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Library of Valstiir / Research: Sky observation reports
« Last post by Walrus Warwagon on December 08, 2018, 06:00:37 pm »
Thelgrim came to the library in search of reports from a local observatory or astrologers regarding observations of falling meteorites. Among the reports he chooses those that describe small, high-density meteorites, showing just a small loss of visible mass in the atmosphere. Then in already selected report he searches for those with an area of impact in the wild lands to reduce the chance that an expedition was sent to claim meteorite.
The ultimate goal is to determine the meteorite with the highest chance of containing a small amount of Star Metal and calculate the approximate coordinates of its landing.
Library of Valstiir / Re: Research: Inquires upon the nature of shadows
« Last post by sharkinajar on December 08, 2018, 05:47:51 pm »
The paladin does find some information on a few different types of shadows. The shadows that bleed out from the Plane of Shadow, a strong intent that remains behind when the owner dies and the soul passes, and those conjured by mages using a link to the Plane of Shadow. The shadows are usually unintelligent and mindless, only filled with the longing left behind. Those naturally from the Plane of Shadow show more intelligence, but they are quite rare and do not have the longing the others hold. Banishment of shadow is almost always simply destroying the shadow, but sometimes it can be bound to an object and will vanish when the object is destroyed.

There is little to no information on the actual beings from planes... at least with that vague of a request, the librarians could not help you.
Beta Feedback and Bugs / Re: The Spell Nerf/Buff please thread
« Last post by SpiffyHas on December 07, 2018, 03:12:08 pm »
Make an NPC resurrection cost 10% of your xp, and and the raise dead cost 15%m whereas player resurrection grants 0 xp loss and raise dead grants 5%.

Casted, of course. Scrolls still yank XP.

Beta Feedback and Bugs / Re: The Spell Nerf/Buff please thread
« Last post by Ascended Mage on December 07, 2018, 09:30:41 am »
Alright, here is apparantly very very HUGE issue with Raise Dead spell and Resurrection Spell.

I am playing a cleric who is very kind to members of party and especially to high level characters and always used many times and always Raise Dead spell on them. After some time I am OOCly was told what there difference between this two spells. Raise dead spell will take 10% exp from character and Resurrection Spell will take only 5% exp.
Of course it is makes sense since Resurrection is stronger spell. But what is more difference between this two spells?

By description and by default, Raise Dead spell returns corpse to life and raised character returns to life with 1 hit point.
In Netherese server, character returns back to life with full hp.
Resurrection spell by default raises character and returns back to life with full hp.
In Netherese server it is unchanged.

Now right to issue with 5% difference.

If forget about this difference, then everything is fine. Not all-mighty cleric was able bring back to life party members right after event or in middle event and it is very nice and cool! Return back from death!
But 5%!
Maybe everyone noticed how big we have thread about Death Penalty?
Yes-yes! That means what players OOCly would prefer to keep their characters dead even when it maybe not makes sense in game because of this difference 5% in lost exp.
And even if they prefer to stay dead, there is nothing can stop cleric to use Raise Dead spell on dead character.
Just imagine, Neutral Good character, after hard battle very far away from cities and temples wish to help to his friends and he just use raise dead spell!
And then back from death returns angry players who maybe even can start hate you and your low level clerics or be very frustrated what your character used this spell and they lost 10% of exp instead of possible 5%.

I hope everyone now will understand what I mean in general now.
People becomes sad/angry/frustrated/dissapointed/your option/  OOCly because of game mechanics and descisions what was made in game by characters.


0. Make dead bodies weight 100+ lbs. Not 0.5.

1. Remove this difference of 5% between two spells or players will become more angry/sad when low level clerics raises high level characters.
2. Place temporary debuffs on characters what was raised by Raise Dead spell. Low AC, low stats, low AB. It can be anything what will remain on character few hours and can't be removed by rest.

Bonus suggestions for distant future.

3. Include diamonds in Ressurection Spell and even to Raise Dead spell too perhaps.
4. Make characters pick deity in creation room so perhaps this spells will be more important for characters of same faith and who knows maybe characters of same faith will have very very little exp loss
Library of Valstiir / Research: Menner and Blackthorne
« Last post by Swifty Willownall on December 07, 2018, 03:36:06 am »
*Arthur enters the library and inquires about the name of two individuals.

The first is the name of Blackthorne. Specifically any accounts of this name being tied to demons or demon rifts.

The second, Sir Nathaniel Menner, specifically of ancient texts around 1,000 years or older.*
Library of Valstiir / Research: Inquires upon the nature of shadows
« Last post by Dagonlives on December 06, 2018, 11:09:52 pm »
A paladin of Amaunator wanders into the library of the Moonglow Keep, as well as the other sources he may have access to, inquiring upon how to invoke and banish beings of shadow.  He also asks for relevant background to the planar beings, so that he may educate others who will be necessary for future work.
Library of Valstiir / Re: Will Rogers - Demon Metal Research
« Last post by Mortui on December 05, 2018, 09:30:49 pm »
[A librarian comes about to say that Demon Metal is simply hematite mined in the Abyss, taking on the fiendish qualities. Smithing or repairing such things would require a trip to some layer of the Abyss to do so.]
General Discussion / Re: Death penalties
« Last post by Surfing_Turnip on December 02, 2018, 12:47:57 pm »
A double post to add, if you want me to take IC steps to set up a church of Jergal, send me a message my dudes and we can coordinate something.
General Discussion / Re: Death penalties
« Last post by Surfing_Turnip on December 02, 2018, 12:45:06 pm »
On the note of DMs asking for how to make death more frightening IC, and commenting that players take all discussion of it to OOC mechanics:

All of the server's death content is OOC mechanics. You have it take you to an OOC place that isn't supported by the lore. You have a church (that should be a court) resurrect the players, when that dogma shouldn't deal with the dead at all. The penalty for dying is to go through more OOC grinding mechanics for many hours to recover what you have lost.

If you want players to begin to associate death with IC reactions and IC fear, you have to take the steps to make it have a tangible IC impact. You need to cut off resurrections from the court of Amaunator. You need to introduce the church of Jergal, an equally large and important entity in Netherese society, and the associated difficulty of getting resurrections from this church. This doesn't mean bumping up gold and XP costs - dungeons and their associated resources are primarily OOC entertainment and as designers you have to treat any game play content linked to them as such, if you want to guide player impressions towards a role play or fantasy/wish fulfilment experience. You have to sever the connection between player's dying and thinking, "Damn, now I need to spend another week walking in circles around those two dungeons." and start making them think, "Oh my (proverbial) God what the flaming flips just happened."

Edited to add: In case I wasn't clear, I mean make it more immersive, and cut out the OOC mistakes or choices that pull you out of immersion and make you think of the OOC.
General Discussion / Re: Death penalties
« Last post by SpiffyHas on December 02, 2018, 09:10:17 am »
Part of the issue is that the server level range content is just so -broad- that it is impossible for lower level players to contribute on content meant for a higher level range, then DMs need to bar higher level range PCs on content meant for lowbies. So when you die at a high level, it makes you feel like you can contribute less to an event than you might otherwise could- especially when said events rely on Perma Death risk (which I absolutely adore, btw). Or there might be consequences to not being mechanically strong enough to survive an event. This leads to the formation cliques and groups of high level players who are reluctant to bring low levels on their shit. High level players ironically dislike death more and more sense the time put into leveling is not a gradient scale, it's an exponential curve of difficult and time investment.

They do not mind this so much with crafting since you don't look crafting skill, they do mind with XP, since XP can be lost.

The easiest (though not quickest) solution would be to narrow the server range to a small figure. I recommend either dropping the level range from 2-20 to 4-10, or 10-15. The difference between a level 15 PC and a level 10 PC is great enough that it feels like substantial progress towards empowering your PC, but not so wide that a level 10 PC cannot contribute on an event without dying in the mud instantly. Right now, the death penalty emphasizes luck and mechanical knowledge- not consequences to risk, as those who know what they are doing will survive as opposed to players who just prefer to RP and never really bothered to investigate the idiosyncratic stupidity of the game (I.E: Death Ward blocks water elemental drown.)

The answer really isn't removing death penalties- it's narrowing the level range, as it forms an exclusive range of 'low level pcs,' to 'high level pc quest groups.'
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