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Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Night Star - Teuivae Surin
« Last post by Briar_Rose on Today at 05:49:33 am »
I passed the second trial Neasa set before me! Without knowing it, in fact. She had tasked me to heal someone without asking for payment and there was no requirement on whom or for what reason. A 'lass' (now I'm starting to use Neasa's language, haha) by the name of Selniin if I remember correctly was visiting the Chapter House and had some sickness from the red mist. I stood up and asked if she would pray every night to Selune for me and I'd do the same, so that she may be cured. I placed what blessings I could upon her in hopes that the Moonmaiden was listening - simply because I had hoped she would be cured. Selniin seems to have such a pure heart. That's when Neasa suddenly proclaimed I had passed the task given to me. I can't say I don't feel a sense of pride every time Neasa praises me, as if I am bringing her and Selune honor.

I learned a little more of Menner as well, this undead cleric of Shar. Apparently he some plan to attack the Order. While Neasa seemed worried about some recent news about him, I couldn't help but just feel Selune's glow in my heart. No matter what happens to the Order or the Knights.... I think we will be fine. Selune will guide us and shine her light on us.

Which brings me to my last thought of this entry. Sherina is difficult to get a hold of and with how the enclave operates, I'm not keen to seek aid with the arcanist guild. So for now, I shall do the only thing that truly makes sense on my journey - I will pray to Selune for guidance. If she blesses this path, to awakening my celestial blood, may I be so honored as to get a nudge in the right direction. Perhaps it will work out with Sherina in the end, but what I know for sure is this - I will not give up. I won't let the dream just fade away into nothingness when I have a genuine chance to awaken my blood...

... Selune, please shine your light on my path.

Library of Valstiir / Re: Research: The History of the Minotaur
« Last post by Solomon on October 22, 2019, 02:19:47 am »
Following the rather limited mention of the current Sullivan and the lack of written history on the monstrous beast-men, the blonde haired figured heaved a sigh and closed the tome. Extrapolating from what he'd learned, pieced together, he figures that the minotaurs typically tend to reside in hilly, forested terrain and are capable of somewhat sophisticated hierarchies when compared to the lower monsters like goblins. Nothing terribly exciting to gain just from that, but it does bring up a few more ideas.

The youth seeks out the librarian, asking for maps of the areas around both the port and from any mountains or hills near it, wondering if he could spot a particular pattern, a path they had taken that could be back-tracked.
Library of Valstiir / Re: Research: The Sightless Swordsman
« Last post by Vydaera on October 21, 2019, 09:16:56 pm »
Thank you for sharing what you know... I will make a trip to Hilltop and see if I can uncover any details.

Do you happen to know if there is are any Monasteries in the area?
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Non-Adventures of Ser Stumbldworf
« Last post by FuntimeFrabjous on October 21, 2019, 08:23:12 pm »
After a particularly experience night out with her gang; The More Than Adequates; Ser Stumbldworf can be spotted from place to place scribbling away, much too busy with paper and quill to afford anyone much of her time.

Dear Diary,

Last night I had what I think people around here call; a very lovely gang-bang.
Around we went, travelling as a gang, and banging on all of the monsters doors' did we go to invite them for some of the fun.
It was certainly a handful! I had to fight an almighty hydra with three heads at once!
I am very, very sore after my engagement with it; my every muscle still wound up tight and aching like never before.
That was my first proper adventure I think, Diary, and I do have to say that it was very lovely.
Especially the way I - Ser Stumbldworf - handled the almighty tri-beast all by myself, without any fear for the bones it was breaking inside of me.
I like to think it is down to my excellent strength of character and willingness to very much lead the charge that led my group to sharing their support with me, and punching away my injuries when they were too much.
Bright, brilliant flashes of white light each time I hit a very particular peak; one that I was very much not ready to meet.
Especially not multiple times.
I am looking forward to the upcoming festivals where I hear that they have animal-riding!
That is a very exciting prospect and, I have always wanted to ride a pony, or a donkey, or maybe even a horse - though I think the latter are much too big.
I often forget that I am quite small. I just envy the squire that gets to pet and play with them all day.
My adventure did not make me a lot of money though, so I will have to go and chase the piglets around for a while.
It is nice that they get to run around for a little while every now and then. It is always tempting to never actually catch them.
I do not feel like doing much work today though, Diary. Nor tonight.
Maybe a nice steam bath with bubbles and lots of tea will set me right.
It was a struggle to even get out of bed, my legs were so very sore and human beds are very big and comfortable.
Anyway, that is an update Diary. Just to let you know I did not forget about you.
Hopefully I will have some art soon. It is difficult trying to get my fingers to work properly.
Also, Diary? Now that I read this page back to myself? Uhm.
I hope nobody ever finds you. This would be very much embarrassing material for certain people out there.
Write to you again soon, Diary. Bye-bye.
-Blanc Ser Stumbldworf

It certainly took a while to write for the lounging hin, but once satisfied with her page, she hop-toddles back to the inn to enjoy the solitude of her room; coming down for snacks and tea every so often.
With mild regrets each time, for human stairs were a pain to climb!
Library of Valstiir / Re: Research: The History of the Minotaur
« Last post by Rainman on October 21, 2019, 07:47:59 am »
You find mention of the following referring to Sullivan and Minotaurs ...

" Those that travel to the Port of Sullivan, know that the Pirate Sullivan has been removed and a young Bull Minotaur has taken his title. He bring a clan of minotaurs from the near by hills to claim the port as his own. "

" Sullivan's Port was not always a port but has been in the past a trading hub situated high in the jungle trees "

" Monster clans come and go in the area around Sullivan's Port, as they trade and sell their trophies from raids of caravans and villages. Some bring raw materials that they find or get slaves to collect for coin "

no other reference to Minotaur history
Library of Valstiir / Re: Research: The Sightless Swordsman
« Last post by Rainman on October 21, 2019, 07:36:29 am »
Are you taking about a Monk? I have heard and have read that some monks train long and hard, giving up most of their life in dedication of perfecting their skills. I would seek out a Monastery and see if they are willing to discuss this man you speak about.

Or if the warrior was using a weapon he might have been what they call a Weapons Master ... One who has mastered perfection in a single melee weapon. I believe one lived in Hilltop but I am unsure of the details or his name.

The road to both is long and hard plus you must be clear of mind and strong of body ...

Albert Pendragon, Master Librarian
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Night Star - Teuivae Surin
« Last post by Briar_Rose on October 21, 2019, 07:01:53 am »
What a turn of events, indeed. I lay in bed, ready to fall asleep as my heart sings. Neasa Lawley is truly an angel and I am blessed by Selune herself for having such a beautiful knight in my life. To think I was nervous in sharing my preferences seems so silly now. After telling her, she took to commanding me like fish to water and every single moment, it was laced with a feeling of love and respect that I've come to truly expect from her. We kissed for the second and third time and my heart glows. I do believe now that Amaunator and Selune brought us together to support one another and grow with one another. I am truly honored to give her my heart.

On to other matters of importance however, are these dreams. They are distracting at best and tiring at worst, but as so many assume - they are not nightmares. It's like the heavens to me, to dream of the flight, the feel of winds in my hair and feathered wings, and the moonlight's warm glow on my skin. What causes me to be restless is when I'm awake - a consistent nagging and longing for this second life I've never had.

I need to seek Sherian however. Zazie was most helpful in sharing knowledge of records concerning these dreams. She mentioned a history of individuals having similar dreams and either they simply changed on their own or they did 'something' (which was not explained at the time) to awaken the blood. Though it sounded like the most common was that of dragons, it was not unheard of regarding celestial and fiendish blood. She mentioned most of these people were blood casters or minstrels. So asking Neasa, she told me that Sherian was one such blood caster that she trusted... I'm not sure what will happen or how this will turn out, but I must try. I can't just turn away from these dreams!

General Discussion / Autumn Party Times
« Last post by SteelsSweets on October 20, 2019, 03:07:54 pm »
I'm trying to arrange a time/date that will allow the most people to attend.

I don't want to have the party too far after Halloween because there is a winter party I want to hold before Wren's end of term in December.

But, I'm sure the player base can forgive me for "parties too close together" if it means more people get to enjoy the awesome work Rainman has been doing for me on the party location.

So, please vote on when you would be available. This is just a very general idea right now. Once we get a weekend picked then we can work on an exact time.

You can vote for more than one option and vote changing is allowed.
Journals & Backgrounds / The Non-Adventures of Ser Stumbldworf
« Last post by FuntimeFrabjous on October 20, 2019, 08:14:41 am »
Around Hadrian and rarely ever actually out amongst all of the other adventurers is one that, by all self-admission; really does not fit in.
Some might see her wandering around every once in a while, over-burdened by much over-stuffed sack.
Actually out fighting? Not so much.
Unless one considers every stroke of brush, or quill, as part of the battle.

Hello Diary,
My name is Ser Stumbldworf; Knight of the Pale Moon! Who chose me because of my impracticality, of that I am most certain.
I am not very much of an adventurer. It took me until recently to learn how a sword is even held!
Did you know that the pointy end goes towards the enemy?! I did not!
That is because everybody likes to laugh at me when I hold it the wrong way, and I like it when everybody laughs.
I do not think there needs to be as much bloodshed as there is in the world; I think it is making things very sick.
Who is to say a goblin is all that threatening, really? When I met my first goblin, he stole my shoes only; but I suppose he probably needed them more than me.
I enjoyed walking barefoot for the rest of that day, Diary! It was a very nice day, and I hope the goblin got to show off his new boots to everyone.
I think people get embroiled within hate a little too much, and place too much threat on things that cannot help being threatening.
I like to think that it is not their fault that they are born so small, because I was born very small and I know what it is like.
Being unable to fight does not get you much respect in this world, but, I am at least fortunate in that I get to do other things than fight all day.
There is not so much fortune for the 'monsters' out there.
Hadrian is very lovely, although the people are very strange.
They have a bird-lady as a Mayor, did you know that?
I wonder if I grew wings, could I be Mayor too? Ha-ha!
That would be fun, I think.
At the moment though, there is a lot of work to be done instead I think.
Too many swards, not enough words!
I am going to try and find paint supplies now, Diary. Do not be offended that I use other things to practice my artwork, okay?
I only want to share my best with you so, I have a lot of practice to get to.
Speak to you later, Diary.
-Ser S.
Journals & Backgrounds / Re: The Night Star - Teuivae Surin
« Last post by Briar_Rose on October 20, 2019, 06:24:04 am »
I'm sitting in the Valstiir, among the books of the library with a stirring in my heart. I was worried the night before - I had always had dreams of flying, of clouds at dusk where moon and sun meet, but never had it been so strong as it was last night. Even now as I write, I can recall the feeling of wind in my face, in my hair, in the wings I don't have, and feel the moon's light glowing on my skin - it was so real upon my waking that it took me several moments to realize I had no wings, no glow, no warmth about it. It weighed on my mind all day, as something like that would on anyone's mind.

I am blessed however with Neasa's presence. Perhaps she is right to believe we were met to meet together, revolving and drawing to one another like the sun and moon - Amaunator and Selune. Certainly it warms my heart to feel her presence, her hands on mine, to feel her arms around me. She comforted me by explaining that perhaps I had distant celestial blood or perhaps I'm like her and it's been suppressed by the darkness in my own life. So after writing this entry, I will be researching on the celestials themselves - she said for her, she saw Astral Devas and felt a connection... perhaps I shall as well. Furthermore, I'll be trying to find if anyone else has recorded individuals having such strong, suggesting dreams before. I hope to find something. It's like something has been calling out to me for a while, but now it's in my face, trying to shake me awake...

Also I wish to note Arkelos. I overheard him and he asked questions not often asked - what of those whom we fight? Do they have dreams, hopes, goals, pains, and nightmares? I'm glad I was able to talk to him. Encourage him to keep questioning. I do not go into every battle with the thought that this bandit or this necromancer will surrender - but the instant they do, I shall accept it. We cannot truly show Selune's light of acceptance and forgiveness if we either do not accept the chance for them to be redeemed or hold blade to neck and demand it. To bathe in Selune's light is the means to challenge evil not for evil's sake, but to protect others so they may live a good, healthy, and peaceful life. I've no doubt that this is what Selune wishes, in the end.

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