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Author Topic: Aarden Sovereignsoul  (Read 1646 times)


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Aarden Sovereignsoul
« on: December 21, 2021, 03:27:53 am »
Aarden Sovereignsoul

Aarden was raised within the Hadrian temple to Mystryl and was seemingly given to the priests before a time he could remember. Being raised as a squire to a young spell-blade, and in turn, becoming a knight of the weave himself was troubling on him throughout his childhood and adolescence. What seemed like every step he took, he was either tempted by carnal pleasures and desires or a disappointment to his peers, therewithal his celestial blood one could understand the shame he may have bared. Scolded time after time, his adopted father, unable to relate to his "son" had eventually married. With his new family, and child on the way, Aarden eventually fell into obscurity, and thus began to live at the temple before his teen years.

Aarden, a flirt by nature, and a young romantic, in his sixteenth-summer, easily fell for a young half-elven woman two summers before he would fall from grace. Awestruck by her beauty, kindness, and general lack of prejudice how could he not do everything in his power to make her his, and just that is what he did. For two years his temptations and faults were forgotten as he loved another being as they also loved him. He began to channel with clarity during prayer, and those of the temple would remark his devotion, attention, and drive had seen an unexpected boost. Indeed, all was well in the orphaned plane-touched's life.

But not all stories have such jovial endings. With two years of good graces, and Aarden finally being seen as responsible and maturing within the eyes of the temple, he was so very close to an understanding and acceptance of the oath he would bear, but fate or the gods themselves did not have this in store. His lover, fetching a parcel in the farmlands outside Hadrian was caught in a seemingly freak incident. A rogue-mage having rented the unused cellar room of a now long forgotten inn, said to be selling fireworks, and other small explosives to the peasants. They had been experimenting with powerful magics, or so the locals explained as bright-blinding lights would beam through the cellar door. Seemingly unable to wield the raw force he had somehow created, those who looked on from afar or somehow survived to say they saw a massive ball of pure white radiance, blinding, and expanding outward from the cellar erasing all organic life in its path before abruptly ending. With no trace of any "rogue-mage", nor their notes, or equipment to be found. Not even the bones of those caught within the sphere were present, and all were assumed dead. All but the mage, who couldn't have perished, with his equipment, notes, and even clothing being gone.

Upon hearing of this, Aarden was thrown into a fit of rage, though, how could he not? His pregnant wife was now nothing but a memory... With his wife and child gone, Aarden sought the authorities. Alas, when told it was accidental, and under Arcanist investigation, the guard captains hands tied, and unable to say more, something unhinged in Aarden, and with a balled fist, he stormed from the office. Returning to the site of the accident, he wept for his now gone family and promised vengeance. As he left the farmlands, he took a scythe in hand from a tool barrel and sauntered away, an aura of woe following him.

For days he hunted the man down, lead by the faintest of arcane trails left behind, and runes traced upon the cellar. If Aarden could do this, why couldn't those in charge of the investigation? After a ten-day, following descriptions, paying out his meager life savings for information, and partaking in favors that would dishonor him, and bring shame to those he loved and devoted himself alongside. He'd found the mage, now in hiding within an inn outside the floating city. In a small port near Conch is where Aarden first earned his title, with little finesse, and even less discretion he entered the inn, walked upstairs scythe in hand, and like a rothe, blunted his way through the door. A mage when caught off guard isn't the most challenging of foes, especially not one so drunk, washing away their sins in alcohol. Before the man could even utter an incantation or wave his hand to cast, Aarden removed them with a swipe of the scythe. A pained scream escaped the man who pleaded and apologized for his sins. But Aarden was too far gone, too much had been given to redeem his family's death, and he wouldn't stop here. With a fell swoop of the scythe, the mage was no more.

 Though with this, what was once Aarden was no more, and with the death of this mage, a sorcerous power awoke in him, vengeance and his actions leading up to so culminated alongside his celestial blood sparked, alongside his training with the temple. Unhinged, sadastic, and willing to do anything for coin, Aarden the Mage-killer worked for the highest bidder alongside many other mercenaries, Like Boofy the Kenku Scout, and Vyc "Scuzzy" the Ravager, before finding his way to Conch. Promised power for those willing to take it, he joined the Diiri's boys alongside his sellsword-born mates and began to work his way up the ranks.

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