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Characters who reach epic levels are individuals who's skills have ascended into an exceptional bracket who standard apart from the majority of their society. These individuals are unique and rare however often possess greatly honed abilities and insights.

Applying For Epic Levels[edit]

Character's gathering experience will naturally reach a boundary at level 20 as this is the boundary of the majority of individuals within the Netheril setting. Once a character has reached level 20 can apply to the DM team for their character to ascend into the 'epic tier', if this is approved they will be mechanically allowed to continue gathering experience up until level 30, as well as gaining access to various epic-abilities. Player's applying for their character to be moved into the 'epic tier' should be well read on all the contents on this page before doing so and most specifically the 'Epic mortality'.

Epic Mortality[edit]

Character's who ascend into the Epic tier gain a much greater access to abilities and strengths ascending above the rest of their society, in achieving such however they also put themselves in a position of risk by marking themselves in this manner. This risk manifests itself in 10 lives issued to the character upon their ascension to the epic tier, these 10 lives will drop by 1 for every time a character is killed by another player or during a DM event. Once all 10 lives are gone the character is permanently killed.

Epic Abilities[edit]

Mechanically epic characters will be stronger than other characters who are not however where they truly come into their own is in the unique abilities which epic characters can gain access to. Characters who gain an 'Epic Class' feat (gained from achieving 21+ levels in a class) will gain access to powerful per-rest abilities from that class.