Teleport System

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The Teleport System allows you the player to set locations and then at a later date post back to one of your set locations.

Teleportation Stone: Recall Stone You use this item to port to a location held by the Setting Gem. Most recall stones will have up to 10 charges.

Teleportation Stone - Setting Gem Holds up to 10 locations set in the server. These will in general be wildland/overland areas and will not in general be interiors, quests, player houses and within city walls.

Some areas like interiors and major cities/towns will be blocked from setting a location or using the Teleportation Stone. This is due to in game wards that would/might stop such and also to stop exploits.

The Recall Stone will move/teleport those within a 10 metre radius of the user

Warning A charge will be used if you use the Recall Stone in a Blocked Area ( this may change in the future )