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How to send a tell[edit]

Sending a tell in game to another player is considered an Out of Character action. Messages sent through tells to another player should not include knowledge you have gained in character about someone else. These messages should not be sent to be abusive or derogatory and if you find yourself on the receiving end of such a message you should screenshot it and send it through to the DM team. No calls for help or game knowledge should be sent through these channels.

How to send a DM message in game[edit]

If you require DM assistance ingame you can do this by sending us a message this can be done by doing /dm followed by the message you want to send. If there is a DM ingame they will return your message, however, if you do not receive a response you should attempt to contact us through discord or the forums.

Sending In Game Messages[edit]

Sendings/Proclamations can be made in-game through the Netherese Proclaimer. These messages are always considered as in character and the person who is sending the message is known, these messages will travel throughout the server and also be displayed on our discord channel.

Party Chat[edit]

Party chat is not designed to be used for in character communication, speaking in party chat occasionally is acceptable but it should not be used to talk about what is happening in character. Be mindful as well that DM's see all party chat and while running an event it can get distracting if everyone is talking in it.