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Netherese Library / Research: Baothein of Wonbrie, Knights of Rayne
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:51:28 am »
An exhausted Lilana would be seen shambling across the library of Valstiir, and perusing Moon Glow Keep's records searching for information related to one known as "Baothein, the father of Wonbrie".

More discretely, she would ask the odd question in-regards the origins of the "knights of Rayne", hoping to trace the Order to some manner of historical occurrence.

Netherese Library / Research: Monstrous Mythology and Relics
« on: January 18, 2019, 02:17:36 pm »
Lilana would be seen bustling about the library of Valstiir, asking the staff questions about books describing the myths of local monstrous tribes, oftime inquiring whether or not they could be related to a temporal union against a common foe. In addition to this, she would ask about items of particular value to the many orcs, ettins, bugbears, minotaurs and however many other monstrosities exist in the region, regardless of how apocryphal the reports may have appeared.

Area/Quest name: A Real Buzz Kill
Location: Hadrian: Town
NPC name: Natasha Wettingfield
Issue: When a quest taker gets this quest from the NPC and adds another to the quest after it has been started, the added individual cannot enter the quest area and is treated as if he had never received it (the message "You see no reason to enter there at this time" appears).
Fix: Copy every script in the dialogue option at the point where the party is allowed to enter the quest to the option to add individuals. Insert a conditional check to avoid any issues that may emerge from attempted re-adding if necessary.

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