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Treasure Map System

How to find buried treasure firstly you need to buy a map. There are multiple locations in-game to find a seller. Conch Market - Map Room Sulivan’s Port - Grig Examining the map you will be given an destination

Now the fun part and time to explore go out and find the area once you do use your map and you will be given coordinates.Now time to find the red X.

So when you find the X you need to use your shovel to dig up your buried treasure. You may be lucky and find a buried chest or you may dig up some poor unlucky soul or if you're really unlucky you might not find anything at all.

To use the shovel you will need to have a shovel equipped and you will need to use the Netheril Player Tool and follow the instructions. Screenshots below.

Warning Not every map will result in treasure, you may get bogus maps. The map will be removed at this point so you can go buy another. If the location is in an inaccessible area you can return it back to the seller.

Happy treasure hunting

Netheril Player Tool

HiR1Jle - Imgur.jpg


ZczkLpG - Imgur.jpg

Shows the end result

Fs7brlK - Imgur.jpg