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Announcements / Re: Welcome to Netheril
« Last post by Rainman on April 04, 2020, 02:29:43 am »
Hello all,

Firstly, we hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

We will continue to keep the server running during this time, as we know many people are at home or in isolation. The Team will do its best to continue to add new content and be around to run events and answer questions. Please be patient and the Team will get back to you, as we all navigate the issues in the world today and be there for our families. We have been supporting new concepts and player stories, so start thinking and get as many players you can involved.

Please continue to RP and build your character stories plus look at getting involved with other character stories if you can. Listen for calls and get involved :)

If you wanted to help, you can support us here > https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=369.0

We also have projects on the go, so if you want to build something hit us up. Also if want to DM and/or have experience and wish to join the team, you can put in a ' Statement of Interest ', details here > https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?topic=414.0

Again we hope all are well and safe

DM Team
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« Last post by Fiverine on April 01, 2020, 06:27:06 am »
At last, success be flowin' my way again.  We completed the task the great dragon set for me: to bring back a steed he once in error gave to Dacethar the Blasphemer.  Tenshi and Belorfin were the only people I felt I could completely trust, and they repaid that trust in spades. 

The horse had taken up residence near a village called Bayfalls, which the fallen Knights o' the Eternal Flame had once ravaged.  They saw my knightly livery and were immediately afraid.  I did my best t'put them at ease, and told them the horse could obviously tell if I had come in good faith for not, since it could tell that Dacethar was a dosser and bucked him right off.  We had to fight our way through a few packs o' orcs to find the horse, and I was grateful for the aid o' my allies.  We found a portal that was spawning mist-swathed orcs, presumably from the depths o' the Great Mine.  Belorfin destroyed it on the way back, but we all pondered who had put it there and why.

The horse accepted me, despite my doubts, and agreed t'let me ride it back to Bayfalls.  They were saddened that the magic steed would be leaving their area, though I promised that we would return.  Knights have treated those people terribly, and I must put that right somehow.  Now I just await the dragon's return, and hope that he will agree to relight the Eternal Flame f'me.  And then, I must take the next step to oul' Bresbane and hope he doesn't call me an eejit. 

Speakin' o' dragons, I met a new half-dragon in Hadrian today.  A silver one, name o' Alauriel.  With her silver hair and winged silhouette for one moment I thought it was Teuivae standin' at the side o' the pond.  Alauriel's got a very nice personality, fresh and positive.  But she's got very little inklin' about her heritage, and seemed just a bit lost.  She's workin' for House Reschotti, which seems a strange place for the progeny o' a metallic dragon.  Perhaps my gold friend will have some advice 'bout what she can do. 

I haven't seen Zahirra a few days.  Been wantin' to talk to her about the bounty the Church placed upon her fella Sjach.  She's probably right pissed at me for not just lettin' that matter die.  As if I could.  But Alauriel said Zahirra's really busy at the moment.  Zahirra's always deadly busy, so I'm not sure if it's even possible for her to be more busy than normal.  Maybe Zahirra's just got the shites with me and doesn't want t'see me no more?
New Features / Nomos New Features Record
« Last post by Nomos on March 29, 2020, 12:08:42 am »
As of last reset the following features/quality-of-life changes have been added:

/hood command: When typed this command will cause the character to pull up their hood. If typed while their hood is up it will cause their hood to be dropped. Certain races/genders have multiple hood-appearances, these can be accessed by adding a number to the command such as: "/hood_1" (this will get the standard hood) or "/hood_2" (this will get the 2nd hood model) or "/hood_3" (this will get the 3rd hood model) and so on.

/helm command: When typed this command will make the helmet worn by the speaker visually disappear. On typing this command while the helmet is visually invisible it will make it re-appear.

Hire-able Mercenary System: This will allow PCs to hire mercenaries between one of three classes (fighter, mage & cleric) and between one of three level brackets (5, 8 & 11). These Mercenaries will serve the hiring PC for 2-RL hours after which time they will depart. Mercenaries will not leave during combat, so if a PC is in the middle of a fight they are safe from that risk. The current NPC contact to hire these mercenaries is located in the Sailor's Coin in Hadrian.
Library of Valstiir / Re: Research on Valstiir History
« Last post by Rainman on March 27, 2020, 11:47:59 am »
* he reaches for a book *

This is the story of the great battle against the Orc tribes at Southbank. Not long after the settlement was build, it came under attack from the Orc tribes everyday. Hitting the weak points in the settlements defences.

Lady Valstiir sent in a young Lord Jacques Dukarrus to hold the Orcs. A plaque sits under his statue to this day.

' In Memroy of Jacques Dukarrus

Died in the battle for Southbank, on the Old Battle fields against hoards of Orcs, defending the gate until reinforcements arrived. '

The reinforcements were not men but the Valstiir Enclave, where Lady Valstiir used her newly made Sun Weapon to carved a large chasm into the ground between Southbank and the Orc tribes killing many. This left one access point to the Orcs which was the now Old Battle Field where the battle raged and the Orc were pushed back into the mines and hills behind Southbank. The chasm remains to this day ... over grown but a reminder of the power of the Enclave.

* he puts the book back ... *

Now on that other matter ... lets have some tea. We can talk about your request and this sizeable donation.

// we will do some rolls and RP in the Library this weekend ... if you like
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Neasa Lawley: Champion of Hibernos
« Last post by Fiverine on March 27, 2020, 06:46:08 am »
A most majestic creature whose aid I desperately be needin' has given me a task with which to prove m'self.  It sounds fairly straightforward, which is always a fair sign it's anythin' but.  There is a lot ridin' on this, which is yet another forgotten and unfinished tale the Golden God has chosen me to finish.  It's important to me personally, as well as to the region.  I've lost almost all faith in the local court, and this is the only solution t'that I can see now.  But if things go the way I hope it will change both me and the Swords profoundly.  I may have t'go my own way if the Swords don't like what I propose.   

I have no idea what t'expect in this hunt.  The Blasphemer himself could await me.  I'm not afraid o' anything.  I confronted Menner and the One without flinching after all... but that does not make me invincible.  I need help.  There is only one person I know I can completely trust on this, and that is Tenshi.  Fjord and Aardyn are gone.  There are a few others I think I can trust, and a few outright dossers I can't risk being anywhere near this.  Better to try and fail alongside the right people than succeed with those who will abuse a victory, I suppose. 
Library of Valstiir / Re: Research on Valstiir History
« Last post by Myth on March 25, 2020, 10:52:13 pm »
*slowly goes over the notes and nods to himself as he reads them*
   Fascinating master Librarian, simply fascinating! I am glad that such an evil was removed from this world. I'd hate to think what things would be like if it were allowed to remain. Certainly we are all much safer and sleep better at night, but of course I still deal with the occasional bandit who thinks travelling merchants are weak and won't defend themselves.

*raising his eye brows in surprise at the mention of the sunlight weapon*

Surly you jest at this! Is Archmage Valstiir truly that powerful?! To destroy an entire enclave and its own archmage in the process is no small feat, in fact some would even say it might nearly rival the power of a god!
However I find it strange that the family history is restricted. Most royal and noble family histories that I've looked through would be eager to promote such power to the world. Not just for show of strength but for future confederations or amalgamations. *continues to ramble* From my experience I have found when a family hides their lineage and history its usually due to.... *shakes his head* forgive me master Librarian, sometimes i begin to ramble when I get so caught up in historical conjecture.
*looks at the librarian for a moment then clears his throat as his tone becomes more business-like*
You know, I would be willing to make another sizable donation if I were allowed to take a look at the family lineage, such a fine vault of  history if certainly worth it. *waves a hand in a dismissive gesture* Of course no one would know or ever find out about such a thing if one was allowed to take a look. 

// If I am allowed to take a look at the family history, please message me via discord regarding donation size and information I learn
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy
« Last post by Zee- Cabia Rastine on March 25, 2020, 01:45:25 pm »
*She sits deep in a cave in hilltop pass thinking*

days have passed? She's forgotten?

The shadows called- She remembers.

There was a battle with goblins. She danced among them. The dance of death, many came to die and be forgotten. Too many more waited their turn for the breed like rabbits. There was a pain, and then she felt nothing but the shadows embrace.

She woke in Hadrian, the priests had done their job. Retzlaff had brought her body to them.
She'd left money with the priests in case something happened so they did there spells, however, her body had been preserved- safe until it could be found- strange.

Little things are missing. This is when you say hello. It's polite to say goodbye. She doesn't know what else. How do you know what you don't know?

She knows each time she dies and they 'save' her or take her soul? she loses something. It's not bad, or evil. It's part of the cycle, she notes it and moves on. She is back again- She knows more, and less. She remembers and has forgotten.

Stranger still, the conversations with the shadows. There was no concept of time, she talked with many. The coming of a King? The skies will fall? Will magic die? There is truth in shadow. Saftey in shadows. The circus is in town! New friends to be made, but not yet- not yet.

The shadows are stronger now. The other quiet one, Retzlaff? Yes, he used to see me even when the shadows embraced me. He does when I move and they try to keep up, but if I'm still, and I forget... He doesn't hear me. He doesn't see.
Do they fill the empty spaces so I don't go to Shar yet? They hear my whispers now. Sometimes even when I don't voice them. is that comforting?

*She meditates* What does Shar have in store for her? Is it her path to gather the untold secrets? To keep them safe so that the goddess my laugh as they are forgotten? She doesn't know. She doesn't remember.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy
« Last post by Zee- Cabia Rastine on March 24, 2020, 11:49:18 am »
The city looks the same from the west. The guards don't bother or notice? to look at her as she enters.
The city is larger, things have changed. There was an airship to the city above here before. It's gone now.
A lady sells flowers by the water.

*She tilts her head, listening* yes, she needs to get to know these people again. *She nods*

'hello' her voice is steady, precise, like her steps, however, the lady shivers and looks around.

'hello'? again. *the shadows shift around her sensing the difference, her want to be seen*

*the flower lady steps back- suddenly face to face with a stranger*

'hello' but there is no response, she moves on. strange. *the shadows embrace her once more as she glides away*
Journals & Backgrounds / Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy
« Last post by Zee- Cabia Rastine on March 22, 2020, 11:49:02 pm »
Forget the pain? Forget the greed?  Forget revenge? remember to forget? How odd.
She forgets.
She takes a breath- She remembers.

A place of half shadows where the world looked right and wrong. Where the dark whispers and helps.
She'd finished helping the others with their fight assistance the fae and went back to the monastery in the hills.

*she feels a twinge in her muscles, an ache as if unused in a long time*  in the learning she'd picked for this mornings meditation and begins a kata*

*Her thoughts swirl*
Hardian. She was there before and she needs to go back. The shadows said it was important, knowledge is the key. There is something wrong about the clearing now though. She pauses and looks around. She spots the difference and says 'the young tree is gone' and a whisper answers 'no, it's grown some'. She doesn't see anything, but she can hear it. She asks 'How do you know'? 'we've been watching' comes the answer.

An interesting conversation follows as she finds she has been sort of in the shadow realm for a bit, for her safety. They didn't plan on it being this much 'time' but something interfered.

She finds that when she stays still too long that shadows of things move a little closer, or cover her a little more. They whisper random things, sometimes funny, sometimes warnings. She keeps trying to remember she doesn't need to talk out loud when responding to them and that she needs to focus at times to remain visible to others. A corner of her mind says she should feel hate, anger fear in the past but she doesn't seem to remember what those are. The whisper say those don't matter for now.

She begins her trek back to the town. She will need to find a home- This time the stay will be much longer. Luckily, her friends are keeping her company.

* provides that following book, with a note added to the back of the book ... ' Dont forget the Fallen ' referring to the momentum in the Old Quarter *

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