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Author Topic: From the Office of Archmage Valstiir: House Skettus  (Read 2130 times)


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From the Office of Archmage Valstiir: House Skettus
« on: June 07, 2018, 07:59:26 am »
*This message appears as a magically enhanced parchment upon many of the walls and noticeboards throughout the Empire. The font is bold and elaborate and seems to form into the local language of those that read it*

House Skettus is the official retrievers and custodians of magical artefacts in the Valstiir Empire. All items deemed dangerous by House Skettus or the Arcanist Guild may be retrieved and stored within the Skettus Vault. Additionally, House Skettus may officiate licensed scavengers and relic hunters, allowing them scavenger’s laws on the retrieval and ownership of magical artefacts that have been unearthed in and below Valstiir. 

Additionally, the positions of House Mage and Artificer are exempt from the Arcanist Guild’s testing rituals and may perform magical experimentation in cooperation with the guild should the individual seek to do so.