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Announcements / Server Going Down
« on: July 04, 2020, 01:01:18 pm »
As you are all aware we are moving forward with a new version of Netheril and with that in mind we will be removing the current module from the live machine in the coming days, along with this we will be vault wiping so if you would like to save a copy of your pc I encourage you to log in and do so before the vaults are cleared.
We will endeavor to keep you all up to date with what we are doing and encourage you to do some playtesting when we have V2 up and need some helpers.

New Features / Horses
« on: January 17, 2020, 10:49:53 am »
The horse system is now up and running, you can buy various horses that range in prices.

The most expensive will have perks like saddlebags that will store equipment, the horses can not be taken into quests or major cities and you will have to use the hitching posts to hitch your horse. You can unhitch at anything post and you can also go back and stable your horse at the stables.

Enjoy and please let us know if you find any bugs.

Announcements / Gentle Reminder- Please Read
« on: December 17, 2019, 04:00:17 am »
It has come to our attention that there have been some rumblings behind the scenes about various characters, DMs and overall playstyles and as a team, we would like to address a few things. If you have an issue with how something was handled or how you perceive an event was handled it is up to you to come and speak with one of the admin team who can better help you understand the situation. It is however not productive to the server or the community as a whole to sit behind the scenes and tell as many people as you can or whoever will listen how unfair you think something is without having all the information, this breeds a hostile and toxic environment that we all want to avoid.

All of you have been made aware that the admin team on Netheril is willing to discuss issues, plots or anything that you find impacts your gaming experience and often when you have all the information that we do it suddenly becomes apparent you should have spoken to us before turning to the peanut gallery. We are not here to ruin anyone's gaming experience we have developed this server with the vision in mind that we all have a place to come and have some fun in, so if you are seeing something we aren't aware of or feel wronged by something please come and speak with us and know there will be no negative effects for being open and honest with us we would much prefer this then listening to the rumours that eventually filter back down the line to us.

General Discussion / Current WIP
« on: October 28, 2019, 03:47:28 am »
Current WIP

Merchant stalls are being finished up and will be available for PC’s to sell their wares. How it works is you will be able to buy a shop and have a merchant manned it for you, he will need to be paid a wage. People can sell to your store if you give the shop money to use to purchase items. We will post a more detailed –how-to guide-.

Player mounts are in the final stages, we will have various options for you guys to purchase starting from unsaddled mounts, saddled mounts, saddlebag mounts and armoured mount. These will be priced accordingly, the saddlebag mounts are what we are waiting on before we can release it. At present, the contents that you add into the bags are not persistent and we are waiting for a fix for those before rolling them out.

A version 2 of our hak pack is being worked on, this will include a new tileset, the paintings, fixes for any busted content and new spells for all classes will be implemented. There are other small things added to the hakpack that doesn’t require mentioning.

Domains we have not started on yet, we wanted to get the spells in and working first and then we will look at domains.

We are looking at implementing our old ranger tracking system for rangers and druids, the system is written we just have to change some of the outdated information.

New random loot generator is being looked at, it creates items on the fly for use on quests and in random exploration areas. This system also has a feature that has loot sets, these can be based off old player characters for example “Insert PC name” Cloak of Doom, Ring of Resistance and so on, collect a full set and it unlocks specific benefits.
Still plotting along adding new merchants and updating our loot found in quests.

Areas are still having the flavourful text and small points of interest added.

Continuously we are looking to add new quests and exploration areas.

Rules on Netheril are put in place to maintain the enjoyment for all of the community. These rules encompass the server, forums and Discord.

Below are the following rules that all players agree to follow when entering the Netheril server. Players are responsible at all times for abiding by the rules and role playing, and will be held accountable to them. Please make sure that you read and understand thoroughly each of the rules and if there is a question don't hesitate to ask a member of the Administration Team.

Netheril is a M15+ server. This means that the server will contain mature content and is therefore recommended for persons over the age of 15.

Netheril is also a roleplaying server and not a “social” one.  Therefore the Netheril team has come to a decision regarding player housing and handwaving that goes on behind closed doors. We have decided that if we are to be a responsible team, we need consistency. Therefore, the private instances clause has been removed, and instances should be treated as every other part of the server.
It is simply not responsible to say we are against something, and then provide access and infrastructure for others to do it while within our game world. We can't guarantee the age of some of our players, and we don't want our players approached with topics that they are uncomfortable with, or did not come to Netheril to enjoy. What most definitely is forbidden on Netheril is sexually abusive roleplay, including but not limited to; rape, sexual assault, sexual harassement, etc.

And since none of us are stupid, the laymens terms of this is we are disallowing erotic roleplay and things that go above the M15 rating in all areas on Netheril. If this bothers anyone, they are more than welcome to send a @modmail message, and we'll talk with them as a team, as we have made the decision as a team.

Please do not portray self-harm or suicide. You can die a glorious death in battle fighting your nemesis, but we ask that the grim tone of self-inflicted wounds not be displayed.

On Roleplaying Children :

Playing a child on Netheril is strictly prohibited. No one with a character under the age of 18 will be allowed to play said character and will be required to remake the character if this rule is broken.
Pregnancy-related stories will not be supported.
Backstories that involve sexual assault or incest are not supported.

Language and OOC :

Derogatory or abusive statements pertaining to real-world race, gender, sexuality, or sexual preference will not be tolerated.
We ask that all players remain respectful to one another in OOC communications.
OOC disrespect or abuse is completely unacceptable. If you find yourself on the end of any OOC abuse in-game, on the forums or Discord we ask that you screenshot the encounter and contact a DM. Do not take the matter into your own hands.

Discord Expectations:
Netheril Discord you will be able to connect with your DMs and the other players of Netheril. We ask that everyone acts with respect. Arguments, name-calling, OOC/IC hostilities have no place in our community.
If you have any issues regarding a player or DMs we ask that you bring that to a team member in a private chat and we will look at your complaint and work with all parties to try and find a resolution. At no stage take this behind the scenes with OOC hostility as this will not be looked at lightly and will result in a ban.
Please do not argue with DMs in public chat. Again if you disagree that is fine but hostile behavior will not be tolerated. And will result in action being taken in the form of warnings and then bans.
We encourage discussions and feedback and we want discord to be a fun place for all of us to hang out and chat.

Player Versus Player Guidelines

These are the player versus player rules that apply in the town of Conch and the lands surrounding it. There are certain aspects of PvP that are just common sense, the main one being:
"Do not do something to others you would not like done to you."
Simple! With that in mind here is a list of rules you must adhere to as a bare minimum when engaging in PvP.

Player versus Player resulting in beatdown (subdual):

Players can engage in player versus player which leads to a player being beaten down and gold or an item taken. Dry looting which means the stealing of a player's entire belongings is not acceptable. You can engage in a beatdown without a DM in certain areas that will be clearly marked PVP areas. If you are beaten down in PvP, you need to stay down until after the PvP is over (exceptions are if a DM or the player who downed you gives you permission.

Beatdown Expectations:

If you are planning to engage in Player Versus Player it is essential that you set the other player to hostile before you attack. Setting someone to hostile isn’t an IC action, it’s only mechanical and can be done by going to your player tool. If you find yourself knocked down to the ground you should remain down and not engage in the player vs. player further, this is common courtesy and will be enforced.

Getting a players bag to drop

If you beat someone down in player versus player and wish to take an item or gold from them, this is acceptable. To get a player to drop their bag you are required to hit them while they are on the ground until their loot bag drops. You can take an item or gold but you should not fully loot the player.

Player versus Player resulting in permadeath:

Player versus player resulting in permadeath should be the result of buildup and conflict between characters. If you feel you have this character development you need to get the go-ahead from a DM.
This should be an absolute last option and players should try to think out of the box when going down this path. And you should remember that you are choosing to end other players' stories so do not do this lightly.

  • Someone killed in PvP now has to wait 24 hours before he can respawn. The raise spells can still be used immediately. This was done to prevent PvP victims from immediately returning to the point where they died and accusing their attackers.
  • If you choose to respawn you cannot engage with that player and any IC knowledge leading up to the death and who did it can't be used IC, much like having amnesia.  These lost memories do not return although naturally other PCs could explain what happened to the character.  Ignoring this and immediately continuing the conflict is NOT ALLOWED and will be handled accordingly.
  • If player versus player has escalated to permadeath we would prefer that players on both sides worked to give OCC consent and inform the DM Team.
  • The player that lost their character to permadeath may be offered perks/rewards in making a new PC. This is not enforced but is an incentive if you choose this. IE: Starting level increased, Crafting level Increased, App PC, other options can be discussed with the DM Team.
  • DM events are generally not subject to permadeath. It would only occur for major server plots and will be stated well before an event

General Rules:
  • PvP must be kept IC. Any PvP resulting from an OOC issue is unacceptable, as are any OOC insults or complaints made to your fellow player. Bring any complaints to the DM Team to handle. Please supply screenshots/logs where possible.
  • No Full-Looting. This is just typically bad form and usually completely unnecessary.
  • Once you are subdued you must stay down. This is an OOC courtesy to your fellow player and will be enforced. This applies even if you are healed by someone. Rather, ask if you can get up from the overseeing DM or the player who subdued you. Failure to follow this rule can result in consequences.
  • Be Respectful. This goes for everyone. The person initiating the PVP needs to be respectful OOC. As does the person on the receiving end.
  • “Crabwalking” or strafing to speed up an encumbered character and escape away from conflict is not okay.
  • The act of escaping PVP by running through a transition and then doubling back, thereby losing your pursuer via. a load screen is not okay.
  • DM Rulings are to be respected. If you think the ruling is unjust or unfair, you may bring it to the team as a whole or another admin.

PvP and Monster Races:

  • Conch Slums is an open PVP area with beatdown allowed without a DM present; this area is controlled by gangs and monsters. So you should be aware of this if you chose to PVP in this area.
  • Conch Market District is a neutral zone and as such certain monster races are tolerated and watched whilst in this district.
  • Conch Upper District monsters are not allowed to enter and risk beatdown and being removed or killed on sight. DM needs to be present until we have a system in place. Monsters going into this area invisible or in disguises will have their character killed as this is strictly not allowed.
  • Common courtesy should be given when meeting for the first time, even though you may want to kill it should be a beat down and warning on the first encounter.
  • If a monster encounters a non-monster race they too should show the same consideration. This is to promote interaction and conflict without the instant win.
  • Monsters should not be going into Hadrian or other major villages that would normally kill them on sight- this does not include Conch Slums, Sullivan’s Port, and Patrician Trading Post.
  • Sullivan’s Port is a neutral zone and if you plan to engage in PvP you need a DM to oversee, Sullivan does not like the conflict in his port and will remove heads if it is done without his say so.
  • Playing a monster is a lonely life and more suited to group concepts as isolation is part of the deal. The DM’s are happy to discuss new additions that you would like to see out in Sullivan’s so please send them to one of us
  • Monsters on the rare occasion can be accepted into the main hubs, this would be based around the concept and application and is based on a case by case basis.


Pickpocketing counts as a hostile action, while we won't ask that you hostile someone before you pickpocket them (as it causes a penalty of -10 or so for you to do so), the be considerate guideline applies here. If you steal something that honestly you probably wouldn't be able to? Their helm off their head, their armor, weapons, shields, etcetera, give it back and ask for the event to be OOCly forgotten.

Until such a time as we mechanically limit pickpocket to small size items and gold, we ask that you be considerate of the player on the other side of this action. Otherwise, we will have to block this action altogether until we have a system in place to handle it.

PvP On An Alt:

You may react to it if attacked or otherwise threatened, but you cannot start conflict with a character that exists only to quest or to mess around with for fun. Save this type of roleplay and conflict for your main character, don't mess with other people's PCs on a consequence-free alt.

OOC courtesy:

Please be mindful that you should consider the player on the receiving end of this encounter and you should endeavor to make it enjoyable for not only yourself but for them as well. This is a game where we all come to have some fun, so please remember this when engaging in PvP.

DM Events and Looting:
Dry Looting the rewards chest wants to make this very clear this type of action is unacceptable and is not to happen. We ask that some OOC consideration takes place with these types of events and everyone gets their fair share of the loot.
Now if you have an IC reason to take something from the chest then you should always inform a DM and get this cleared before doing so.

Definitions of a Ban

Warnings - Are at the discretion of the DM team and may result in a ban.

Temp Ban - Can have character wiped and can return after the time frame has been completed.

Permanent Ban - All characters on the server wiped and may apply to re-join the community but this is at DM Team discretion and must wait at least a month to appeal.

Further resources on game information and general rules:

For further resources on game information and general rules, please refer to the following-
Announcement Forum Subsection: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?board=2.0
Netheril: Age of Discovery Wiki: https://netheril.net/w/index.php/Main_Page

For questions and concerns, please refer to the:
Netheril Discord: https://discord.gg/adW7j6
General Questions/Statements of Interest forum subsection: https://netheril.net/forums/index.php?action=helpdesk;sa=main;dept=2

Our Discord is the heart of the community, acting not only as an Out of Character lounge but also as an effective board for questions, finding people to play with, and many more functions. It is highly encouraged that you join Discord via the link provided above.

General Discussion / Increase magic item levels -- Please read and respond.
« on: September 19, 2019, 12:51:16 am »
Increase magic item levels. We understand some find it frustrating with the current loot level on the server and the time period we are in so we are proposing an increase in the overall loot level, including craftable items. Quests items, DM given items and Faction gear.
Example of this would be
+4 for items for things you can find on quests or in the exploration areas.
+5 and above for DM given

Edit: for clarification we will have a system that is colour coded with level restrictions for the top tiered items so we don’t have level 5 PCs running around in +5 armour and so on.

General Discussion / Death System Changes -- Please read and respond.
« on: September 19, 2019, 12:35:33 am »
We would like some input from our players, so you guys. We know that you have been unhappy for a while with the death system and given it is you guys who play here to have some fun we are looking for ways to change it up. So these are a few options we have considered, place a vote and if you have suggestions not listed explain in the thread.

Announcements / Rules: Please Read
« on: August 03, 2019, 12:23:59 am »
As a team, we thought it would be important to touch on some rules that should be adhered to without exception. We want to be clear on this point, these rules are not up for negotiation or bending. We are a fantasy setting game where people come to have fun and escape the problems and harshness of life. The following rules have and do still affect people in real life or have impacted their lives in terrible ways.
The following have no place in our setting:

1) Self-harm and suicide.
2) Forces sexual encounters and assaults.
3) Any threads or storylines that deal with children including pregnancy.

If you have any questions as to the reasons behind these rules then please approach one of our DM's and they will be happy to explain it to you.

Thank you
Netheril Team

Announcements / Discord - Expected Behaviour
« on: November 02, 2018, 12:08:59 am »
So looks like I need to add another note here and I'm making it very clear this time so there is no confusion. People need to stop calling one another out on here for things that happen IC these are things that you should be dealing with in-game and not poisoning players oocly about IC events the next time I read back and see it happening in the main channel I will ask the team to consider an official warning for the players involved. There is no need for any response to this, just wanted everyone to be clear where we stood.

Announcements / How to address concerns or offer suggestions.
« on: July 14, 2018, 03:43:38 am »
As a DM Team we want to let the players know that if you have an issue or concern, you need to come and speak with one of us. Speaking behind the scenes to other players will not solve the issues you need to speak with one of the DM’s so we can address any concerns or feedback that you may have.

If we are not made aware of the issue we can’t as team look at addressing it, we are an approachable team and welcome players feedback and suggestions. This also extends to if you have an issue with a DM, you do not need to try to deal with it alone, and you can speak with one of the other team members.

Also, be aware that the DM team have lives outside of the game, if you do not get an answer instantly to your questions we will get to you when we have time, if however you have not heard from us please give us a friendly nudge in 24hrs.

Announcements / Dropping Rubbish
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:21:31 pm »
It has been brought to our attention that people are leaving loot bags around in various locations, this will and does create issues so please do not leave your bags or useless equipment on the ground. There are trash barrels around so please use those, leaving equipment laying around in highly populated areas can cause lag so please do the right thing and use the bins.

Announcements / How to Support Netheril
« on: April 03, 2018, 06:22:59 am »
To keep the server running it costs us a fee each month if any are willing to contribute to the running of the server we would appreciate it, there is no pressure of course. I will pop the link below to become a Patreon supporter and our PayPal for a one-off donation.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/netheril
Paypal: netherilrebirth@gmail.com

Thank you to the people who have already supported us, this will keep us running for another month. Also, let me point out there is no special treatment given to the people who do pledge support we are just eternally grateful.

Netheril Admin <3

General Discussion / How should we handle applications?
« on: January 24, 2018, 12:05:33 pm »
We had a discussion earlier on discord about applications and I would like to ask how would you, the community like to see them handled?

Someone suggested it be done through a merit type system;

Where you basically earned the right to play high-tier subrace/special position with how well you played your previous character.
The merits can come from DMs/players. Say, if a player liked the encounter you had with him, he'd give you a point or something. The DM could do it too.

Thoughts on this?

I like this idea, there would have to be things in place to limit the number of times you could vote for the same person so friends were not just handing them out to friends
I would say there should be a limit on the number you get per real life week X amount
There should be a way for DM's to review who voted for who.

If you have an opinion I would love to hear it, these also are just my thoughts I do not speak for the team on this matter, we have yet to discuss how we want to handle applications and perks.

Setting Information / The Various Races of Netheril
« on: January 21, 2018, 12:31:10 am »

Humans of the Netherese Empire believed themselves to be the chosen race based on their ability to control magic like no other race upon the face of the world. Those who were unable to wield magic were considered less cultured and treated accordingly, seen as nothing more than primitive beings. The Netherese, however, had a certain amount of respect for the Dwarves even with their inability to use magic, this was made up by their abilities in various trades, from stonemasonry to metal work.

Humans; The numerous Barbarians were an exception to the Humans of the Netherese Empire, many residing within the vast open lands of the Patrician Plains. Many of these tribes were very superstitious and fearful of the use of magic, only trusting in their own shamans and primitive priests.
There were various tribes of barbarians who lived a semi-nomadic life throughout the wide grasslands west of the Netheril River, each tribe having its own strange customs and rites. The barbarians rarely posed much of a threat directly to the empire because of these divisions and would often war amongst themselves more often than not.

A single exception to this rule was a decade ago when a barbarian Warlord "Lord Xurrios" united many of the barbaric hordes to resist the Netherese expansion. A long and bloody war followed. Eventually, the Legions of House Dukarrus left the barbarians defeated but many wildmen reminisce of a time when they could challenge even the Netherese.

Today, however, all of the barbarians hold, at best, a great mistrust towards the Humans of the Netherese, at worst, they would kill them on sight.

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