fields of finance and outsourcing. Even though her friends and associates reside countless miles from Conch to the South-East, the grown elven has few, if any, concerns. One might attribute it to her nearly second century spent in a fast-paced human environment in which even lifelong friendships are fleeting, another might assume the infamous elven haughtiness and a sense of superiority to be at play.

Public Notices / Re: Issues of the Conch Champion (For public reading)
« Last post by Fiverine on July 07, 2022, 03:44:04 am »
The Conch Champion.  Independent & Accurate, Always.

I Still Hate This Job
I must say I am dismayed that seemingly not a single soul in Conch is willing to relieve me of this burden of editing my own newspaper.  But fine.  I will do it my bloody self if I must.  At least I can say that the recent months have been calm in our fair city.  The threat of war seems to have receded and our greatest danger right now is that of dreadful self-appointed comedians abusing the professionalism of our city proclaimers.  That said, I pride my reporters on being skilled at dredging up dismaying news no matter how good things appear (surely nobody reads a newspaper for GOOD news?).  So please read on and enjoy their efforts!

-R. Hurstport, owner and acting editor.

Mysteries of the Gods
The Conch Champion has been informed that all three Tychean temples in Conch have recently added sealed vaults to their crypts.  While we are a mere newspaper and have no right or interest to meddle in the affairs of the gods, loyal and longstanding parishioners of the temples have complained to the Champion about being forbidden to enter these new rooms.  Nor have parishioners been provided with any explanation of the sudden need for secrecy and security.  This reporter has contacted all three temples to query the matter.  All three gave the same reply that it is an internal church matter and of no concern to this newspaper or the general public. 

-S. Hellsworth, reporter.

Massacre at Hilltop
Yet another tragedy has befallen the halfling village of Hilltop.  A halfling warrior by the name of Lotho Thistlevale went berserk upon returning from a long journey to the west and slew several humans who were in Hilltop on business.  Then he turned his wrath upon those fellow halflings who sought to restrain or pacify him.  Differing accounts say that he was then either slain by the Hilltop militia or narrowly escaped them.  Conch's West Netheril Trading Company had some members in Hilltop at the time and they were amongst those slain.  WNTC has informed the Champion that they have sent a letter to Hilltop demanding the resurrection of their staff and compensation for their trauma. 

-A. Nutt, reporter.

Secrets of the Wizard Tower
The normally reclusive wizard Ptolemy of West Conch has asked for brave adventurers to go to his tower and face the challenge of his "Room of Doors".  Ptolemy told the Conch Champion that adventurers will find both danger and rewards in this room beneath his tower.  This newspaper can only speculate about what awaits any intrepid adventurers who answer his call.  We invite any who survive their visit to write a letter to the editor to explain their experience. 

-P. Krellin, reporter.
Public Notices / Re: Rumours, Gossip and Whispers.. ((DM Posts Only))
« Last post by Rainman on April 03, 2022, 12:45:41 am »
Those walking the streets of the Upper District of Conch, notice large creates and statues being moved into the Nebular University of the Arcane Arts. Some say these odd looking statues are being added to the university as decorative features but others say they have been bought in to study.

Stories are being told that the Hamlet of Hilltop is currently plagued and travellers/merchants a like have limited their travels to the area. Some say it was from the recent war and battles in and around the hamlet. Others say it is a disease that only effects halflings and due to this hin are questioned and sometimes turned away by guards of villages, towns and cities in the region.
Public Notices / Re: Rumours, Gossip and Whispers.. ((DM Posts Only))
« Last post by Rainman on March 18, 2022, 11:26:38 am »
In an effort to attract halflings to defend and repair Hilltop, the Mayor has opened up a number of properties to rent. These funds will be put into the new walls at the eastern entrance and repairs to the hamlet.

Rumours persist that there is an evil within the hamlet, some point to the increased mining for the new walls and others think it is under the lake ... either way those left in the hamlet continue to live a hard life after resent events and the continued threat of war in the region.

Public Notices / Re: Issues of the Conch Champion (For public reading)
« Last post by Fiverine on March 07, 2022, 07:36:39 am »
The Conch Champion.  Independent & Accurate, Always.

I Hate This Job
I'm not in the mood for an editorial today because, well, read the headline.  So I shall let the reporters "do their thing", as they say. 

- R. Hurstport, owner and acting editor.

Heights of Discrimination
In recent weeks the District Authority Nebular has received repeated complaints from members of the more diminutive races in Upper Conch.  A gang of unknown masked humans has been accosting lone halflings, gnomes and dwarfs in Uptown and threatening them or even beating them up.  On a few occasions offensive notes have been left pinned to the unconscious victims.  "NO MIDGETS IN UPTOWN!" was one of the printable ones.  Similar graffiti has been spotted on buildings in Upper Conch of late.  Lone halflings have been the most frequent victims of this outrageous racism.  With no arrests made by Nebular guards yet it is rumoured that the halfling community in Conch may be considering taking action of their own. 

-S. Hellsworth, reporter. 

Ogres Attack Sadardiel Estate
The Conch Champion has been informed that the Sadardiel Estate at Lake Vyctoria fended off yet another ogre raid on the weekend.  The raids have been increasing in frequency and severity.  Lady Apolline Sadardiel has both declared her family's determination to remain on their titled lands and her desire for skilled mercenaries to either join the plantation's garrison or work for House Sadardiel on a freelance basis. 

-A. Nutt, reporter.

Another Bizarre Ruling
Conch's most eccentric judge, Justice Oswald Schenker, has sentenced yet another criminal of Conch to a bizarre punishment.  Creek farmer Mr Percy Leibold was found guilty of being exceptionally cruel to the cats he kept in his barn.  Justice Schenker sentenced Mr Leibold to being transmuted into a cat for a week and living in said barn.  Mistress Abighail of Nebular agreed to perform the procedure at Justice Schenker's request.  The Creek Farms' head farmer Joy Lambton said that Mr Leibold's cat body is already "looking scratched up to hell" from the barn cats exacting their vengeance.

-P. Krellin, reporter.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Theren Sontr'e's Past and to be Future
« Last post by DemonicSpeed on March 02, 2022, 07:58:55 pm »
After many, many years of running his monastery, Theren looks back to adventure as he discovers new lands in which he has not traveled and challenges the might of evil once again. Though he is no longer as strong as he was in young age, he has a bit of spring in his step to move forward in these new times
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