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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Faction: Roz'dha's Necropolis [ CLOSED ]  (Read 3723 times)


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Faction: Roz'dha's Necropolis [ CLOSED ]
« on: May 13, 2018, 02:33:05 am »

The Necropolis of Roz'dha

Almost a millennia ago, the Netherese began putting Enclaves in the sky. Some great men and women have risen to the status of Archmage, while others are apathetic magisters drunk on power. Some few, however, have been villains of the highest order. Roz'dha ranks among this last category.

Nearly a millennia ago, when Netheril was just beginning to put Enclaves in the sky, Roz'dha attacked one of his rivals who had just ascended, sundering his Enclave and, after a titanic battle, conquering it for himself, only to flee with his prize to foreign lands to rebuild. Now the Cursed Enclave has returned, setting its sights on further conquests and Archmage Roz'dha commands unfathomable power as one of the most proficient necromancers across all of creation.

What was once thought to be a star or some other celestial abnormality in the sky has quickly become known to the denizens of Valstiir and Hadrian to be in fact an ancient Netherese Enclave commanded by this lich.

Numerous attacks have been carried out by the Necropolis, and several of the farmsteads around Hadrian and Southbank now lie empty as a result, their former occupants sacrificed to power the Archmagus, and men in red cloaks stalk the now abandoned farmsteads, searching for more prey and often with undead or demons in tow.

Leader: Archmage Roz'dha

Suggested Races: Any non-celestial.
Suggested Classes: Any non-paladin, non-druid.
Suggested Alignment: Evil.

This faction is a work in progress. The Necropolis has yet to be made and several other systems integral to the faction, such as the ability for prominent PC's to become an undead or demon, have yet to be implemented. It is available to be joined but understand you will have minimal backup at first until the faction base is implemented.

Players can apply to join this faction to start with, or approach a DM to speak about how they might approach the faction to join on an existing character. Preludes may be run as time goes by to get people inducted with new characters.
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