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Author Topic: Festival Event Descriptions  (Read 1929 times)

Violet De Camp

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Festival Event Descriptions
« on: July 06, 2018, 01:50:14 am »
I've received a few inquiries over the past few days regarding our events, so here, I will be listing a bit more specific information on what the events will entail in order to clarify confusion and even draw some more interest!


Singles Combat Tournament:

Rules for the tournament are as follows ~
 - Potions are allowed
 - Items are allowed
 - Magic is allowed, but certain spells are banned
        Banned Spells include: Time Stop, Power Word: Kill, Bigby's Crushing Hand, Gate, Power Word: Stun, Finger of Death, Flesh to Stone
 - No familiars are to be summoned (succubus, imps, etc.)
        However: Rangers, will be allowed to be accompanied by their animal companions up to level 4 summons
 - No pre-match enhancements. All competitors will be dispelled before entering the arena.
 - The competition will be split between the "upcomer" division (lvs 10 and below) and the veteran division (lvs 11 and above)

Free for All Fisticuffs:
- Literally just a giant moshpit where everyone has to use bare hands to fight.
 - No equipment is to be worn outside of non-armored clothing. We fight as the gods intended!

 - You will stand in the bowyer and shoot 3 arrows at a target downrange. You will be given a "score" based on the roll you made, damage dealt, and any "stylistic flair" you add
        In regards to the sylistic flair - say your character wanted to try a "behind the back shot". Essentially, what that would do is increase the DC needed to get a
        success, but it would raise the points possible on a success
 - There may also be certain things that happen to you while you are shooting that throw off your mark... Maybe there is a wind gust, or a sun glare, who knows! Small little things like that will come into play in the form of making saves against them, to spice it up!

Magic Show:
 - You will attempt to wow the crowd with your magical prowess and creative application of your spells.
 - Judgement will be given partially by the crowd, but mostly by the council who will act as a "judge panel"
 - Grading will depend on crowd reaction, level of the spell attempted, an accompanying spellcraft roll, and creativity of spell application
         For example, if you merely throw an ice storm out and that's it, the reaction will be good, but not great. BUT, if you threw it out and attempted to make banks of
         snow for the children to play in or build snowman, you would get a better score.

Talent Competition:
 - Similar to the magic show, you will attempt to wow the crowd/panel with a talent that you possess, though it is highly encouraged that you try not to do anything that
   would have fallen under the "magic show" category
 - Grading is similar to the magic show - you are judged on what talent you perform, how well you perform it (with a roll, if needed), crowd reaction, and creativity of the
 - Pre-prepared talents and works of art are acceptable. For example, if your character is a crafter, having a pre-made craft to bring is allowed.

 - literally just an auction. we will have items that people can bid on, and the highest bidder wins!

 - everyone will be given one raffle ticket when they arrive at the event. Keep track of your number! We will draw for prizes at the end

If there are any furhter questions, feel free to PM me or respond to this post and i will do my best :) hope to see y'all there!