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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Paladins and Followers of Amaunator - A General Discussion  (Read 4058 times)


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Paladins and Followers of Amaunator - A General Discussion
« on: April 02, 2018, 05:32:43 pm »
Hello everyone - FooS here,

You can find me in game primarily playing the PC "Roland Dawnbringer". The purpose of this post is to generate some discussion between the N:AoM leadership team and players in general regarding both Paladins and Amaunator.

Full disclosure - I have spoken to multiple team leaders about these two topics and nearly every single one of them has advised me to post on the forums for a more open discussion.

As far as Paladins are concerned I would like to have more insight as to their purpose and role within N:AoM. It is very easy to pigeonhole yourself as the "good guy" who kills undead things. I think the idea of a "good guy" is rather difficult in this realm as the areas seem to be controlled by certain houses. This leaves the definition of what is good/bad mostly in a grey area. Who decides what is good and bad? What law would a paladin seek to uphold? These questions are kind of nebulous in a realm without a clear distinction between "good" and "evil".

Furthermore - How strictly do Paladins need to follow the "lawful good" mentality? Would a Paladin ever been seen as a member of one of the Noble Houses?

In general I think it is VERY difficult to roleplay as a traditional Paladin here. With that being said what other options are available?

A lot of my ideas and questions regarding Amaunator can be intertwined with those I have brought up regarding Paladins. In a simple sense Amaunator is a god which revels in the idea of law and order. My question again will be "What law"? Whose law should be upheld?

Someone I spoke with brought up the notion that this god is also characterized as "the sun". Focusing on this aspect of the deity may help avoid the potentially boring "law and order" narrative that is typically seen.

Again these are just talking points and I would appreciate any additional guidance, questions, or suggestions. In general I am seeking guidance on where a characters such as the one I am currently portraying would fit within Netheril.