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Author Topic: Bugs, Glitches, and Problems in Monster Land - Minotaur Edition  (Read 7286 times)


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Bugs, Glitches, and Problems in Monster Land - Minotaur Edition
« on: October 17, 2019, 05:41:58 am »
Hey y'all! I've been playing Granrak Gorebull for a little while now and was requested by ToxicWrench to get this put together to document some issues I've run into due to model size, class-model combo issues, and more! So, without further ado, let's get started.

Race: Minotaur
Class: Monk(9)

Model Size:

The most common issue I run into is model sizes preventing interaction. My big bull butt will often have to find just the right spot before I can open a chest, poke a barrel, or loot a static corpse. This isn't too much of an issue until the orientation of said objects provides enough room for normal sized characters but not enough for the bull, leading to much lost loot in various places. Sad times.

Player to player interactions are also quite wonky due to model size disparity! Many spells in this game, buffs and heals and the like, require the caster to be in melee range with the target. In this case, at least one character has tried to target and heal me only to have their character stop a few feet away in the action-ready animation until they WASD themselves into my hitbox for the spell to finally go off. Quick heals? Emergency medkits? Super sweet buffs? It's a real difficult dance to do for it to work out.

Combat (mainly PvE) presents its own wild issues. While playing a melee, fists-only character, I've run into problems where I will approach a target and stand there until I WASD my way into hitbox land. Usually, when this happens, it triggers the infamous infini-tumble. In this state, my character will stand idle or mid-step animation and will trigger an eternal state of Attack of Opportunity, often leading to a swift death in crowds of three or four mobs if I'm not careful.

Cleave even acts up due to a mix of Cleave being naturally wonky and model size furthering the wonk to a point where I will cleave onto an enemy out of my melee range only to stand there are stare at them while they and their friends continue to assault me, effectively pulling me out of combat. Bad times indeed, being that I am large enough that more than a small group can surround and attack me than someone with a smaller model. Luckily, clicking on a closer enemy tends to help, though I lose a full round of damage output.

Doors and doorways have now become a comedic bane of my existence. With a door that is opened or closed by someone else or even myself, I can (and have) ended up entirely out of the map! Usually this is a minor teleport either further into or completely out of a room, requiring a moment to reposition and adjust. If out of combat, it's nothing more than a minor blip of silliness. In combat, it can either be a saving grace by giving me a moment to throw down a potion, or (more often than not), it sends me deep into a room full of enemies which I am not quite prepared for. If I am trapped between a closed door and enemies, meaning I cannot physically move save for turning, and then the door is opened or the other entities shuffle around, I get randomly dumped somewhere. Per my posts in #screenshots on discord, I even end up in space.

Sudden Death:

This one I suspect is more to do with a strange combat bug that seems to favor me above all else. This happens much more often when I am in groups, but has happened occasionally while solo as well. When I am fighting a foe that somehow gets a rather lucky shot and puts me onto my back, I have an extremely high chance for just getting outright killed, bypassing death saves entirely. And on the few occasions in groups that I am downed, they will stabilize/heal me far above the 1 HP I might get on a death save only to be immediately stricken down into Purgatory. Usually, it happens as such: Crit/High Damage puts me into downed state. Enemies shift attention to other frontline target. Someone heals me to ~20+ HP. I stand up and begin attacking. Enemy strikes me just once and into the great beyond I go. Maybe I'm just not getting pulled out of downed state?


This character concept was built on being a combat-oriented leader and eventually a challenger for the title of Sullivan/local ruler. The constant issues with combat, however, is leading to a place where XP gain is nigh impossible or I simply cannot play. The combination of these oddities means I am unsure I will be able to continue with this theme in mind and do not know how to continue forward at the moment.

DMs - Thank you for taking the time to make the Minotaur race and read this to see some feedback. If there's anything I can do to help in fixing these issues, please let me know!

Players - If you're playing a large race or have had issues interacting with large characters (myself included), please post it here because I may not even be aware of other issues that you're dealing with!



-Size is causing me to be unable to interact with certain objects (especially large/oddly shaped objects).
-Size is causing me to be unable to be healed/buffed without extra work.
-Size is causing me to be unable to attack enemies properly, leading to a constant triggering of Attack of Opportunities.
-Size is causing my cleave to extend past melee range and leads to lost rounds.
-Size+Speed is causing hitbox issues with doors that can be minor or game-breaking.
-??? is causing me to skip death saves and go straight to purgatory.


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Re: Bugs, Glitches, and Problems in Monster Land - Minotaur Edition
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 10:43:47 am »
Some of these /should/ be fixed with the next major hak update.
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