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Player Characters can rent estates for their own uses. These estates are considered the owner's private property in which they can store their own property as well as furnishings to design the building as they see fit. There are several properties for rent in all three districts of Conch and perhaps others hidden about the server too. In order to ensure there is enough housing, there is a limit of one estate per player account. This estate should be owned by the player's main PC.

Purchasing A House[edit]

A character must first find a vacant property. These properties are identified by a "For Rent" sign at the door. Properties which have already been claimed by someone will have a user-assigned name on the sign instead. Once a vacant property is found, the character can click on the the property's sign to interact with it. From this dialogue box the player can find out the rent due on the property, have a virtual tour of the interior and if desired claim the property. This box will also allow the renting player to input a personalised name for the property. A key for the door will also be added to the player character's inventory.


Each property has a rent which is due every 2 weeks. If this rent is not paid within 5 days of this deadline the property is lost as well as all the property stored within it. To check on rental details or pay rent, simply click on the sign outside your property. Upgrading features of the property will increase the rent due on it (see further below for more information on upgrades).

House Property[edit]

Persistent Storage Chest[edit]

When claiming a house, a "housewarming gift" will appear in the character's inventory which can be placed within the property. This gift is a cabinet in which can be stored a certain number of items persistently across resets. The capacity of the container can be upgraded if desired. The cabinet is placed like any other item and using the /editor command will allow it to be moved or turned.

Locked Doors[edit]

All houses have locked front doors to enter and some have locked interior doors as well. To enter, a key is required. Keys can be produced from the sign by the owner of the property. Extra keys can be issued for spares or to give to allies. Other characters may attempt to pick the lock using the Open Lock skill but property owners can purchase improved locks which increase the DC required. There is a button beside the interior of the front door which can be clicked to close and lock the door after entering. Doors can also be locked via the normal method (right clicking then clicking the key button).


Furniture can be purchased from a furniture store and placed within an owned home by the owner. There can be as many furniture pieces in the house as the house's capacity limit allows for. There are a few furniture shops in Conch, with Vinnie's being the largest but you may be able to find more specialised retailers.


Type /shop in a store to get the nearest available furniture to purchase. You may in the smaller store be advised you are in the buying areas via a message. Once purchased, the furniture will appear in the player character's inventory. Using this item in the player's home will allow it to be placed.

Type /editor in your house to move the placed furniture around and toggle options on some items like chairs to make them able to be sat upon. Beds can be set as resting areas. Ensure you click on "commit to changes" because otherwise your changes will be lost! A widget can also be placed on the floor to assist in moving objects around the property.


The Door's Lock DC, Maximum Furniture Capacity and Maximum Item Storage can each be independently upgraded. Upgrading these will cost a flat amount as well as increase the rent required every 2 weeks.