Player Tool 1

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Player Tool 1 is one of the special abilities available on the radial menu. Below are detailed some of the ways it can be employed.

Targetted on the Ground[edit]

If the Player Tool 1 is targeted on the ground you can:

  1. Recall Summons to my location.
  2. Use my shovel - Available if you have a shovel equipped. Uses the shovel to unearth treasure spots; only unearthable in certain locations.

Targetted on Another Player[edit]

  1. Set as hostile - Set's the target as hostile.
  2. Begin autofollowing - Will make your character follow another character until you give them a new instruction, i.e. move forward.
  3. Pull their pack. - Available if target is bleeding out. Will give you access to a targets inventory to access items such as healing items to render aid.

Targetted on a Door[edit]

  1. Knock - Allows you to knock. This will be heard both in your area and the other area where the door connects to in the event of area transitions.

Targetted on Yourself[edit]

  1. Emotes - Shows a list of available emotes.
  2. Dice bag - Allow you to roll dice.
  3. Change description - Allows you to change your description.
  4. Save character - Allows you to save your character.
  5. Summoning options - Displays your current summoning options.
  6. Configuration settings. (Subdual, and Immersion Emote Control)