Netherese Enclave

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"The first of many."
- Ioulaum

Netherese Enclaves, also known as Netherese Flying Enclaves, where flying cities utilised by the Netherese.

Netherese Enclave
Netherese Flying Enclave.jpg
Xinlenal in flight.
Region: Airborne
Type: Netherese Enclave
Demonym: Netherese
Population: Varies
Government System: Varies
Leader: Varies


The first Netherese Enclave, Xinlenal, was created in −2954 DR by the archwizard Ioulaum, sixty years after he had invented the Mythallar. The creation of Xinlenal led many other powerful mages of Netheril to create flying enclaves of their own, in effect splitting the nation into two, High and Low Netheril.

Enclave Statistics[edit]

Speed & Size[edit]

The speed and size of enclaves varied, depending on the purpose of the enclave and the resources of the lord constructing it. The table below specifies the guidelines:

Enclave Size Miles Per Hour Fuel Duration (Hours) Required Crew Size Maximum Crew Size ~Surface Diameter (Foot)
Small 1.25 Infinite 20 100 300
Medium 1.0 Infinite 40 300 500
Large 0.75 Infinite 80 500 1000

Enclave Assets[edit]

Each enclave sported a number of venues atop it, with greater emphasis being given to the buildings which suited the Lord of the enclave's pursuits.

Enclave Buildings[edit]

Flying Galley Dock[edit]

Certain enclaves had a docking complex constructed atop them which provided ports for Netherese Flying Galleys, acting as a launching platforms. Located within these were often refueling points which the Flying Galleys used to refuel between flights. Each docking complex could normally support up to 6 Flying Galleys at any one time.

Mythallar Chamber[edit]

The Mythallar Chamber, the engine of the enclave, was the chamber in which the Mythallar was housed, alongside the other mechanisms required to power the flying enclaves. Surrounding the Mythallar were normally a host of magical defenses to reduce the risk of tampering.


Each Enclave often has a central Citadel in which the Lord presiding over the Enclave lived. For the servants, the Citadel hosted a sizeable barracks and servants quarters for those directly attending the Lord night and day. The additional wings, and rooms of the Citadel could serve a myriad of purposes from prisons, to research laboratories and many more.


Either connected to the central Citadel or separate, these estates housed the nobility who served the Lord of the Enclave.

Enclave Features[edit]

Enclave Attunement[edit]

By means of a delicate ritual the Lord of an enclave could attune themselves to power source powering the enclave. This allowed them to manipulate certain things within the enclave as a result of its Atmospheric Magics as well as bind certain enhancements to themselves while within the enclave. The enhancements bound were chosen through the process of the ritual, and could not be changed after the fact without a lengthy and complex re-working of the ritual in full.

Atmospheric Magic[edit]

Within the enclave one feature of the Mythallar Chamber was a magically-charges environment which could be manipulated by the Lord at any area within it, in which they were present, to achieve a variety of effects to a focused upon area, these included, among others: Anti-Magic (in all areas except the Mythallar Chamber), Slow All Except Lord, Temporary Time-Stop, Remove Element (Earth/Water/Air/Fire/Quasi-Elements; Removing a 20 square foot of that element per round).

Lord's Enhancements[edit]

The Lord attuned to the enclave received a series of enhancements while within it and were only removed when they left the enclave. The enhancements varied depending on what the lord wished magnified however examples include: see invisibility, haste, enhanced attributes, water-breathing etc.

Enclave Construction[edit]

Constructing a Netherese Enclave was a long, complex task and expensive undertaking.

Enclave Maintenance[edit]

Physical Duress[edit]

One of the enclave's main maintenance requirements were physical due to the high-intensity of the system leading to certain areas wearing out over the course of a few months. This duress on the mechanisms required the attention of high-quality craftsmen and mages to identify the faults and administer the repairs. Additionally, to conduct the repairs large quantities of Adamantine, Mithral, certain rare gems and other difficult to source commodities were required.

Power Sources[edit]

Alongside the Mythaller an enclave needed other sources of energy in order to remain aloft. These came in a variety of forms, some less morally sound than others.


The enclave could fly for an indefinite period provided its Mythallar Chamber functioned with sufficient resources and without interruption.