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Player characters can purchase a shop from which they can store commodities to be bought by other player characters. These shops are interacted with by the owner through a dialog tree which is accessed by interacting with the shop's signpost. Each shop has an associated salesperson NPC who acts as a point of sale for potential purchasers to interact with buy the commodities on offer through.

Shop Mechanics[edit]

Purchasing a Shop[edit]

Shops available for purchase, can be interacted with through their signposts and purchased through their dialog tree.

Placing/Removing items within a Shop[edit]

Through the shops dialog tree the shop's inventory can be opened. Items can then be dropped into this inventory and will appear for other player characters to see and purchase, in the same way items can be removed from the store and thus no longer be available for purchase.

Adjusting Prices[edit]

The overall markup/markdown of the prices of the shop's content can be set through the shop's dialog tree.

Hiring A Salesman[edit]

In order for the contents of your shop to be purchased you must have a salesman to host your sales, they can be hired from the dialog tree.

Salesman's wages[edit]

Shops themselves do not require rent however the salesperson selling the items on behalf of the shop will require periodic payments as part of their wage.

Shop duration of ownership[edit]

Shop's ownership has no maximum period of ownership, however if shops are found to be inactive, or failing to proffer commodities for sale then the local authorities may invite alternative mercantile authorities to take over the stall in question.

Selling a Shop[edit]

Shop's can be marked as 'for sale' by their owner, in addition to a price being set for purchasing of the shop. Both of these are accessed through the shop's dialog tree.