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Author Topic: The Conviction of Retzlaff Voltoeux  (Read 42 times)


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The Conviction of Retzlaff Voltoeux
« on: January 13, 2020, 09:06:59 pm »
Aelinthaldaar, Illefarn  – 1845
The Elven capital was rocked by news that quickly swept the streets. Murder, intrigue, secret conspiracies, and scandalous behavior. Lord Voltoeux was no more, his murderers were his children. The more the guards pulled at the threads the more the secrets of the house unraveled, and the many repugnant practices that had seen the house rise to authority and influence over the centuries. Thievery the least among their crimes, which included blackmail, murder, smuggling, slavery, and more besides among them. It would seem if there was a crime to commit, a law to break, then over its rise house Voltoeux had done so.

For murder most foul, the murderers would have been put to death, save for the mitigating circumstances that the late Lady Voltoeux in addition to being a criminal, had abused her children severely for years.

Forgiveness was not possible, but mercy was. Instead of being put to death they were exiled, the entire house as a whole.

Excerpt the Records of the Court of Aelinthaldar - 1845, 12th Kythorn. Trial of Saeruth 'Retzlaff' Voltoeux.

Minister Aelwyn: Saeruth Voltoeux, most of your kin have already been sentenced, and you are one of the last. Do you have anything to say in your defense?

Saeruth Voltoeux: *begins to chuckle but quickly turns into a maniacal laughter*

Minister Aelwyn: *slams his gavel down* Quiet!

Saeruth Voltoeux: … For the record, it wasn’t the fact she tortured me so I would know how best to do so in turn. It was when she began to look towards Agarwaeneth, I knew then mother had to die.

*Gasps quickly echo through the court chamber with whispering and murmuring beginning to rise *
Minister Aelwyn: *quickly slams his gavel down* Silence in the court! *slams his gavel down several more times* So you admit to matricide?

Saeruth Voltoeux: Matricide?... No, not mothers, we slew monsters. *his laughing returns, followed by a sickening grin.*

Minister Aelwyn: *slamming his gavel down one last time* Saeruth Voltoeux, you have shown yourself to be just as if not more remorseless as your brother for the heinous murder of your parents. You are ruthless, unlawful and vile, and you will share the same fate as the rest of your kin! You are hereby exiled on pain of death.

Hadrian, Lower Netheril – 1852

Constantly on the move for the past seven years, Retzlaff stood by his brothers side no matter where they ended up. Although once or twice they had to flee because of rumor or suspicious disappearances.

Noticing the look in Alatar's eyes, this place was different. Maybe his god lets him see what fate holds.

*Nods to Alatar* “I will try to be on best behavior for now... Do what you do best, I will guard your back.”