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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Player Tools  (Read 10066 times)


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Player Tools
« on: January 21, 2018, 12:36:52 am »
All players start out with two feats given to them in Netheril: Age of Magic. These are Player Tool 1, and Player Tool 2.

They can be found by going to your Radial Menu, then to your class menu. I genuinely recommend setting these up on your quickbar.

Player Tool 1 is your actual player tool. Through this tool you can interact with the world, and perform commands like emotes, dice rolls, or knock on doors. What you can do depends on what you click with the player tool active.

Player Tool 2 is your Bug Reporting Tool. You click it, point and click and then are prompted to write a bug report about the thing you clicked on.
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Re: Player Tools
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 03:15:09 pm »
Some General Functions of the Player Tool:

Clicked on the Ground:
Recall Summons to my location.
Use my shovel. (If you have a shovel equipped.)

Clicked on Another Player:
Set as hostile.
Begin autofollowing.
Pull their pack. (If they're bleeding out - to be used to find healing items and such.)

Used on Yourself:
Dice bag.
Change description.
Save character.
Summoning options.
Configuration settings. (Subdual, and Immersion Emote Control)

And many more fringe cases, like knocking on a door, investigating deaths, and buying furniture.