Player Commands

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Player commands can be typed into the box after a forward slash (/).

/dmg # | /damage #[edit]

Will inflict # amount of damage to your character.

/e # | /emote #[edit]

Will make the character carry out the emote stated in place of the #.
Emotes: cast 1, cast 2, cross, crouch, dodge, drink, drunk, duck, fall back/lay back, fall forward, fall front/lay front, follow, get mid, get low, headache, jump, meditate, plead, point, read, shout, sit, sleep, spasm, think, worship

/helm | /helmet[edit]

This command will mark the helmet current worn as 'invisible' allowing characters to retain the benefits of wearing the helmet while not having it visibly shown.

/hood #[edit]

This command will throw up a characters hood. Where multiple hood types are available a number can be added in place of the # to choose between them.

/lcm | /loot collection mode[edit]

Will automate the collection of loot when turned on; any loot collected while active will go to a special loot sack that you can dump out or sift through later.

/r #| /roll #[edit]

When # is replaced by an attribute/skill/save or a number of dice (i.e. 1d20) a public roll will be made against that.


This command will advise what creatures are around or near to you.

More details to come