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Player Character's can purchase estates for their own uses. These estates are considered the owner's private property in which they can store their own property as well as furnishings to design the building as they see fit.

Purchasing A House[edit]

A character must first find a vacant property. Once this has been found the character can interact with the property's sign and, provided they have enough gold on them, purchase the property.


Each property has a rent which is due every 2 weeks. If this rent is not paid within 5 days of this deadline the property is lost as well as all the property stored within it.

House Property[edit]

Persistent Storage Chest[edit]

Most houses will have a storage chest within them in which can be stored a certain number of items persistently across resets.

Locked Doors[edit]

All houses have locked doors to enter. To enter, a key is required or the lock can be picked if the rogue has a high enough open lock skill. Keys can be produced from the sign by the owner of the property.


Furniture can be purchased from a furniture store and placed within an owned home by the owner. There can be as many furniture pieces in the house as the house's capacity limit allows for.


Type /shop in a store to get the nearest available furniture to purchase. You may in the smaller store be advised you are in the buying areas via a message

Type /editor in your house to move the furniture around and tog options onto some items like chairs to make the able to be sit on.


The Door's Lock DC, Maximum Furniture Capacity and Maximum Item Storage can each be independently upgraded. Upgrading these will cost a flat amount as well as increase the rent required every 2 weeks.