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Author Topic: Sherina Tsirak - The Spellmaiden  (Read 10125 times)


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Sherina Tsirak - The Spellmaiden
« on: June 01, 2019, 08:56:54 pm »
Sherina Tsirak

Southbank Farms Keeper | Item Enchanter | Nicknames: Sheri, Silver

Bloodied Blue Tulip___

Wedding Band
- "His Silver Queen"___

Journal Book___

===== ♡ =====

____With her parents being devoted followers of a distorted Mystril cult, she was being taught in the said closed-off community. As one of the first children of the community, she didn’t voluntarily enter the cult - she was born into it. And no one knew how to manage someone who didn’t share the same obsession as them - so they disciplined her, motivated her to dim down her innate magic abilities, and constructed tidious library studying sessions for the youth of the cult. Sheri decided to remember some facts about the subjects that interested her, since her mind couldn't grasp any spell teachings nor formulae.

She loves earning knowledge from books, even despite all she's been through. As a curious child nonetheless, she loved learning and exploring new things, often out of bounds of robed devotees. Has an open and creative mind, and tends to be crafty in any situation.

"The cult? While I couldn’t learn a single spell and had been often, as they called it, “disciplined”, I enjoyed the books about various creatures and stories. I also like the picture books with illustrations of rivers and nature, they help me get calm."

Being forced in the twisted way of fanatic knowledge seekers, the methods of gaining said skills were not always natural. Constructed magic-infused mechanisms and devices were tested and used, flooding the recipend's head with information.
Struggling with overwhelm, Shera gave in to her intuition and created a place to store all she never needed. As she practised voluntary forgetting, the skill grew, the often-called-upon element became real somewhere within her.
And the forgetting system started to work perfectly.

____Though, as she years later realised, by the time she started losing interest in more and more things, and at times feels nothing at all.

This was not anything she ever heard of. At first she assumed it was sadness, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t anything. It persisted long after she escaped and began wandering villages, working at fields and later as a helper in a bakery.

 Not sure how to fill the emptiness and manage this feeling, she just wasted time… Until there came something exciting, a thing to train for and look forward to - a call for people of the glorious lands under the rule of Netheril to move into new denizens, and help establish a flourishing community.

"I had to do something to make me forget. Having my head throbbing full of some things I couldn’t grasp to use…
That’s why I had to escape. Because the older I got, the harsher the punishments became. No one had patience, no one knew what to do with me. I was in a grey area, where I could clearly cast spells, but it was happening spontaneously. And so rarely, with no ties to the regular kind of knowledge. The fact they kept me alive was the lowest level of tolerance."

Sherina didn’t have to think twice. This is her last chance to discover her purpose in life.


ARC 1 - Maiden of Shadows

____Sherina Tsirak finally arrived to the new region, new town - Hadrian. Getting to know people and the land, she had discovered there is more darkness hiding just along the edge of what the eye can see - Red Mist, corruption, tragedy…
Making many friends due to her kind and warm nature, there was someone truly special. Yet she didn’t know she is going to end up married to a man whose first interaction with her was to GROWL at her in annoyance. She then kept being kind and understanding, to the point Michael could not understand why. That made her determined to show him that the world can be a nice place, as he seemed to need a light to see to colors of the world. So she became one.
By the time, Michael went insane from the skull artifact he possessed, assaulted officials who wanted to put him in a death pit - asylum, one that does not help anyone feel better, built by a vampire lord, probably as a fodder space.

Sheri spent her days waiting and mourning, until Morgaine dragged her out for a girl’s night out. After that she promised Sheri that she is going to send out a rescue mission to find Michael. Thanks to Fjord, Sheri had discovered that none such mission has ever been planned. She had been lied to by a person she thought was a genuine friend. So she left instantly, packing nothing extra, left to search for him. From the Fort Tusk through Shelf, to, finally, the Sullivans Trading Port.

There she found him, Michael tired and pale, exhausted, like a scared child.
He instantly recognised her, even though Morgaine has tried to persuade her that he no longer is a man Sheri knows. Another lies to keep her away from a friend who direly needed help. And the first thing that ‘monster’ did was to give Sheri red, enchanted boots - those she wears ever since.
She brought one pretty thing to remind him of the beauty of the world - one single blooming blue tulip, which later became a symbol of her love to him. Now she had became his carer, working day to day, constantly and relentlessly, to help bring him back to health. It wasn’t eay, it was a difficult journey. But, slowly, by the time… She fell in love with him. And based on what he told her later when she asked, he loved her ever since the Sullivans too. The cuddle under a tree was the moment she knew for sure.
Later on he gave up the artifacts and they could move back to Hadrian, where Michael spent much of his time farming and recovering. They went on many adventures and helped the people many times - and yet, received no thanks. She even met a bronze dragoness on her quests to help the city.
Eventually they met new friends, the true friends, and Michael had made friends too. Some of those friends were Muthari, the cleric and Uldur, the spellsword, who had served as a priest and a best man on Sheri and Michael’s wedding. The wedding that almost didn’t happen due to Michael’s uncontrolled rage, but he survived in the court so everything ended up being alright.

Happiness unbound filled their days, though the darkest cloud of all hung above their heads - Sheri’s ‘shadow taint’. Spreading a bit every day, changing her body and her magic.
Their friends went on to help her, the clock ticking by as it was almost beyind the point of a simple arm removal. Despite all the effort and possibilities, Michael ended up doing the worst thing imaginable, just a day before they’d be able to try all the other methods.
He had sold his soul to a cruel, vile devil lord, in return for Sheri’s returned health. After that he apparently hurt Vivili and the child of the devil she carried, and the devil shredded Michael to pieces… It broke Sheri’s heart and will, leaving her shattered and scarred both on body and on mind. She knows he is still somewhere out there, in the form of a baatezu larvae, and later will emerge and fight in the blood war.
If only there was a way to bring him back... to turn back time.

"Michael Copperfield. My partner, my chosen mate, my one love, my iron wall. You are the love of my life, the protector of the people of Hadrian, the hero no one expected. My everlasting shield. I love you and will always do, just as I did through any hardships we had to endure together.
This will continue. On and on. I will stay with you as long as I’m alive, in any shape or form. I’m yours and you’re mine.
I will be your silver dagger, your fire spark, your hand of shadows, the open embrace, the sky blue silk. I shall support you, defend you and protect you, for as long as I will exist.
I love you, Michael. Let’s be together under the blessings of the stars."

                                                                                                               - Sherina's Wedding Vow to Michael

ARC 2 - New Spark

____After Michael’s sudden and tragic death, Sheri has been trying to find her strength. With the support of her friends, she managed to prevail, staying among the living, spending her love on those who’ve helped her. Her main duties now involve management of the Harvest Moon charity and being an official guard-spellmaiden of the Mayor.

Through plentiful hugs and small affections, her strength and soul gets restored… Though she will never be the same again.

“Consider that feeling as Michael blessing you with the will to live… And live.”
-Ash Aardyn

( Arc currently running. )

===== ♡ =====
Other resources and snippets

Sherina is allergic to potions (changed to ALL), and cannot learn blacksmithing.

Five Languages of Love
Sheri's careful, but full of love and appreciation for anyone who shows a care for her. As in her early weeks, she's caring about Mike, doing things out of her way to help him handle his troublesome times, and declines to abandon him even when it all looks hopeless. Just because she appreciated his unique approach to things, and the glimpse of what lies under the stern exterior. And since he's always been protecting her, she feels a great debt towards him in a way. If it all came to a standoff, she would either prefer to not choose sides and enchants everyone for protection, or side with Mike as soon as his life would be on the line. Of course there's a time for all this, and how each of the character will act further is a big variable in her whole behavior.

As kind as she is, when the border is crossed, there's barely any return. Since her magic as a sorceress reacts to her emotion as well, the harmful spells are also stronger towards those she's cold towards. And with her shadow drama around the corner...

SO, her LL stats:
9   Quality Time
8   Physical Touch
6   Words of Affirmation
4   Acts of Service
3   Receiving Gifts

Quality Time
Sheri loves to spend time with her friends in any way possible, preferably pleasant. Having someone to just have a nice time together with no monsters involved is very refreshing and dearly important to her. As even amidst of all dangers, there's this pool of happiness she can draw her motivation from. And since she story-wise will gradually care about less and less things, the importance of meeting up and actually being together, interacting with each other with honestly and either platonic, comrade or romantic love, is one of the largest pillars that hold her against her complete shadow corruption.

Physical Touch
She's affectionate, most of the PC who met her and got to know her know this. She won't bother anyone if she's unsure about their standing towards her affection, but sometimes she acts and hopes for the best. (e.g. All her free time with Pattie, Michael's harsher 'episodes', Lady Mayor's painful memories, an affectionate peck on the cheek for Cutter to thank him... )
SImply - a small hugger bun. With protective, often touch-range based protective sorceries.

Words of Affirmation
Hearing she did something well has been rare in her past, and receiving any kind of praise makes her enormously happy and grateful. Especially the praise well thought-of, the one that comes from the heart and stays in her memory. (e.g. Mike's lovely "dagger" speech after she magically helped him defeat something he couldn't simply chop up with his axe.)*
She also loves giving praise, however sometimes is reluctant in fear it will become awkward.

* Unfortunately I didn't screenshot it, I wish I did. Sheri felt 'meh' for having to be protected for the entire run. Mike stepped in and told her about the fact her magic helped a lot, and that - "A dagger is very small but has its uses"  "And only a dagger can get behind the enemy armor."

Acts of Service
Being helpful is a big thing for her as well, though not as major on the receiving end. She does things because she enjoys being useful and contributing to the good. However when needing something from someone she's helped to in the past, she likes to trust the person to return the favor.

Receiving Gifts
She cannot carry much anyways. Even though any present is appreciated, a well thought-out one is the one to go for. Or something that's just a lovely surprise. Practical aid is also good, but more in connection to missions and that the person cares about her safety.
Her presents are not frequent, and happen only when she finds something that reminds her of the person (e.g. She's seen Three with a book for seeral times, so as soon as it came to her mind, she gave it the book of stories she found on her adventures. And boy, did she celebrate within, seeing Three's joy.)

Sherina's Last Will ( DMs please do not be tempted :D )
Please build my memorial in the Chasm near Southbank, with a sentence or two from each of my friends and close ones.
My body is to be donated to Master Arcanist Cashand Joriin for the purpose of research.
Any real estate and land is to be given to Shi Lei.
The leadership of the Silver Shield goes to Silvia Marrow.
My equipment is to be be given into care of Silvia Marrow or Ashram Aardyn to be later donated to a budding, kind and gentle soul in need of such.
All the funds in my possession are to be spent as follows:
One half of the funds will go to the treasury of the Silver Shield to cover any later expenses.
Other half will go towards building a public, lush and flowery park where anyone can rest and regain their peace.
The revenue from my book/s is to be added to the monthly funding of the Silver Shield.

===== ♡ =====



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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2019, 09:37:41 pm »

ARC 1 - Maiden of Shadows

New Connections

#1 While getting to know two of the local adventurers, suddenly an emergency town announcer noted everyone of a spreading Red Mist - right at the gates of Hadrian, at the Eastern Fields! Any citizens were prohibited from exiting the town until things get under control. The adventurers headed on into the core of the problem, right before the gates closed...

CLICK Spoiler
I followed the experienced duo, to see if I might be of help with my, though unofficial, arcane knowledge. And if it's something devilish, Pattie might be of help since she can better identify and withstand negative energies.

Frightened farmer lady at the eastern farms has been doing her best to tell us as much information as she could. Michael being his usual self, I took on the gentle role of calming down a person who just lost everything. She managed to pull herself together and managed to show us the mutiliated sheep corpses, as well as the strange, vile-feeling mist area.

While investigating and taking security precautions, we've been attacked by distorted, shambling water creatures.

After things got safe, I summoned Pattie and kindly asked her to look around to find any source. Energy levels were mostly identical on the land. I guessed it could be some gas ravine underwater, since I remember reading about these things back in my... well, birthplace library.
It made sense, since if the issue was on the land, it wouldn't cause the deep underwater creatures to mutate.
It had to be the water.

I asked my dogdog to take a little sip from the water, and her reaction and overwhelm told me a clear message: "Intense negative energy. Far too hurts, and travels through water. To down here. Love me I have been a good girl. Please."
I know Patpat is going to be alright, her system will get the negative effects sorted out in a few hours. The danger seems to be gone, and she can rest while we travel and investigate.

Later, after we determined the most likely location of the Red Mist source, I decided to take care of the poor farmer. I am glad I managed to get her into her house, and she told us a few more things. She's having it tough. I did my best to ensure her about our efforts in resolving the situation. Having found some wine earlier that day, I offered her the bottle to calm down the nerves so she can fall asleep.
I feel really bad for her, since she's reported it to the guards and no one came. I guess government doesn't change in this part of the Empire either.


We took a transport into a tiny town between the lush forests and a huge lake. Pattie being her usual self, tried to hunt down the crates in the vehicle and then barked at the boat. I usually let her do her thing, it's a wild creature after all.

Through the dark forest paths, we entered a deep forest that clearly was not healthy. Red haze clouding our view, we marched onward through the undead hordes. The bad feeling got more intense, borderline terrifying. And then we got too close and I just... panicked, blacked out.
Thankfully, my new teammates didn't let me down, and Casper came to support me and help me go onward.
It's not like I could go back anyways.
Still, a monsoon of whispers and voices was clouding my head causing an intense headache. I could barely keep my eyes open for the pain.
I couldn't access the Weave, the source of magical powers for all spellcasters of my kind.
I could do nothing, absolutely nothing. We meandered across the slippery cliffs and narrow paths, until the voices disappeared.


We were at the coast. In a complete silence, that shocked our senses after the loud barrage and battles before.
Just a distant, soft ocean breeze. No one dared to breathe.

We had to eliminate severely mutated creatures from the coastline, some of which were so abhorrent my mind felt like split in two.
I'm too young to deal with things of this scale... Netheril  has professional mages available, so why me? Not even an official sorcerer -


As my mind got cleared of fear and anxiety, I found myself standing before something marvellous.
A crystal, as hish as two men, towered above the surrounding dunes and beach shrubbery. Emitting a faint green glow, it seemed to... repel the red mist?
Michael took a sample for their friends at the Enclave. After scurrying around, possibly for another crystal to prove our theory, we've found an abandoned, barricaded building.
We passed it since we were at the hurry, but -
- I noticed a familiar glisten right at the top of its roof.
There were two crystals! The same we've seen before!

No one could get inside at that moment. Besides, if the building hides answers or at least clues, we will definitely need reinforcements for that.

Now, I need to get a good bath and sleep. A lot.
And then heat up by the fireplace downstairs with a hot cup of herbal brew.

#2 Slept ba I don't feel so well rested today, probably the yesterday's events. With strange sun auras and the fierce plague, I got poisoned and had to hide under the blacksmith's staircase until the streets got clear.
I limply walked towards the inn at the docks, where I met Michael and Urias, the priest of Jannath. He cured and treated my wounds and poisoning, and offered me to join them on a quest.

CLICK Spoiler

We visited a local Archdruid, whom advised us and who needed our help. We've also told him about the crystals we've found.
We've been entrusted a key and asked to bring fairy dust to the Fae Dragon living in a nearby cove. I've also donated health care supplies to the dragon, since they care about wounded and infected in that very cave.
I received a warm thank you and dusting in return. What a lovely creature.

We've gone to rest at the inn, and having a proper lunch after a day long hike to the druids' grove.
Michaels' behaviour was troublesome today, and I am overjoyed of knowing that Pip and Uriel also want to help.
Pip and I have done a looong thinking, and we came up with a ritual. Then we headed off to visit his birth village, a breathtaking and lush vale with a village of Hilltop.

Without me knowing, we've visited his master's house - the home of the lady Pearl. She did her best to advise us in all matters. I feel grateful, since Pip vouched for me - and we've met just a few hours ago.
It's lovely to meet so many people!
Oh, and he has a large cat familiar, of a name Hana... . I need to organise some familiar playtime together, I bet they would benefit from it.

I took the airship to the Valstiir, and since the library was closed at night, I headed off to an inn to sleep.
What an eventful day!

#3 ..
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2019, 05:52:02 pm »
Adventuring is an Ordeal

#3 After quick breakfast of fruits, grains and tea, I went on to browse the local marketplace. Nothing of interest, unfortunately I still need a new shortsword, since I cannot use the one I have... the handle is weirdly crooked, as if meant to be held backward. Weird.
Anyways, I went into the Valstiir library and searched, searched and browsed the book register...

CLICK Spoiler
Only to find only one notion about dragons, and that was a dwarven legend of a fight against a white dragon - who are small and aggressive. No information about silver dragons anywhere...
What to do now?

#4 I visited the library again, today with much success, since I came during the opening hours.
Master Librarian is a lovely and kind man, was eager to help and even offered me to sit down and have some delicious Earl Gray tea. He helped me very much. I, determined to somehow pay back the favor, asked him how could I help. I love how considerate he was and didn't pry the confidant information about our mission to suppress and eliminate the Red Mist.

CLICK Spoiler
He suggested I can bring him any unique books, if I happen to find any on my travels. After that, he suggested something that surprised me - I CAN WORK AS A JUNIOR LIBRARIAN! I would love to do so, as soon as the danger is over. and I kindly told him that. Oh stars, how happy I'd be to work at such a place!

Finally, we agreed upon me getting two buckets of fish from the market. Head librarian worriedly told me, that it's gotten harder and harder to find fresh fish on the market.
Luckily enough, I got on the marketplace just in time to grab the fishes, as the Valstiir' fishmonger was almost out of stock.
Then I returned, librarian assistant helped me with dragging a huge bookcase ladder all the way to the aquarium, and then I carefully did the feeding.
I had to look away.

As I fed the fish, I didn't notice Michael snooping about the library! To be frank, it's one of the last places I'd expect him to show up in.
Even so, I did what I could to help him, he was searching for some artifact book, and got one of his.. bad times as he browsed one particular book about the deities of Netheril. Maybe I should mention that to Pip, next time we're toghether...
I tried to keep the mood high by reading him about unique sets of artifacts, he seems pretty fond of weapons. I' glad I could make him think about something else than all the troubles, at least for a while.
... I doubt he even considers me a companion, since we've met only a few days ago.
Despite all that, I'm willing to help.
Because no one did that for me when I needed it.
I should go back to writing about today.


Can't focus.

We went to the airship, where I was... interrogated? About why I'm trying to help.
I told Michael that it's nothing personal, and that I would help anyone who didn't harm me on purpose.
Which is truth.

He seems to be a bit more relaxed in my company, which hopefully does him well, given his state. He almost opened up today about the nature of this troubles.. and he'd probably told me, if i didn't mention Pip and others.

Anyways, down at the S.Coin I've met with Pip, while Michael drank. Alcohol.
We tried to plan something with the dragon information that we have, but because of someone who's gotten drunk in a blink of an eye, it was hard for Pip to focus and I felt like no one even cares about our mission.

And it's the second time it's been up to me to do something... And I despise being used. They live here longer, they know people and have connections.
I shouldn't move a finger next time they attempt to let me do all the work. I don't like being treated like this!
I probably should tell them if I have any troublesome feelings.

I got an idea of a beautiful shield with an elaborate design, but knew no one who could create such an artisan work.

Fortunately, after lounging around at the portside, a big tomcat went to me. I can't say no to fluffy cheeks, and somehow - I got to know his "master", so to say. Her name is Three... it's an off name, I guess it is not her birth one, rather a nickname. I didn't want to pry, since she seems of a gnomish origin.. she probably had it difficult even without me being nosy. And we're so different... On a first sight, I mean. She's all hoo-haw with her cleavage out, while I love to keep it modest and comfortable. To each their own, of course, I don't mind.

We had a pleasant chat, her companion name's Brexton. A spoiled cat through-and-through.
Anyways, Three suggested I send a message via the proclaimer, and also aided me in finding the artisan... supposedly by the name of Fjord.

He responded as soon as he finished one of his orders, and came to meet with us. A word gave a deal, and we agreed upon the shield - and later on exchanging my weird shortsword for one of his making.
We went to Valstiir gem store to buy a Topaz, and I gave him two Greenstones to etch into the tip of the shield as well.

The shield is to have a teardrop shape, with bronze hemming and hammered relief of a forest critters with a silhouette of a forest in the background.
He appreciated my design, and I'm so proud of that!

I pre-paid 200g, the topaz cost 417g and both greenstones cost maybe 20g in total.
After that, I returned to my room at the inn, falling into a nervous sleep. I have a bad feeling about boys not repaying me for the shield as we were supposed to...
I can always be alone, if it comes to that..

*page got wet here*

I'm exhausted, soaking wet, almost died twice, and risked my dignity.
My hand hurts from pulling the crossbow trigger too many times, so I hopefully get to keep it short.
I lounged around the Hadrian, later went to help some farmers with their chicken disappearances, and then came back. ALREADY DIRTY.

CLICK Spoiler
Then I met Casper, who gave me the crystal shard for Pip, since he couldn't find him. Later a man appeared, of a name Cutter Browne, an attorney. We had the weirdest introduction drama ever, since Casp had me drink a potion that caused an allergic reaction. I almost got kissed, but I went into the temple where they cooled down the inflamed area, and the restoration spell started to work quicker.

Then we met up with Fjord, and went on the worst journey to find nonexistent stones.
And they slaughtered a whole lizardfolk village... Strange is they were hostile. The lizardfolk, I mean. Most likely a rebellion.

Then something happened, and I suddenly woke up lying on a forest floor - luckily, my companions were with me and mended my wounds. We headed on into the crypt portal, fought our way through, and discovered a strange, red smoking portal.
I tried to identify what it is and how we'd be able to dispel it, but it had a protection glyph I didn't notice and a bunch of burning skeletons appeared.

Later on, we had a vicious fight in a massive hall... someone suggested it might be, or might have been, a dragon's lair. Doesn't matter, no one lives there. I noticed an artifact safe. Casp couldn't open it, so I tried to use my feminine 6th sense to maybe find something - and i found a latch. Before we could preventively check for any traps, Fjort went ahead and pried the latch open with a sharp end of his warhammer.
Fortunately for us, no trap got triggered.

We returned to the town, beaten and filthy, and divided the loot. I've found a powerful magician armour, though it is too flashy for me - and definitely wouldn't help with staying safe from any sorcerer hunters.

After Casp and Fjord left to attend their own business, two of us stayed alone, in an inn apartment.
So I took the risk.
Told Cutter that he may stay with me for a chat if he'd like to do so, and I'll bath behind the screen. He agreed and ensured me of my safety.
It went well, we just talked. And he even helped me to pour out the dirty water from the tub!
I think I can trust him and in his sense of dignity.

Anyways, off to bed. Oh, and he agreed to teach me how to aim with a crossbow!

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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
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The Seed and the Shield

#6 My help was needed on the fields around the town, because ever since red mist took the river, fishermen are almost unable to catch any fresh fish. The silos arere running low, and with a possibility of refugees from the mist-affected areas... I had to help.
So I was sweating around, tilling the soil, watering and planting new crops.

CLICK Spoiler
As I took several batches of wool for the tents and blankets to the crafting hall and finished making yarn, I met Michael! Or, better say, he met me.
I was so focused on my work, I hope I didn't let him wait long.

Afterwards, we met with a mayor! Her name's lady Morgaine Pritchard, and she's a lovely bard. We had a long talk, and a tender moment. I am glad I managed to comfort her, even if only a little bit. Michael was being insensitive again.

Later I carried the balls of yarn into the storage area, had a long shower, tea, and checked on the farms if everything's going smoothly.

If I wait in the town, I'll be sure to meet with Pip today.
And I was right.

I went to read by the city pond, in front of the House Reschotti estate. After an hour or so, Pip sat next to me!
I told him everything.
And he told me a few things, about the ritual mainly. We'll be getting a ship from Mayor.
We bought a robe for Michael to dress him in, and then Pip suggested we do a favor for a woman whose house has been infested with wasps.

Tomorrow, we have to talk with a priest, talk with the planar warden in the magic store, and get the boat ready.
It's going to be a long day.

!! got woken up, I've been called to a House Skettus. I had a very... stressful talk with the lord of the house. I hope I did well. It seems we both have the safety of the town in mind. And he requested an information about dragons in the area. I didn't tell him about the Bronze dragon as it could interrupt our mission... Master Fjord, finish the shield already! We need to get the visit done as soon as possible.
We agreed to meet up once every week, so I can expect to be summoned quite often.
He also offered me a present, a beautiful light crossbow. I politely declined, saying I have my own and I shared the information because we are both concerned about the region's safety. I hope I did good.
Three mentioned me, that the house Skettus has very good relations with the Library of Valstiir. I think I need to ask the house lord before I accept the position of a junior librarian, just so I'm safe and everything's clear.


How am I supposed to fall asleep after this?!

Now I'm scared to even breathe. Oh, staaars! This is too much, I'e only been here FOR 6 DAYS AND NOW POLITICS.
I am good at hugging chicken and petting cats, not at interrogations and whatever. Oh heavens, and the worst thing is I'm scared to even tell my comrades. But if not soon, then when?
I have to push for the dragon mission to be done as soon as possible.


But, Three believes in me, that I can make it. Hopefully she is right. It was strange seeing such a bright and amazing person suddenly as a slave.
I bet she had a lovely birth name, before she was nicknamed 'Three'
I hope she's glad I'm not prying any information out of her.

I can't let anyone down... except I will. I'm not strong enough, anything enough. I'm just caring and curious.

#7 OOC honestly I barely remember :D
I didn't sleep well at all. As soon as the sun rose up, I was headed to the fields to work. Again.
Later that day I met Michael Copperfield, and we helped recover a stolen shipment from a flooded kuo-toa cave system. Michael, a strong vicious man he is, was protecting me all the way to the bottom.

CLICK Spoiler
And surprisingly, only thanks to cantrips AND MY AWESOME SLUG, we successfully defeated the undersea creature that dwelled within.

I RECEIVED A PRAISE, OH YES. Michael's gotten a bit.. softer towards me? He pet Pattie today, and gave me a praise. "A dagger is small, but only dagger can sometimes get behind enemy's armor." He even decided to split the loot share equal.

I bought him a huge lunch, boy seemed to like the sweet cake. And two shots of strong spirits, since I remember he likes it. As a 'thank you' for, well, babysitting me, you could say. I'm not strong at all.
Oh, and he had several episodes but we made it work.

Later that day I met up with Pip, and thanks to my bribe (bye bye, fire opal) and looks, we managed to get the largest available boat easily with no hassle at all.
We also went to the temple, and Pip did an excellent job talking with the priest.

I'm supposed to find sage, willow and sassafrass to smudge the boat with.
I went on searching, and thanks to two helpful farmers I've been working with lately, I obtained all three plant bunches.

#8 I managed to get a hold on Fjord, so we discussed the shield once more. The bronze ore seems to be unavailable at the moment. And he needed more information about the mission. Ahh, I suppose there won't be many secrets left.

I met up with Cutter, but unfortunately, it started raining. We had to suspend our first crossbow lesson, which is very unfortunate. I still have the flower he gave me... I dried it at my room.

We spent a wholesome time at the hearth down at the inn instead, and got to know each other. He is indeed a lovely and interesting man.
I mentioned to him, that Fjord wished me to have fun on my... date. Cutter politely said he would like to date me if the opportunity had arised.

CLICK Spoiler
And I don't ditch this possibility yet.
We have to spend more time together, but I admit I feel good in his company. We shall see how this goes.

Rain persisted long, and we departed to rest. Cutter had work to do in the morning, so the lesson has to wait further.

After the rain, I figured it might be good time to plant some crops.

As a reward for myself, I bought a work clothing (so I won't mess up my regular gear), and... a beautiful satin dress. Red and black. Since a certain someone told me that color combination suits me, I figured I might have something bold in my closet. I also got a matching pendant made, with petals of the dried black tulip encapsulated in a big, artificially-hardened faceted piece of cherry resin. And it's a good dress for any special occassion. Ahem.
A beautiful thing to lounge in, because I have to take a day off from this chaos pretty soon.
..now back to the field.

On my way back I met Three! We managed to chat a little bit before Pip came around as well, which meant work.
I ensured Three that I'd love to chat later, and gave her the catnip for Brexton I've been keeping since morning. And then I handed her a book I've found, since I see her read books on occasion... And I assume slaves can rarely buy their own literature.
She seemed happy at least. That's important.

Well, regarding Pip. We and Cutter did a scouting of an area that causes trouble for ship transports, we have to return later to wrap up the case.

Today's inn dinner menu was roasted potatoes with rosemary and herbs. Simple food, but very tasty.
I'm looking forward to the next broccoli and cheese soup... Pip seems to be intimidated by broccoli :D

As soon as the dire food situation passes, I might sew some fresh broccoli onto my robes to claim the alpha position of the group. For two minutes since Pip can certainly take more hits than me. He seems to have a sturdier build.

On my way here I bumped into a very elegantly masculine lady, or vice versa. Their name is Glenda, and they look very unique - in a good way! I've never seen an elegance matching muscles so well. They seem to be staying at the in too!
Their height makes them tower way above me. It seems to me they're even taller than Michael, but that can be a presence of hair. No one knows.

Stars, I miss Michael. Hope he's doing okay. The shipmaster's brother still didn't show up, so I hope it's going well and we will soon have the ship.
... now it struck me, couldn't we use the ship to get to the bronze dragon as well?

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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
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Breaking and Broken

#9  I've scheduled and attended a very long appointment with miss Mayor, talking about food related issues caused by the mist, and also about the safety of the rural settlements. She very much appreciates my thoughts and concerns, and I believe she will take a look on the matter soon.
I asked her about the help for our dragon mission as well, and we will be provided horses for faster travel.
She is always very kind to me.

CLICK Spoiler
In the afternoon I accompanied Pip to the Hilltop Village. He's been discussing some private matters with his master, so I spent the time exploring this beautiful gem of a village. I'm glad they're taking steps towards its preservation and safety.

As we were on our way to the docks, we met Cutter and Casper. Casper had other business, so it was just three of us again.
And in the light of this fact, we decided to continue our mission from the previous day - the stolen shipment.
We've all been fighting to the maximum of our powers, and together, we got the map and gold.

Upon our return, after we've been paid for the hard task we completed, Pip needed to get back to his shard research. After all, there's still the mist.
Fortunately, that made the perfect opportunity for my long-awaited crossbow training! Heavy crossbows are a tough business, and if one's so slim... You know how that goes. I'm glad I'm not smaller, otherwise the crossbow could've easily toppled me in the middle of battle.
Under Cutter's careful eye, it turned out that my form is acceptable, and my troubles with shaky supporting arm and gradual worsening of aim should be solved by training my upper body more.

I wonder if I should spare with Michael, that would be a quick trip to the ground.

That reminds me, I haven't seen him for days.
I hope the ship will get rented soon, I want him to feel better. He previously told me some people call him Iron Mike! What an adorable nickname, suits him well. If I wouldn't be scared he loses control and bites my head off, I would attempt to hug him as a thank-you for all the protecting he has to do near me. At least I bought him a meal last time, he seemed happy enough with it.
I need to be alive for the ritual, so we probably won't get to that. And I doubt he's into affectionate things, it's hard to say.

Other flaw Cutter noticed is the lack of my confidence in my abilities. Which he decided to gradually cure with few praises a day.
After the training, we've discussed the payment for a little bit. And it came to an agreed-upon dinner in Valstiir. And my peck on the cheek as a pre-payment for now.
What a day.
I feel strangely good. Confidence sure feels nice.

I'm curious about the dinner, at least that's something I don't need to hurry for. A day out, with no fighting, no sweat, no weapons.

Back to my day-
We departed from the training grounds in Festivals' to the inn. We walked in silence, listening to the sounds of the birds getting ready for sleep. A nightfall.

And the time came for something I've been reluctant to do, but since it's just for me, I figured he might be the right person to show it to. He's the reason I gathered the courage to wear something like this, after all. A lovely red-and-black soft dress.
Haha, how funny it is that I'd be probably be buying a dress for the dinner anyways.
World turns many ways indeed.
But my heart was racing pretty wild, I can't say it wasn't. I don't remember ever wearing something so... bold? I felt like my cleavage is all around the place, which certainly added to the barrage of new feelings.

He was very supportive and appreciative both of the dress, and the pendant, which helped me calm down.
We spent a friendly evening together!

Michael took me to the theatre (it was empty, unfortunately), and seemed appreciative of my new attire. You have to look for his nice words, but as soon as you have an approximate idea, you can "translate" well. But... his mental health is sinking.
And has sunk.
I'm worthless.

Casper warned me about 14th legion. I've only heard stories up until now, but...
 Hey at least I left my room to help the farmers in the evening. We've been repairing plows and then I left to wander the fields, I can't have anyone talking to me. Not today.

CLICK Spoiler
Do I have any reason to leave the room, except to fetch myself some water?


In the afternoon, lady Morgaine came to visit. She was deeply concerned about my state.

I'm glad she came.
I also openly told her, that if the expedition I might possibly be part of will hurt Michael even a teensy bit beyond personal defense, I'm going to fight by his side and defend him.
I owe him my life, after all.

I'm glad she understood. And I hope with all my heart I won't need to stand against any of my friends. Not only because they are stronger then me battle-wise, also for personal reasons. Violence is not a solution. Michael needs a safe place to get better.
I understand why he panicked back in the Skettus estate and attacked us. Locking someone on an island is not a solution.
And we cannot abandon him.

Morgaine helped me get back on my feet, we shared a girly hug,
and for the first time,
I put on my battle mage robes.

... which I had to go change out from, since Mayor Morgaine asked me to introduce her to a leader of local farmers. The best man I could think of was mr. Brown, the elder man who is respected among the villagers and farmers around Hadrian. He usually gives the orders and manages workers.
All went well, and somehow me and Morgaine went house shopping for me. There's an absolutely lovely house in the Eastern Farms, I'm so eager to move in! I never noticed it's for sale.
I was told to write an official letter to her assistant, Devlan.

Let's get it down sooner than later...

*a few scattered ink blotches*

Okay, that's done.
Oh right, she's helped me so much! I thought I won't be able to talk to people today at all, while she managed to brush all my stress and guilt away! After the farmlands visit, we've gone shopping. Or better say, I did.
Since she mentioned me that "she had to get used to wearing the red," a bunch of ideas flew through my mind. I asked her what colors she used to wear before, and they were all pretty monotone.

However, I, already had an idea.

With her majestic, silky red hair, a vibrant green and gold would match perfectly.

So I asked all the available seamstresses for help.


The breathless, amazed expression of Morgaine made me smile with gratitude and joy. She looks amazing in the dress, even better than I hoped.
OF COURSE I got paid. She's doing me a favor - I ordered her to show this dress to Fjord, since there's something clearly going on between them. I assume they are not eager to start an official relationship, with Morgaine being the second youngest mayor and all.

So I just have to wait eagerly!

She also gave me a description of his face. Dark hair, dark eyes, a light stubble - She described him as pretty handsome, and I'm glad a woman in her position has someone to lean on. It's good.

...And this shifted the subject of our conversation towards dating. I've never been with anyone in my life, heck I never even kissed someone.
But helping someone with a date is so much of a lovely fun! Morgaine was quite surprised, to say the least.

Anyway, I decided to mention Cutter to her. I didn't say any name. Morgaine seemed excited, and wishes me a good man to spend time with. I like her, she's very kind. It must be difficult for someone like her to make any hard decisions mayors have to do from time to time.

I believe I helped her relax today.
She certainly helped me.

And asked for a report on my dinner with Cutter as well.
Girl talk is fun!

I'm heading back to sleep. I know Michael is alive, and Morgaine ensured me of me being called to help. That helps me rest.
Stars, thank you for today. Morgaine was a blessing.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2019, 03:15:45 am »
Eye of the Storm

On today's morning I received Cutter's reply. I'm glad the innkeeper always keeps all letters safe.
That has to be part of being an innkeeper, not caring about secrets. Drunkards surely spill a lot of them in their spare time.

CLICK  Spoiler
Letter has made my morning better, and I was surprised when Cutter offered us his services in case Michael would be in danger for the 14th legion.
If such moment of need arises, I will let them both know.

I still wonder where he is. Mike. He shared his nickname with me on our last mission. The Iron Mike. Often I think about whether he has everything he needs. I'm sure of his survival capabilities, even though I'd love to bring him some of his favourite foods and other necessities.
He... seemed to like the cake. Maybe miss Morgaine will allow me to bring food on our expedition, if any will happen that is. I should be safe with her, and also told her of the origin of my magic abilities. She doesn't like the 'archaic laws', as she called them.

Yesterday, she tried to convince me to persuade Michael to turn himself in. I denied, since we all know what is going to happen in that case. But maybe with Cutter's help...
...as if I could pay him. Soon I'm going to start saving up for the house in the farmlands. Still no reply from the assistant, which is understandable given the fact they receive a lot of correspondence every day.

I decided to write back to Cutter, openly inviting him over to spend a time in my company. It seems he didn't get the "eager to meet you" in my previous letter. Or he wants me to say it openly just for his enjoyment.
Is it hard being a man?

Well I'm writing this in the morning of the next day... It's difficult to find the right words and all that. Morgaine was right. It turned out to be a date.

I was just reading about local foliage, when Cutter came and politely knocked at my table. I was so happy to see him.
We were going fancy dining!!!
I invited him upstairs, just to wait outside the room while I change. Nice as always.
We walked and flew to Valstiir in silence. I couldn't think of any topic, I was just glad. Companionable silence is pleasant as well, as I found out.

Since Cutter hasn't been at the city for a while, we took a longer way to the restaurant he chose. He's gotten pretty nervous along the way.. but I didn't mind. We both tossed a coin into a wishing fountain. I wished for something... nice. I think you can't even write your wish down until it's fulfilled.
Who knows.

Anyways, the Sky-something restaurant was just around the corner.
Such a lovely time in the most beautiful restaurant. We've learned a lot about each other, again mostly through our 'question turn' game.
Later we started playing a game Cutter suggested - it's called "Truth or Dare"
It was all very lighthearted and fun.
From what I can recall, I got a kiss on the back of my hand. Then we danced, we talked, we dined...
... and i agreed to go out with him another time. I chose the 'Truth', heh.
We stayed the night at the rooms with bunk beds. It was a very pleasant experience.

He.. also said something unexpected at the dinner table, as a reaction to one of my answers.
"Lovely. I think I've been waiting for someone like you..."

I wonder why he cares so much.

And hugs so well.

I'm kind of full on writing my day events these days.

So, as we woke up in Valstiir, it's been just a really nice and pleasant time. Cut's bed head is kind of adorable, I won't lie.

CLICK Spoiler
I'm glad he is so considerate, and that I am safe with him in any situation. We didn't even share a direct kiss yet, after all. It's all very gentle.
After getting up and ready, we shared a breakfast plate in the restaurant area downstairs, and departed ways for a time. I need to change and wash my clothes anyways, so the Coin will be my first stop down in Hadrian.

After retrieving all my other clothing, I proceeded to use the usual river bathing spot where I do this stuff.
I know I can wash my clothing in the designated Hadrian bath house area as well, but I feel kind of insecure when the nude militants of 14th legion walk around. When I'm stressed, sometimes my magic doesn't react the most stealthy.

My work with magic overall is, just.. happens. Same with new possibilities, as I discover more about myself and as I tune more into the flow around, the better it works and I can control it more.
Who is going to read this anyways.

If I had to describe, it’s much like putting your palm into a tiny mountain stream. If you focus on the sensations in your palm, you feel exactly how the water’s flowing, what shapes the individual, smaller currents are, how they flow around your hand and then connect further down stream… It’s very much like that.

Except for the fact that the small mountain stream does not react to your inner state by creating multiple orbs of concentrated magic that tear things apart. I'm glad I don't sneeze magic missiles at this point, I need to deplete my reserve as soon as I can.

My slug is pretty tough tho. I hope I won't have slugs as large on my garden.
That would ruin my plans.
And the whole house I didn't even save up for fully.
--I'm still waiting for the Fjord's shield in order to return the change to Michael. He gave me quite a lot, and I should give the extra coins to him after he's done with the whole thing. I don't know how these trials and punishments work, but it's likely he might get all his belongings confiscated.
And I won't let some official cutthroats take every last bit of it. Good plan, me!

I should proceed with my day, my clothes are dry. I can record my ramblings later.
Oh, and I feel very good after yesterday.. and today.

Even though, I think I'm quite a boring company. I mean, I love to listen more than talk, and often I find myself at a loss for words.

I gave Pip the interesting crystal I found. He appreciated it so much he insisted on giving me a present himself - a Drider magician helmet.
We had a conversation about how we feel magic and how do we work with it. It's amazing.
I hope we get to do some tests to see how I work.
Could be interesting.


 I can't stall further. I have gone exploring on my own around the Fort Screech Tusk, if I can find any signs of Michael. If I had a ranger, druid or a hunter with me, it would me much better.
Since I want to live to see him once again, I've been very careful.

I sent Morgaine a letter about my whereabouts, and later that day, a reply came.
I have the gold Mike gave me, and I have a feeling we've found the diamond I'm keeping.

I wrote back to Morgaine, and started getting ready to return.


As I arrived to Hadrian, I bumped into Morgaine at the (beautifully renovated) Crafting Hall. We had a little chat about Michael as well, and it seems things get to start moving shortly.

A few minutes after out goodbyes, an unusual sounds and screams came from the farmlands. I ran the fastest I could to the East, only to find risen undead. I couldn't fight them alone, so I wan all the way back, sent a hurried proclamation to miss Morgaine and then ran quickly back to at lease secure the area.

Meanwhile, Morgaine seemed to hear the screams too, since I found her battling the undead.
We have cleared and secured the area. All the wells are corrupted, except for the one at the Northern Orchards.
One of the undead had spoke... "The Mist is coming."

Morgaine expressed a huge worry over Michael. He's making it worse for himself with those maniacal proclamations.
But hey, now we have a base plan. The plan will be tough for me, since I certainly will be frightened to approach him.
But I have to.

The items I had are not enough to scry, they would need to be more personal.

If we're gonna lose him, which hopefully won't happen, I got an idea how to keep the nice memories close.
I'm going to get a tiny pendant of a dagger made, and have it attached to my necklace.

I'm so worried. Not only fish, but now cattle and worst of it, the water as well. I asked Morgaine about city's emergency food supplies, and it sounds they won't last long.

Anyways, I've been ordered to tell Casper and Pip about the place and locality we're expected to go to.
I need to ask them to step in only when my life's going to hang by a thread.
We don't know what will happen.

Thinking of nice things keeps me calm. I'm glad yesterday happened.

#14  Now I remembered - during my talk with Morgaine, we've came to a conclusion that if Michael happens to go in peace AND gets at least a bit better in a secluded place with healers caring for him, she would allow him into my care, given I'm gonna have a house by then.

We should get to it pretty soon. I've saved up almost full price. If I wouldn't able to manage to buy the said house, I hope that lady Morgaine would allow me to use a diamond as a part of the payment - and my services.

Though, I'm not sure whether she's be interested in my services in a long-term. After all, she surely has her own council... but she often likes my ideas and seems to appreciate my thinking at times. Maybe I could serve her somehow...

CLICK Spoiler
Ahh, even if the house & Mike plan would get real, what would I do? I never cared for anyone with a broken mind. I would be completely lost in the whole situation. No idea...  Let's not burden my mind with something that might never be brought into the reality.

For how long does the debt of life last?


So I'm writing this entry as I'm waiting in the Scribe's wing of the Crafting Hall. So, the events:

Me and Morgaine were called into the Crafting Hall by Fjord. He was supposed to be working on the bronze shield... I hope he's admiring Morgaine now.
Only a few moments after we started working, Morgaine left us and a moment after - she came in in THE dress!! I couldn't hold my excitement back, and I swiftly left them on their own. Don't want to disturb anyone.
Morgaine seemed to play the violin and sing part of the time. Then I distanced from the forge even further, just in case. I'm excited for the report!
It's so nice to have a girl friend.


"Men can be idiots" was the summary of the report Morgaine gave me. Worst trade of my life, but even though, I'm rooting for their relationship on a hundred percent!
After further girl talk and my promise to send her all details about my day with Cutter INTO HER OFFICE, we moved on into the house nine.

While showing off the house, Morgaine gave me some reassurance and advice about... various further stages of relationship.
I feel much calmer about a certain thing now. That's good, isn't it?
She also told me that you will always remember the first time.
At least I'm less worried about it.
Nervous nonetheless.


Morgaine allowed me to pay just 13,000 upfront and move in, as a thank-you for my services for the city and rural areas. I.. Still can't believe it.
One way or another, I have her a diamond I kept and a red iris as a thank-you back. What a kind and lovely woman!
Surely I'm going to pay the remaining 2,000 later, as soon as the option arises.

I wrote down a list of things to change at the house. There are too many armour pieces for my taste. Chances are I'll be able to sell it for enough to afford several cushions, plants and some pretty decor. Then I did some cleaning,
and later in the evening,
I enjoyed the vivid clouds of sunset (since I only see the Eastern portions of the sky), splashed my hands at the pond and spent my first night in the new... home.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
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Light for the Lost

Seeing the sunrise right from the bedroom is the most beautiful thing... And take a walk around the countryside at dawn is the second. Fresh air, nature just about to wake up...

I went to the Sailor's Coin to gather all my belongings, thanked the innkeep and headed on back home. He is a lovely man, and we were both glad I enjoyed the stay. I wish there were more business owners like him.

CLICK Spoiler

I've bumped into Morgaine and Ruby at the inn. I paid Morgaine the rest for the house (2,000).
Ruby seems to have.. the same source of power as me, the way she's talking about it.
I was excited! Finally someone!

I won't bother writing about other things. A bunch of us went do go vampire hunting into the most creepy, sick and disgusting place. I've stuck by them at the Angel's Wing Asylum as well. Nothing much. Horrible place though.

And unfortunately I figured out of a dialogue between Mayor and Groundskeep, that the "island" Skettus, Morgaine and others wanted to send Mike to is EXACTLY that wretched place! That they just shove patients in and lock the gate! LIKE A BONE MILL!
When I asked Morgaine, her only response was "I didn't realise it was this bad, Sheri."
Like it matters when he'd be dead.. or undead by now for that matter.
Isn't she a mayor, by the way? One would say she would be informed.

The last drop for my patience with them was, when Fjord told me he doesn't know of any planned operation or expedition.

I guess it's got no meaning to trust them further in this sense. What if I don't survive anything, what if I may not even see him for the last time...
I've got a debt to pay.

..it's not like I didn't tell her openly.



What a happy day, including the morning confusion. I finally feel calm. Yesterday was full of surprises, and.. Michael seems to be doing better with me around. When we hold hands, it calms him down. And that's important.
He seemed almost sad when I told him how the undead swarmed the place I live. Wonder what kinds of bad things he listens to whole day, said by that skull and voices in his head...

CLICK  Spoiler
He trusts me a lot. My dear Michael.
I hope I can help him.

Let me be his „Iron Dagger,“ as he likes to call me.

Ahh... His sadness when he told me how no one except me cares. It pains me a lot. Yesterday I've heard Casper talk about how they fought each other and Michael ran away... It had to be devastating for Mike to have his comrade-in-arms turn against him, especially in this sensitive state of mind.


Today I woke up sooner than usual. Michael was still sound asleep, so I let him rest and left quietly.

I've gone to Hadrian to get some more supplies and hopefully and apple pie as well. I gave a promise I intend to keep, however I must tell Morgaine I'm safe and things can be resolved in peace, and that I'll bring her as soon as Michael decides so. He seemed alright when I told him about the good version of the plans, about his healing and recovery. But he's gonna need me on every step.
Maybe I can talk to her about his recovery as well, I'm sure the town healers could visit us on the countryside. It's very close.

The cushion shipment finally came, and now my residence looks cozier than ever. Green carpet, some plants, and everything's calming!
I sold a few chairs, they occupied too much space.

Maybe I can met Morgaine if I hang around the Coin.
Now I think about it... Is it good I let her know or not? I mean, if I didn't like her I would not let her know where I'm headed in the first place. I hope she can see that. I also need to tell her she needs to be informed better, who knows how many lives the asylum already took.
Maybe we can come to an agreement that while I accompany Michael, they can calmly deal with the vampires and other threats?
I don't serve anyone, but still want the kindest outcome for as many people as possible.
And she seems to be merciful. Stars please, let me meet her today while I can.

..or not? It might be more dangerous to ignore the world, they might think Michael injured me and go after him. I need to prevent that in the most careful way possible.

Morgaine fortunately took it well, and agreed to wait until I summon her. She asked for a guard, so I allowed her to take Fjord when the time comes.
Now I'm travelling back by ship, with various snack and goodies I got in the city.
..Maybe I should take something from my pantry, but there's too late for that now.

I came to Michael's place, we greeted each other and had a short, well, conversation. Then he prompted me to follow him, and we went far, beyond the Old Wharf.

I've seen him raise dead. Actors, he says.
As I was shaking in a little ball of fright, he commanded them to leave, and did his best to comfort me.
Said, that they are gone waiting, not heading to Southbank or anywhere else. I am so glad he can be considerate and caring, even if only towards me.
I believe in him.

On our way back I wanted to explore a strange tower. Mike said that it's 'winter' inside, which piqued my interest! He accompanied me throughout the whole tower, and indeed, it was colder and colder. The sweetest gesture was, when he held his flaming axe close to me, in an attempt to warm me up.
Since I only had my robes, the cold was biting deeply.

The region itself was... simply put, breathtaking! Ravines, waterfalls, trees, bushes... Beautiful place of wild, pristine nature.

We decided to return home.

A meal of a shepherd's pie later, we spent some time talking and carving pumpkins. I'm glad I thought of this activity, Michael seemed to enjoy it wholeheartedly. He carved a portrait of a person, breathing out swirling clouds. He has his own style, but it's great. I hope those pumpkins will stay on display for at least a few days and not rot completely.
Mine was my house, with two people standing beside it. I thought of us coming to my home, so I can show him how it looks like.

Then... then he asked me to describe the house we'll be living in.
So I did, and in the middle of my describing efforts... We had a conversation, and Michael finally realised that the mist brings pain. I did my best to comfort him, and we're definitely having an apple pie for tomorrow's breakfast. He deserves it fully.

He asked me to bring Red Morgaine, and passed out. I left Pattie with him to keep him warm... He held her for comfort in his stressed-out sleep. She's such a good and warm girl!

After I sent the proclamation, I waited around for Morgaine. Hopefully she's showing up soon.
She came. In a full armor and spell shroud, but came. Probably couldn't get a hand on her guards. I wish she had more guards to keep her safe.

I quickly explained the situation, and hoped for the best.

As we came in, Michael slowly woke up and then told Morgaine, with my help, everything he could. Explained how the forces beyond deceived him into thinking the mist helps people and makes them smile and be happy.
Things turned out the way we hoped - Michael gave Morgaine the items voluntarily, to be stored in safety. Morgaine assured us, but warned me of both Skettus and Legion. And even though, she said, we're the safest right where we are. We just shouldn't go out much, and if there is a need, we should go together.
He's so brave and strong for doing such thing. And only thing needed was a bit of kindness.
Morgaine promised me she'll let me know as soon as we can move to my house. And as a later punishment for Michael, she suggested labor at farms. I can help arrange that.

I feel my debt is paid.
But I will go on.

Today was barely eventful. We're only waiting for a call from the Mayor, after all.
We started the morning with an apple pie, continued with some other stuff and then went out bury some SKELETAL REMAINS Michael had in his storage room. I helped him carry them back to the battlefield ravine, and then waited patiently as he buried them one by one.
Such a beautiful place. I wanted to take a bath in the natural springs, but it started raining. Mike handed me his shield to protect myself from the rain.
He seems to be very thankful for what has been accomplished in the past few days.

CLICK  Spoiler
We had several encounters with beasts, animals and bandits - and from each one Michael protected me relentlessly, always returning to my side to see if everything is alright. The man is incredible. I've seen him take down a BEAR with his BARE FISTS in FOUR HITS. How.
His protection and fighting prowess keeps me from casting more powerful spells, but hey. We can make it work, thankfully I've got many helpful enchantments accessible to me. Mike's biggest favourite is, of course, Flame Weapon.
What else could it be.

We also talked for a little bit, he already speaks in more coherent sentences. It's still chaotic, but doable.
On our walk in the heart of wilderness, I got an idea and went on to find a suitable place.
We arrived onto a little clearing, free of trees and most foliage - ideal place for what I wanted to do.
I gently introduced Michael into the situation, that I want him to feel something. Asked him to take down one of his gauntlets, which he had done.
I placed his palm onto my solar plexus area, and proceeded to call upon the flames, pulling the strings of the Weave all around me in a melody of fire and wind, felt the heat I was summoning...
and then I released a giant ball of fire into the safe distance. I've never kept the initial stage this long, it was an experience.

Michael seemed surprised, in a good way. As a thank-you for the experience, he decided to give me... a shadow gem.
Such a mysterious item, but why does it feel do oddly familiar?


In the afternoon, he.. we... He got enthusiastic about farming. And it escalated in him sending a proclamation about him becoming the mightiest farmer. My first alarmed thought was Morgaine's confusion, so had to sprint towards local proclaimer and sent an explaining announcement.
Even though his first thought about farming was "boring", now it seems kind of fun for him to do. I wonder whether it helps his head, being focused on something.
As long as it helps, why not. He'll be likely labouring on the farms anyways, at least based on what Morgaine said.

After few more plant-based activities, it's been decided that it's time to sleep. Or 'void', as Michael likes to say.

Fortunately, I managed to stop Michael from punching himself, and reminded him of the thing he agreed to in the morning. That I'd try to help him fall asleep.
I guided him towards the bed, where we sat down next to each other. As I got into a comfortable long-term sitting position, I motioned Michael to rest his head on my lap. After hearing few words of support, he seemed to fall into a light sleep.
With dreams, dreams about farming, plants and calm. I don't know for how long I managed to sit there, before I decided to slowly lay down and attempt to sleep at least a little bit, with his head still resting on my thighs.
But hey, he fell asleep on his own. It was a success.

I can survive one day of low energy in return for such an achievement.

#18 Not much new, except for Michael's reassurance today. I felt like I didn't contribute enough in battle, and he had comforted me. I'm mostly the enchanter, and my strength lies in supporting others.
Michael also took the initiative to slice up the pie for a dinner. And it seems the lap pillow had become a tradition.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
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Softness and Comfort

Michael woke up earlier than I did.
He has already done a lot of progress, and is much more open and caring than he used to be.

CLICK  Spoiler
Today's mission was to find more seeds so he can continue in his gardening attempts. He guided me through the jungle, far into the mountains and back, then towards the swamps next to Hadrian and far into the vast Patrician Plains. Light breeze on the plains brings many memories, and the gentle burbling of water along with the marvellous sight of the stream and the sea of grass... Just makes every step worth taking.

He always takes me beautiful places. And makes sure I'm safe.

Dragging home fistfuls of innocent plants, we've gone back to Sullivans Port.
After a hefty portion of gardening, we had a nice time of rest under an ancient tree. The evening was perfect, still warm with chilly winds blowing the leaves around on the forest floor. Even though we live close to the port village, it's almost as if we were in the heart of the forest. Quiet, serene, breathing.

We've grown quite closer over the past days..or was it weeks? Time flows so slowly around here, with one day like the other.
He's grown more caring, and has some hobbies as well. All of that does him good.
The moment when we sat under the tree, looking at the freshly planted greenery and jungle-covered mountain peaks looming in the distance...
I held his hand, and he held mine. In appreciation and fondness.
I cuddled up, and he held me. In protection and closeness.
Rest his head onto mine.
We talked, talked about nice and simple things. Dawn, dusk and sunshine. Plants and his health.
He told me about his dreams, people hidden in the fog. And amidst of that, a woman surrounded by blazing flames, repelling the mist like, a beacon repels the darkness. Beautiful woman, with pale skin, and a sky blue silk... And then he said my name.

A companionable silence.

Later that day we came home, just after the nightfall. I was surprised when Michael silently started preparing dinner. I never expected to see him do this. And yet, here he was, focused on cooking us a nice vegetable soup.
It was delicious.

Right after we finished the dinner, a proclamation echoed in out heads. By lady Mayor Morgaine, announcing us we can return as soon as we see fit.
This day couldn't possibly be better.

And then, we went to sleep in the regular manner. „In the Laps of Life, the Void of the Temptress“

After morning hugs of joy of our soon-to-be return and a quick breakfast, we took our time to pack up all the things we needed to pack from Michael’s cave home at Sullivan’s.
Each of us did part of the work, and in the end we stacked the sacks and crates on top of the summoned carrying disc. What a practical gift the Weave has given me. Thank you every day, chance and the blessing.

CLICK  Spoiler
In a good mood, we departed, locked up the place, and started heading to our new home – to the eastern farmlands of Hadrian.

As a surprise on our way, we’ve met a woman! Absolutely normal human woman warrior, of a name Tyra, the seconf of the Mother. I hope I remembered that correctly, I was quite stunned of seeing another human at the jungle port full of monstrous beings.

Tyra carries a majestic tower shield, and wields her war axe ‘Choppa’. Of course Michael, loving his black steel ‘Meaty axe’ himself, couldn’t but participate in the axe-staring-contest.

I decided to stood aside, this is probably a warrior thing.
Or maybe they both have the same quirk.
Wishing miss Tyra a good day, me and Michael proceeded to continue towards the docks, and from there, took a ship into the town we know – Hadrian.


Strange feeling of nostalgia hit me when we arrived. The same streets, the same sky, but never the same as before. Nothing will ever be the same as on the day I arrived, I will see nothing the same as I did before Michael was almost thrown to the pit of the undead in Asylum.

It’s interesting to reflect on past month’s events, really.

Never before I could be so useful to myself and others, and never before everything looked so dark and bright at the same time. The contrast between various parts of my life is so strong, that I almost feel I can’t balance it. How fortunate I am to have my friends.

I wonder if I could visit Cutter at Hilltop.. However, I cannot leave Michael alone. I hope he is alright, I want to see him as soon as possible.
If only I had his Hilltop address, I could write him a letter...

Maybe I we will meet tomorrow, only stars know our fates. And only we create them.


How strange that we haven’t met any of our friends so far. It’s likely that Morgaine has taken initiative and summoned adventurers on various missions that needed to be done, as the tools of the mist are now safely contained within the safety vault of Skettus.

Without any major disturbances, we managed to arrive to our new home.

Michael is likely nervous, as he barely expressed anything as we arrived into the blooming front yard. I asked about it, and he told me he is indeed nervous of meeting the people he hurt without the intention to do so.

Dear Michael flopped face-down into the pillows in the lounge area and yelled of joy. Finally.
His progress makes me happy, and even though I have my hands full, I believe it’s for the best.
After all, sooner or later he will become his own man again.
But I will miss him.

Despite his still considerable condition, he had become much more sharp, earnest and relaxed than before.
He seems to be doing well, I’m glad I can help him.

He had also opened up to spontaneous affections bit by bit. Now I can find comfort in his arms whenever I need to, which helps a lot with the troubles I sometimes think about.
I won’t show any of them directly.

And I need to ask Pip to look at the bruises on my arm... Temple ointments keep doing nothing, and from regular bruises, these turned into.. dark bruise-like patches, seemingly swirling inside with hues of grey and faded, dark purple.
They do not even feel painful to the touch, unlike other usual bruises do.
I hope this is going to be alright...


While at the Hadrian tailor, Michael had been CHOOSING CLOTHES. Michael! A man clad in iron the whole time I knew him!
It’s strange, unusual. Leisure clothing is good for him though, especially for the farm work that needs to be done, including all the repairs he needs to participate at.

...I had a sleeve added over my bruised right arm. Can’t show anyone.
This weighs down heavier than I thought.

Oddly enough, I seem to see better in the dark then I used to. Due to all the worries in my mind I have trouble focusing, I admit, but seeing without a lantern light spirit or a torch is neat on its own.
Maybe talking to Pip can solve my cluelessness about this health situation.


Shortly after we unpacked things from the disc, I went to send a proclamation announcing a dearly welcome to our friends who wish to visit us at the House 9.
Heh, I noticed Morgaine had something carved into my house plaquette – Sherina’s Place.
How thoughtful of her.

We should have an extra key made for Michael. There has to be a keysmith in the town.


After running various errands and basic tidy-up, Michael, more energic than ever, decided that it’s time for ‘PLANTS!‘

I didn’t want to overexert my arm, so I was just instructing him here and there, and carrying newly filled buckets back to the fields. It’s easier than an actual planting, and I get some exercise done. Marvellous.

Later, as Michael got lost in the joys of gardening, we finished the last patch of land we were supposed to tend to today. I brought a small basket of cherries and raspberries with me earlier, so I pulled it out as a sign of a well-deserved break.

Tired but happy, I felt light from the pride I was feeling. He is doing so well!
And as a token of appreciation, I made the effort of climbing the fence and giving him a small kiss on the nose. Michael, although surprised, passed around the fence and trapped me into a hug. I apologized just in case, but... he didn’t mind at all.

...I should probably control my displays of care and affection, while he is still recovering. But that’s what helped him the most.
It’s hard to care for someone when no one gives you a professional advice. Nggh!


As the skies went dark, we went home. Without a word, Michael started cooking dinner, as he likes to do every evening. This time, it was a thin slice of meat with plenty of mixed vegetables on the side, and just the right amount of salt.
His dedication to this household, to everything new that came real just recently, amazes me. The first time we met he actually growled at me.
And now?
He’s caring and protective, and we're sharing the same living space.
A little kindness can go a long way.

Of course I insisted on washing the dishes, he had already done so much at the house that day.


Earlier at the fields, I mentioned that something is troubling me and that it sould be safe to share it with him. And only him for now.

After we went home, in the bedroom, I partially undressed just so he could see my right arm clearly.
He suggested using a ‚remove curse‘ potion, but that’s something I already tried at the temple.
We had no further ideas, but... Michael embraced me, then took my cheeks into his hands, and then gently toughed his forehead against mine. And told me, that he wants to be here to support me.

„The waters will waver and rock, but they will calm.“

After those words we went to bed, claiming our well-deserved right to rest. Michael seems pleased with the level of comfort and softness the bed provides. After sleeping in a wilderness and then in the monster dwelling, the bed indeed seems better than usual.

Lovely morning. I quietly snuck out of bed, tip-toeing down the stairs into the kitchen. I got to make a surprise breakfast!
Michael likes sweet things, so it was decided.
Short-boiled oatmeal with honey, fresh sliced fruits and a handful of dried nuts.
Along with a mint tea on the side.

CLICK  Spoiler
I prepared everything on the table, and to shorten the wait I was playing with the flames while resting near the fireplace. I didn’t want to disturb Pattie yet, and I wanted to stay indoors to not miss out on Mike’s reaction.

He LOVES honey!


I left Michael to his farming work, and ventured to Hadrian to see if there’s anyone I can help.
I met a woman of a name Abigail, in the upper parts of the town. Abigail asked me to drive out some squatters, which was ought to be easy enough to do as an evening feel-good activity.
There were wailing souls, vile spirits and clawing shadows overflowing the whole place. An old inn, but apparently it’s something more.
Me and Pattie turned the place up around, with flames and resilience.

Notable moment – In a desperate situation, surrounded by whispering evil spirits, I called upon the weave of flames with everything I got.
I felt a surge, and then a wave of tingling and strong heat washed over me, leaving my arms almost numb.
When I opened my eyes, there were but the last remains of lost souls being dealt with by my brave little Pat-pat. Tiny embers were still floating in the air.
I can’t believe I was able to push my spell boundaries even further!!


Upon my return, I found Michael at the fields. I decided to keep him company while letting Pattie run freely around the farms. She’s harmless, after all. My little warm dog.

After he finished up the tedious farming work, we headed back home.
BUT, we met Morgaine!!!

She was so loving and kind, seemed glad to see us as well! We had a nice conversation, however... She told us the evil artifacts Michael had gave her, were stolen by a Skettus guard!
Besides that, the conversation meandered through various subjects – from more serious to less. Later in the garden, me and Morgaine had a talk about love and relationships.
She told me she received a letter from Saeb, her girl love.
I did my best to comfort her with my words, and also with her own words which she spoke to me when we talked about Cutter.
,,If the relationship ends, it is because it wouldn’t last further.“

I have a feeling Cutter already forgot about me, since I was with Michael at Sullivan’s for more than a week. Why am I so nervous about this? He is a kind man, come on, me!

In the meantime Michael joined us, and relaxed near the pond.
As we continued our girly boys-love-talk, at one point when we’ve talked about how Fjord is completely clueless in dating and all the work is on Morgaine, Michael suddenly stood up and went to stare at me, with a little smile. I didn’t mind, so I kept talking to Morgaine and just smiled at him.
I wonder what that was.


Our joyful time was sharply interrupted by unearthly howls of a bloodthirsty wolf pack, ravaging everything on the farms.
Michael noticed them first, and as swift as the wind, he put on his full plate and went to slaughter and protect. Me and Morgaine quickly followed, and fought our way through dozens of giant wolves.
It seemed as if it would never end, I was exhausted and drawing from the last bits of magic I had.
Thankfully it was over.


We headed to the Coin, as Michael announced he needs a drink after such ordeal. I needed pancakes. Lots of pancakes. Every fibre of my body felt like tingling, from the rapid magic reserve exhaustion. Oh stars, the headache it can give me later...
I had a sweet cake and took one for Michael as well. Michael, being kinder man than he used to, shared his piece with surprised Morgaine.
I ate. As if I was famished.
Then I ordered a pile of pancakes with a fruit jam.
And devoured. Devoured everything with precision, until only remains of the pancake presence were the smears of jam on the plate.
Both were surprised by this sudden appetite!

Shortly after, Michael left. Probably to take a walk or something, so me and mayor kept talking. After a while, I heard shouting, in a voice resembling Michael’s.
We ran for the door.

There was an elvish woman. Small, red haired, and thin.
With a traditionally complicated name I shortened to Aria. I knew her name only thanks to Michael yelling it at me, the woman didn't even have enough politeness in her to introduce herself. It's not like it matters, but hey. Sailors are in this case more polite, and that's something.

My tired self had to sleep, so me and Michael left, and were heading towards our home.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
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Close Hearts, Bonded Souls


I think I should note down for my future self, that the latest entries are not per-day. Most days are calm and uneventful, and even with the mist threatening the region (which no one cares about, by the way) and other dangers looming, I feel... Content.

CLICK  Spoiler
I feel really, really good. Michael is my support, and he is working on improving himself day by day.

The reason why I decided to write this journal entry... A lot has happened. In a good way.

I’ve always felt kind of deep companionship love towards Michael, maybe because he seemed like he needed it. I don’t know why, or how this happened. This is a bond I can’t see being broken anytime soon. And it’s only growing deeper with each day, with each night. With each help.
At this point we can stop counting debts towards each other.
We're both feeling the safety of such bond.

Which kind of reminds me... No one besides mayor Morgaine went to visit us over the past weeks.
No one.
Even though I sent a proclamation saying where we live in case anyone wants to.
I’m glad I have Michael as an emotional support. The fact that Cutter, of all of people, decided to stay away... It’s a sad feeling, but I know I made a good choice running away to Sullivan’s. And if anyone doesn’t like the fact I saved a life – it’s only a matter of time when I heal.
If I lose anyone for helping someone... I would go and help again.
I am no hero, not strong in any way. But I'll push through anything to help those who have helped me.

The strange bruises continue to grow, albeit very slowly. If I didn’t have Iron to share my burden with, I wouldn’t be able to smile at all. Pip seems busy, so I wrote him a letter hoping for reply. I asked about the dragon mission as well, I didn’t pay for that shield on a whim.

I would be so worried... if it weren’t for my supportive friend. And Pattie. Those two are the pillars that keep me from sadness.


I slept in a bit, then stormed down the stairs to find Michael. I saw him sitting by the fire, focusing and meditating. He’s told me he is trying to speak properly. He’s doing very well in this matter, even though for now he speaks really slowly. He is fighting and pushing through.

I sat on the cushions next to him, and after a while, we talked for a little bit. I decided to express that I am going to miss him when he recovers and leaves.
CLICK  Spoiler
That's when he said: „Who said I was leaving? That is... if you’ll have me.“   
He left me speechless.

The truth is that, indeed, we have gotten very close over the time. I never thought of him differently, but the way he changes... I don't know.

That morning, I asked a question that’s been bugging me for few days – what did it mean when he stood before me in the garden, back then when Morgaine was visiting.
And he swept me from my feet. In a literal sense, picked me up and held.
It seems he’s very observant and always listening. I felt good in his arms, he is quite tall so I also got the idea of his ‚view of the world.‘ But that’s not what was on my mind in that moment. It was one of the most perfect moments of my life, the realisation that we both might have feelings for each other.
The real ones. We’ve been through hard times and never left each others side. The bond it forged...
And then I got the loveliest kiss one the nose as a 'payback' for everything I've done.

„You are the dagger to my armor, hitting all the soft spots.“

After this, I asked the most tense and hard question to erase even the last doubts; Whether he would like me to be his iron dagger after he recovers.
And it got answered.


I’ve heard many other surprising things that day morning. It was long and calm, and we both opened and shared. Based on Michael’s own words, he had liked me the moment he saw me, and I’m helping him realise and feel, how it is to have someone close.

How strange the world turns sometimes.
If I made only one different decision, everything would be... No, no don’t think of it.
Tender moments in the morning haze, as the rays of sun shone through the windows, painting the floor in reflections as we sat there, embracing each other and resting, while the fire was slowly crackling. That was the morning of a wonderful day.


Later, almost in the afternoon, I went to see him on the farms. Before that I did some household work, as usual. Mundane tasks help me feel better, as I sometimes feel like this bliss is just an eye of the storm, and at any moment, the tempest can close in on us. I know it will.
Hopefully my fire will provide enough light to fight off the darkness.

We tended the fields together, and then went to the bath house to rest after a long period of labour. I’ve left a hint of suggestion about the chasm waterfalls as well, but he was so oblivious I almost chuckled! It has plenty of time to come into reality, so it doesn’t matter at all.
Things can change until then.

At the bath house I received first straightforward compliments from him. That I look lovely in the dress I brought for our Valstiir journey, and that my eyes are deep and beautiful.
There are some things happening that are beyond any expectations. And it feels so right.

I also got the answer to why he sometimes uses the word ‚silk‘ in relation to me. The regular side assumed the dress, but one of his outbursts provided me with answer. Honest and straightforward, with a hint of appreciation. Silk of the pale flesh. The mind lingers and claws. Pale flesh of the night. Beauty in the moons eyes.
Lost in the void. Wandering iron of the tan opals.

Shows that each day can be more surprising than the other.


Today was also the first time we held hands in public for a longer period of time. A lot has changed today, it seems. Even though we’re just companions for now.
Maybe this is also the reason Michael is working so relentlessly towards his recovery, determined to get better at any cost. I don’t know what exactly motivates him to have such inner drive. But again, he’s a fighter, and had always had a strong willpower.

I took him to Valstiir in order to pick an additional pendant for my memory necklace. The one with Cutter’s black tulip in it.
Mister Lorianald had quite a selection of pendants, among which were three daggers. Two dark and one silver, and we had a hard time deciding. In the end, Iron chose the silver one and said...


After the jeweler, we went to spend a late evening in Valstiir gardens. Dawn tinting every survace red, and every shadow purple. Magical time of the day, filled with the songs of sparrows and desperate melodies of crickets. Magical lanterns swiveled in the air, attracting curious moths and sleepy hummingbirds. And we sat there, on a stone bench, leaning against each other. Resting and living the moment.

After the sunset, when the sky turned into dark blue hues with the first stars peeking through the sparse clouds, we headed onto our way home.

Back at home, the ‚silk‘ was still stalling in my mind, like a tree in the desert. With a racing heart I took the risk, hoping that based on everything I’ve heard and experienced today, this won’t be a misstep.
I approached Michael and shyly asked, whether he... whether he wants to touch the silk.
A sweetheart he is, in his rational side of mind he started examining my dress, and I couldn’t stop laughing. So I have it one little push, taking his hand and guiding it to feel the skin of my neck, shoulder, and towards the open back of the dress. His expression was surprised and curious, but quickly turned into a smile and we ended up hugging each other, while he gently rubbed my back in a careful and loving manner. His touch was a bit rough, but pleasant. It always makes me relaxed, and I felt my breath slow down.

Leaving the close touch, his suggestion pierced every doubt I had;

Come, let us fall asleep in eachother's embrace.

Woah... a truly wonderful day.
I am at loss for words, as it's just almost unbelievable, and at the same time, so right and nice-feeling.

I feel like nothing I write will do this day justice, and I will fail to capture the essence, the perfection of each moment that had happened throughout the day.
CLICK  Spoiler
That this page will be just an empty husk of words, without any emotion behind it.


The bruises are spreading a bit each day. It’s seen the best when I don’t check up on them for few days, and then look in the mirror. So far they do nothing, only swirl under the daylight.


It seems Michael started his field duties early. When I woke up, the house was empty.
I like how dedicated he is. His willpower is unmatched, and the effort he makes every day to make things work, is simply, amazing.

After doing some morning stretches and having a breakfast, I went out to find him. I felt bubbly and joyful, sleeping this way gives me so much energy towards the day!

Michael was deep in meditation, as he sat in the rays of dawn, with tended fields behind him.

I sneaked up closer...
And summoned a jet of fire from behind a tree.
I managed to hide for about a minute, until I couldn’t control my laughter anymore and just gave up on stealth completely.
And hearing his sweet „Hi Sherina“ instantly made my morning better.
He was fine with my fire play as well, dearie.

I asked him whether he’d like to sleep cuddled up more often. And the answer of his was, note: WITH A SMIRK– „If you would like.“
Man, you have to have some excitement from hearing me say these things!
I like to hear nice things being confirmed as well.
So it’s alright.
I can enjoy it.
And the eskimo kisses too.


One surprise follows another. He barely resembles the gloomy Michael I met on my third day in Hadrian.
But what i certainly didn’t expect to hear from his mouth, is that apparently I look ‚sexy‘ in that red dress of mine!

And hearing that while travelling to Sullivan’s, well, it just makes your day.


Our steps echoing in a dreadful, twisted temple, we marched forward with caution. The zikkurat was home to a mass of fire elementals, and some worshippers of flame or whatever.

We crept in silence, our ears looking for any hint of an enemy sound.

I hate the tide of battle. I like the quick thinking, I like what I can do... But the possibility to lose your friends, the people you care about... it’s too much. Far too much for someone like me to bear.

I promised Michael I’ll check up on him back home, and mended the dents in his black metal armor with a spell. Yes, he does regenerate. But I have to make sure.


Our journey took us to Valstiir by the airship from Sullivan’s.

After the usual selling of whatever we’ve found, Michael wanted to dye the new cloak he had found. So I tagged along, of course.

At the store,
The biggest surprise. Yes, another one.

Rich and elaborate, from black velvet and with golden embroidery. I couldn’t believe my eyes, as he slowly approached me, his massive stature clad in the most elegant suit available. And he bought it just for me. So he has something to wear when we go out and I wear a dress.
As I stood on the descending steps, out heads were mostly on the same level.
I was so filled with joy and excitement.
I wanted to kiss him. The man I like so much.
It was the perfect moment!

...But I didn’t.


We arrived to the airship, holding our hands, and departed towards Hadrian.

The missed opportunity and a slight worry that I might be wrong about his feelings was still bugging me,
so I went full honesty.

I confessed, that I wanted to kiss him back at the store. That I thought the opportunity was perfect. But I didn’t, and that made me confused whether I should have done it or not...
Michael just leaned in and asked... „What’s stopping you now?“
I went speechless.
And then he pulled me into the softest kiss imaginable.
I didn’t expect my first kiss to be on an airship with a person I‘m still mainly a carer to, but it is.
And it is perfect.


Back at home, after I waited for Michael to finish bathing, he told me something as well.
He talked about how he started his meditation.
How and why he pushes himself so rapidly towards his recovery.
It’s because of me.
Michael... That precious man.

Later on, he showed me in detail how his regeneration ability works. It’s just as incredible as I imagined. He has not a single scar on his body.
Then we talked. He talked about some things that happened to him long ago, the wounds he survived only thanks to his ability.
I couldn’t bear it any longer. I told him something, that I can’t imagine what he’s been through. That it’s hard for me to hear such things. But I thanked him for trusting me.
I thanked him for everything.
And I thanked him
for loving me.

... „Of course I love you.“
My heart fluttered in joy.

We went to sleep a while later. Last words I heard that day were: „Goodnight, my shining dagger.“

Goodnight, my hero.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book of Freedom and Choice
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Ink of the Mad

In the morning I went out to Hadrian, to simply catch up with the things and with people in town. After a stroll through the streets smelling of water and people, I sat down to rest at the patio of Adventurer’s Society, watching the people, seagulls and ships go by.

Who I certainly didn’t espect was dear Ruby, marching carefully down the streets. Our eyes met, and she sat down to the table with me.
We’ve been talking more-less general stuff, including a little rant on the local sorcerer laws. She has been trying to explain to me her opinion on why are we so looked down at.
Based on her thoughts, the Arcanists and other wizards are simply jealous of what we have naturally, while they had to study to earn their skills.

What are they forgetting, I said to Ruby, is, that we cannot choose the spells we develop nearly at all. We can experiment and try, but unless we know, we have no clue.
Having every day a different selection of spells available – that’s only for wizards.

And I don’t know what‘s „so terribly bad“ about that.

Pip’s skills are cool, after all, and he can learn anything he wants from the scrolls at the store.
There’s nothing like that for us sorcerers.
Only our raw, unbound nature.


Miss Mayor Morgaine walked by, and as girls we all are, from two people in a conversation immediately became three. She was on her way from some Voust-related crypt – it seems she was reckless enough to go alone.

Regardless of that, she has shared some of her discoveries and assumptions. Her and Ruby had a clever and intense talk, and I was amazed to listen to them talk.
Ruby seems to have a perfect analytical mind for the right situations, and this was one of them. We both offered lady Morgaine our help in getting through the walls of the Voust manor, and our red-clad Mayor accepted.

Ruby unfortunately had some tasks planned further in the day, so me and Morgaine stood alone on the patio. Since I asked her about a private hearing right after she joined us in a talk, we laidback-style went into her offices. It was too much of a beautiful morning to rush...

I told her about the unavailability of Pip for the dragon mission, and about the fact that Michael will likely insist on coming after the old bronze with us. We continued the talk in a relaxed manner, agreeing upon starting our journey as soon as Morgaine receives a yes-or-no reply from some people she’s like to have with her.

That makes sense. But she hasn’t seen me fight for a while.

Later during our conversation, the topic turned to Michael. I haven’t told her anything of what happened yesterday or the days before


Around the noon I came home and as i wanted to go check the farms I’ve bumped into Michael on my way out of the door. That makes things easier.

Several gentle affections later, I agreed to visit lady Morgaine with him. He seems to have something to report from Valstiir, and would appreciate my company.
...Don’t tell me there’s more trouble on our plate.

After their meeting, we all went to Valstiir to check upon the said mist patches.

And it was far worse than Morgaine and I expected.
Most of the Old Quarter of Valstiir was covered in clouds of red mist, turning the lush grasses into a dead wasteland. Except for one tree, which stood amidst the clouds of corruption, proud and alive. With vibrant purple leaves, radiating a slight magical energy.

As we waded through the thick mist, the ‚bruised up‘ arm... responded.

First, I felt a strange numbness. Then tingling, and a second later

I felt as if thorns were piercing out from within the areas with bruises, ripping my flesh and every nerve apart. The clawing of something cold -
Until it all faded except the pain.
The pain so strong I wanted to give up, lay down and let myself cry until dawn.
Pain as intense as the devices back.. where I came from. Only longer.
Every second felt like forever.
It was burning, writhing in my veins. Every fibre of me wanted to scream and hope, that someone comes and takes the pain away.
But I’ve learnt as a child.
No such person exists.

Michael and Morgaine took their time. It’s alright, hang on girl. Show nothing. You can do it, you can manage. I had to grit my teeth and walk further. Morgaine needed to be guarded from the back as well. I needed to be cautious.
They needed me.
My will couldn’t falter in that moment.
Oh heavens, if only they weren’t so slow... The longer we walked through the mist the more it hurt. As if my body responded to every life lost to the mist.
I don’t want this anymore...
Someone make it stop.


I managed to survive the flight from Valstiir down into Hadrian as well. I hope my rushed farewell didn’t disturb Mayor too much, but it was no longer bearable.
I could no longer hold back the presence of this.
So I went alone.

But Michael, oh Michael.

Being the awesome man he is, he rushed to me in an attempt to comfort me, help me, calm me down.
My arm was throbbing, and through the rushes of pain and adrenaline in my blood, I could barely notice his call. „Sweetheart,“ he said.

And I told him. Away from the city, beyond the walls, letting the pain be seen in my eyes. I told him what I felt, how it felt and how I would do anything to stop it, how I wanted to release my flames...
...but I wanted to release them on me.
To burn that thing off.
But I couldn’t.
For him, I couldn’t.

My sweet Michael. Brazier, protecting my flame from the wind.

He suggested that I should probably go and burn some excess plants and foliage.
So we went, and I set off a blazing tempest with the pain still pulsing through me.

And I felt something,
A new strange something rushed over me, tugging the Weave in new patterns I couldn’t
And the world went dark.


Pain in my right arm had completely disappeared by the time we arrived to our doorstep. It seems the mist had triggered something. I don’t know.

I felt.. unusual. Releasing my magic didn’t help. The feeling of a blazing bonfire in the core of my chest was guiding me towards Michael, I felt.. this burning within, I wanted to embrace him, hold him, envelop us both in the safety of fire, staying forever in that moment.
That’s how I felt, and maybe this desire kept the panic from the sudden dark cloud away.
The need for closeness,
for closer closeness,
my body felt so heated up. None of the flames I released onto the poor foliage that evening had seemed to sate this need and calm down this feeling. Michael, on the other hand... the sadness and worry seeping everywhere around him, creating a point of clarity and reason in my heated up mirage of the world.

Is it too strange I wasn’t scared at all?

Maybe it’s my immense trust in him.
We’ve been through the hell and back.
This can’t be harder than that.

He expressed his deep worry and concern, about this feeling, about these events... That he never wants to lose this beautiful, caring woman of his.
And only thing I felt that moment was calmness and trust. And the determination to overcome whatever this is. And whatever it brings.

Michael is worried about losing me, losing me to this something that‘s creeping up my body and changing its magical responsivity.
I felt Michael’s tears as they dripped on my shoulders.
I felt his care,
his love,
his desperate affection.

This is the man I’ve grown to love, love so much I never thought I would feel a bond this deep. And now the source of his troubles am I, the one person who has never supposed to bring any wounding feeling upon him.

I was terrified of asking Skettus for examination, as Morgaine suggested.
But he’s my man.
The only person who is going to be here with me with certainty.
If this would be my only duty to him, I will put myself under the risk and be examined by their mage and artificier – the man named Zilta.
And for now,
live for what we have. For what we are. For what we can become.

Michael gently took my hand, and begun guiding me to the bed with gentleness and affection in his touch. I followed, accepting whatever comes next, knowing I’m safe. He layed me down with him, and I cuddled close to feel his heart beating next to mine.
He began gently stroking my hair, telling me with love, to just forget about the world.. for a single moment.

I felt myself relaxing, my inner fires extinguishing...

That moment I knew

I will always be his silver dagger. And even if this ‚whatever‘ consumes me – heck if I care, I’ll become a blade of obsidian.
But I’ll stay his. Until the end.
My lovely Iron.


I took the time in the morning to study my arm. Some of the bruises look more like an ink spills, with twig-like formations branching out each of them.
I can feel a soft tingling. But no longer any pain. Fortunately. I can’t afford to step into the red mist more than necessary.
While I was absorbed by studying the changes of my body, Michael woke up and asked whether I feel alright. He is my support and I love him.

CLICK   Spoiler
He noticed that it had gotten worse. Clearly. It’s quite noticeable by now. It’s making him so worried, I’m afraid he is more worried than I am. There’s no escaping for me after all, so I’m looking for solutions.
He’s just so caring.
I tried to remind him, that we should never let this condition of mine overshadow what we already have. How awesome it is to be ourselves, to be together. We have a nice house, good friends, and are caring for each other. With all these things, I will hold on.
And Michael promised me he will help me fight this. By all means possible.
The things we do for each other...
...I’m glad he’s become a much kinder man than before. Otherwise I would be afraid.

I quickly ran to the Coin and back, letting the air fill my lungs as I sprinted forward.
I had to take that surprise home as soon as possible.

I told Michael to wait upstairs while I ran, raced the morning breeze and the few falling leaves. Quickly stop by at the seamstress‘ before I get the thing from the inn.
Had it.
Got to bring it home.

Back at our cozy two-storey, I quickly unpacked and displayed the present on a large plate. It was fresh, as fresh as it can get in the morning of a busy port town day.
A full sweet cake, with colorful sugary sprinkles and juicy, cherry filling.
How am I going to tell him this?
Oh, I know...
„Come downstairs!“ I shouted, clutching the heavy tray in my hands. The right one seems a bit weakened, now I think about it.

Michael descended down the stairs, and the little scillintating sparks of pleased surprise in his eyes were just priceless. Sweet cake, oh yes.

I thought I should give him something to pay back, the worries I caused him with what happened yesterday... I never wanted this. I know I’m loved, I know I’m supported, but to let my dear partner know about my appreciation is just as important as the appreciation itself.
Sweetest man I know.
He is my support, the reason my will doesn’t waver against the taint that’s consuming me. The reason why I will go and push myself, try to learn how to work with this taint of mine.
I feel good in the dark. Maybe I should train in the basement later.


After little bits of conversation, I remembered the thing I got reworked at the tailor’s workshop. The adventuring robe Michael gave me during our first adventure together.
I wonder whether he remembers.
I had it reworked, though some parts turned out clearly different than I imagined. Some were rising... higher, definitely higher than I expected. But no worries, everything will be fine. I’m sure of it.

One moment of changing later, I walked down the stairs, however I stood with my back turned towards him. I was so nervous of showing myself in this new attire... It was new, yes, it was nice, yes, it was all that it could be. But it lacked the long skirt i usually wear, and instead got something.. different. That’s more than I remember it asking to be.

As nervous as I was, i was quite reluctant to show this attire of mine.
Inhale, exhale.
There we go.

Blushing and surprised, Michael seemed both stunned and appreciative at the same time. I quickly defended the concept of this clothing, saying it was supposed to be more modest.
His single reply was a cocky „Sure...“ as he pulled me close by my sides.
Assuming the best but still needing reassurance, I asked whether he likes it.
...And I’ve gotten the best answer I could get.

As I’m writing this, I realised that the things are starting to get suggestive once in a while. It’s not like I mind. I’m certainly glad he is feeling better and showing more of his personality.
I’m still primarily his carer, after all. There are bounds I don’t want to cross until his full recovery. I want him to be himself when that happens.


Michael suggested visiting one area in Sullivan’s, where he said he could use my help. It’s not like I do anything else besides enchanting him to be even deadlier for his enemies, so I agreed to it and tagged along.

It was a nice trip. But unfortunately (or fortunately), the elevator that was supposed to ride us to the lower levels had gotten jammed in the construction itself, so we stopped moving after several feet.
It was time to go – but I didn’t want to go home yet.
So Michael took me to the Upperdark.


Upperdark is a strange and calming place. Dangers lurking around every corner, while the cave system itself is so nice, majestic, with pretty glowing details like mushrooms and crystals, burbling water streams and still, silent lakes.
My excitement and curiosity only grew, and after showing me the drow city from the coastline, we turned around and headed towards the exit of the caves.

Being as excited and curious as I was, I acted more like a tourist than an adventurer at that moment. I was splashing in the streams, touching all the tall, gargantuan mushrooms, petting the smooth facets of glowing crystals, and generally, enjoying the trip.
And burning several monsters alive but they wanted to eat us first. And Michael is quicker than any of my spells, it’s so incredible. His agility merges with his strength into one deadly and effective combo.
And there wasn’t a second I was truly afraid of him.
Not even while he was completely under the influence of the cursed tools.

Continuing our trip in Upperdark, behind a patch of tall mushrooms I’ve found a still pool of cool water. I submerged in, as it seemed pretty shallow and empty for any monstrosity to hide in. So I went in. And Michael did too.
So I splashed him.
His revenge was just as vicious as it could be, since he took his shield into both hands, filled it with water and then CHUCKED all the water onto my head.
I was drenched.
But laughing.

And he seemed oh-so-happy seeing me like this. Without worries and racing thoughts.


He took us back a different path, through an abandoned waterside fortress, now inhabited by sahuagin-kin.
Pattie once again proven to be a true devilish shredder from the nine hells, deserving a lot of praise and head scratches. She’s grown so much over the time I spent here in these lands... I can’t believe she’s almost as tall as I am.

Through the crumbling fortress full of waterfalls and overwater paths, we emerged in the familiar forests nearby Southbank.
Times of our first memories living together, travelling here to see the world. Time when I first showed him the heat of my spells, the time he gave me his first hug.
There is a lot to see, and a lot to learn.
But mostly enjoy, as the nature is wild and full of surprises.
And every corner can harbor a beautiful location of its own.

We took a long stroll, simply savoring the fresh forest air as the wind danced with the leaves above us. We stopped on the top of a small cliff, right above the water waves.
And we just stood there,
Gazing into the distance.
He put his arm around me, and we stood.
As the waves go by, as they will for all eternity, eating away the toughness of the rock.
I felt so loved.
And appreciated.
In that very moment, it was only two of us.
And the vastness of the sea.


Our romantic moment was disturbed by a Moander’s fanatic, who seemed to rejoice in the discovery of proclaimer services. Michael seemed pretty pissed off by it, therefore I needed to calm the situation down.

Iron must’ve felt very romantic that day, as we didn’t head home that night. We’ve gone to the Southbank, to the inn and had a cozy little dinner. Michael’s a proper gentleman, I must say – he even pulled out a chair for me, and brought everything to the table.
Michael never ceases to amaze me.
Who would’ve thought that I, of all people, am going to end up with this man.

Dinner... Which reminds me, I haven’t yet searched for a sweet cake recipe to make at home.
Have to add it to the to-do list.


After our filling dinner, Michael went and rent a room at the Southbank’s inn. It was a small and cozy one, almost indifferent to my old room at the Sailor’s Coin.
Sadly, only beds were single and only one per room.
So, as Michael laid down on his back, I got comfortable lying on him and next to him, as his strong arms held me close.

I fell asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat.


We took a ride by boat in the morning, and spent our way to Hadrian watching the lazy morning waves and a rising fog above the river. It was amusing seeing morning bird folk flutter by, occasionally stopping by the coast to have a short drink, before they'd take off again.
Funny thing is, that I don't miss home. And I don't think I'll ever do.
As long as I'm with Michael, our home can be anywhere.
Right now he is standing right beside me, his big, warm hand on top of mine, as we are leaning against the railing of the ship.
He just smiles, and then we continue our silent, calm voyage.

Upon arrival at home, Michael immediately sets off towards the farmers settlements. It seems there's a lot of work today, as we've been reported that an ox got frightened and broke free, demolishing part of the barn and one door in the process.
Michael insisted he'll be alright on his own, so I trusted him and went to Hadrian alone. I wanted to just relax and people-watch before I go home for the rest of the day.

What fate had brought up for me was lady Morgaine, elegantly sitting down next to me and starting this unexpected talk. It turned out, that she's heading to the Abbey of the Moon for spiritual reasons, and as I mentioned the dragon living nearby, she reckoned we might as well do two things at once.
What a great and inspiring leader.

Even though I'm not serving anyone and thought I'll never be, Morgaine shows me the side of rulership I would never expect to happen and encounter. She is kind, merciful, decisive and powerful. And values loyalty above everything.
She's actually the only person I can directly ask for commands and feel great about doing it. Because I know she likes me to retain my free will, and serve her out of my own decision. I'm proud of Michael wanting to join her guard, she'll need him just as I do if the mist comes closer.


Down at the Abbey, Morgaine paid her respects and did her prayers. In the meantime, I was enticed by the beauty and serenity of the local monastery gardens, finding peace in their geometry and silence.
A quiet retreat. No wonder she visits here once a week to cleanse her head from the duties as a Mayor. This place would turn anyone into a calmer person.

Later on we went to talk to the Father of the Abbey about the local lands and the dragon rumours. Apparently he didn't know of anything, but suddenly a woman I've seen before appeared, as if out of nowhere.
I've seen her over a month ago in Hadrian, trying to get Pip's attention for something.
It's not like it matters now.

We talked, and meanwhile visited two towers of the abbey, one as tall as the other. Both were full of artifacts and holy symbolics, one even housing a piece of a moon, giving a dim glow into the room it was stored in.

Then we sat in the serene gardens, with flowers slowly swaying in the light wind. It was refreshing, and in the background you've heard the cascading waterfalls nearby. Perfect place for a friendly chat.
While I was a bit more suspicious of miss Zoanantuss, Morgaine ensured me she is a good person and I let some of the barriers fall.
And after all,
it turned out that Zoana was the polymorphed Bronze Dragon(ess) we've been looking for.

It took my breath away as she rose from her human body, as majestic as one can get, turning skin into a metal-like scales, with head of a strangely pleasant dragon, with wise and patient green eyes. She was smaller than I suspected, but was still looming over us in a display of massive power and elegance.
It seems she can 'sniff' people's intentions in the form of a dragon, and her and Morgaine had a long talk about the necessary things and the things we know. We haven't yet been offered a direct help, but were pointed towards a certain things that might help us defeat the Mist in the long term.
And that's the important goal we have.

Me and Morgaine went home through Southbank, taking the ship to Hadrian. As soon as I escorted Mayor to her estate, we shared a warm hug and wished each other a great day. I like having friends like this. It makes me feel great, sharing the good things and forgetting the bad for a moment.


On my way towards the house 9, a proclamation echoed in my head - from Pip, he has returned and manages to find some time for me.
I updated him on all the events and information, including today's visit of a mighty dragon lady. He seemed amazed and just as curious and eager as I was, to meet the dragon again. I told him of her preferred human form, so if she ever comes to Hadrian or a Hilltop, he can get closer and talk to her.
He was also kind and concerned about the health problem of mine I mentioned in the letter. I'm glad he kept things private,
but that's just the way it goes I assume. One way or another, I'm glad he can be secretive when he wants to.
As if he wasn't usually.

Down at his lab at Hilltop, I have shown him the partially corrupted right arm. The blotches of dark color didn't shift much from yesterday, which is great. It's not growing faster after the latest mist incident, so that' at least a good news.
On another side, after the expensive spell testing and various examinations he suspected that my access to shadow magic is somehow higher, and that the right approach might be to figure out how to harness it.
Since the first dark cloud happened for seemingly no reason, I realised I might try to cast more spells, to see if any shadow energy 'leak' comes out again and alters the spell, allowing me to catch a glimpse of the spell pattern itself.
And I will harness it.

He gave me a bit more self belief and confidence, but we both know he's not on a hundred percent sure about those things.
We agreed that he might visit me and Michael while we're both home, and note down the progress of the arm markings during his visit.


I was drained from the spell testing, so I fell asleep sooner than Michael managed to get home.
What a long day full of answers and new goals to reach.
Thank you for that.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book
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Shadows and Stars

I’ve been testing different magic manipulations earlier in the morning, as Pip suggested. In the safery and darkness of the basement, of course. Then I went out to visit Michael on the farm fields... while being invisible.
He’s been a bit puzzled, as one would have been if he felt the empty air suddenly gain a faint form. I could only grin, the things you can do with magic...

I told him about the Pip’s hypothesis about what’s happening to me, and he nodded. He seems to feel powerless, as he’s unable to protect me from this one thing. I admire him so much for being so caring and always being there to be my iron shield.
Again I had to reassure him, he cannot feel like that just because he doesn’t know what it is. None of us knows, and my only way to learn more is to continue being in contact with Pip, and undergoing any experiments and testings he might propose.

It’s not like it would be for the first time in my life. At least this is voluntary.


I joined Michael in his farming efforts, doing what I always enjoyed to do. Planting and tending to crops.
Though the more I worked, I noticed that the right arm has gotten seemingly weaker. Only a bit, but it was noticeable enough when I was carrying bucket after bucket filled with water.

We lounged on the grassy ground after planting two fields worth of various plants. We were calmly resting in each others company, Michael completely drenched from the farming ordeal.

After a failed attempt to catch an escapee sheep, we went home.

Michael prepared his bath, when I noticed he didn’t warm up the water first.
I wanted him to relax after the amount of work he does on a daily basis. He deserves that.
So I heated up the water in the tub the best I could, deserving a loving kiss on the cheek.
How joyful I am of these moments.

While he was bathing, I put a pan with some oil on the stove, and heated it up. Threw in a bunch of shredded meat, letting it simmer and sizzle in the heated oil. As the meat was getting paler and a bit brown, I added in a mix of smaller vegetable bits to go as a side dish. The contents of the cast iron pan softly simmered. While I was adding in herbs and making sure all bits are being cooked even, Michael got out of the bath tub and dressed.

Only a while later I found out that he had dressed into his suit, still new and high-class piece of suede-soft attire.
After we had a filling lunch (Michael had to finish my portion, I made too much), we tidied up the kitchen and sat down to rest for a while.


„Want to spar?“
His question threw me off my train of thought, and as usual I was ready to decline. I would like to keep all my bones intact, thank you very much.
However, Michael knew this. He suggested being my trainer, and wanted to show me how to combat a shield user.

The training went well, I’ve learnt a few things and attempted one. I know he is going easy on me. So am I, as one of the best self defence tactics against shield wielders I know is to trap them in a flame pillar. Solves your problems.

When we were almost done with the training, we’ve heard a proclamation by Three. Michael was supposed to attend a meeting at the Hadrian headquarters of the House Skettus.
And wished to have me by his side.


We arrived to the main hall.
Sir Morriman sat on the large armchair, with Three obediently standing next to the chair. I was glad to see her.
The meeting went, to my big surprise, very well – until the messenger came with news about otherwordly wails and moans getting close to Southbank.
We needed to depart now.
All our differences and past were wiped away as we united in the common cause.
I’ve heard more about Michael’s history with the cursed artifacts. It was so foolish of him to keep them secret, but again, he was a different person back then. Even though, I still felt a strong friendship bond to him. While he likely might’ve felt indifferent the whole time.


We rushed to the Southbank and beyond, only to find vast hordes of undead covering the plains like ants on a rotting fruit. Squirming and marching without order or organisation, sheer terror emanated from the masses of animated corpses.

We fought and slaughered, might be tens might be a hundred. I depleted all of my spellflame, which was surprisingly effective against the flood of rotting flesh and sharp bones.

Michael rushed to my side as I attempted a foolish but effective move, decimating the zombies with a fire rain. His shield was the only thing between a piercing enemy spell and me. I need to thank him later.

Later as we explored for any remaining survivord or living people, I kept guarding Michael’s back with my twin shortswords firmly in my hands. The least I can do to make up for that.


As the rain poured down on the remains lying on the charred battlefield, Three was decoding some orc letters and notes they’ve found on one of the bodies of orcs who had assaulted us after the undead avalanche, hoping for an easy pray.
One of their last mistakes, I might add.

I was cold and exhausted, holding onto last bits of my internal magic reserves. I was almost trembling, my legs weak and lids getting sleepy. I had my duties. We all had.

What was later unexpected, suddenly the rain stopped soaking into my already wet robes and I spotted a shadow – I was under Michael’s shield. I smiled under my helmet, and softly touched his armored chest as a gesture of thanks.
I didn’t want our relationship to be too obvious, but for the Skettus skilled in spying, I think we were as easy to read as a book.

Morriman sent the captured guard (the one who caused trouble and got under the artifacts‘ influence) back to Hadrian by a ship. We had a talk afterwards.

And it turned out that Michael might need to go on a sole mission. He chose me to accompany him, as I tore him away from the terrible influence of the skull and Leira. I will accompany him. Anywhere. At any time.


We came to Hadrian. Exhausted.
Sweat of the battle soaked my hair, sticking it to my face as I took of my helmet. Fortunately, the windy evening made it dry up a bit.

And that evening something moved forward. My heartbeat got faster as I was helping Michael to get out of his full plate. I’ve never done that before, it was such a trustful and intimate moment betweeen us.
Sometimes I find fascinating how he trusts me.
... I trusted him always, even though he was insane for a portion of time. So I guess it’s not that curious at all!

After he got into the bed, I went on and apologised for not beign able to sleep in my grime-soaked robe, still bearing patches of the bodily juices from the dead.
Michael didn’t mind... he offered to help.
I stood still as he undone the back laces of my robe, then slipping out, bare and blushed.
I’m glad nothing went on. I love these moments of trust, it makes each minute more wonderful than the other. We cuddled up, exhausted, and fell asleep almost instantly.


When I woke up, it was almost noon. Stars, I slept a lot...

I was heading to the Hadrian Bathhouse for some enjoyment and relaxation, when I stumbled upon my man, Morgaine and Fjord talking on the square near the Coin.

They’ve been talking about the mist and other things, sharing their ideas and observations for most of the time. I spotted some growing closeness between my friend and Fjord, and I got lost in a thought.

Meanwhile Michael and Fjord talked about something, that Michael would like a better shield or something. Then Michael went and handed him something, as I was gazing at the waves and distant treetops.
I got an idea, so I whispered it to Michael.

...and Fjord heard all of it.
I admit I felt quite embarassed.

My only remaining option was - to roll with the outcome. I patted Mike on his shoulder and left to browse the wares of the Adventurer’s Society store to give them privacy, believing he can handle it from that point on. After all, it was just a spontaneous idea.
A short while later, Michael came in through the door, looking for me. I’ve been in a quiet corner, practising the invisibility weaving, so we almost missed each other. I managed to dispel at least part of the invisibility, so I was just.. translucent. He didn't seem surprised.

The result of the men’s talk partially remained as a mystery, it’s not like I mind, after all. It was an idea of that moment, since Michael never seemed to be affectionate, nor the relationship-type of guy – and yet, here we are. So I thought maybe they can say something to each other about those things.



Me and Michael went to the store – He mentioned he has some things for sale. I was still nervous, I thought he might be mad at me for asking him to do that. But again, he wouldn’t do something he doesn’t feel comfortable with.
I was nervous the whole time. I hope Fjord is not too mad at me either.
...I just have to hope.

At least my worries about Michael were quickly halted. He lovingly took me to the Wisteria Park of Hadrian, to have a peaceful time for ourselves.
Wisteria Park is a beautiful waterside place, the oasis of serenity in a busy port town. As we entered the park, the soft welcoming scent of flowers hit our nostrils, along with the fresh breeze from the wide, everflowing river. The falling petals were drifting in the breeze, making the place seem even more magical than it already is.

We sat down on one of the logs, Michael wrapping his arm around me. Perfection and calmness of that moment made my heart flutter – a feeling so pure in the current state of things.
He was right – a change of pace feels nice.
Especially considering all the things we might have to do pretty soon.
We held each other, and talked. About the future, about our past.
Michael is still regretful about his old self, but I’m glad he no longer seems troubled by it. There’s no way to change what had happened, after all.
By the time the sunset came, painting the sky in various warm colors. Slow waves reflected the light of the setting sun, as the fireflies sprung into the air, trailing their invisible paths by their light. Orange-tinted pink petals kept falling into the lush grass, and the ground flowers were slowly closing their blooms for the night.

Amidst of all this marvel, my concerned man had asked me if I didn’t mind him calling me „dear“ in front of Fjord and Morgaine.
- I admitted I was surprised, but in a good way. It was unexpected, just as the time when he first started to cook on his own for both of us. Just as unexpected as any other thing related to his progress and health restoration.
I couldn’t mind something like that.
...We sat in the moonlit bit of nature for a bit longer, the river breeze played with my hair as we shared our affections.

And so we spent an evening.


I got up early, prepared a hefty breakfast for Michael for when he wakes up, and headed to the town. After bantering with some of the locals, it turned out that the old inn had its.. problems appear again. Poor miss Abigail, it was the worst property to invest in.
Me and Pattie took care of the grappling shadows and... Something that seemed like a ghastly form of skeletons.
Strange things do happen there.
Pip might be right, we should went down deeper sometime in the future, in hope to at least reduce the shadows leaking into the inn. If he thinks I can help him, then I'll try. I can always carry his stuff, after all.

Anyways, in the rubble I’ve found, probably a remain of an unfortunate but brave adventurer who left it behind and fled – a majestic, exquisitely-carved tower shield from dual metals.

Overhearing some of the Michael's talk about a tower shield yesterday, I internally rejoiced – he would be surely glad to have this! But, I can’t leave it blank, can I...


I took an airship to Valstiir, remembering the magical stores in the Council district Casper has shown me, I was full of hope that I might find someone willing to make the shield even better.

To my hearts content, I had found that master Lloyd’s store is opened! I quietly opened the metal-reinforced door and entered the building.
Mister Lloyd seemed busy, and parts of the store shelves were suspiciously empty.

We talked about the enchantment possibilities for the shield. Unfortunately, his shop had been broken in few days ago, and he lost some of his more precious material components.
Forcing more powerful enchantments on the shield would pose a great risk of opposite element vulnerability, therefore I accepted what was currently available.
A little can go a long way, after all.

And mister Lloyd said himself, that adding more enchantments wouldn’t propose a problem in the future, and that most of his restock orders should arrive within one month.
Great news!

I decided for the fire protection, as my spells are often close to directly affecting my partner. It’s not easy to aim in the tide of battle, especially considering Michael’s surprising agility on the battlefield. I want him to feel safe with me, just as I feel safe with him.
Master enchanter also suggested an enchantment for better movement fluidity, which, considering the pure mass of metal the tower shields are, is sure to be a wise choice.

So I placed my order (5,500 coins) and was told to wait for an Air Mephit messenger to arrive to my doorstep sometime in the afternoon. I was so excited!

I thanked to the kind old gentleman, and went on my way back. His mephit stopped me at the exit of the district – asking whether I wish to name the shield.
His question surprised me greatly, as I didn’t even thing about such thing.
My thoughts were racing, and one idea struck into my mind –

The Silver Star.


Shortly after I came home, Pip stopped by for a visit. We had a short chat in the garden, then came look for Michael – fortunately, he was on the farming duty, so we’ve found him easily.

I was smiling at their reunion, I’m happy Michael has such a good and understanding old friends as Pip is. They’ve been catching up with the stuff from each others life the whole way home.

Pip found comfort in the cushions quickly, and we continued our chat in the heat of the hearth.


Progress of the taint of my arm seems steady but slow, so at least there’s that.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book
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Yesterday, Michael hit the hay sooner than I was done showing the house to Pip.
He had to have a long day. Harvest season is almost here, so I guess all the preparations can exhaust even such a warrior as he is.


My morning was slow and relaxed, and I found Michael meditating amidst the waving lanes of grass, his back relaxed against the leaning rock behind him. Employing few strands of shadow magic, I muted my step and form, leniently sneaking up from behind. I carefully crouched on the rock – and planted a small kiss on a bald head of the meditating armsman.

He jumped and almost readied his axe – but noticed it was just me.

We’ve been talking about farming and community progress a bit, it seems most of the cattle is doing well after the relocation from the coast closer to the forest line.
By the time we cuddled up, and I’ve been a bit silly as I plopped down into his lap from the top of the rock behind him.

I invited Michael into my garden before we do anything else, as the mephit should arrive soon enough. He seemed slightly puzzled, and then we had a fun time talking about the house ownership and legal ways of having a shared ownership. It was a lot of fun... and pleasantness.
I like the warmth I feel whenever I’m with him.
... One of his outbursts suggested he has some... plan for the future. I’d like to see that.


Air Mephit delivered the note from mr. Lloyds, that the shield is all done and finished.
I asked Michael to accompany me, and told him NOTHING about the reason we’re going to Valstiir. But he wanted to dress nicely, so we did.
It’s been months, but I still can’t believe how different of a man he is.
My heart flutters every time I realise how fortunate we both are. And how splendid it is, to have a relationship like that.

After a short flight in the airship and stroll through the majestic city floating above the clouds. The city of light. The city of magic.


We arrived into the Emporium.
My heart was brimming with joy, as I slowly guided clueless Michael towards...
the Silver Star.
It was there, on a massive wooden table, glistening in the dancing light of candle flames inside the shop.
I looked at Michael with a twinkle in my eyes –

And he realised.

Was left speechless.

And oh-so lovely and grateful.

„My Silver... I love it.“

Seeing childish glee and joy in his eyes, in the eyes that used to only house sadness, pain and cold... Made me think of how close we are. How far we’ve come.
How blessed we are to be rejoicing in these times.
He hugged me, as if he never wanted to let go.
And thanked, and expressed how speechlessly grateful he is.
This was what I hoped for.
To see him smile.


I let Michael set down his new tower shield, and grabbed one of the books that came with the house. „Of Flowers and Faeries.“ Lighthearted and interesting read.
Absorbed in the book, I felt a kiss on my cheek. It was Michael, telling me he is heading to bed.
I wanted to go too.
I finished reading the chapter about spirits of the lilies, removed my hairclips and let my braided hair flow free as I was leisurely heading towards the bedroom.

Up in the bedroom, Michael asked me about the book on my bedroom writing desk. I realised he is talking about my journal – yes, this one. He asked why I do this.
So I explained it to him.
How reflecting on one’s day will make you enjoy the day twice, and evade future mistakes at the same time.
He seemed interested in the idea, but far too sleepy to do anything about it.

I sat down next to him, and he pulled me into his powerful embrace. He is always so gentle with me, respects how tiny and frail I am in comparison to him.
And it’s lovely.
He slowly kissed me, and I felt something stir inside of me, making me get a grip on his shoulders in a bit of a surprise from the new sensation.

I took a bold step. And challengingly told him
   "Make me swoon."

| ♥ | Spoiler
He froze in a thought for a second, then sat up, holding me firmly close.
I felt my cheeks get tinted by a pinkish-red hue as he gave me a deep kiss, the one you feel in your core. I must say part of me didn’t expect him to take action - -

I shuddered as his roughened touch grazed the thin fabric of my back, his fingers digging deep into the lower portion of the spine tissue. His movements strong and precise, I felt the tension from the muscles dissipate and melt away. My body mellowed down in his embrace, our lips still connected as my breath was getting ragged.
And that smirk.
He tilted his head to the side, brushing my cheek with his nose. He slowly nibbed on my neck, a bold move for such a time. The nib became a kiss, a tender caressing of a pale skin.
Our eyes met again, so much love and adoration could be seen in his gaze.

Like waves on the beach, delight washed over me, making me feel lightheaded. I felt my breath get heavier, as we bathed in the embrace of each other, with each of his stroke on my lower back, each brush of our lips, I felt my skin heat up...

Goodnight, my Iron.


During the night I woke up, and heard a glimpse of Pip’s proclamation. He’s going into the haunted inn. I had to be there as we agreed.
I slipped out of my partner’s embrace, leaving the bed the quietest way possible. Grabbing my battle robes from the open closet, heading below and out.

I found Pip at the coin, fortunately. He seemed excited about exploring the place together.
On our way out we bumped into Marlee Thornshire, a halfling cleric I met during the raid on Voust manor.
She was glad to hear the news about Michael and his successful recovery, and told me she was praying for him. She also mentioned he might have some stories to share about his help to Hilltop. I’d be interested in hearing about that.

We departed for the inn, faint crescent on the sky lighting up the town. I have seen well, much better than I remember to be able to see in the dark of the night.


At the haunted inn, Pip had shown us two secret rooms – one with a strange text, and other with a simple clawed altar, likely used to burn smaller offerings.

We cleaned out the haunted inn, and then felt the tremors in the floors up above. We rushed up above, arriving into the top floor.
There stood a mirror, but its reflection twisted and darkened, with faint silhouettes of the trees overlapping the wavy reflection of the room we were in.
I felt drawn to it.

I asked Pip to remove my right sleeve, I took the step forward –
And touched the surface.


It was a place like none other, at the same time alike to any other. A desolate forest area, with all the color sucked out of it, nothing felt compeltely real. Things bounced a bit under the touch, and I felt the numbness from my arm flow away. It felt familiar, and to my mind, that feeling felt wrong.

Ashen-grey leaves were falling from the tall, shadowy oaks, covering the ground filled with ink-black blades of grass.

The grass rustled under our steps, but the sound seemes to come from a bigger distance than the source of the sound was supposed to be.

We had to return one more time. Later.


Leaving the stale air inside of the inn, me, Pip and Marlee took a deep breath in unison.
All of us had to leave and rest. While they could walk I had to run, in order to get home before Michael wakes up and realises I might’ve gotten myself in danger.

I arrived.


Apparently, my return has woken up Michael, who was now standing near the top of the stairway heading to our bedroom. With his arms crossed, and his gaze locked onto me.

I didn’t make it back soon enough.

I took a step back-
and then forward.

I must not be afraid of Michael. He is my partner. My protector. I’m sure he has been worried.
...but things turned out more grim than I expected.

After my proper polite apologies for waking him up, he said nothing. Just pointed to the window, where sun had begun to caress the faraway plains with its light. Too soon and too late.
I attempted to explain my night... escape the best I could, stressing the fact I was there with Pip AND Marlee. As if haven’t been there for at least three times.
No response. Raised brow.
So I continued, talking about why it’s important for Pip and I to go there, at least one more time. I talked about everything that happened, all the things I could remember I told him.
I was so tired.
So tired and exhausted, and he was making me feel like the last piece of trash.
Getting dizzy from the lack of sleep and magic exertion, I had to sit on the bench and lean back on the window frame for support.
Some more questions about the inn and Pip.
„Give me a reason to not cave his skull in.“
That was a bad move. No one is helping me actually solve this more than Pip does, no one else is thinking about it more and studying more details!
Pip, who was friend to Michal for who knows how long! To... to THREATEN
And of ALL people-
I was torn between crying and releasing my remaining fire inside my own house. I felt torn, let down and scared.
Eyes shed the first tears, dripping down, painting dark specks on my dress. And I watched.
Talked when response was needed. Resist sleep. No despair.
Survived worse.
Upon hearing another one of Michael’s extremes, I felt a stung of resistance, clenching my fists tight.
The bench I sat on started smoldering as I felt the last cracking of magic tense up in the air around me.

Then it changed. Could’ve sooner.
„I don’t want to lose you. You are all I have left,“ Michael said, his voice is now changed by sorrow and worry.

The magic tension stopped, the smoke faded out of the open window as the wood of the bench cooled down again.

He continued.
Finally in a sensible manner, resembling once again the man I can trust.
I let my mental walls fade down, as the last of the tears dripped down from my face, adding illusion of appearing jewels onto the pendant of my necklace.
The tearstops glistened in the morning rays as we spoke further, and he apologised.
That calmed me down. Most people are not brave enough to do so. To say an apology.

He gently scooped me up from the bench, and tucked me into the ready bed.
In the end, as caring as usua-


Touch. Shaking. A voice.
„Sherina.. Honey.“

The dark cloud of sleep fizzled out of my consciousness, and I woke up to the sight of Michael, waking me up. I could see a colorful sky of dusk... I slept through the whole day. Damn it.

He prompted me to sit up, which I slowly did, my mind still hazy from the sleep. The whole room was filled with a bright orange glow, and I noticed some colors on the ground.

I sat up a bit more high, peeking towards the centre of the bedroom.
And I was speechless when my brain identified what’s going on.
The whole floor was covered in various flowers and petals, from blue tulip to red lily, into more exotic species I couldn’t recall a name for.
Sleepy smile appeared on my lips – this is something I could get woken up to once in a while.
Michael, who stood still next to the bed, hinted me to look carefully at the flowers.

I used his arm as a support to pull myself up, still a bit weak.
And I spotted it.

The whole flowers were arranged into an outline of a heart, the one children draw as a symbol of love. The rest were bright and colorful petals, creating a fire-tinted rainbow in the light of the setting sun.

And Michael started to talk.
How both Pip and him want to apologize.
How he got this idea and followed through, even though Pip thought a simple hug is okay.
He wanted to apologize,
for going off on today’s morning.

I think I can accept it.
It was bit of a misstep on all sides.
And he is genuinely regretful.

He carefully scooped me up, and gave me a light kiss. I got put down on the bed again, this time not alone. After all, it was almost night.
We cuddled up for the night.
And he held me as the most prized possession in the world.


I started this wonderful day of surprises in our garden, with a simple book about wand crafting. I wanted to start making wands in order to gain experience before looking for a master artificier to become an apprentice of.

My studies of the magic-storing properties of various crystals were interrupted by my partner, lovingly wishing me good morning.
It’s true that I woke up pretty soon – after all, I slept through the whole day and night.

I marked my progress in the book with a carved wooden bookmark, as I focused my attention on Michael. He sat down next to me, let out a deep exhale and started telling me about yesterday. He told me that he and Pip had a long talk about the haunted inn, and about everything that happened there. We also talked about the shadow connection, Michael being so kind to tell me, that he’d stay with me even if I became a shadow. How reassuring to know.

Fortunately, he no longer seems afraid of me getting into a similar state he was in under the influence of the Skull.
As we further talked about out plans for today, he came with an idea – checking out a crypt not far from here, a place of darkness and stale air. Apparently full of undead too, but I have full trust in my Shield.
We got our gear ready, summoned Pattie and left for a little adventure.

„Alright... Let’s disturb the peace.“


We found out that the Shipyard is basically around the corner. Therefore, Michael decided to lead us closer to the crypt, not minding the rumour about a fallen Enclave he mentioned just a few moments ago.
He guided me towards the Fort Screech Tusk, then around it to the side, almost to the edge of the forest. There lied a half-buried entrance, with a musty ‚Keep Out!‘ sign nailed to the pole sticked next to the withered stone arch.
We ventured in.
Enveloped by thick, suede-like darkness and a putrid air, we descended down using the secured rope. Inch by inch we climbed down, hearing distant echoes and wails getting closer.
The air was filled with unnatural whispers, playing with your thoughts.
I cast Protection from Evil on all three of us, and after one hasty fight, I had to stop my loving warmachine in order to weave enchantments of protection and power around him, to give him prowess and strength to fight.

Pattie almost didn’t make it, and quickly blinked into her plane in order to avoid a mortal wound from a huntsman spirit tribal spear. We continued forward without her, letting her mend her wounds.

We explored the vast system of crypts bit by bit, uncovering more mysteries than we thought. Sarcophages housing undead, and displayed, dried corpses of various origin. We’ve identified two of them as Nualla’n stalkers, other ones varied from probably traders to jewelers and scholars.

We experienced one tough, close fight in the tribal tombs. Michael was being surrounded by enraged spirits, while I was doing my best to sear the undead and avoid their blows. Both of us were getting tired, even Michael. I could see by his movements. So, in one free window of time when no one was actively trying to persuade me to join the ranks of the undead, I called upon the powers.
I grasped the threads of the Weave, slightly different in the crypt, and devotedly chanted a summoning incantation, allowing a being to bond with my spirit for a short time in return for its aid in battle. I felt an unfamiliar tug, and wave of calmness overflowed through me.
And a shadow came forth.
Horned, tall being with thick strands of thorns swirling around its body, and partially beastly maw, lunged at the opponents and started tearing them apart. Both shadow and spirits being of the other realms, the fight got more balanced out, giving us an opportunity to drive them back and eradicate them until none was left.
the shadowy figure.

 Michael and I were both stunned. Michael probably less than me, as he has endured much worse sights during his hallucination periods in the past.
But I...
Was in shock.

As always, I was fortunate enough to have Michael by my side. His protective instincts kicked in, embracing me and reassuring me, that whatever happens, he will always be with me. My only hope and only support. And his kindly voice, nudging me forward: „Come, let’s purge this crypt with Iron and Silver.“

Could the connection between me and the Shadow Real grow stronger that much? I know this was spontaneous, but when any of my spells were intentional at the start. Pip might be right, shadow magic doesn’t have to be evil. The being was tame, well, definitely non-hostile, and followed us in order to protect me. Like a twisted guardian angel, standing beside me and teating down any threats from the outside world.
I need to tell Pip about this.


We left the crypt labyrinth without going fully to the bottom. We couldn’t push through it. Enemies were too strong, too many, and seeing Michael puking out blood, his fullplate armor being mauled, pierced, and coated by layers of dried blood and crypt dust was a clear sign to leave. Even for him.
We’ll come back another time, with at least one cleric in the party.


We had to rest by the campfire for a few hours, mainly patching our wounds and talking about where we are going to bathe after this.
Michael had suggested either Hadrian Bathhouse, or... the Chasm. Because I have special plans for the deep ravine full of foliage and waterfalls, we kind of ended the conversation in agreement of us bathing at home, Michael cleaning the bloodied hardwood floor and me cooking for four days to balance it out.


This man is killing me.
Figuratively, of course.

Michael had some business to do in the town, so I continued home on my own, arrived, and prepared a streaming hot bath full of soapy water.
I sat down next to the screen, so I can stay close without disturbing him in that private moment. Still, I had hopes for something nice.
That’s why I wasn’t reading at the dinner table, after all.

The man arrived, hanging up his cloak. He smiled at me, and started undoing his armor piece by piece, then taking off his padded surcoat and thickened pants, leaving him only with the barest piece of clothing possible.
He quickly ventured behind the screen, into the hot water.

I was still sitting on the ground, growing more impatient nad nervous with every passing minute. You dull bastard, don’t be clueless in this situation! I love everything about Michael, but this obliviousness to some things can be unbearable sometimes – especially when I DON‘T want to be the one explicitly saying something.

He felt the impatience in my voice, and quickly cleaned himself. That’s not what I meant.
„Stay,“ I told him a bit coldly.
And even after telling him that I wanted to do something, he seemed to be completely oblivious to any option besides him gettin out of the tub.
I got grumpy and annoyed, stood up and bursted out, that it was BECAUSE I wanted to be invited! After that sentence I gave up, walked towards the bookshelf and began picking something to read after this meaningless attempt to spend a time together.

But Michael didn’t let me. He ran out of the tub, scooping me up from behind, softly telling me: „Come on... Bath time.“
He slowly made his way back, with me in his arms.
And he put me into the bath.


He started to undress me. Bit by bit. I held still in the place, and felt my cheeks turning the color of rose buds. His touch was careful and fleeting, sending shivers over my skin.

| ♥ | Spoiler
After he was done with my garments, he prompted me to sit and relax – as I was curled up in a ball in order to give him space to enter the tub. He had a different thought on his mind.
He got into the warm water, picked me up and put me in between his legs, so I could relax my back and lean against him. I did so, it was comfortable.
He hugged me from behind, as we enjoyed the warmth and closeness in the comfort of our home.

Michael grabbed the bar of soap, and gently started to clean the blood and grime from the crypts off of me, softly humming a calming tune. It was enjoyable.
Making steady progress on the state of my body, he suddenly stopped. His mouth drew closer to my ear, his breath brushing the sensitive skin, saying a question. A question of allowing to clean.. other parts of me.
I nodded, evasively telling that if he wouldn’t mind doing so, I could hold still for a moment.
And so he continued.

He kissed me on the neck, as his hand slowly made its way up my thigh. And he delicately, as if unintentional about his acts, cleansed me. My breath quickened. Michael, noticing my reaction, seemed to enjoy his position of power. He chuckled and teasingly asked me whether I’m enjoying it. Someone likes his accomplishments, huh.
Being a considerate man, he stopped on his own after that.

I leaned back and rested my head, relaxing in his warm embrace. We talked about the beauty of this moment, and how he often wishes our moments would last forever. I mentioned, some moments may be made longer. That made him act.


I shuddered at the touch, a small noise escaped my mouth.
Michael seemed surprised. Then lustful.

And motivated to go further.


His touches were precise and gentle, tending to places I‘ve never had anyone pay attention to. Swirling movements all over, the feeling of warmth growing in my core, soft waves of the water. Overwhelmed by sensations, I took a grip on the bathtub. My magic and feelings were growing intense, as I allowed myself to give in and indulge in the act.
Even though my efforts of not moving went in vain, maintaining the grip on the wooden rim of the tub has helped me withstand what was happening. What Michael was doing.
And as he went on, my body quaked...


Weakened and drained, I was picked up from the tub, and cuddled next to the chest of my lover. He let me dry near the fireplace, holding me and stroking my hair.
I felt so calm.
In his strong hold, protected and safe. In this moment, as if nothing existed – my shadow corruption, the mist, Leira, troubles, problems, worries... All melted away in the bliss of the afterglow, in the arms of my dearest fighter.

After we dried up, Iron once again stood up, carrying me carefully to our bedroom. Slid the sheets away, and put me down on the soft mattress of our bed.

=============== ♡ ===============

OOC: I likely won't be continuing in the journal, and if so, only sporadically. It takes some time to write these entries, and with not having an opportunity to read the entries of other characters, the joy of contributing to the forums fades when I have nothing to read, no way to enjoy the stories from another perspective. To anyone who enjoyed my entries so far, thanks for understanding.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book
« Reply #12 on: July 13, 2019, 08:40:27 pm »

During the time I was without a journal, lot of things happened.
I GOT MARRIED! Of course to Michael, to the love of my life. To the man I seem to be holding afloat... though I have to admit, it gets exhausting. So exhausting at times...

Especially recently, as he played with the idea of becoming a Blackguard or meddling with necrotic energies. The man is best, he is so wonderful! Why does he have to think about bad ideas so frequently?
I hope it gets better. He makes me happy, but I'm tired of counseling over and over. And not only my dearest. I am thankful to have friends who actually care about me. Muthari, Shi'Vail, Uldur, Michael. And Fae I suppose, though she's lovely to everyone. I see a bit of myself in her, at the times when things were brighter and easier. I wonder what worn my heart off so much.

Anytime someone talks about love, I only think about how much I love my Iron. Incredibly much. And the story of how we got where we are... Uldur said it perfectly.
„Your tale was painted in woe, mine was painted in sweetcakes.“
Now, what forges the deeper bond...

I’m happy Uldur and Shi’vail are a couple AND our friends. Weird people understand each other, it seems. A sorceress-shadow, ex-preacher of Mist, a sentient helmet and a frisky black half-dragoness. What a combination, heh.


I want a baby wyvern. Though by the rate of latest events, a child has become a possibility... Unless my condition prevents it.


Several days ago, a strange message was slipped UNDER the door of OUR HOUSE. A note about shadows, and that I have to go and meet someone at the docks. My lovely Michael accompanied me, his rage showing only on his heavy breathing. He is really doing his best for me.
It turned out that it’s some sort of a black market deal, about a mirror similar to the one that had appeared within the haunted inn. Things somehow worked out, and I agreed to assist them. If it means an opportunity to stop this taint that consumes me... I guess that leaves no other choice.
I guess I get to visit the Shadow Plane once more, and this time for more than a minute.


My days could be so happy. But I keep helping others and joining missions that are not even worth it. I mean, I love doing them. But-
I never get a thank you.
I never get any form of gratefulness.
And dull people keep running into my spells and then insulting ME for even doing something. I'm not responsible for their actions!
I feel really down.

I had a talk about this with Michael. But I’m not sure whether it was a good idea or not. Probably not.
He seems to be fond of the idea of abandoning others and slightly obsessed with a twisted idea of serving me. I tried my best to explain to him that I never need a servant – but I need a loving husband.
I hope he can keep that in mind for the days to come. I love him the way he is. Not for his power, strength or looks. In fact those are opposite of what I'd normally look for in a partner. But I love him for who he is. With my whole soul.
And I shall keep my vow.

Ashes' words are with me and help me move forward, and to believe.
Words about his wife Lyra. His memories. How he seems to genuinely care about me and my dearest. I'd guess he can see a bit of himself in Michael, and that's what made him act this way.
One way or another, I somehow connected with Ash on a deeper level week or so ago. He is an amazing gentleman, and valiant fighter. I value him as a friend, and even more because I have a feeling he shares with me things that he wouldn't share with anyone else.
His words are always safe with me.

Just like the words of anyone else.

But I have to admit. I feel meaningless.
No one besides Michael couldn’t care less about my existence or participation in anything. Why continue to hope and keep helping, when no effort and kindness never comes the other way around?

I know we are the heroes no one expected, the one who will never receive thanks.
And that makes my heart feel heavy, not in a good way.

...I used to be so cheerful. Is it the people or the events that worn me out so much?


Morgaine told me a thing.
Besides trying to act as if she really intends to hire me as her personal guard, which I barely believe at this point.
She mentioned that I might be stuck caring for Michael for my whole life. I brushed it off, but as he started with the whole bad-idea thing again... And she keeps asking if I am happy with Michael and whether he treats me well. It feels strange. Does it seem bad to her that he does?

I just realised that this diary entry makes my lovely marriage look like a dark place. But it makes me happy all the time, knowing I have a support, a helping hand, a shield, and someone to take care of me and always love me.
The way I am, and any way I will be.

Michael is a blessing, a little ember that needs to be tended to in order to turn into a flame, so he can light his own way.
I gave a word to Ash.
And I shall do it, for all of us.
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book
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Re: Sherina Tsirak - A Memory Book
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ARC 2 - New Spark


Torn apart

First day... first day he’s not, he...
I’m not alone. Uldur stayed with me, fed me, and a masked woman paid for three months at the Sailor’s Con inn, in the best room available. I’m lucky I have so many... I love them so much.
I’ve never knew that people who needed attention and help can feel like THIS bad of a burden. I wonder how often Michael felt like this... or Vivi, for that matter.
I wonder where she left.

It seems I actually slept for almost two whole days...
I met with Joriin today. It is clear he feels guilty, since he left us only a minute before the tragedy happened. He knows he could stop all of it, he and Michael have started to slowly become friends, after all.
For some reason he seems to enjoy my company and help me a lot, even though we know each other for barely a week. It keeps tugging on my curiosity. Before his answer was the presence of the taint, now it is that it was not only for the taint, that he likes talking with me. It’s nice to know such things, and it’s nice to meet up with friends. They get my mind off of things. I feel bad for simply enjoying the days back then, not writing things down. But Ash is right, he has the same thing as I do. Two broken souls, kindred spirits. The memories of Michael, of my Iron Shield, will stay with me forever.

Joriin told me that Vivi is the masked woman. Him and I went to visit Michael’s grave, where she was hiding as well, in the foliage nearby. She gave me an offer, to destroy her, to take my revenge.
But I felt none of it. Instead, I tried to comfort her and hug her. Her death is not going to bring Michael back.
She told me she already tried, tried so much to make things right. Nuzu doesn’t budge, as expected from a devil lord. And there she was, thinking that Nuzu is just a skillful tiefling collector.
Things are once again more complicated than they seem.

Her random idea was a spell. She calls it a ‚Wish‘, and apparently it’s strong enough to do something about the situation. I got to ask people about it.
I see him hugging me from behind for a split second every time I see my body in the mirror... The pale, soft body he adored so much. Loved so much... And to which he sacrificed too, too much to save.
My health was never worth the cost of another life. I had a gravestone made for him, with a message to all, that he was never, never the monster they thought of him to be. He's been the kindest and the most loving man I could ever meet.

As soon as I could muster any strength, I went to the Crafting Hall and completely redesigned my armor and the helmet. I kept the helmet in the same design Michael’s helmet had, and the armor is now more plated and modest – almost knightly. I chose the colors he had chosen to regard me with – sky blue and shining silver.
I will be his silver star, even though we might not see each other ever again. I will be there.

From the Crafting Hall I strolled down, feeling empty, into the Adventurer’s Societo, looking for Ash. I had to return the resurrection scrolls he gave me for Michael and I. They’re useless now.
Coming into the Society hall, all new-looking, I barely bothered with anything. I just tried to hand Ash the scrolls... he refused. Morgaine jumped into the situation, asking who I am... so I apologized. And she recognised my voice. Unfortunately. Seeing the unsuccessful situation, I immediately left. They do not care either way, so why bother.

Until Morgaine came out, seemingly wanting to say something. I told her one thing. Wisteria park.
The place I was headed, so she and I can talk without disturbances and other people. Not like she has much to tell me, and I no longer know what are lies and what are not. She told me about how she always wanted me in her guard, at her side, but was too afraid of Michael. It was either both of us or none of us, that is true. She explained that the Michael I knew is real, but so is the cruel man they knew.
But he changed and they insisted and still insist on being blind for so long that he had no way of showing them otherwise! And they won’t leave him even after his soul went towards the endless torment to the Blood Wars of Hells! They shoul be pretty content now, considering all the things. The man they all „oh-so-feared“ is gone, FOREVER, and so they may prey upon me freely like starved, ravaging wolves!
Thankfully, Uldur found us and joined. The man brings me comfort and calm... even though je is just a sentient helmet possessing a body. He is a great friend of me and Michael, and he seems to feel like he had failed him. So he is trying his best to protect me at all times, just as he promised to Iron. The lovely, dear Uldur.

I calmed down and finally joined Mayor’s Guard – the position I was looking forward to take for a long time. Morgaine and I used to be quite close, and we’ve gone through some things together. I still believe she is my friend and means well to me – considering she didn’t have to allow Michael to return from Sullivans in the first place.
Fjord came along... and started talking about the names on the monument in the Wisteria park. He talked, for a long time. Unexpected and definitely unusual of him. And the things he told have made me calmer. I didn’t feel alone anymore. He had lost three of his friends the day he bought his house and had their nicknames carved on the chairs. We all lost someone.
And that gave me strength.

I tried to talk to Uldur about the Wish spell Vivili mentioned. Nothing of it, he seems to not know of its existence nor believe in its power. He had suggested asking a deity... but which deity cares about people these days? None.
We met disguised Vivili shortly after, she gave me a lovely kobold plushie. Then the three of us went on a walk to Wonbrie, having a time off for our heads. In Uldur’s opinion, it’s a wamr, dark, and a very gentle place. Perhaps ideal for troubles souls like ours are at the moment.
The Wonbrie woods, even though barely visited, brought back memories of the mission I’ve been at with Michael and Urias. Long, long time ago. It was the day I suggested the amulet for him, to hopefully protect him from the vile whispers and hallucinations he had to go through. Vivi, Uldur and I spent the night in the druid cave. My tired self fell asleep quickly, cuddled up to Uldur’s leg, listening to another of his stories of onionkind.
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