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Arcanists and divine casters with the craft wand feat can construct wands using a mixture of their spells and a wand carving station. Every finished wand has a spell bound to it and a number of charges which detail how many times the wand's spell effect can be used before it is depleted.

A general guide for cost and spells, can be found here > https://nwn.fandom.com/wiki/Craft_wand

Binding A Spell To A Wand[edit]

Required Components[edit]

  1. (1) Blank Wand.
  2. (1) A caster with the 'craft wand' feat.
  3. Access to (1) Wand carving Desk.

Required Steps[edit]

  1. Prepare a few of the spell-type you wish to embed into the wand.
  2. Cast the spell on the wand.
    1. Each cast will incur a spellcraft roll to successfully bind the spell; and increase the current charges if the spell is already bound.
    2. Examining the wand after each cast will tell you how many charges are bound to it.
  3. When you are happy with your wand, place it onto the wand carving station.
    1. This will then tell you how much XP and Gold the wand will take to finish.
  4. Select [Finish Wand] and the wand will be completed.


Spells are very particular. Wands enhanced by spells with metamagic will only have their charges increased with additional casts of that same spell with that SAME metamagic focus. Additionally, base spells without metamagic do NOT overlap with metamagic spells.. If you perform stage 2. with a non-metamagic version of a spell casting a metamagic variant of the spell will NOT enhance the charges, and the same it true vise-versa.