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Author Topic: Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy  (Read 9240 times)


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Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy
« on: March 22, 2020, 11:49:02 pm »
Forget the pain? Forget the greed?  Forget revenge? remember to forget? How odd.
She forgets.
She takes a breath- She remembers.

A place of half shadows where the world looked right and wrong. Where the dark whispers and helps.
She'd finished helping the others with their fight assistance the fae and went back to the monastery in the hills.

*she feels a twinge in her muscles, an ache as if unused in a long time*  in the learning she'd picked for this mornings meditation and begins a kata*

*Her thoughts swirl*
Hardian. She was there before and she needs to go back. The shadows said it was important, knowledge is the key. There is something wrong about the clearing now though. She pauses and looks around. She spots the difference and says 'the young tree is gone' and a whisper answers 'no, it's grown some'. She doesn't see anything, but she can hear it. She asks 'How do you know'? 'we've been watching' comes the answer.

An interesting conversation follows as she finds she has been sort of in the shadow realm for a bit, for her safety. They didn't plan on it being this much 'time' but something interfered.

She finds that when she stays still too long that shadows of things move a little closer, or cover her a little more. They whisper random things, sometimes funny, sometimes warnings. She keeps trying to remember she doesn't need to talk out loud when responding to them and that she needs to focus at times to remain visible to others. A corner of her mind says she should feel hate, anger fear in the past but she doesn't seem to remember what those are. The whisper say those don't matter for now.

She begins her trek back to the town. She will need to find a home- This time the stay will be much longer. Luckily, her friends are keeping her company.


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Re: Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2020, 11:49:18 am »
The city looks the same from the west. The guards don't bother or notice? to look at her as she enters.
The city is larger, things have changed. There was an airship to the city above here before. It's gone now.
A lady sells flowers by the water.

*She tilts her head, listening* yes, she needs to get to know these people again. *She nods*

'hello' her voice is steady, precise, like her steps, however, the lady shivers and looks around.

'hello'? again. *the shadows shift around her sensing the difference, her want to be seen*

*the flower lady steps back- suddenly face to face with a stranger*

'hello' but there is no response, she moves on. strange. *the shadows embrace her once more as she glides away*


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Re: Cabia Rastine- Shadows envoy
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2020, 01:45:25 pm »
*She sits deep in a cave in hilltop pass thinking*

days have passed? She's forgotten?

The shadows called- She remembers.

There was a battle with goblins. She danced among them. The dance of death, many came to die and be forgotten. Too many more waited their turn for the breed like rabbits. There was a pain, and then she felt nothing but the shadows embrace.

She woke in Hadrian, the priests had done their job. Retzlaff had brought her body to them.
She'd left money with the priests in case something happened so they did there spells, however, her body had been preserved- safe until it could be found- strange.

Little things are missing. This is when you say hello. It's polite to say goodbye. She doesn't know what else. How do you know what you don't know?

She knows each time she dies and they 'save' her or take her soul? she loses something. It's not bad, or evil. It's part of the cycle, she notes it and moves on. She is back again- She knows more, and less. She remembers and has forgotten.

Stranger still, the conversations with the shadows. There was no concept of time, she talked with many. The coming of a King? The skies will fall? Will magic die? There is truth in shadow. Saftey in shadows. The circus is in town! New friends to be made, but not yet- not yet.

The shadows are stronger now. The other quiet one, Retzlaff? Yes, he used to see me even when the shadows embraced me. He does when I move and they try to keep up, but if I'm still, and I forget... He doesn't hear me. He doesn't see.
Do they fill the empty spaces so I don't go to Shar yet? They hear my whispers now. Sometimes even when I don't voice them. is that comforting?

*She meditates* What does Shar have in store for her? Is it her path to gather the untold secrets? To keep them safe so that the goddess my laugh as they are forgotten? She doesn't know. She doesn't remember.