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There are numerous quests available in Netheril: Age of Discovery with a range of tasks, difficulty, and teamwork requirements. Any NPC whose floating name is written in 'purple' is a quest giver and if you fall within the level and party size range simply speaking to them will allow you to obtain the details of the task you must perform. Then when complete, you return to this same NPC to receive your reward of experience points and/or gold.

The easiest quests are scattered around Conch, particularly in the Market District via the Inn and dock areas where new (non-faction) PCs arrive. Almost any class or build of PC should be able to complete these alone without too much difficulty. The more difficult quests tend to have their quest givers in more remote places and a few may take a fair degree of exploration to find for the first time. Most of the quests for lower level characters can be played solo, but many of the harder quests have a party size requirement. It is acceptable (and encouraged) to use the in-game messaging service (proclaimers) to send an in-character message if you are seeking party members to play one of the quests which require more than one character.

Quests in Netheril fall in to a few different types:

  1. Dungeon. Each quest will have its own quirks, but all follow the traditional formula of 'find the monsters, clear them out, grab the loot, go back and get paid'. Quests of this type fall across the whole range of level and party size requirements.
  2. Bounty. Bounty quests require the PCs to obtain several items of the same type either by slaying monsters for them or simply finding them, then take them back to the quest giver. Quests of this type tend to be aimed at low and mid level PCs.
  3. Errand. There are plenty of NPCs around Conch with simple tasks that need doing, but are too busy or lazy to do themselves. These are almost always aimed at low level PCs and often give them the opportunity to see some of the world by delivering messages, items or letters etc.
  4. Exploration. Not a quest but areas where you can adventurer, with Exploration markers along the way to give you XP ... so look out for these.
  5. PRC Quests. For the approved PRCs, you can find quest givers that will provide you with a task to gain the knowledge to take these classes.

The level ranges used to create quests in Netheril are roughly grouped in this manner:

  • Low 2-10
  • Mid 10-15
  • High 15+

A list of over 100 quests with general locations information and Quest Giver, can be found here ...

We are always adding new quest and happy to hear your ideas for more.