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Author Topic: Letters sent to the Noble Houses  (Read 1893 times)


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Letters sent to the Noble Houses
« on: November 15, 2018, 08:19:24 am »
*letter sent to each Noble House Lord *

Noble Houses of Valstiir,

I require the full resources from each Noble house and any allies you can provide, for the upcoming battle to remove the threat of Necropolis Enclave. We have been having minor battles and skirmishes but the time has come to remove the enclave from the sky.

You are required to do the following, listed in order ...

- Protect the Valstiir Enclave at all costs

- Protect assets on the ground, like the town of Hadrian

- Advance on the Necropolis troops on the ground and within the Enclave

I will be using a Heliobeam to bring down the Necropolis, so the defence of the Valstiir Enclave is of most importance. Some of you will be aware of plans to make this happen and the efforts to bring me the required resources to make the Heliobeam fully operational.

You each have areas of influence and expect your full effort in these last days.

Victory is our only option.

Archmage Valstiir
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