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Within Netheril there are three tools, easily accessible by right-clicking on your character, then going to the left radial. These are Netheril Player Tool, Netheril Bug Tool, and Command Companion Tool. It is highly recommended that you set these to a quickslot, as you’ll be using them often!

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Netheril Player Tool[edit]

This tool allows you to interact with the world in different ways depending on what you click on it. It can be used to access menus for dice-rolling, performing emotes, accessing reputation, knocking on doors, and various other things. The best way to get accustomed to it is by using it on multiple things, and just seeing what pops up.

Netheril Bug Tool[edit]

This tool lets players submit bug reports while in game. Simply click on the buggy thing, type a quick report and keep playing. If a DM needs more information, your identity is logged so we can easily find you. Make as much use of this as you can, from big exploits to typos in conversations.

This will now be tracked on Discord under #issue-traker, so you will be able to find out the results of your bug report.

Command companion tool[edit]

This tool allows a player to command their summoned, or partied henchman to perform different actions. Actions such as recalling to their location, opening locks, opening chests, bashing on objects, attacking and moving are scripted.

Player Tool 1[edit]

Player Tool 1 is one of the special abilities available on the radial menu. Below are detailed some of the ways it can be employed.

Targetted on the Ground[edit]

If the Player Tool 1 is targeted on the ground you can:

  1. Recall Summons to my location.
  2. Use my shovel - Available if you have a shovel equipped. Uses the shovel to unearth treasure spots; only unearthable in certain locations.

Targetted on Another Player[edit]

  1. Set as hostile - Set's the target as hostile.
  2. Begin autofollowing - Will make your character follow another character until you give them a new instruction, i.e. move forward.
  3. Pull their pack. - Available if target is bleeding out. Will give you access to a targets inventory to access items such as healing items to render aid.

Targetted on a Door[edit]

  1. Knock - Allows you to knock. This will be heard both in your area and the other area where the door connects to in the event of area transitions.

Targetted on Yourself[edit]

  1. Emotes - Shows a list of available emotes.
  2. Dice bag - Allow you to roll dice.
  3. Change description - Allows you to change your description.
  4. Save character - Allows you to save your character.
  5. Summoning options - Displays your current summoning options.
  6. Configuration settings. (Subdual, and Immersion Emote Control)