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Author Topic: Nomos New Features Record  (Read 7356 times)


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Nomos New Features Record
« on: March 29, 2020, 12:08:42 am »
As of last reset the following features/quality-of-life changes have been added:

/hood command: When typed this command will cause the character to pull up their hood. If typed while their hood is up it will cause their hood to be dropped. Certain races/genders have multiple hood-appearances, these can be accessed by adding a number to the command such as: "/hood_1" (this will get the standard hood) or "/hood_2" (this will get the 2nd hood model) or "/hood_3" (this will get the 3rd hood model) and so on.

/helm command: When typed this command will make the helmet worn by the speaker visually disappear. On typing this command while the helmet is visually invisible it will make it re-appear.

Hire-able Mercenary System: This will allow PCs to hire mercenaries between one of three classes (fighter, mage & cleric) and between one of three level brackets (5, 8 & 11). These Mercenaries will serve the hiring PC for 2-RL hours after which time they will depart. Mercenaries will not leave during combat, so if a PC is in the middle of a fight they are safe from that risk. The current NPC contact to hire these mercenaries is located in the Sailor's Coin in Hadrian.
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