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Socketable Items[edit]

In your travels your character may find items with sockets. These will have a number in brackets indicating how many free sockets the item has left. Magical gems can be permanently affixed to these items to grant various different improvements. Both socketable items and magical gems can be found in quests and as general item drops.


The Blackstone Forge in Conch is currently the only shop with a forge for socketed items. To use it, place the item you want to affix a gem to and the gem in the Socket Gem Container. Then click on the Socket Gem Forge to attempt to combine them. If they are compatible the gem will be placed in one of the item's vacant sockets and add its power to the item. Some gems only work with certain items and many different types of varying power are available.

General Information[edit]

You will first need to find two components. The first being a socketable item, which generally will have the name of "Socketable Cloak (X)" where the 'X' indicates how many sockets are on the item. The maximum number is 4, with the minimum being 1.

The second component is the type of gem you want. There are varying levels of 'power' for every type of gem.

  • Resistances: 5/- (common), 10/- (rare), 15/- (EXTREMELY rare)
  • Damages: +1/+2 (Common), +3/+4 (rare), +5/+6 (very rare)
  • AC: +1 (common), +2 (rare), +3 (kinda rare)
  • AB: +1 (common), +2 (rare), +3 (kinda rare)
  • Attributes: +1 (common), +2 (rare), +3 (very rare)

- Depends on the type of attribute. Some are more rare (Strength, Con) than others (DEX)

Once you have the items, go to a local socketing magical device and place both the socketable item, and a SINGLE of the gems you wish to put onto the item. Then press the associated 'forge' button found to the right of the box the items are in. This will place the effects onto the items, and deduct a socket from the item.

You may use multiple of the same gems for added effects at the cost of sockets, up to a maximum (maximums noted below). For example, on a 2 socketable pair of boots you could use a +1 AC Gem twice to get a +2 AC pair of boots, or use a +1 and a +3 AC gem to get a +4 AC pair of boots.

Known Maximums / Restrictions:

  • AC/AB: +4 is the maximum.
  • Attributes: Unknown. Would also assume 4.
  • Damage Bonuses: I think you can stack the same type of damage on an item, but not sure the actual limit you can go to is. I would hope you can get it up to +24 or so.. Need more info.
  • Resistances: Unknown. Need DM input on limits here. I would assume 40/- considering 4 sockets and 10/- exist. (and 20/- being widely available via enchantment)
  • Restrictions: Attributes (maybe AC) cannot be places on weapons. Damage/AB cannot be placed on armor (I think)