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Netheril : Age of Magic

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Author Topic: Sullivan QoL for Monsters Suggestion List  (Read 1440 times)


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Sullivan QoL for Monsters Suggestion List
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:22:26 pm »
Here's a bunch of the stuff I told Gmork about what I think Sullivan area needs to make it more interesting for monsters and QoL stuff.

1. More map pins - there are basically none

2. Danger sign outside of Dark Forest transition - New spawns are very difficult, and if a new player wanders in they are for sure in for a bad time. Should add something to say "hey its dangerous in here! Only the veteran should enter."

3. More XP for Dark Forest+Crystalline cavern loop - For how dangerous this place is, the xp reward from hunting the monsters are really low. Notably the Medium sized Crystals, Fireball Elementals, and some of the Yuan-Ti spawns. Could be fixed by upping the xp on those spawns, or by upping the exploring XP marker to 500 or something.

4. Better Normalized Levelscaled Areas - I personally like the idea that as you get more proficient/gain more levels you brave more dangerous stuff and venture further. I feel that is what you guys are going for, but notably the Sullivan's Jungle: Outskirts and the Lava Caves are whacked. Outskirts in my opinion should be aimed at levels 8-10, while the Lava Caves should be 10-12.
Outskirts- My big issue here is that you have a bunch of weak mobs and rarely a few absurdly strong mobs like goblin chieftan. Remove those guys or their stackable electricity aura and bump the strength of the normal mobs so its a smoother area to travel in.
Lava Cave- For an area that is supposed to be difficult with a scary boss, the basic monsters here are a joke. Fire beetles and mephits.

4. Chest Exploration Rewards - Much like how Sauros has chest rewards, there should be some at the end of exploring areas. At the end of the second floor of the crystal caverns, by the boss of the Lava Cave, by the boss of the Umberhulk Cavern. Just a way to reward those that brave the dangers.

5. New 8-12 Hunting Area - This level range is kind of awkward, as places are either too hard to hunt in, or too low to bother. Much like my suggestion above to normalize Jungle/Lava Cave to this range, I would probably add another, such as a second level to the Sullivan's Crypt. Some harder spawns, couple more chests, would be lovely.

6. More Shops/class gear - Right now there aren't a whole lot of shops, and only really fighter gear is present, and oub evil cleric weakstuff. Maybe put some in for tribal clerics/sorcerers and barbarians, as those would be quite prevalent in monsterland.

7. More Quests - Not a ton of quests available, could be more maybe.

8. Notice on Umberhulk Cavern Place - Had no idea this place existed till Gmork pointed it out. Maybe a bulletin board requesting help to slay umberhulks in the cave southeast of the Old Wharf dock and any other similar places new people like me might not know about.

That's all I have for now, other people feel free to comment/add onto the list!