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Author Topic: The Autumnfire  (Read 1332 times)


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The Autumnfire
« on: November 26, 2019, 01:24:19 am »
     Deep in the forests, far outside the shadows of the floating cities, Wild Elves live in nomadic tribes.  They follow the shifting patterns of the veil between Faerun and the Feywild, busying themselves with keeping the Unseelie at bay and protecting the forests. They walk in harmony with nature, and watch acorns become mighty oaks over the centuries.  These wild children of Selune and Corelleon are reclusive and isolated from much of the world.  They sing, dance, and drink the wine of fruits unseen by much of the rest of the world.  Among these elves, two heroes are chosen, born over again in a cycle of reincarnation. Each bears a title of a season and an auspice, depending on when the incarnation was born.  The Winterspell, Corelleon's current champion, has been missing to his people for over three centuries.  Selune's chosen, the Summerward, had left her people to seek him out after the first three decades of his disappearance, and was not seen again by the tribe either.

     The centuries the tribe lacked their champions was difficult, and they began to loose their way. Dwindling in number, it was a blessing that it came time for a new babe to be born.  It was a strange autumn eve, the moon and the sun danced in the sky together, the brilliant orange light so intense that the people could barely look to Selune and her lover in their passionate embrace. As the two came to a full caress in the sky, the pregnant elven woman felt the kick of her unborn, and was promptly attended to as she suddenly went into labor.  The elven lass was born under the strange orange light, and though she came out brown skinned with a wisp of green hair, she promptly turned pale skinned and her hair began to grow out instantly, becoming a vibrant red.

     The birth both a blessing and a message of an ill fate, it marked the end of the Summerward and the beginning of a new Champion's story. Named Lycaria Eowen by her family, but marked by an auspice that none had seen in either champion.  The Elders of the tribe had never seen nor heard of a champion with flame kissed red hair.  She was named The Autumnfire, and it was clear as she grew older that she was unlike any before her.  Her demeanor and spirit was very intense, and rather unpredictable. She was difficult to manage, and her parents had trouble dealing with her rage.  It was clear that she was going to need special guidance.  The elders suggested she be raised with stern discipline and have her fire tempered.  When she turned 60, she was given over to a Temple of Desna to be trained in the divine arts.  The remainder of her tribe settled down in or near the temple as well, their wanderlust depleted and their numbers greatly depleted as they endured without their champions for so long.

     Decades later, Lycaria finds herself completing her Paladin training.  Still full of fire and passion, but now instilled with focus and self control.  After being taught the history of her people, she and the Elders have agreed on her path - to take up the quest the Summerward failed and seek out the Winterspell and return him to her people.  The elders divined the stars and omens over many nights, gleaning information from the heavens and sending The Autumnfire to far far away, to the city of Haldrin.